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20 months and counting….

Dearest Aadya,

You turn 20 months ‘young’ today.And these 20 months with you have been a roller coaster of fun,sickness,joy,frustration(both yours and ours),but whatever it is,its been an experience of a lifetime.

You want to be a big girl,and do things like your mimi and then,when we ask you to behave,and be a big girl,you say you are a babee.You want to do everything yourself,from eating to dressing up.You now,tell me what you want to eat,your favorite being Bhaatu(rice)-really Aadi,you want to eat your Bhaatu,as soon as you wake up.And whatever it is that you are eating,you need a poonsh(spoon),to eat it with.

I am amazed at what all you know,and I am not saying this,because,I am your mother.I like the way you can tell,which clothes are mine and which are your Papa’s.And you never tire of telling me,that,even if you see the same shirt 10 times in a day,you consider it your responsibility to tell me that its Papa’s. What I don’t understand,is how you recognise,the clothes that you haven’t seen either of us wear?

Aaduli,you are a keen observer and a quick learner too.You had figured out how to slip your arm out of your t-shirt,a couple of months back.And like the other fashionista ,you like slipping just one arm,out.Some fashion-statement,you toddlers are making.Anyway,now,you have learned how to put on your own socks too.And since the first successful attempt,two weeks back, you have been trying on socks of all shapes and sizes!Speaking of clothes,what is it about sleeping topless,that appeals to you?Since the last week or so,the only way,you can get comfortable at bedtime is,if you take off your shirt.And again,when we are speaking of clothes,you want to chose your own outfit,every time..perfect with mismatched socks and matching shoes!Your obsession with shoes continues and now your favorite thing is toks,that’s what you call your socks.

Your new favorite thing to do is,WALK!!and if you want me or Papa to go somewhere with you,you ask us to WALK!!You don’t like sitting in your stroller as much as you used to-these days,you get bored of sitting,while I walk and then,you want to walk too.Your newest ambition is to learn to open the restraint belts,of your stroller and car-seat. Every time I buckle you in,you lean over and try to figure out what I am doing,and practice at the first chance,you get.

As far as talking is concerned,you are saying a lot of words..its like everyday,you have a list of new words,learned.You can very effectively communicate,what you want,using,signs and words.Though sometimes,I feel that you use signing,more than words,but your Papa and all others around me reassure me,its because of the big move.I hope that’s what it is..I don’t want to pressurise you,but,start using your words,fast,little one.

And lastly,sweetheart,you need to sleep,to be fresh,through out the day and you need to stop resisting sleep.For,if you want your Mimi to be Sane,you need to stop trying her patience at bed-time!!!You only sleep,if I am lying down next to you.Though,the funny part is,when you are really sleepy,you don’t want me to touch you,but you want to touch my face and hands.strange ways,your mind works in.

These days,you are enjoying your new found want to do almost everything yourself..from changing your diapy,to using the wipes,to brushing your teeth,changing your clothes,eating,carrying your plate..everything.The only thing that you needed me for is sleep.And yesterday nite,you surprised us..You went into the dark bedroom and lay down on the bed,all by yourself,pulled the covers over yourself and called me only when you wanted you dudu.My heart welled up..My baby is all grown up.I still lay down next to you,tried to pat you,and you told me,”No No,Mamma”…My heart swell and got crushed all at the same time and as I was lying there,next to you,feeling sad,that my baby is not a baby anymore,you rolled over,and snuggled close to me..That just tells me,alls not lost.:)

Another few months and you will be 2..though,you are already showing us,what terrible twos are going to be like.But all said and done,I am sure,we’ll get through that,sometimes patiently,sometimes not so patiently,sometimes happily,sometimes,not-so-happily…

Just remember,even though at times,Mimi gets upset,irritated,angry..she loves you a lot and so does your Papa….

Love you,Babychino you,my choco-pie!!

Muaah..And please sleep well!!

Why US???WHY?

I tried to write yesterday..But Icouldnt.How do you?How do you even think sanely when,your home is under attack.I was woken up by Sanj’s call,yesterday morning.He said,”have you seen the news?” I yawned,”NoWhy?”Bombay is under attack he said..I hung up and the phone rang again,a tearful Aneela that time…She gave me the other details…I was talking to her,all the while,images of Colaba causeway kept flashing in my mind.
Sanj and I had our first date at VT..we ate at one of the food-stalls and then went to the Metro to watch a movie.I was at the Leopold,3 years back.These are all the very places,where,we went for our late-night drive.I just cant think straight..NDTV live is ON all the time..and I keep watching,wiping away tears.
My australian neighbour asked me,”why were they targetting only the westerners?”And I told her,”I dont know..but a lot of local people are trapped and getting killed too..”To which she replied,”One australian was killed”..I really didnt know what to reply..I just said,I wish this gets over soon.I really wish..
There is bad news everywhere..while,we are relieved that our friends and family are safe..there is still a pang of guilt,at every relaxed sigh.So many people have lost their loved ones,some dont even know where theirs are…
We heard two terrorists talking last night..It was disgusting…they seemed to be in a trance.I wonder how someone can get so brainwashed…so influenced…that not a single thought comes to your mind before killing some innocent people.My cousin is the same age as these guys and kept thinking,they all look so young..if one of them would have come home with him,we would even know.Would we be able to look at another youngster,without worrying about his identity?
Its time,we did something..We ,as a people,need to do something together..But how..I mean,do you keep looking at every other person,with suspicion..?
God!I just wish this gets over..soon.

The Little Piggy-banker

Ms.Aadya got a cute little piggy bank with her name painted on it.Its a white ceramic pig with lovely pink flowers painted around her name. So many month ago,Aadya laid her hands on a coin,for the first time and she refused to part with the new shiny toy. So,I asked her if she would like to save it for later..and she said “Yeah”,did I mention Yeah is her favorite word?So,anyway,we saved that coin. And then,after that day,whenever,Sanj or I had some spare change from groceries/petrol, we would give it to Aadya to put it in her Piggy bank.And then we would clap and say “yayyyy”..

Then we moved here and the local bank gave us a pink piggy as piggy bank and when they heard that we had a little girl,they gave us another one,just for her..a blue elephant.So,now Aadya has two piggy banks.The one with her name on it and the blue one and I think she likes the blue one more.Anyway,her preferred piggy-bank is not the reason for this post.The reason is her love for collecting coins.The other day,I left my handbag on the couch and Aadya took the opportunity to hang it on her shoulder and prance around.

I got distracted by a phone call and the next thing I know is,Aadya is pointing at the shelf where her precious piggies sit.I distractedly gave her the white piggy..she asked for the blue elephant..I gave it to her and then realised,something major was happening in Aadyaland.Boy,was I right or what? She had opened my handbag and discovered my stash of coins and was busy stuffing them in her piggy banks,very meticulously.For every 2-3 that went in the blue one,the white piggy got one coin too.In the end,Ms.Aadya,the piggy-banker was a tad richer and every time,I need coins,I am left fumbling in my handbag.

On a totally different note,everything is FOUNNNNNNNN (Aadya-speak for Fun) it brushing teeth or taking a nap,basically anything that she likes doing is FOUNN! And Piggy-banking is the most FOUNNN thing ever! Sanj left some spare change on the kitchen counter,yesterday and guess who had FOUNN?

She is all me..but she is all HIS

Whoever meets us,sees Aadya,comments on how she is a mini-me.Her actions,the way she cocks her head to a side,the way she smiles,her looks, her cheeks,her nose..all me..But…her heart belongs to her Papa.
We were out grocery shopping and Sanj was carrying her.He wanted to go outside to get a shopping cart,so I offered to carry Aadya..And she pushed me away. Huh?? My baby?when did she grow up so much…she pushed me away..And people were looking too.I gathered the pieces of my broken heart and walked around the store,waiting for them to come back with the cart.They came back and she had this silly grin on her face,as if teasing me,taunting me,”Look mumma,I got you!!”
So,anyway,I leaned forward to kiss her and she turned her face.I thought she was just distracted ..I tried again,and she said No! And then Sanj came from behind me,she gave him a smile and called him.He asked her for a kissie and she gave him Kichie..I tried again,no luck again.In fact every time,I asked her for kissie,she would look away and then,with a naughty smile,call her Papa to give him a kiss.
We came home and after putting the groceries away, took her to the bedroom,to put her to sleep.She was drinking her bed-time dudu,we were talking and Sanj,reached over and gave me a kiss.And this little miss, got up like an angry tigress,snarled at me,hugged her Papa  tight and closed her eyes tight. If I so much as tried talking to him,she would get upset and glare at me.I mean what did I do??What?
Anyway,its besides the point that she came to me,after he had fallen asleep.Yeah whatever.
Its true,all girls are daddy’s .I was one,am still one..So,I guess its only fair,my little girl is her daddy’s too!
Here’s a song for all the daddy’s girls,out there:
Butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle

BTW,As for our names- Ms.Pipette started calling me Mimi when she was 7-8 months old and Bubba is what she calls,her dad..So,we are Mimi and Bubba..:D

To a new friendship

When our move to Melbourne was final,the first thing I did was looking up Melbourne bloggers.At that time,I didn’t find anyone.Even after I moved here,I would keep looking at blogger’s profiles,hoping to find at least one that I liked,and was also in Melbourne,but no such luck.But,someone up there was listening and quite by chance,I came upon Aneela,through Kiran’s blog.I read her blog,and commented too,but forgot to check her profile.And then,it turned out that she was in Melbourne too!So,obviously we had to meet.And Meet we did!
And it was such a fun day.
It was the day of Christmas Parade and we,Aneela and I, were really excited about it and decided to meet early to watch the Parade..Of course,it would have been fun for Aadya  too. We couldn’t see much of the parade,as it was very crowded..I did let Aadya do a little jig on the sidewalk,every time they played the music.Anyway,we decided to head off to Aneela’s.Sanj joined us there,after getting lost at least 3 times.It was way past lunch time and I kept feeling guilty about starving her,and her site under construction.Lunch was scrumptious and the chicken to die for.We finished lunch and carried fruits and conversation to the den.Here,I have to tell you, there was never,N-E-V-E-R a lull in conversation.WE had a nice fun time,talking about everything under the sun..bloggers(naturally),food,Melbourne,Babies and all the nice and not-so nice things that come with them…and so much more.
As for Aadya,she first charmed A with her sweet smiles and lovely manners..and when she had her trust,then, started throwing small tantrums.Funniest was when Aneela’s Pesho and my Aadya laid their eyes on each other.Pesho had just woken from her cat nap and was shocked to see Aadya in her room,with her mommy..she decided to forget about stretching and went right back,under the bed.By the time Pesho finished napping,Ms.Aadya was peacefully sleeping,on her(Pesho’s) favorite couch!!! Pesho decided to ignore that slight and went out to stretch and roll in the sunny courtyard. She was having a nice time..all was well in her world.
And then,Ms.Aadya decided to wake up! And this time,sit on Pesho’s favorite chair and so on it continued.I am sure the poor cat must be getting nightmares about Aadya.Towards evening,Pesho decided that these strange people were not going anywhere and ventured out,to check us out..Aadya greeted her with a big Hulloooooo and a woarr..( i think the silly child thought she was greeting a tiger),and then went on to give her the pen that she was playing with.Really,what would a cat possibly do with a pen?Write her long letter may be?telling her how much she terrorised her?
Anywho,Sanj enjoyed unrestricted TV time while we were yapping and once the match that he was watching,got over,he decided to put an end to the fun..or so i thought then.We got in the car and realised it was almost nine.It was beautiful day ,well spent. Of course,we missed meeting the G-man..hopefully soon.
Here’s to a new friendship..:)

The week so far.

Gosh! I can’t believe its already thursday.The days are really flying.I guess it also has to do with the fact that I am no longer cooped up at home.Being able to go out on a whim,makes life so much more enjoyable.
So,Monday was story-time at the library. Normally,breakfast in the Aadyaland takes a long time..and by the time we get done with that,there’s not enough time to reach the library for the story-time.So,this monday,I kept everything ready. And we got to the business of finishing breakfast,as soon as the tooth-brushes were put away.Toasts were gulped,and dudu was sipped from the silver glass.And then I just changed Aadya’s clothes and off we went.We reached the library just in time.The story was really enjoyable-for me.Aadya,was never in one place to pay attention.And she was absolutely not interested in the songs that were being sung.All she did was,look at all the other kids with rapt attention.And there were a lot of kids and their mommies and daddies..After the story-time session ended,everyone sat in groups,to talk or cathc up while the kiddies played.There was a group of Indian moms,another one of Chinese moms,and then there were the australian moms..some in a group,some in pairs.Everyone settling in their own little corner.And I have to admit,I felt like a new girl in school..and my mommy..sorry,in this case, my daughter had left me alone.And she didnt want me around at all.
she would look at me and run away.
Finally,she found a quiet little corner to sit with all the books that she had picked up.And who should be there but another mom,feeding her 6 month old.Aadya’s latest fascination is babies..She was superthrilled to see,”Baby”..the poor child was distracted.I marvel at the ease with which some moms are able to breastfeed in public,so un-self consciously.I breast-fed in public too..but it took me a long time to get comfortable.We got chatting and just when we had moved to a more interesting topic,beyond..our kids ages,Aadya  ran off again and I had to chase her. This time she found herself in stroller heaven…I say that,because for someone who loves strollers as much as Aadya does,the stroller parking in stroller heaven. She sat in 3-4 strollers,getting comfortable,then getting down and trying a new one.After all the testing,she finally found one that met her approval and that was the one that she chose to take her Bala(thats what she calls her favorite toy these days) for a walk.Bala means a little baby in marathi.
So,anyway,she put Bala in the stroller,strapped it in..or atleast pretended to strap “her” in and then gave her sippy to “her” to hold and took her for a walk,around the kids area. Mind you..someone elses stroller and the confidence with which she was walking,as if its her own.So,I had to step in,when a gentle,”No No NO” didnt work,I just said,excuse me Aadya and took the stroller from her,gave her the bala back and went and kept the stroller in its rightful place.
Aadya was ANGRY. She ran to the couch..and hit it so many times,it being a rexin covered cushiony one,her little palms just bounced back.The shock of the rebound,quietened her for a minute.Then she went on..again..running,muttering,sitting on the floor,screaming aaaaaaaaaaargggggggh,screaming in frustration. I just picked her up,strapped her in the stroller,gave her the dudu and she was quiet. then gave her a snack and water.
Aha..i figured,she was hungry hence the tantrum..But as twos appraoch,the tantrums are getting more frequent.
Then we headed off to a craft store and spent some nice time there,had a soggy wrap for lunch in the cafe and finally got home by 2.00.
It was a hot day..and so whole of tuesday was spent recuperating..and today was even hotter..
By evening it was unbearable.I filled up a bucket of water,Aadya was already in her swimsuit.She insists on chosing her own clothes now.when we are at home,I dont really mind that. We played outside,watered the garden,got wet and then headed off for the shower. Before we knew it,it was time for Sanj to come home.2 more days and the weekend will be here.

BTW, what do you think of the new template and header? the credit goes to ~nm . This was originally designed for another blog,that I used to have.But,I decided to use it here,since that is private now. And I absolutely love it..But ~nm is not completely satisfied.In her own words,”it needs a naughty twinkle,that goes with Ms.A”,she is going to make me a new header..:)
~Nm thanx..for being so patient,and listening to all my silly queries and doubts and ideas..
Thank you.

Just this and that.

I finally managed to haul my butt to the salon and got my eyebrows shaped.So what? I will tell you what…
For the last two months,I kept thinking,about going to a salon. In the first month we were in USA and with me not driving,I had to depend on Sanj  to take me places. Somehow, with the whole move thing,weekends spent packing and/or partying,there was never time for the visit to a salon.After moving here,we were busy house-hunting,settling down in the new house,new job(Sanj’s) and again the weekends got away from us. And I was paranoid,about going to the salon alone with Ms.Aadya.What if half way through,she threw a tantrum and I had to run out the door? I didn’t want to sport one well shaped and one bushy eye-brow.
But, today,I decided..that no matter what,it had to be given a shot.After all I didn’t want to be nominated for one of those makeover shows.So,right after breakfast,we stepped out. We ran into one of my newly acquired friends down the street. And she decided to join us too. So,we went into the Salon,I took Ms.Aadya along with me.She was sitting in her stroller,while I got my face… cleaned.And she was a good girl too.She happily chattered away with the girl doing my eyebrows.,calling out to me once or twice..but generally ignoring me all the time.And thus I came out looking clean. At the end of it all, the petite Asian girl,who did the job,told me..”See, you look nice now..” and then,I knew..I did good in taking the risk. And they did a good job too..I say this,because Sanj, who is always quiet oblivious to such things,noticed and complimented!!!
Speaking of Sanj,he has been working long hours again.So much so,that today,when he met Aadya,it was after a good 36 hours.Last nite,she went to bed, calling out to him,but obviously he couldn’t hear,because he was still at work.And this morning,when he left,she was still sleeping.Her excitement at seeing him,was unbelievable.We went to pick him up at the station and when I saw him,I let her out of the stroller and let her walk next to me. She was happily looking at faavers(flowers) and bhoo bhoos when she saw him..she screamed and ran towards him.She is a typical turns of screaming and squealing..always,squealing..she tries to put on her shoes and if she cant she squeals.the water in her sippy gets over,she screams.. she wants a spoon,she asks me poonsh…I don’t give it she screams,you get the gist.So,she ran up to him and promptly demanded utho utho(aadya-speak for pick me up)..As soon as he picked her up..she almost smothered him with kisses. He was naturally thrilled..and refused to let her walk.
And Ms.Aadya loves talking.She loves talking .Period. When we are sitting around,watching TV, she is talking.louder than the TV.When we go for a walk,she is talking,about the things that we see,when we are in the car,she talking and humming,with the music that’s playing.This weekend,she was “reading” her book..and we were just lying around next to her.I asked Sanj, almost in a whisper,”so want some later?”…and before Sanj could answer,Ms.Aadya piped,”Yeah”…. We looked at each other trying to stifle our giggles..and she goes one step ahead and says,”Mamma,wann some..” And then we couldn’t stop ourselves!!!!From laughing of course!! What did you think,huh??
Ohh and we just completed one month in’s hoping the coming months are nicer and happier.

hardwork paid in kind

This is what I saw this morning when I woke up and it cheered me up. Its the view from my bedroom window. And each morning,when I wake up, the first thing that I do is open the blinds and look out. I have a small patch which I have been working on,since we moved here. The Bubba asked me why are you so excited..its not like you planted it..well ?I didnt but I did work on it.
This is what it looked like when we first moved in-

The whole patch was covered with weeds,and all the greenery you saw,was just weeds.The soil was snail infested and the real plants were all dying or infected.I spent several hours over the weekend ,pulling the weeds out and after 3-4 hours out in the sun,this is what it looked like.

And it still looked like the garden had been attacked by gnomes..The water was flowing out…the rose plant was diseased..and all the pots in the back, had nothing but grass.The shrub in the middle needed triming.

And here’s a tired Ms.Aadya sitting and enjoying the new garden,after all the hard work.

I wish to do more to the garden..hopefully the next weekend 🙂

The weekend that was..

It was a nice mall-ish weekend.Yes,we spend most of the weekend in the mall. Saturday morning,after a light brunch,we headed out to a shopping centre,close to home.The first hour or so was spent in lazy browsing.Christmas shoppers,are already out and the stores are decked with Sale banners and Christmas lights and the malls are over crowded . There was a long line at the check-out counter of the toy-store..of course we were just window-shopping and soon got tired of beating the crowed and came out the store.But only to come face to face with a musical merry-go-round. And I casually asked Aadya if she wanted to sit on it.Big mistake.She is not the little girl,anymore who loved sitting in her stroller..No sirree..she wants to explore now. Of course she wanted to get on the merry-go-round..We put her on turn,second turn and she refused to get down..We put the coins in the first two times,because she was having fun.There were two more empty seats and while it was running,two other girls came and sat down on those seats. The second time,I put the coins,these girls were still on it. The third time, Aadya wanted..Mohh ..and I was digging for coins, and their mom just told them,”lets go,”and they were ready to leave..I managed to dig out some coins..the girls saw it..and stayed. But I was short of 50 cents..The mom never offered..nor did she stop her girls,when they asked me to hurry up!!HUH!! I was shocked..and its not like these were little girls.. These were 5-6 year old, surely the mom could have said something..Anyway, that made me mad..and I decided to not look for more coins. Picked up Aadya and offered her a choice between walking and sitting in the stroller.
Obviously, she chose walking..and then refused to hold my hand.It took a great deal of talking on my part to convince her that for her to not get lost,she needed to hold my hand. We stopped to look at puppies in a pet store..There were black Labrador pups and brown Labrador pups.Oh so adorable.And Ms.Aadya was absolutely smitten.This time I was smart and didn’t ask her,if she wanted to take one home..Then,there was the usual grocery shopping and ho hum. that was as boring as it gets. We came home and had some steaming hot cheese rolls for dinner.
Sunday morning,after a lazy brunch at a local Lebanese cafe,we hit another Mall.This time to look for some formal wear for Sanj. You see, he is joined a new company and the dress code here is very formal. The first day,I saw him dressed in his suit and tie,my heart swelled. All his previous jobs, called for a formal shirt and trouser,as the office wear..but this place is more corporate.There is something about a well-dressed man in a crisp shirt and starched suit…Ohhh seeing him dressed like that,makes me go weak in the knees..Anyway, not to digress..we hit the malls.. walked around ..looked at the suits,but didn’t find anything interesting..Finally stumbled upon a cute store called Pumpkin Patch.Well, what do you know..Pumpkin Patch had a lot of fun stuff for little Ms. Aadya..So, we ended up shopping for her. A pair of cute pink polka dot shorts,a red pant with ties at the ankles,a couple t-shirts.
Then,it was time for some coffee..Sanj ordered some yummy white hot chocolate,while I pigged on a Banana -berry smoothie..But,that’s not why I started telling you about the coffee orders..The reason why I started telling you about the coffee shop is..they had an offer of free Babychino with any drink. So,obviously we ordered one for Aadya. And she L-O-V-E-D it..She loved feeling grown up.. having her own cup of coffee…And we loved the fact that we could finish our drinks peacefully..without a curious Ms.Aadya, wanting a sip from our cups.
We rounded off the day, by meeting some friends.BTW,A “babychino” is a little cup of frothy, steamed milk with chocolate sprinkles on top served in an adorable little coffee cup. It’s made to look like a miniature cappuchino.How cute is that??!!!

And now for the cuteness shot of the day…..
These days,whenever we are going out,Ms.Pipette insists on taking along one of her “friends” of her toys. Today the chosen one was,the yellow Happiness Angel,that we have named “Happy”.Not even two minutes in the car,and Ms.Pipette,wanted some Didu…OK,Mimi gave her the Didu…And what does she do? She offers it to Ms.Pipette.. “aa aa” we heard…”aa aa mumm umm didu didu“..she was telling Happy… and if you think that’s cute..wait till you read this..After that, she wiped Happy’s mouth and then patted her to sleep…:)
Now you can say..Awwwwwwww