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Five years and Counting

“But,we just walked around the havan,thrice.Are you sure its the real thing?”she said.
Of course,its the real thing..who cares if its three or seven.I wanted to marry you and I did..that’s all that matters”..he replied.And I think he was right.
Life as we knew it changed.We were two happy kids,so in love.After 3 years of crazy courtship and uncertainty,we were finally,a married couple and it really didn’t matter,if we took 3 rounds or seven.
These five years have taken us through 7 cities,half across the globe,so much so,we have celebrated every anniversary in a different city.These five years have taken us from a young couple madly in love to expectant parents to now,parents of a toddler.
We have grown as people,we have grown as a couple…and somehow its better this way.
We spent the day,doing,just regular stuff but,somehow,it felt special.We went out to dinner the previous night and then,brunch on Saturday,followed by some shopping.This year there were no surprise gifts.In fact,I didn’t even have a card for Sanj.He gave me two..both addressed as
To T from S.I bullied him into writing love from. All he did was drew some hearts.When I told him why I was sulking,he says..oh Love is there..why should I write?
Yeah whatever…
Five years down the line,we are still hanging in there..through fights and and frets,hugs and kisses…the one thing that makes everything alright is the love.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.


Every child has a quirky sleeping habit.I shouldn’t call it quirky..let me rephrase that-Every child has a special way to relax at nap-times and bed-times.Some need their blankets,some need their dolls,while some others need their bottles or blinkies.My friend Pooh’s son,Li’l A used to bite her T-shirt ,when he was sleepy.My Aadya’s comfort object is my arm,the right one from elbow down.Yes,you read it correctly.
Aadya needs to feel my hand is her preferred one.Sometimes face..though,its rare now.She loves the hand more.I realised it on the flight to Melbourne.Aadya was having a hard time,falling asleep.She was very sleepy,but at the same time,very restless..we kept wondering what was wrong..Everytime she would whine,she would look at my hand with a pained expression..and the “why are you doing this to me” look was sent my way.I thought may be she was uncomfortable because of my shirt..I rolled up the sleeve..and she promptly fell asleep with a smile..:)
Well,whatever makes you happy baby.
So,that sort of became our regular sleep pattern,she would feel up my hand..I would smooth her back..and she would be fast asleep in no time.
Now,for the last couple days,she has become Ms.Touch-me-not.So,she still wants to feel my hand and elbow,at bedtime,but,Sanj or I cannot touch her.If so much as a finger touches her,she screams..”Nooooooo”.So I have taken to sleeping,like a log..with my hands folded on my chest. All is well in her world..she sleeps peacefully.(anti-jinx)
Speaking of peace,she was the noisiest kid,in the post-office yesterday.I had to buy some envelopes and write addresses,on them.And she was bored stiff.So,she decided to entertain herself,by calling me,LOUDLY! “Mumma..Mummaaaaa,Mimi mimii..mimmiiiiiiii..mimiiiiiiiiiiiiii” every 2 seconds!!!! It was a nice day,after 3 lousy days,so all the old people were out..and most of them,chose to go to the post-office.Needless,to say,I had to face so many pointed glares..and I am sure,they would have all heaved a collective sigh of relief,when we left.
Me,finally,I have started waking up early,to enjoy,some peace and quiet,before the madness begins.(Dad,I hope you are happy now!!!)

Toddler hat


I loved this yarn.It is dyed,vintage yarn.The yarn itself  is so beautiful,its made for knitting.

I knit this toddler hat.This is the right size for 12-18months. The lovely hues are accentuated by the dainty white crochet flowers.It can be made in bigger sizes too and different colors.

Care- treat it like your other woolens.Wash separately ,since the dyed yarn may bleed.

Glittery Gift Bags


Last weekend,when I was at the craft store,I something glittery caught my eye.I saw this lovely ball of  shimmery pink yarn.And the first thought that came to my mind was pouches-gift bags,jewellery poches,or just plain coin purses.

I didn’t  have any set pattern for this and just kept working instinctively.It took me about 3 hours,over 4 days and the end result is beautiful.

Material used- Anchor arista crochet thread (20% metal polyester-80%viscose)

Pricing-$8 AUD (free shipping with two orders,within australia)

Shipping from- Australia

Shipping to-Anywhere

Ho hum we are bored

This is the 4th Friday in a row,when its so dull and gloomy.Its drizzling so,you cant even go out,if you don’t drive.Aadya and I have stayed in all week,because of the chicken pox.
Thanks for all your get-well wishes,here and on emails.It seems like a mild bout,alright..but we are staying in,nevertheless.
I am trying to keep her as excited and entertained as I can..but its tiring..I roped in the idiot box,for sometime.Thank God..for good educational kid-friendly videos.But today is really gloomy.So,we are watching Dostana..and Aadya ran inside and grabbed a pillow and her blankie..that’s her way of showing how dull she is feeling.Next she went and got my pull-over and is wearing that and lying down on the couch,watching the movie.
Anyway..I thought to cheer me up and all you guys,I should write about Aadya’s Antics over this week.Chicken-pox or not ,we have had a very eventful week.Aadya hates wearing clothes these days and has been top-less most of the time.And she has decided to toilet-train herself.So,as soon as she has to pee,she takes off her diaper.It took me a couple accidents to realise,why she was removing her diaper so often.So,we are now actively in the act of toilet training.
She has this thing about turning super cute after being mischievous.She just crinkles her eyes..and blinks,when i start screaming at her..I still havent become immune to it.So,there she has me wound around her little finger.
It seems as if she has suddenly discovered how to talk..Its so much fun to hear her try out new words again and again..and then use them in the right place.Like yesterday,she was jumping on the bed and fell down.I asked her..uh-oh,what happenned Pipette? and she just giggled and said..umm Aadya fall. And she promptly demonstrated how!!!(junt= AadyaSpeak for Jump)
She now knows from my tone,who I am talking to..When I am talking to Sanj,she listens and then screams Bubba.I figured that one was easy.Today I was talking to my dad..she kept playing next to me..and then said, “Do do baat Nanu”She wanted the phone to talk to her nanu..I was shocked..Needless to say,Nanu was thrilled.Last weekend,she pointed to the phone and demanded to talk to her Dadu.And demands to talk to Masi happen..everytime she is mad,happy,sad,woken up.And as soon as I turn on the laptop,she comes and sits in front of the webcam,cocking her head,asking”Masi?”
Her speech has gotten clearer,she started saying”Maaji” then Mayishi and now finally clearly “Masi or Mashi”depending on her mood.Some days,she chatters and sings for her..and some days,just says No and gives the phone back
Today,the cutest thing happenned.I was chasing her to tie her hair.Its one of our on-going fights.I grab the nearest hair band and grab her hair,and put up a little pig-tail,or coconut tree,as they were called when we were growing up.And she removes it the first chance she gets.Now I have given up,picking the hair bands..they come in handy in times of emergency.So,Iwas saying,I was chasing her.She ran to the bedroom and hid in the cupboard.I opened the cupboard door to see her standing there..with her knees bend,hands covering her face and as soon as the door opened she said Boo!!The hair forgotten,I pulled her..tickled and we rolled on the floor laughing.She is a fun kid..
I am really loving this phase,when we talk,laugh,she repeats everything that we say.ok that i dont love so much.She picked up S-h-i-t from me!And everytime,she dropped something,she would say..ssssshhhhhyaaa. I was so embarassed..Sanj,didnt spare a single opportunity to remind me,that she picked it up from me.Thank God!She is all over it.
Our dinner plans just got cancelled,because of the darned rain..So..time to haul the butt to the kitchen.

Baby Jacket and hat


This is one of the projects that I enjoyed most.I made this for a friend’s daughter..And I was crocheting it,I kept imagining all the possibilities.And as soon as I finished this set,I knew I was going to make many more of these.

The Pattern can be found here

The material used- Magnum 4 ply Baby yarn-100% acrylic.Machine washable.

Dreamy clouds

This is where it all started-or should I say restarted.I learned to crochet ,sitting by mum’s side,when I was in school.And then forgot all about it.

When I was going to be a mum,it all came back to me..and I crochetted this Afghan for my then,yet-to-be born baby.I used the softest baby yarn for it,by the brand Baby Cloud.Its soft,thick-as a result the afghan is both soft and warm.

I had so much fun,creating it-I have decided to make some more for sale.

Its very easy to care for .Just cold water wash and line dry.

Material used- baby cloud yarn-100%acrylic,thick yarn.

My Best Friend’s wedding.

One of my Best Friends got married last week.I say “one of my best friends” because,I can’t think of anyone who’s better than the rest.Of course there is the BFF,but she is more like a sister,soul sister and all..Its so funny,often times,when the sister or I,want an extra vote in our favor,she is roped..Our families are so intermixed..its hard to tell who belongs where..but then,i guess we all belong,with each other.

Anyway,not to digress..One of my best friends got married.We are a larger version of the Friends gang.We started off as just casual friends,teenagers of the same age group,who are put together in the same place.Our dads worked for the same company and we all lived in the same colony.Slowly,we became so crazy about each other that,we had to meet each other everyday,come rain or whatever. As we grew older,the drifters,drifted apart, but most of us,stayed in touch..Mostly 8 of us.

As everyone got busier,every day meeting,slowed down and we’d meet on festivals-
Diwali,new year,etc..and of course,every one’s birthdays .At least for a dinner together.Then,jobs and marriages happened.I was the first one in the group to get married.My Boys(of course,how can I think of them,as anything else?) turned up in elegant Kurta-Pajamas..It was a big deal to me..because some of them were going through a torn jeans phase then..:)

So anyway..slowly,the other girls followed suit and got married. Only girl left now is my sister.We went through each others crushes,girls-friends,boy-friends,rants,everything..kicking each others butts,when required,wiping tears and hugging,when required.And now the first of the guys got married.The wedding was in his hometown,Kakinada and only 1 of us,V,could go.He and another guy,D,who’s got drawn into the group and feels so much a part of us..that though I haven’t met D,I already like him a lot.So,all of 6th,I was so mopey..My best friend was getting married and I wasn’t there.Another important occasion I missed. What took me by surprise,was how I kept feeling teary,every now and then.Sanj,asked me,why I was crying.Wasn’t I happy for my friend?Of course I was..Of course I am…But it feels like an era has ended..We are not the carefree kids anymore…all of us,grown up..Next time I meet him,he will be a married man.
I still cant believe P is married now…when did we all grow up so much…I still remember those escapades from the colony,for chinese or vada-pav..or whatever.Oh and talking about P,how can I not mention,he is my dad’s unadopted,unofficial son.The bugger,got to drive my dad’s brand new just-home-from-showroom car..when we were being told,to close the doors,gently!!
I saw the wedding pics and I started crying again..The pic that first made me cry,was that of P’s parents blessing him,before the ceremony started.P was sitting,in front of the Havan kund and his parents were standing behind him,with their hands on his head.To me that was the most precious picture.Like they are telling him to go ahead and enjoy his life..they have done their job and that they are going to stand on the side-lines and watch him complete this leg of the race.
The other pic that made me tear up was P,sitting across his lovely bride,during the ceremony,with his broad palm,on her head.I think it was one of the vows,that,he would forever protect her. The one thing that makes P so special to all of us is his never-dying support.He has been there for all of us…I have never seen him angry,or without a all the time that i have known him.He is just there..supporting whoever it is that needs a shoulder to rely on.And now,he will be there for his lovely bride too.
Here’s wishing P and his lovely bride, R, a very happy married life..:)

Pink baby jacket and hat.

A friend was not really happy with the baby sweaters,she found ,where she lived.So,I asked her ,if I could make one for her baby.She said,she wanted one in baby pink color and she wanted it to be a cardigan or front open style..So,I set about looking for patterns…and finally settled on
I used 4 ply Baby wool-soft to touch and easy to care for. It took me a little over 10 days to complete it..But,the end result,made me so happy.
The hats were so much fun to make and so quick too.I am making one for Pipette and I have one more ready,to sell.

First Post here

Pipette has been my inspiration,even before she was born.When I was pregnant,like most would-be-mothers,I decided that she should have something,exclusively hand-made by her mother.So,I started thinking..every Hindi movie,that I had watched growing up,had the pregnant woman,knitted a sweater for her baby-to-be.But,I didn’t want to knit..My grandma,was going to do that.So,I decided to make a blanket for her.Quick and easy,baby blankie.And I decided to crochet it.But,as the blanket,started taking shape,I loved the way it felt..and the way it looked and decided to go all the way and make an Afghan,that she could use,even when she got a little older.

Here’s the Afghan:

I used the wool from Baby Clouds.and the afghan does have a dreamy feel to it.

The reason for starting this blog is simple-

First,I want to keep a record of all my creations.And secondly,I am trying to establish,a small work-from home type of a business.So,this blog will also work as a display for my creations.So,if you know someone,who might like this,send them my way 🙂

Thanks for looking.