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Ladies And Gentlemen,

Our dearest Aneela delivered her Baby Boy today Afternoon.The proud Papa,Gman announced the news by a cute sms.Mum and Bub are doing fine and hopefully we’ll hear the first hand account from Aneela herself!

Go on over to Aneela’s space and wish the proud parents and welcome the little Prince!

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Braving the Heat-wave

I have turned into a lazy,seriously..I used to have uninterrupted hour or so,at the end of each day,dedicated only for blogging.I used to look forward to that time.Aadya would be in bed,Sanj on his calls,and me,I was mouse-happy.This move changed everything..Sanj doesn’t have his calls anymore(which is good) ,Aadya doesn’t go to bed easily(which is bad) and I just don’t get any down time(which is very very bad).So,every time,I am alone-I blog mentally..but,never get around to writing anything..Sad as it is..I miss my downtime..I miss blogging.And sometimes when everything is right and I get some time,I try and catch up with all the other blogs..but as i said,I am turning into a lazy blogger..from being a regular commentator ..i have turned into a mere lurker.So,please bear with me..while i go through this phase..I WILL BE BACK!! heeeheehawhaw..OK that was just me being silly.

Anyway,this time my excuse is the heat-wave.Most of Australia has been facing a major heat-wave, last couple weeks.this last week was the worst..temperatures have been reaching a high 45-47 deg.The days are hot and humid..unbearable heat and the nights are even more unbearable.I haven’t cooked in 2 days.My kitchen is west facing and receives the evening sunlight.On a normal day,its hard to be in the kitchen for those few hours,when the sun shines the strongest,before setting.But last two days were terrible terrible.I cooked rice at mid-day and it was still warm at dinner time.

We have been going for long drives,every night,after Sanj comes home,just to stay in the cool air-conditioned car!Add to all this misery,a sick baby.Poor child,has yet another ear-infection.She fell sick from Sunday night,with a fever ranging from 100.5-101.5..The fever would come down temporarily with Panadol..only to rise again.She was crying all day..whimpering in her sleep.It broke my heart,into thousand pieces,when she coughed in her sleep and cried,”Slowly,slowly”(She says,slowly slowly when she wants us to be gentle with her-like if i am combing her hair and it hurts).She would sleep only if I held her,even in her half-drugged state,she would whimper-“Doddi,Doddi(godi-pick me up).

After two hot days,I started my search for a cooler..and guess what,all the coolers were sold.I was told,I was 11th in the wait-list,at one store..the next one told me,I had a higher probability of finding the Holy Grail,than a cooler…after around 10 calls,I found one over-priced,cooler.And I grabbed it.Confirmed the order on the phone and asked Sanj leave work early,so that we could go pick it up.

Today,it was slightly bearable,the first half of the afternoon,the temperatures soared again.I have never ever seen such extreme heat.The trains were running late,as the train tracks were giving away,due to the heat.The trams were running late.We were without electricity for an hour or so..we spent most of it in the bath-tub..Luckily,the power came on..and our beloved fan started working again.Aadya started crying,as soon as the cooler and fan,got turned off,by the power cut.She thought,Mimi was being mean!!LOL!Just goes to show how much I torture her.

We went for a drive and then to the beach later.And it was cold there.We loved the cool breeze,but Aadya was shivering.I had a sweater in the car.My old sweater,that my grandma had knit for me,when I was sixteen.I rolled up the sleeves and made Pipette wear that.She looked like a purple Casper ,running around in that over sized sweater.There is a fake shipwrecked Ship on the beach,which has a slide,a knotted-rope,climbing thingy(anyone knows what it is called?)Aadya ran around,falling,giggling…with both of us taking turns chasing her.

She took a fancy to little boy.She boldly went up to the bouncy where he was sitting and chatted up his mother.The lady was impressed,she asked me if Aadya goes to a day-care..coz she is not at all shy..I smiled and proudly told her,No she doesn’t.Yes!it was one of those proud to be SAHM moments.Then my dear little girl decided she had to kiss the little boy..not once,not twice,but three times..uff..My baby was smitten!Sanj had an exasperated look on his face..and as soon as we were out of ear-shot,asked me,”Why does she have to kiss the boy?” “Umm..what can I say,she is your daughter!!”I replied..That comment was not taken well,I will tell you that much.

Now,its cooled down..and Sanj and Aadi are happily in bed,snuggled under the quilt..But,I had to break this lazy blogger here I am typing away at 3.00 am.
Tomorrow will be another long day of house-hunting…hopefully,we’ll find something we like..we are so desperate to move!
Anyway,all you lovely people have a lovely weekend.

The one where I sat behind the wheel

…And loved it.
We are house-hunting,like crazy.All of Saturday,was spent in house-hunting.We saw 4-5 houses but didn’t find anything that we just loved.We are planning to move to the suburbs,now.After the last week or so was spent agonising over the choice of apartment vs house,city vs suburbs,we finally chose space over hustle-bustle.So,after we had looked at all the houses that we had short-listed and were just driving around to see,if there were any other houses open for inspection.We landed up on an empty street.The Bubba looked here and there furtively,eyebrows furrowed with concentration.I asked him,what was he thinking of doing.He replied,”Something I shouldn’t be doing…”I was still trying to think what that would be,when he stopped the car.Mentally,I braced myself to say to him,if he wanted to make out..after all it was broad daylight,in the middle of the road and Aadya was wide awake!!
But it never came to that.He asked me to get off..alarm bells went off in my mind..”WHY?? I screamed,”Coz I want you to drive,”he said calmly.No way..I started giggling nervously.He almost pushed me out of the car..and I sat behind the wheel,giggling nervously.Aadya caught on my nervousness and was confused to see Mimi behind the wheel,while Bubba sat in the passenger seat.I heard from a mind and eyes,on the road.I didnt want to screw this up.She was saying..Mimi..Mimi…Papa Papa Shtaredd shtared(scared)-Now i don’t know if she was telling the bubba that mumma is scared or if she was scared for her life,with Mumma behind the wheel.For the first time,since the Aadya’s arrival,I didn’t care to look at her,cute face..I was just staring straight ahead.
I gingerly drove a little over 100 feet,first with the bubba,helping with the steering wheel,then,he just guided me,and i did it all by myself..And I cannot tell you how liberated I felt.It was a feeling like never before!!And then I had to stop..Bubba took over..but my day was made..I spent the rest of the day,on the 9th cloud.
I am just waiting for the day,when I get the licence officially!!

Two sides of the coin…

..The coin being Melbourne.Since we moved here,life is zooming by at jet-speed.I have gone from friendless and lonely to having busy weeks and weekends,so much so that,we haven’t had time to rest the last 2 weekends.So anyway,my point is I am happy at peace where I am..But this isn’t what I was thinking a few days back.
Last week my neighbour came knocking,complaining about something.I spoke to her,said I understood her point of view etc.But she had more in mind,than just that.She told me to get some help for little Aadya..As the way she cries is not her crying disturbs her and her family..and she went on and on..I was ok till she said about Aadya needing help..That made me so mad.I had dozed off,when I was putting Aadya down for a nap and her banging(yes thats what it was) woke me up.So,I was still sleepy,when she was talking all this..and then i was so mad..I couldnt say anything.
But it just left me with such a bad after-taste. I broke down when talking to Sanj..and then I fumed and vented with a friend.But,then,when i was done being angry and shedding tears,I realised,how ridiculous she sounded.I mean I can’t think of a 2 year old,who doesnt cry or run around and scream..
They cry,when they are tired,angry,hungry,frustrated,uncomfortable..whatever.They squeal when they are happy,excited,playing.I mean its natural ,right?
I am doing all I can to keep her quiet at nights and if she is awake till late,I keep her in the living room(our bedrooms share a wall)..but if she wakes up crying,in the middle of the night or early morning,what can I do really?
I have decided,she isn’t worth the trouble and I should just ignore her,but what do I do,I can’t stop thinking about it?I even went to the extent of thinking,that we should move out right away,then Sanj explained..why should we?Its not like,we are going and making noise in front of her house,or if we are making all the noise to disturb her or trouble her.If she is living in a rental property,she should compromise a little.
I am sure we’ve all had noisy neighbours sometime or the other.But you have to maintain some basic courtesy.
So,anyway,this happenned sometime on Wednesday and I spent the next two days,feeling crappy.You how it is,that you think..ohh what am i doing in the crappy place?I mean its not nice,walking on egg- shells in your own house.
Anyway,on Friday,I decided to go to the city..the hustle-bustle of the city always cheers me up.It just fills me up with so much excitement and enthusiasm.We walked around in the city for a while.Then we plopped ourselves on a bench outside BigW(a store much like Walmart).An old lady came and sat down next to us.Aadya was her usual friendly self.The old lady said Hello to her,and Aadya offered her ,her snack,”Share?”..The old lady was thrilled to bits.After a while,she took out something red and gold from her bag and offered it to Aadya.I thought it was just a shiny paper,that she wanted to give a little kid.She asked me if she could give it to her,i said yes.Aadya promptly dumped it in my lap.And I saw that it was actually a gift envelope and she had tucked in a 5 -dollar bill in it.I refused,but she insisted,telling me how she had 6 grandkids 4 boys and 2 girls..and how Aadya  reminded her of them.But more than anything else,she had the sense to share at such an young age.She said,the money was just a token of her good wishes,and blessings for Aadya,wishing her success in everything and a good life.I was truly touched..and decided,”Its not such a crappy place,afterall.”
Oh and did I tell you,I was on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend? After all,she is MY daughter!:)

The new Cosmo girl

Yes,Cosmo magazine has a new reader!Who else,but your friendly neighbourhood little girl! She has taken a liking to it.And turning its glossy pages is her new pass time.She admires the beautiful outfits,the lovely shoes,pointing each out as DaysSH(dress),Shoe,eyes(those kohl lined eyes).She was turning the pages and I saw some hot guys,I said to her,pointing at one,Aww isn’t he cute,Aadi? and she looks at him and says,SHMART!!! Needless to say,Sanj just rolled his eyes.
And an advantage of your daughter enjoying the same magazines as you is,that you can discuss fashion.I showed her this lovely LBD and asked her,how it was and she said..Awwwwwwwwww cuteeeeee..Then,I asked her to push my case to her dad,and she did…”Bubba,DAyshh Mumma buy” Who can refuse such a cute request,surely not her Bubba..So,we are going shopping!!Yay!

21 Months and counting

Another 30th rolled by and Aadya inched another month closer to her second birthday.I thought I would skip the update this month..but there is just too much to share,to skip it.
The tomboy  is turning into a lovely little lady,as terrible two’s approach.She is quick to smooth her skirt,when she gets up,even quicker to cover her mouth and say sorriee,when she coughs.
She is quick to come and offer her Hep and ask for it too,when she can’t get something right!
Aadya  started talking early,saying her first words a little before 9 months but,when we moved here,she suddenly turned very quiet.She would still get her message across,but only by gestures.It was like she was playing the mime.I was really worried. But,last few weeks,have proved that my fears were baseless.
She now points at things,without a prompt,as if she is teaching us.The other day,we were in the car,and the Pipette pointed straight ahead and squealed,Ballumm..Ballumm-We looked in the direction of her hand,and sure enough,there was a Ballumm,I mean balloon,one of those huge ones,that are used for advertising. And since it was holiday season,there were balloons,everywhere,big and small,and she had a field day,pointing them out to us.And every time telling us,Wanna Ballum. Finally she got one and I think she was the happiest little girl that day.Tree,Sshanta(Santa),spicy,open it,and so many other words were sprung at us,when we were least expecting it and we were left scratching our heads,as to when we pointed those things out.
She knows that our car is Red.So,when we are walking,if she sees a red car,she stops,saying wed car..lessh sit!!! And she moves only after much convincing..And only after throwing a tantrum or two.She knows which shoes are geen and which ones are white!And her favorite color,is Pink! And Boo color is shweetu too!!!
She knows which word to use where-where? what? why?She is graduated from crying,Ohhhhhhhhh Maaaaaa,when she was upset to “Noooooooooooo,WHYYYYYYYYY”I am not kidding!!! It would be so irritating if it didn’t sound so cute!!
The little lady,will not touch her food,if she doesn’t have a spoon.She will wait indefinitely,and only when we ask her,whats wrong,why are you eating?she tells us,Poonsh!!!Half way,thr0ugh the meal,she is holding the spoon in one hand and digging in with her fingers,but,the spoon has to be there! As if that wasn’t enough,now she wants her fork and knife too when she sits down for a meal.She is quiet an expert at cutting her chicken with the knife too.
She has to pick her own clothes and some days,the only thing she wants to wear is Nothing but her diaper.She tells us when she needs a diapy change and when she has done her boopy!!Cute?imagine,you are in the temple and the other family sitting next to you,is sending sweet smiles her way,and she says,Mumma,Boopy!!!
The smart cookie knows where her stash of cookies and chockies are and promptly goes and stands there,when she is sad. She also knows when we are complaining about her,and a sulky pout is presented promptly.And above all,she knows and tells,when she gets spanked!”Maana..Maana”,she says.Kisne Maara?,you ask and she will tell you,who hit her and how,complete with actions.
As if feeding her teddies wasn’t enough,she now has,a little puppy,from Mc.Donals’s Happy meal.The Puppy is made to sit on the chair,Food kept in front of it and she tells it,”EAT”.If she is scared,she pats her head and tells us,she is Shcared.And when she falls,she tells us,where she is Hurt! And of course,only kissing the boo makes it better.She can now tell from my tone,when I am talking to the Bubba and when to my dad.
She can put on her socks and shoes without help now and when I try to help,she says,no,I do!!
My little girl is growing up!Too Fast!
And the last thing that confirmed it to me,was,When I hug her tightly,she says,Mumma No..tight! I am going to go cry..My baby is all grown up!

I have been Awarded

Aneela came playing blogging Santa and bestowed me with this award.

This is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

What can I say?I am thrilled.When I moved here,to this blog I mean,the hardest part for me was leaving behind my badges..but what the heck..I am vain..and might as well import’em here..:)

Thank You Aneela!It means a lot to me.When I moved to Aussie,it was hard for me,leaving behind so many friends..even if they werent in the same town,they were just a call away.Thanx for being my friend,and bringing that same happy feeling in my heart!

And Now,since I must pass this along to eight others(only there are more than eight in my list),here goes-

I want to pass this award to-

Mystic Margarita-she is a real sweetie..We spoke for the first time and were chatting for hours!!! only forced to hang up by our babies..

Abha-I havent met or spoken to her,but somehow from her blog,I feel if I knew her in real life,we’d be great friends.

Meira-For being so cool!!(and I am hoping,she’ll pass some of her cool awards my way 😉 no really,I think she is really cool.

~Nm-For designing this cool tepmplate for me,and not giving up despite my asking her to make so many changes

Mummyjaan- For her patiently typed out comments/mails on my vents..and for being a rocking MJ!

Deep-Who became a friend,even before becoming one.

Invictuspeak-For the wonderyears

Poppin’s Mom-there is something so serene about her,couple with just the right dose of fiery,it makes me wanna be her friend.

Kiran-For telling me,”I always have time for friends,24by7 ” and for going all out when i needed her help in real life.

Dipali-For being my voice of calm in troubled times.It meant a lot to me,Doosi Nani

ASAAAN-For her time,which I know,she has so little of.

Emaan’s Mom- for Sharing Emaan’s growing-up with me.

Just Thoughts-For being a friend and for bringing Amty in my life

Upsi-For being my desert rose

Dottie-For all those lovely yummies in my oven!

And to all the CTT girls,for listening

and last but not the least,back to you Aneela!!

I will come back and do the links,but its about time this post got published!!

Happy New Year-2009

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all of us at Aadyaland.

This space hasn’t seen much activity,since Sanj is home,and we are just too busy having fun.He has been off work since the 24th and that’s when the fun times began.In all the years that I have known him,this is the first time,he has had holidays and completely stayed away from work-so,you can imagine how thrilled I am.

This year,we brought home a Christmas tree.A new tradition has been started.We decorated it together.Aadya was very excited about the baubles.She took a fancy for the red baubles,and kept asking for “ball”.After resisting for sometime,we gave her one and told her its hers and the rest are ‘Santa’s’ and no touching those.Surprisingly,she was more than happy to watch Santa’s tree for him..:)even telling our visitors,”No,no,no..Santa’s”with her wagging finger and a wide-eyed face!

On Christmas eve,after she went to bed,we put Aadya’s gifts under the tree….and she was so excited when she woke up next morning.She ran to the tree,but stopped,asked us,”Santa’s??”We told her that Santa left her those gifts,for watching his tree and she can have them..Boy,was she excited then.She insisted on taking her gifts with her,when we went for the picnic.

The lovely Aneela and her Gman,invited us for a picnic with their friends and a fun time was had by all.We had already met Aneela,but it was our first time meeting Gman.And he is every bit as much fun as her.Aadya took a liking for an 18-year old,who was part of the group.We told her she was “Didi”(older sister)..and Aadi followed her around like Mary’s little lamb,all day long.And when she wasn’t following Didi around,she was busy playing cricket with older boys.She chased after every single ball,tirelessly.We came back,tired to the bones,but we all went to bed with smiles on our faces.

The next day was Boxing Day and that means SALE SALE SALE!! We hit the mall,after a filling breakfast at 11.00.Which is early by our standards but late by the devoted shoppers’ standards.The Boxing Day sale is the Australian equivalent of the Black Friday sale and naturally the malls were jam-packed.We were looking for parking for 45 minutes.Actually,no,we were not looking for parking,for those 45 minutes,we were actually,trying to get out of the traffic and get to the rooftop parking lot!All that going round and round with a thousands cars paid off when we got the stuff we wanted.A 200 dollar Vacuum cleaner for $90!!Now that’s a steal!And I am so in love with my new Vacuum,I have been using it everyday!!!:D

The days in between were spent going to the park,watching back to back movies..After all it is the summer Vacation and eating OUT! If nothing else,by the time,the holidays are over,I am sure,we (read I-the man never puts on a pound!!!!!) will be a few pounds heavier.Which brings me to my new year resolution,of losing the most weight this year.We were watching the biggest loser,at lunch time..And I am feeling very inspired.And this time,Sanj,has promised his unfailing support..So,may be things will work out.To start with,it means we have to cut-down on eating out…which means,planning the weekend menu,in advance.Because,that’s when we go crazy eating out.So,here’s to a new start.

New year’s eve was celebrated in the City.We joined Aneela and gang,for a Biryani dinner and cake,followed by the spectacular fireworks display.The city was so crowded,but after so many years of quiet new year’s eve,I loved the crowds and hustle-bustle,making our way,through the crowds,the tram ride,everything.We spoke to our families,on the tram ride back. Then,we settled down,quietly..umm not so quietly,coz when you have an Aadya with you,there is no quiet. Sanj was playing funny faces with her.We were sitting across each other,and Aadya was jumping,from his lap to mine,finally settling down on the ledge between the seat and the window,to look outside.And then,I felt,something sweet.All this happiness slowly sneaked in and filled my heart,making me all mushy and giddy. I found myself,observing,the three of us,from a distance,and I liked what I saw.

The last year has been tough for us,in a lot of ways-health issues on the ILs side,my own health,troubled times at Dad’s-in general,when we look back,2008 hasn’t been a very happy year for me and mine..I hope 2009 will bring much awaited Happier days.

I hope the year 2009 is happy and prosperous for you and yours..Happy New Year!

I leave you with some pictures:

Here’s Aadya with her gifts,on Christmas Morning

And here she is admiring a decorated tree in the mall

And here’s the busiest ‘Fielder’ at the Christmas day Picnic

Do stop by and tell me how you spent the holiday season 🙂