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Random Talks

So,I never got around to writing the birthday post.I haven’t even replied to all the friends who sent birthday greetings on Facebook and Orkut.One good thing about these social networking sites is,no-one forgets your birthday and you don’t forget any one’s birthday.But,I am a sucker for birthdays and so more the wishes,the happier I am.
This year,for the first time,since I got married,I celebrated my birthday with friends and not with Sanj.So,as I was saying,this year,there were no celebrations with Sanj.I went out for lunch with two girlfriends ,followed by some retail therapy,roamed around in the city and came back home,tired.When Sanj came home,he was feeling miserable,for having been busy all day.He didn’t even get a chance to get me a cake(I rub it in EVERY SINGLE DAY!) -he did bring home lovely flowers and cards,though.We ordered a take-out dinner and ate it while watching a movie.And the day was over.
Anyway,this week-I have been packing,at least trying to pack.Most of the packing happened yesterday and today.There are boxes all over the house.The house is a mess.I haven’t bothered cleaning,since,in two days,we need to bring on some heavy-duty cleaning.The movers are booked for Friday morning and S has taken a day off that day.Aadya is going crazy with all the suitcases and boxes.If I pack 2 things she takes out 4 and insists on playing only with that.She caught me packing her toys and since then,refuses to leave me alone.What if I put one of her precious toys in one of those boxes?
I can’t believe…our stint in this house is over.But,for the first time,I am not sad,moving.In fact,I am looking forward to it.The only thing I will miss about this house is its location-everything is walking distance from here-the shops,the doctors,the station,the bus stop everything.The only other thing I will miss is -My friend,D.She has been my friend,since the first day,we moved in here.She has been my support system here.I will sorely miss our impromptu chai-sessions,on the spur of the moment trip to the mall.But,we have promised to keep in touch,and meet as often as possible.
I really feel some very positive vibes about this new house(Anti-jinx)..I hope it is all we hope it is.
I almost forgot-I wrote my first article on and its ranked 10th of 29!I can’t tell you how kicked I am!!
This may be my last post for the next week or so,till,I don’t get the new Internet connection.See you on the other side 🙂
Take care and be good.

WeightLoss Update-2

This week I have no weightloss to report.It is so frustrating.But its my fault.This week,despite watching my diet,and walks..I failed to eat before 7:30 pm. I was feeling tired all week,had mega headaches for two solid days…the Bubba,suspects I am not eating enough..but really,i am.
I turned 29 yesterday,another post coming up on that..And all the eating out,showed on the scale today.I have GAINED 100 gms!
Ugh!I know its just 100 gms..but for someone like me,who has trouble losing..thats a lot.I hope PMS also had a role to play in this weeks no weightloss.
Next week,we are moving..which means atleast 3 -4 days of eating out.I want to be shameless and beg someone to make me khichdi.OR may be I’ll just order Grilled chicken,everytime we eat out.
How was your week?Do share.

Of Fawers,Mukkeys,Giaafs And Aanas

This Valentine’s Day,we completed 8 years as a couple.After 8 years together,of which 5 years married and a baby ,for the first time,Sanj gave me flowers-Red Roses :)I love flowers and he knows it,but he had never bought flowers for me.Sometimes,if I wanted flowers,I would buy them myself,but he never offered to buy them for me..So,this was a pleasant surprise.His reasons being,’he wanted to keep me happy,so that I keep him happy ,when he is OLD’..well,I said,”Keep the flowers coming,till you get old..and even then 🙂 and I will think about it.” And then,the moment was broken,by an impatient bachcha,demanding Fawers!
We were wondering what to do,for V-Day-last two years,it was just quiet dinners.This year,I wanted to do something fun and special.He offered a fancy shmancy dinner..but,I didn’t want to do that..I would rather indulge once,on my b’day..than twice in a week.So,we decided to do something kid-friendly and decided on the Zoo instead.
We set off Saturday morning,after breakfast to the Melbourne Zoo .It was a 35 minute drive,so we weren’t in a hurry.Sanj was relaxed,we were listening to music,singing along,even Aadya was happy.And we got lost.And we kept getting lost over and over again.We were lost for well over an hour.Thank God for GPS -mobile phones.Anyway,it was a nice day,sunny,but not hot-windy but not too windy.We bought the tickets and got inside.It was nice to see so many other young parents,with their babies and toddlers.We saw some grandparents babysitting toddlers and I imagined their parents,out in the city,spending some couple time.

We decided to see the Gorillas first.Another Good Choice..Aadi was super-excited.All the Gorillas,Apes,chimps,everyone was a Mukkey in Aadya-speak.She decided to walk..And we saw the Zoo,from her prospective.Everything was so exciting.All the monkey-business was interesting enough to spend long spells,watching them.Each monkey had to be waved at.2 little boys and their grandparents were following us.At each enclosure,Aadya and one of those little boys were standing next to each other.She took a fancy to his “Glasshes” and he to her hat.Sometimes,he would leave his group and linger around Aadya and at other times,Aadya would turn her cute little Butt towards us and chase after him.

After the mukkeys,we saw the crocodile,Coco in Aadya-speak.Anything that looks scary,roars(in her world) It was a fake crocodile..Aadya looked at it and roared,trying to warn the other bystanders.That was our next pit stop.Roaring for the crocodile.We spent quite some time there.When we asked the roarer to pose with the Coco,then,of course,she was Shcared!We walked around leisurely,playing catch behind the trees,stopping to pick up a leaf or a stone.Then,we saw the tiger..and some more roaring was done.Then,it was time to run,run.And then,Ms.Aadya  spotted ice cream.So,it was time to get the “ice”.We got her some ice cream and went to see the elephants.

As soon as she spotted the first stone elephant,she screamed,”Aana!”(Elephant is called Aana in Malayalam) She dug in her ice cream cup,as we watched the elephants,play in the water and grab a bite of hay and apples.We then stopped to eat lunch.After a leisurely lunch of chai lattes and Satay wraps,we went to see the Giraffes.Giaffs were Bigg and the little miss wanted to give them huggies.Before the whining turned into a full blown tantrum,we decided to move on.She saw the zebras and got distracted.Next came the Kangaroos.They were kept in open range.Aadya tried to sneak under the railing,so I took her outside,while Sanj walked around a little.The Koalas were there,too..but we didn’t get to see them.
Aadya was getting tired,and so were we.We decided to call it a day.Sometime during the day,Aadya needed a diaper change and asked for it.So,I decided to leave the stroller and backpack with Sanj and just take the diaper and wipes and her blankie.She wanted to help -so I carried her blanket and the wipes ,while she carried the diaper.On the way out,she held the blankie and wipes both,saying she wanted to help Mumma.At that moment,it hit hard,how much my baby girl has grown.My baby is not a baby anymore..I had memory flashes,of a six-month old Aadya ,in Dallas Zoo,when my dad was visiting.Sanj was carrying her diaper bag,I was carrying the dad was pushing the stroller…And now she wants to help 🙂 Time really flies.As I was typing this..I wiped away the tears..Aadya saw that,she came running,”Mumma crying…Sorrieee” My baby has really grown up.
It was lovely day and we came back with happy memories.

City girl Hat

Some girls like handbags,some like jewellery.Me?I like Hats.I may pass a beautiful dress,without a second glance..but a nice hat,always catches my eye.I had  been looking for a nice hat with a visor.So,when I came across this ( girl Hat pattern by Celeste,it was ‘just-what-I-needed’.

I was working on the Sunshine set,when I found this pattern and it was like an added motivation to complete that set ,quickly. The day I finished it,I just had to start on this Hat.The stitch used to make the cables,is Around the post double crochet-I had never used that stitch  ever but,google and youtube came to my rescue.Once I got the hang of it,I had fun hooking!!

The best part was when DH came home from work,and I modelled it for him,he said,”Wow,you made it..looks very smart!” Job well done..:)


Weightloss update1

So,I am on mission weight loss yet again.The Pipette is going to be TWO next month,about time I stopped using,”But,I just had a baby”line.
I have tried way too many diets to know that dieting is not the way to go.Fad dieting is not for me,period.Nor is portion control…really…Calorie counting doesn’t work too..I will explain why,before you give up on me as a lost cause. Fad dieting doesn’t work,simply because,I don’t have the patience to keep up..day4 is the worst..almost every diet is broken by day 4.I tried the GM diet,the Atkins,South beach diet(that one lasted a week)..I just cannot cook two separate meals for the Bubba and myself.
Portion control and calorie counting,just never works-because,my portions are already small.And I tried calorie counting,and I can never make the required number of calories..NEVER !Not even when I was breast-feeding.
The one time I lost weight without trying was,when I had gestational diabetes.I figured it was the medicines that did the trick..yes,that’s how much I believe in myself.This time,I have decided to come what may,I am going to lose this weight.Its about time,the flab vacated my body and some muscles appeared.
Since moving to Melbourne,I have been going for regular walks,moderate paced walks,at least 5 days in a week.I didn’t think of it as exercise..I was just happy to be able to go to places,myself.The library,the park,the grocery store-I walk everywhere,even when I can take the bus,I walk.Even when I am tired,I walk.As a rule,I only take the bus, to go to the city or any other suburb.And just like that I went down two pant sizes..without even realising.Then,my sister joined a gym and she shared her prescribed diet with me.And I realised that I am eating way too less..some wise person had told me once,that you don’t lose weight,if you eat too little..I decided to give it a try.
I still cannot eat as much as it says in the diet,but I took the basic principle behind it-small meals every 2 hours, Vs 2 -3 meals.Until last week,this is what my diet chart looked like:

9.00AM – 1 cup tea
Occasionally,I would eat something like-3-4 crackers OR 2 slices bread with cheese OR an egg.This would happen once or twice a week.

1.00pm(sometimes 2:00pm)-lunch- leftovers from previous night-mostly rice+dal/curry OR roti+eggOR frozen roti +curry.

5:00 pm-1 cup tea or coffee with 3-4 biscuits or 1/2 cup of namkeen(haldiram’s zindabad)

9.00pm(sometimes 10.00 pm)- dinner -rice /roti with dal+sabji OR some non-veg OR Pasta OR Stuffed Paratha.

Bedtime snack- 1 cup milk…Once in 10-15 days.

Uff!Now that I have written it down,it looks even worse.
Starting Monday,I started eating small meals every 2-3 hours,eating dinner by 7.30 pm latest by 8.00 pm and bedtime snack of milk and nuts every day. For the first time in 5 years,the Bubba and I haven’t had dinner together for a week now.
That along with my regular walking and increased water intake-this is all I am doing,for now.I am not going to join a gym,I have decided..I have already wasted so much money,both my dad’s and Bubba’s on gym memberships.So,walks it will be.I plan to get a skipping rope and jump rope to do some cardio.

Weight lost since Last friday- 1.4 kgs!
Pretty cool na?
So,I am going to update my weight loss journal,every Friday.
This time also,before starting my weight loss mission,I sent up a prayer..This time I wished for a stronger resolve and persistence,instead of a leaner me.I figured,if I am persistent,the leaner me,will have to make an appearance!hai,na?

And now,Can I ask YOU for some help?I am going to update the weight lost,here every Friday.If for some reason,you do not see a weight-loss post here,don’t think about asking me.In fact,just go ahead and ask me..will you?

Sunshine Baby set


This beautiful Baby set is named Sunshine,because,it just fills your heart with so much sunshiny joy.

The pattern is from Leisure Arts Layettes Pattern Book.My best friend’s colleague is expecting and she wanted to gift her something hand-made.Thats when yours truly stepped in and the result is this beautiful bright baby set.They don’t know what they are having,yet,soI chose Baby Panda varigated yarn,which is white daintily speckled with all pastel colors-pink,blue,green,yellow,peach..I paired it with yellow.


The finished look is enhanced by the ribbed cuff.I was so in love with this set,I had a hard time,packing it to ship off.

The pictures arent very clear,sorry..This can be custom made in any color.

Watch this space for hats in the next few days.

Of Chinese tortures and stripping in parks

I survived Chinese torture , stripped in the park,in the same evening and lived to tell the tale. Those of you,who think,this is going to be an A-rated “strip-tease”kinda post,sorry to disappoint you.Nor is it some kind of action thriller.This is just a mom’s not-so-dull evening,out.

It being Summer,I decided to go get myself waxed.So,I set about with Aadya,in her stroller.The girls at the salon love her and she normally behaves herself,chattering with them,giving them coy smiles and even before she realises,we are done.That particular day,we decided to meet a friend and her 18 month old in the city park.So,not to digress,at the salon…the girls,Lily and Lena,took me inside..Aadya’s stroller was parked at its normal position.Lily or Lena(I forget who is who)asked me to hop on the bed.I did.Little did I know what awaited me. They attacked me tackling my legs,the other my hands.And before starting,one of them,gave Aadya a sesame snap candy,”For the Chinese New Year”,she said.

So,the waxing began..and the Diva decided she was bored.Just when the first strip was pulled off,she demanded,Oppenit oppenit!!She wanted me to open her candy packet.She kept at it..Lily and Lena,oblivious to the oppenits,kept yanking..Aadya tried to stand in her stroller,still buckled up,put her grubby fingers on my free hand and pulled with almost the same strength as the girls.”OPPENITT!!!”she demanded..this time I knew,I had to do it.I opened it awkwardly,with my one hand,and teeth. “Thanksh” she said as I handed her precious candy to her.I breathed easily..if the brat was quiet,I could tolerate the waxing.It was her whining that turned it into a Chinese torture!
One sec,later,I heard,”Droppit,droppit””oh No!!She had dropped her candy! Then,she continued her Droppit song.I tried talking to her,sweetly threatening her in Hindi,reasoning quietly in English..nope,she continued,droppit droppit.I mumbled,”Lena,can you please pick up her candy”..I guess Lena was the one farthest from the bed..coz neither girl,answered.Aadya continued,asking for Dudu,chockie,Kaju,bickie,book,phoune..I think,she must have figured,if i ask for ten things,at least I will get one.Hands done,one of them,was stepping outside.The other started on my eyebrows.This time,Lena heard me..and gave her the bottle from the bag.
She gulped her Dudu quietly and put the bottle down.Lena had left the bag,too close to the stroller.I was happy,to get my eyebrows done in peace..only to find Aadya,opening my purse and throwing all the cards and money on the floor..saving only the coins.Ordeal over,I quickly put on my shirt,paid and left.We got on the train,reached the park.It was then,that I realised that I had forgotten to remove the singlet I was wearing,when getting waxed.It was sticking to the skin.That was so uncomfortable.We were playing ball,while waiting for our friends.The park was mostly empty.I decided to get rid of the singlet.It was the time to use,Rachael’s bra trick(from Friends,duh!)
I slipped one strap off,with great difficulty..I was wearing a full sleeves shirt..Then,slipped the second strap off..and then,realised belatedly,it was a singlet,and wasn’t going to open up.So,I just looked left and right and pulled..then finally,pulled it all the way down to my feet and off!I am hoping,no one saw me..or they would think of me as a crazy fool.I told Sanj about it,and he just looked at me poker-faced and said..”So,now you have stripped in a park..bas yahi dekhna reh gaya tha”(this is the last thing I needed to see)..
Yeah sure..whatever..
The rest of the evening was just dull,we just ran and played in the park..met Sanj,came back home 🙂

My Sunshine

So,we took Aadya for a haircut,over the weekend.This was her first time,in a regular Salon.The previous haircuts,were done in kiddie salons,where she got to sit in a Toy police car or a Toy BMW ,watch videos,while getting her hair cut.But,this time,it was just a regular Salon..nothing fancy shmancy.
The only thing kiddie was the Wiggles apron.So,she sat on the chair,the apron was donned.And then,she looked around.Smiled at the hair dresser.She asked her,would you like to see a magazine?”Yes”.replied the Diva!So,a magazine was brought and Mumma was made to turn the pages.
At one point the hair-dresser asked me,if i wanted it cut that short and Aadya,replied..Yeah. umm about making your own decisions.
Then,the hair dresser started snipping.Aadi turned her head towards the hair dresser and said,Slowly..Slowly.Aadi sitting.I think she wanted to tell her,that she was telling her to go slow,so as to not hurt her!
The hair dresser did a double take and I am sure was in shock,because she forgot to trim the hair in the front.That hair had to be trimmed by yours truly..and if I may say so myself,I think I did a pretty good job.
After aadya,I sat down for my cut. Sanj took her for a walk.They came back and the first thing she asked me was Mumma done?Go now?Oh well,as if an impatient S wasn’t enough.

Our saturdays are busy and tiring,with the house hunting.So,we decided to sleep in on Sunday.But,for some reason,I couldn’t sleep till late.So,I woke up and the other bed-mates were still fast asleep.I lazed around,surfed the net and then got up to fix myself a cup of coffee.Which is when my baby woke up.Every morning,when she wakes up,I greet her with a “Good morning,did you sleep well?”..So,this Sunday,she stretched,cuddled with S,waited for me to come back to bed..When I didn’t,she came running to the kitchen and said,”Mumma,Moorninn,sleep well”… Ohhh there is just something so delicious about just woken babies..just so sweet,so warm…I just picked her up and cuddled,cuddled..And of course,the day was great,after that perfect greeting and perfect start!


Monday was another hot day.So,we went to the nearest Mall,with two of my girlfriends.One of them has a daughter,about 15 months old. After lunch,the non-mommy friend ,D,decided to give us moms a breather,to finish our drinks in peace,while she took the babies for a walk.A photography promotion was on and they were giving free balloons to kids.The babies also got balloons…Aadya’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. As we mommies joined the rest of our group,Aadya came running to me,to show me her Ballum!And I asked her,did you say Thank you.She was excited..and talking about her Ballum and didn’t answer me.But the lady at the counter,said..”Yes she did .You have a very polite little girl!!”And I can’t tell you how happy that made me..But really,its all Aadya.If I go one step with her,she goes four.At times like this,I forget all about the tantrums,feel guilty,even…and just thank God,for blessing me with this divine child.


22 month old Little Lady

Aadya turned 22 months old on 30th of January.We were trying to stay cool, in the heat wave and this post was the last thing on my mind.
ms.Aadya has had a busy month..She has just turned into a little lady.Her Vocabulary has increased ten-folds and she can easily string sentences now.Sometimes the order is jumbled up but,she can very easily convey what she is trying to say.One of her earlier sentences,is “Mumma grapes give”I was so thrilled when she said that.
Her favorite pass-time is going over her day,at the end of the day.We are in bed,and she starts telling,what all she did,where she went,what she ate.Its so much fun.On our way,back from any outing,she tells long stories about our trip out.Its good entertainment for others in the bus or train.Oh and whoever is sitting next to us,or in our vicinity she waves at them.Once a school teacher was sitting opposite us,correcting his papers and didn’t notice her,waving.She got very upset and complained to me about him!! Me?I just wanted to hide somewhere!
This little peanut has the memory of an elephant and chooses to surprise us,when we are least expecting it! The other day I was singing a song for her and out of the blue,she completed it.She knows,which of our friends stay where..As soon as we pull into the parking lot,she starts calling them by their names!I swear we keep telling her to address them,as uncle/auntie..and when we call them,by their names,she never forgets to correct us,saying uncle/auntie!
The current HOT WORD is TIGHT if she doesn’t want to wear anything,its tight.If she feels hot,she says tight.Sanj took her to the supermarket,one day and she didn’t want him to buckle her up and she made it a point to tell every passer-by that she was feeling tight!!One lady actually stopped and told him,that may be the belt was too tight for the baby!!He refuses to take her out alone!!
The current favorite color is PINK! and at least one piece of clothing has to been Peek(Aadya-speak for Pink) If there is no Peek,the outfit is rejected.Going out has become a nightmare,because nothing pleases the little DIVA!Nothing,I lay out.She doesn’t even look at the clothes,I lay out on the bed,heads for the cupboard old is she?16?
Aadya likes choices..she likes to pick,what she wants to eat.So,we have a deal.She gets to pick what she wants for breakfast and snack and I get to pick what she eats for lunch and dinner.Its been working fine till now..I hope I didn’t just jinx it.
[Anti-jinx]And now,why did I say she is turning into a little lady?She now says Please and Thank you,without a prompt from us.She doesn’t accept anything from others,without checking with either of us.She says Sorry,if she so much as even bumps someone.If someone else bumps her,she tells them,”Slowly,slowly”(Aadya-speak for gently)She shifts,to share her seat,shares her snacks,toys ,without being told..[Anti-jinx] OK I am going to stop talking about my little lady now.
Aadya is showing her sensitive side too.She cries and gets disturbed,when she sees other babies cry.She wants everyone to be her friend and gets upset,if we are angry with her.And she knows if someone is angry,she should say sorry.We were visiting friends and Sanj’s friend T was trying to play with her,but she refused to play with him.He got up to go to the restroom and she started missing him.So,we joked with her,saying that T is upset and has gone away.As soon as he came back..she ran to him,saying Sorry,holding her ears..It was such a heart-melting sight.Made our hearts swell!

That’s most of what Ms.Aadya has been up to,last month.I will write more as I remember.

Pipetty-Pipette,Almost Two…
Papa&Mumma love you.