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Of Happy Dreams and Big Beds and My Nooms.

Before I begin this post,a slight digression-I think I am going through a serious writer’s block..or my brain is all spent,after a month and half of house-guests.I have been meaning to write this post for almost a week now..but..just didn’t feel upto it.Until today,I realised,that I am forgetting details and there is no more dilly-dallying.And as I sit here typing,Aadya is busy washing the coffee table!Phew..Saved the table.End of Digression.
Lets start at the very beginning..When we moved to Australia..somewhere between our departure from Texas and arrival at Melbourne and all the travel in between,Aadya moved into our bed and she was staying put.
And frankly,the luxury of cuddling up with the little warm body,was too much to give up.But over the past few weeks,I think after her grand-parents arrived,Aadya had become too clingy.Clinging to me,all the time..and more so in bed.She was almost hanging by my neck..clutching my night-shirt,waking up,even if I turned.God forbid,if I had to go to the toilet,she would sit up and cry,till I didn’t get back in bed.We were all beginning to get sleep-deprived.But S was still not ready to move her out..and I didn’t want to be blessed with the ILs ire either.So we waited.
And then,last week we spent a day at a friend’s place.And there she slept in the spare single bed,all by herself…and she looked so comfortable…I decided to try it .
The next day,Friday,I asked Aadya,if we should set up her room.And if she would help me.She was excited..”Help” is the magic word around here!So,we cleared out all her toys and moved it to the other room;Vaccumed the carpet,polished the window sills and it was time to move the bed.And Pipette was Super excited about the bed.When we bought it,we told her,it was her bed.And everytime,one of our house-guests slept on it..she made it a point to tell them that it was her bed.
So,we moved the bed and Aadi grabbed a pillow,from our room and announced excitedly,”My Noom…My bed,Big Bed!” I asked her if she would like to sleep there and she said yes. I put her down for a nap there.Now comes the Happy Dreams part.
The regulars of this blog and my old blog know that the Pipette’s bedtime is a tiresome routine..not something I look forward to. So,I was constantly trying something..reading the stories over and over again..I know no toddler,ever has enough of stories.It was the crying at bedtime that drove me nuts.So,one night,I just said,”If you cry,you’ll get nightmares..But if you do hasi-hasi(laugh) and sleep,you will get Happy Dreams!” Dreams? she asked..and I went ahead and painted a color picture with words..of her going out to play in big park,where she would meet all her friends ..of a field full of colorful balloons..of a nice birthday party with lots of candy and cakes … of long car rides to wonderland..and of playing with her disney friends.
And before I knew it,she was fast asleep.Now,we look forward to Happy dreams..somedays we talk about our day,some day,we just imagine.So now back to the big move to the big bed.

Day 1- Bath,dinner,Milk,story ,followed by happy dreams and lights off. Aadya woke up at 3.00 am,then at 5.00 am.I dozed off next to her the second time.

Day 2- We had dinner out and came back by 10.00 pm.Massage,Milk,story,followed by happy dreams and lights off.woke up at 3.00 AM and 5.00 AM.I just patted her and went back to our bed.

Day 3- Bath,Dinner,Milk,story,followed by Happy dreams.I came to my bed at 1.00.Next time,I woke up at 4.00,feeling cold,IN Aadya’s bed.When I got there,No Idea!I went back to bed.Aadya slept peacefully.

Day 4-Bath,Dinner,Milk,story-This time its Dad’s turn to do the bed-time routine. 1 hour and still Aadya is running in and out of the room.Finally,we had to trade places…and she was fast asleep in 10 minutes.She didn’t wake up at night.Got up in the morning,drank her milk and came and gave me her empty bottle.

Day 5- Dinner,Bath,Story-Happy dreams,followed by long story time.Dad’s turn again.This time,he left her in bed and said he will be back in 2 mins if she keeps her eyes closed..this went on for 20 minutes and then she dozed off.She slept through the night.

Day 6- Dinner,Bath,story,Milk,Dreams,some more milk,Last time Susu,finally,I left her in bed,followed S’s method,kissed her good night Princess..Hugs and cuddles and 20 minutes later,Princess was fast asleep.She slept through the night.

Aadya loves her new Noom(room) and her big bed. This is a big move for all of us and I am so glad,its going tearlessly ..(anti-jinx).
Speaking of big moves by little girls,my little girl is almost toilet-trained,staying dry at nights and going to the toilet through out the day.The only hitch is she still needs a diaper to poop.One or two times,that she pooped in the pot ,she started she lost something precious or like she’s committed a big crime.But,its alright…she’ll get there.Slow and steady is the name of the game.

On the home front,I am still struggling to bring the house back to order…I am T-I-R-E-D of cooking….I cooked so much in the last month and half….I am exhausted!Aadya and I were very sick for over 2 weeks and I can still feel the weakness.But,we are finally catching up with friends and each other..:),on our reading and PS3…and our lazing around.
Thats all from our end..Hope you have been good..:) Hopefully you haven’t given up on me..and will be back for more.
Here’s the Pipette at Federation Square-

A Round of Thanks

I am sorry I never got around to saying “Thank You” to all you lovely people who took the time to read my blog and then to vote for it at the Mother’s Day competition.So,I say it now.

Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!

Also,Sending a big Thank you to all the lovely ladies at Indusladies Forum.Thank you for hosting this competition and for promptly sending the gifts-A T-shirt and a cap,with IndusLadies Logo!(unfortunately,I havent seen it yet..its at my dad’s.)
Thank you!

Silly Milestone

Today,Aadya is
2 years,2 months,2 weeks and 2 days old!

Happy Birthday,Sweetheart

Its S’s birthday today..and its raining ,as always.It has rained on S’s birthday ,every year,for all the 8 years I have known him..and he tells me, it has been a record for the last 35 years.
I was planning an early birthday surprise party for him,but,he is stuck in work till the 17th.So,the birthday this year is very low-key.
Since its so cold and windy,S offered to pick up the cake himself.Aadya and I were sick for the last 2 weeks,so,he didn’t want us to go out.
And then,yesterday afternoon,he called up to say,he was going to be stuck in meetings all day today as well..The unsaid message was,that There will be no time to pick up the cake.
But what’s birthday without a cake? S loves Black Forest cake.There was no time to go out and pick up a cake..Even with time in hand,the trick was to go out,and still keep Aadya dry..IMPOSSIBLE..with the weather.Leaving her home with the MIL,was not an option.
So,I did the next best thing-took a stock of the pantry and made an improvised Black Forest Cake using Light Whipped cream and cherry preserve as the filling.
The goal was to hide the cake in the refrigerator,before S got home.And I got done,just in time.I had just sprinkled the last of the grated chocolate,when the garage shutters,rolled up.Hurriedly,I dumped the cake in the back of the refrigerator.
MIL made some Gujiya and we had that for dessert.At midnight,S was in the bedroom,finishing up some work..I got the cake out,Aadya was so excited.All afternoon,I drilled into her head,its a secret,don’t tell Baba…and boy,she kept the secret.But as soon as she saw the cake,she ran to the bedroom..screaming…Baba come on Jaldi se,slowly,Its me birday,come on,secretttttt,cakeyyyyy,Phoo Phoo,Happy to you…Non-stop..half running,half dragging S,who was by the in splits.
Anyhoo,the candle was blown and the cake was cut..Aadya dug in with both hands,feeding her Baba his favorite cake.
A sweet start to the birthday.

Happy 35th,Sweetheart.May this birthday bring you all that you wish for,today and always.
Hopefully next year you’ll take some time to stop and smell the roses,next year.:)
Love you always..

P.S.- You better keep up your promise of taking us out to dinner,after 17th

Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt strikes when you least expect it..
You see your baby gurgling and cooing happily at strangers and it rears its ugly head..And you start thinking”Oh may be she is bored of seeing me all day long-may be she will be happier if she was spending some time with others.”
You leave your baby with a sitter at the gym,tears streaming down her face,and there it is again,Mommy guilt-“I must be most selfish mom,leaving her crying child,with a stranger,so she can get some Me-time.”
The mother’s heart never stops breaking…be it over her child’s smiles or over her baby’s tears.
The latest heart-breaker in my list is little Aadya’s latest demand.Every morning when she wakes up,she demands for a BROTHER or a SISTER…depending on her mood that day.The reason being,two of her friends have a baby brother and sister each.And now,the Princess demands a Brother or sister of her own!!!!
My 2 year old? Really???If we ask her why she wants a brother or sister,she says to- huggie the said brother/sister.
Today she started her demand for a Sister,at nap-time.When I ignored,she went on to pretend cry.I ignored that too.So,little missy tells me,”Mummy,Aadya is crying”
I asked her,”Why baby?”
“Me want a Sister,Mummy not giving,Aadi crying,”Came the prompt reply.
What do you say to that??Mommy guilt kicked in and I felt all sad and mushy and cursed the damn PCOS .
And then,laughed at the whole thing…how a little 2 year old can hold your heart in her little fist and squeeze it ,while all you want to do is,squeeze her in your hug.

Color-Me-Up Finished Finally

Remember how I wrote about my first solo knit project..when i say first solo,I mean,one where i dont have anyone picking up the dropped stitched..or sewing the seams etc..
I knit and ripped and ripped and knit and ripped yet again..And by the end of it..I just couldn’t wait to finish it..
I spent many hours each evening knitting fervently…until finally,I reached the cast off stage..sewed the sides and I was done.
It was then that I realised that I had made a decreasing ..But,with a little presence of mind..I had followed the mistake symmterically.phew!
The finishing is not very neat..but I am so proud of myself that I didn’t give up halfway through.
Aadya wore it a couple times home and to the park..and she loves it…Its me,who can see all the faults.:D
Here’s my princess in her Kimono..