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Good morning

Hi again everyone..and a big welcome,to those of you who,stopped by.I thought a lot about what the welcome post should be..then,realised,that the reason why I moved again,was to be spontaneous.The first thought in my mind is Aadi’s morning greeting.

Every morning,after Sanj leaves for work and before Aadi wakes up,I have some quiet time,when I check my emails,sip my tea,peacefully,without the fear of a certain two year old climbing into my lap,plan out my day and the likes. And almost everyday,just as I am finishing my tea,comes the first call,from the bedroom..”Miii”..I stay quiet,”Maa” comes the next call..I get up and go rinse my cup,then,comes the third call,”Mamma”,now,I answer.

And then begins our crazy day,out toddles my beautiful baby,shouting,”Hulloooooooooo” I pick her up and hug her tight.she hugs me back and touches my face,and says,”Morning, Mamma”I reply,Morning sweetheart..did you sleep well? Yeah,she replies..and continues hugging,saying,”My mummy,my mamma,Aadya’s Mummy”…just the right note to start the day with…It fills my heart with so much joy,I am ready to forgive the naughtiness that fills the rest of the day..but when the series of mischief begins,the joy is long forgotten..Oh the joys of motherhood!


…Of moving again..*ducks,before you start throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes,at me*
I know I know I promised…but hear me out.
Last few days,that I have been sick..and not blogging much,I have been reading my old blog..the Sunshine one..the one where I first started writing,the one where I met most of you..and I realised that what I wrote on that blog,though everyday,mundane stuff,with it was written with so much interest and love.I moved blogs and went back to it,again and again.
Then,something happenned and that prompted me to start this blog with psuedonyms for all of us and I realised that the posting became more mechanical..and for sometime also quiet censored..
Reading those old posts made me realise,I dont enjoy writing with psuedonyms..Its just not the same and its just not me.So,I have decided to move yet last time..This time its final I promise!!!Really promise.
Now for the name -the name that came to me instantly the first the name that has stayed in my mind…and in yours too,i hope.
And also a move to wordpress..Since I am moving urls,might as well move there..Password protected posts are definitely better than posts stored in draft.So,I guess its good-bye blogger ..and hellooo wordpress.
So,we are moving for the last time(fingers crossed)..and I am not going to leave you here..come on over to –
going over to welcome you now.

Endearing Girl Poncho

This was one of my quickest projects.Interstingly,when I first learnt how to crochet,my first ever project was a beautiful yellow and black poncho.I got full grades in craft work for that piece.
Coming to this particular piece-When I was knitting,Color-me-up for Aadi,a friend’s daughter had asked me in the cutest little girl voice,”Maushi,will you make one for me too?”[Maushi=aunt in marathi]
And I agreed.So,this little girl was turning 4 and I decided to make this poncho for her.

The pattern can be found here
My twist to it was to use two strands,one of each color for the fringe!
Need I say,the poncho was suitably gushed at 🙂

Spring Allergies

Spring is here and so are spring allergies.My best friend accused me of turning completely Firang..but really,its not my fault.
Sadly,I was too sick and tired to retaliate.My throat is swollen and constricted,it hurts to even swallow water..Everything hurts.But what breaks my heart is poor Aadya.
The girl is fighting her own allergies.Two days back she broke into hives .Now this was the second time,she got this rash.First time it subsided on its own.This time it didn’t. The rash itself has a textured appearance like the bee-hive..which is what made me think that it might be hives and the doctor confirmed it.To add to it,she has a terrible cough and runny nose.
Everytime she coughs,she tells me,”Mamma khachi khachi ho gaya.Mez sad,idhar hurting”.
There are so many fun things to write about her..but,I guess I should catch up on some sleep before she wakes up again.

Baby’s day Out

Or was it Mummy’s?Like I mentioned in my last post,I found a day care for Aadya,one which both of us liked

and one which we could afford as well.All the day cares we visited so far,were way too expensive –AUD75 per day and mandatory 2 days per week..We decided to try it,but then decided against it. Then,this place,that we loved, started occasional care,once a week from 9AM to 3PM. And the rates were a steal!And we decided to try it.When I took  to get Aadya the form,she didn’t want to come back.

The big Day was Friday and I prepped her all week,so much that by Thursday she was pretend playing,”Mummy going Daycare,pick me later,Mezplaying with little girls,No little Boys!” No little boys??HUH,why?Time to have a talk with the over-protective DAD!

So on Friday,S and I woke up earlier than usual..its another thing,that we hardly got any sleep,the previous night.We got ready,fought the urge to chicken out and and woke up Aadya,got her ready, fed her breakfast and we were on our way. We asked Aadya if she wanted to bring any toys with her and she chose her big ride-on car.[Note to self- Next time,don’t ask,just bring whatever you like.] A Mini-tantrum there,successfullyaverted,when S reminded her about a ride in the new car.

At the day-care- she waved to Papa with the proudly announcing,”Papa,Me Daycare jaa rahe” Papa visibly crumbling,hugged her tight and waved bye,rushing out.Me?..well me being me,had a tough time saying g’bye.This was the first time ever, I was going to leave her with someone else and go away.Of course,there was that one time in the gym,when,I left her with the sitter and sat outside for all of 10 minutes,before going back and picking her up.

The center director,was very nice.She told me to stay for as long as I wanted.Since the center opens early,at 6.30 am,at least one security personnel is around,till all the staff comes in.The security officer,took one look at Aadya and assured me she would be just fine.Yeah right,my can she be just fine,when mamma is not around?

Anyway,we went to her room and Aadya was so excited to see,all the little girls and Also little boys.Phew.And she went on to explore,completely forgetting me.She checked the toys,while I spoke to the carers,answering their questions about Aadya and her habits,all the while,keeping an eye out on her. She was busy making friends,sharing toys,and doing a quick head check to see if I was still around.When she got busy,making wooden rockets with other kids and crawling through tunnels,I told her,I was going to Coles,to get some groceries.She threw her toys and was ready to go with me. I waited a little longer.Then,it was time for outdoor play,and I slipped out.Her carer,Crystal assured me that she would call me,if Aadi was upset.

I went outside and sat on the bench and all I did was blink and tears started flowing.I called up S,who just tried to tease me,supposedly to lighten my mood.His logic being,Pip was his daughter too and he wasn’t crying. But,he left her every single day to go to work,right?I was the one who had her attached to the hip for the last two years..all the time.EVEN on my days off..umm wait,Moms don’t get days off. That brought on fresh tears.God!I had never felt so alone.And to make matters worse,I heard Aadya crying.I could almost see the tears streaming down her pretty face.

It took every ounce of self-restraint to walk away from there.I called up my friend Pooja,next.This girl has been my support system,all through my journey of pregnancy and motherhood.We call each other first before looking at baby books or Google.I poured my heart out to her,she listened,saying the right things.It cheered me up a little.And S sent an sms,to go and get that hair-cut :)The guy is weird,but may be that’s why I love him so much.

Anyway,I booked my haircut and walked around aimlessly,my heart breaking into a thousand pieces,every time I saw a mom with her baby.Every time I saw a toddler throwing a tantrum,I found myself smiling fondly.I am sure,I looked like some crazy freaky woman,waiting to grab those adorable kids.Soon,haircut was done with..and then I felt like a freak with a new hair cut.

I am so used to pushing the pram,every time,I go out that,I felt like one of my limbs was missing.Every time,I went to a shop with Aadya ,I wished,someone else would entertain her for some time,then,why was it so difficult for me to enjoy my shopping trip?I tried knitting then,but it wasn’t much fun,without Aadya tugging at the yarn! I must have checked my phone a thousand times.Slowly the clock ticked and it was 2.15 .That was all I could take.I walked slowly to the day care.The elevator took forever to come down and finally I was there.

I stood outside Aadya’s room for 2 minutes,watching her.It was story time.When the story got over,I went inside.Crystal told her,she saw me,and said Hi..then after a pause,Mummy.And then,she hugged me and asked me if I had been to the gym.I said yes.And before I could ask her more,I felt,someone tugging at my coat.A pair of beautiful green eyes,were looking up at me,hands raised for a hug.I hugged the little boy then,there were others.Crystal told me that they loved giving hugs to whichever parent entered the room.Aadi walked around,telling her New friends,”MY MUMMY”.

When I asked how she was,Crystal said,she didn’t cry at all.She said,most kids cry at least once during their first day.But she was AWESOME!She fit in like she had been going there forever.Only she didn’t talk much. We waved byes to Crystal and Jenny and the other carers and left. Aadya wanted to go back there,again TUMARU*. On the way back,she talked non-stop,telling me all about her day,about cutting paper,coloring,cutting hair(they pretended to run a hair-salon),story,playing on the slide and so on.

We have been saying good nights to Crystal and all the little girls,for the last 3 nights.

Sigh,my little girl has crossed another milestone.And one thing is clear..I need her MORE than she needs me.

Love you Princess-Mamma&Papa are so proud of our little Big girl.

TUMARU– Aadya-speak for tomorrow.

Just Like That

This is one of those just like that posts that everyone of us writes sometime or other.And today of all days calls for one such post.
It has been a dull week and a half in Melbourne.When I say dull,I mean dull and gloomy.Other than one day,all other days have been dull,broody sort.And the weather can get to you..Long dark wintry evenings,dull cloudy days..longer work hours for S,onset of PMS- you get the idea,in short perfect recipe for gloom!Even Aadya’s non-stop chatter doesn’t cheer me up.
Yesterday was nice and sunny and we spent most of our morning outside.But,it was sunny and cold..I hate that combination.And Aadi didn’t want to come meltdown there.
Over the last week or so,I have dealt with so many meltdowns..the bad weather gets to her too,you,I don’t dwell on it.
Instead,I decided to do something with my hair.I had got some highlights put in,when I went to India last..way back in Jan 2008.I never get around to going back for touch ups.My hair has a brownish tinge & the stylist gave me golden highlights…I so didn’t want that.He called me again,but there was hardly anytime,as we were leaving in 3 days and going back with a 9 month old in tow,didn’t seem very appealing.Instead I waited the mandatory 4 weeks and recolored it myself.But so much coloring,decreasing pregnancy hormone,changing water of 2-3 cities…took its toll on my hair and while it was still soft,it just had a brittle look.Anyway,I have decided no more color for me.The highlights have since grown and are at the shoulder level.I conditioned it with Henna today and love the softness and color of it.I think I’ll just get a nice hair-cut now,from one of those nice Salons.What say you?To chop or not?
Today I am in mood to read something cheesy-like gossip magazine or something.I searched the entire house and didn’t find anything..Nothing Nada…Guess will just turn to google Baba.
News on Aadya front-Well my little girl goes to day-care once a week,starting Friday.I am excited and nervous..As for Aadi,that calls for another post,naturally 🙂
I want to read some nice fun books..I haven’t had much luck with books since my last stock which had “A Splendid Suns” and “finding Nouf” .Anybody has any titles to share??
Watched Kambakht Ishq waste of time..Please God,Let one good new Hindi Movie
be released.PLEASE!
Please tell me something nice,to cheer me up..PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

Its all about staying dry

Naren’s mommy,Shobana and SS asked me how I trained Pipette to stay dry at night..
Before I begin,let me just say,that this is what we did instinctively….no books were,it may not be the best approach..but,what the heck?It worked!

When Aadya turned 14 months,we started toilet training.We went and got her one of those fancy potty-seats from Safety first.The ones that came with a sticker sheet.She wasn’t
particularly impressed.But she did pee in it whenever I took her.But,it was too tedious,keeping track of time.And she didn’t have enough bladder control and sometimes was going as
often as every ten minutes and sometimes,once in thirty minutes.
Then,the big move happened and Aadya was too baffled and refused to go anywhere else,but in her diaper.We tried again at 18 months. This time,we just got one of those rings,that you can
fix on the toilet seat.I was bright red with Dora all over.The first time she sat on it,she looked down and started crying.She was very scared,every single time.My aunt told me that may be she was scared because her feet didn’t touch the floor..and to give her some time .We tried again after 2-3 weeks.This time,I got a $10 dollar potty from ToysRUs.The only thing it did was-play music when it got wet.
I took off Aadya’s diaper one morning and told her to tell me,when she wanted to pee.There were many many accidents.The first few times,I got mad.But that scared Aadya off.So,I tried to be patient and not yell.
Then,I tried something different.I kept the potty in the passage outside the bathroom.And told Aadi to sit on it,when she wanted to do su-su.It worked,sometimes. She sat on it,peed,listened to the music,and we all cheered.When she didn’t get to the potty in time,we just tried again.
The night-time training also started simultaneously.For the first few days,I just observed her.I gave her milk,at least half an hour before bed-time.
Our bed-time ritual was- Milk,story,sit on the potty,put on fresh diaper.
It worked for us that Aadya’s bed-time was later than most kids.I mostly wake up once at night,around 3 am,to drink water or go to the loo myself.I started checking her diaper at that time.It was mostly dry.Aadya woke up every morning at 6.30 to drink milk.Her diaper would be dry,even then.And around that time she would pee.So,I started propping her on the potty,before giving her the bottle.And then,she would stay dry for another 3-4 hours.
Once we figured out this,we got a mattress protector,and let her sleep without the diaper.She was still sleeping with us then.So,we would just move her to the corner,after she fell asleep.I was started propping her on the potty as soon as she woke up.Sometimes she overslept,or I overslept and she wet the bed.But S & I nonchalantly changed the sheets,changed her clothes and asked her,if she wanted to sit on the potty.
Slowly,I started keeping her diaper-free,all day long.She pooped in the potty once,but,was scared.And she asked for a diaper immediately.She still needs a diaper to poop.But she doesn’t like to be in the messy diaper one minute longer than necessary.
I took pointers from other mommy bloggers and keeping her diaper free,helped her realise the nature call.She started telling me,when she wanted to pee or poop.At first she would barely make it to the potty.But,now she is a pro.One time we went for a long drive.
And neither of us,checked if she had a diaper on.Sometime later,she said,”Mamma ,Su-su” thats when we realised that she wasn’t wearing a diaper.S started looking for a toilet..and the little champ,waited patiently.Finally 10 minutes later we found a toilet,I took her there and she relieved herself.I was so proud.
As for the night-training,since Aadya was sleeping with us,whenever one of us woke up,if she woke up,we put her on the potty.We kept the potty,just outside the bedroom door.If she didn’t,we took her first thing in the morning.And I think,a few accidents is all it takes for the child to know the I-wanna-pee feeling. But patience and consistency is important.The first few times,when Aadya wet the bed.First thing I did was check the time.The next night,I set the alarm,for five minutes before that time and put her on the potty.Slowly,she got used to staying dry.After about 2 weeks,she would wake up,if she
started peeing,in her sleep and wake me.Then,I kept the potty,next to the bed.I would prop her on the potty,praise her for being the good girl and then,we’d go back to sleep happily.
After a few days,she started waking up,just when she wanted to pee.Again,having the potty,right there,helped.Once she started waking up,regularly,to pee,I moved the potty,back to the bathroom.
I think,it must have taken a little over a month,or may be more..but,now,she understands,nature calls perfectly.She asks us to take her to the toilet,all the time now-during day-time,at night,even when we are outside.At night,she calls us,even in her sleep,waits till we put her on the commode.
She asks for a diaper,when she wants to poop-she goes into the other room and poops.When she is done,she comes and tells me to change it.I try putting her on the commode,when she asks for a diaper,once a week.If she resists,I don’t force her.Oh whatever,she’ll get it one went to college,in diaper..hai na?
Shobana,SS,hope that helps.Feel free to email me,if you want to know more.