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To market,to market

This Sunday,we went to the market…to sell.We were supposed to set up shop,next weekend..but decided to try this week.
We set up our stall at one of the local markets.We reached there at 8.00 and by 8.30 we had displayed our wares,ranging from kids clothes,to jewellery boxes,mobile cozies,book marks,coin purses and loads of jewellery.
It was quite cold and windy and the market wasn’t very busy.
We managed to sell,very little..but so many people stopped to look..and that was heartening.
The veteran stall holders,came over for idle chit-chat,introduced themselves,welcomed us..asked us to try again,another week..reassuring us,that our things were very Good..but we chose the wrong day..
End of the day,Sanj asked me how the experience was..And I told him..It was really great..I would do it again in a heartbeat.
We go to another market,next Sunday..Send us some positive vibes and lots of good wishes.
And before you ask..there were no pics..we forgot to take the camera.

Its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka

I have been asked to bake a cake and blow some some balloons..Since”its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka”
Pooh Bear has been sung to,so many times since morning.It has been cuddled and kissed too.In case,you are wondering why this special honour was bestowed on it?Well,a little baby came visiting today and Mamma asked Aadi to share her Pooh Bear with him.And then,started the whole story –
“Mamma,Pooh Bear Wants Aadi..”No going Baby paas”.I cajoled,its ok Baby,you can share with the little Baby.
She ran inside and brought out 2 other toys,but hung onto Pooh Bear.On asked ,this is the reason she shared.”Its happy to you Burday,Pooh Bear ka.”
Normally she is quiet friendly with babies.But today,when I picked up our little guest,she wasn’t too happy..Her reactions ranged from,repeating sweet nothings to the baby,to clinging to me,saying,”Myyy Mamma” loud and clear for neighbours ,two doors down to finally muttering,”isko dedo waapas”(Give the baby back)..When I handed the baby back to his grandma,he was showered with kisses,called a Fweetie(sweetie).
Now,I know why I didnt find it funny/cute,when Shahid said fmart for smart..My ownFweetie sweetie has been saying it for months now.
As for the picture in the post,its one of my favorite pics.We had gone to the city,with the ILs and Aadi saw the sea-gulls.She wanted to play with “Mashakali” and started walking along with them,chasing them.I was watching ,reminding her to stay off the road.And next thing I hear is a little voice saying,”No No Mashakali,No going road” “aao mashakali,come to Aadya” Though baby banter,it was music to my mommy ears:)
Anyway,you have a nice day,while we go and celebrate Pooh Bear’s Happy to you Burday!

Decode your child’s cough

That’s what the email from Babyzone said.And I must say its rather timely.
Yesterday Aadi woke up with a runny nose and by night,she was coughing,hacking actually.And to think,just an hour before she woke up,I had sent up a little prayer,that please let her be fine,the next two weeks.My friend got an earlier slot and we decided to go to the market,this Sunday.And I still have a lot of things I want to finish.
Anyway,I am quiet baffled that how she woke up with a full blown cold.I swear,I just heard her sneeze may be 3 times,on all of the weekend..nothing on monday.
Anyway,this email is very informative,so,I thought of sharing it here.
It did save me from some wrinkles 😉

Ganesha’s Favorite Modak

Sunday was Ganesh Chaturthi and how can we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without making Ganpati Bappa’s favorite sweet,Modak?There are different types of modaks-
Mawa Modak-The kinds sold in the sweet shops.I think these are made of mawa or khoya ,sweetened with sugar and a hint of saffron.
Ukdiche Modak-the steamed variety of modak..a soft rice dumpling filled with coconut and jaggery mixture and steamed..yummm.But the one that I make are the fried variety.
For these you need

For the filling-
2 cups fresh grated coconut
3/4th cup jaggery.
2 tsps ghee.

Edited to add- 1 tsp cardamom powder.
For the outer cover-
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp Semolina(fine)
a pinch of salt
A 1:1 mixture of milk and water for kneading.
1 tsp ghee.

Oil for Frying

Knead the all purpose flour into a firm dough.Finish off with the ghee.
Make the filling-
Put the jaggery and coconut in a pan,mixing constantly,till all the jaggery melts.Add the ghee and mix well.keep stirring and turn off the heat as soon as the jaggery starts bubbling.Allow it to cool.
Take a small ball of dough and roll it out into a small poori.spoon out a small amount of the coconut mixture onto the poori and make a small pouch,shaping by applying gentle pressure with the tip of your fingers.
Heat oil in a kadhai and fry the modak immediately after filling.Fry on medium heat.
Enjoy warm..But don’t forget to offer some to our beloved Ganpati Bappa.
I leave you with a picture of our Modaks

The Ganpati weekend

It was a good weekend.It really was.

Saturday started off early,since Sanj had to take the car for servicing..and Aadi was sleeping.So,I had the house to myself.I actually lounged around-stretched out on the couch,without having to share it with someone,without someone climbing all over me,wanting to see Mui(aaduspeak for movie) on the laptop..Just me and my cup of tea and my laptop..Ahhhh bliss!

She woke up about half an hour before Sanj arrived..we finished her brekky and then,we went out for breakfast.Nothing fancy just Mc.Cafe around the corner.

We were invited to a dinner party,followed by surprise midnight cake cutting.That went quiet well too.The birthday boy quiet surprised by the whole decorated house and cake..The dinner was at his place and then the husbands(who had been coached earlier) decided to go for an impromptu drink.In the meantime,we decorated the place,brought the cake out..etc.We came home at around 2.00 AM.

The next day was Hartalika and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Hartalika has a magical meaning for me.Its memories date back to my childhood.I remember being very excited because Hartalika marked the beginning of festive season.

The story behind this day is-Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva.She had started thinking of him as her husband.But for some reason,her father was not in favor for the match and didnt want to ask Shiva.So,Parvati,went to the forest with a friend and started praying there.She continued her penance for years before Lord Shiva answered her prayers and appeared before her.

This is just from my can find more about Hartalika on Google.

So,my memories:)

Yes,my memories are of- Mom waking us up early.Then,after bath,we would go to collect different flowers and leaves from the garden.Atleast 5 types of flowers and 5 types of leaves.

By the time,we returned,mom would have set up the pooja.

The Pooja was then,decorated with these flowers and leaves and fruits.Mom would fast fast whole day,eating only an occasional fruit or drinking a cup of milk at night.
I always loved this fast..because there was a story to it.There is the fact that with determination you can achieve what you desire..and there is that fairy tale romance factor.
I realised yesterday that I have been fasting on this day for over 20 years now..:)I started when I was 7.

So,on Sunday,I finished the Pooja and then,started making Modaks.

And may I tell you,I got reconverted..I have been using frozen grated coconut for about 5 years now.But this year,I used fresh coconut..and the taste was wowwwwwwwwww.

So the Modaks were made and then we did the Aarti.And our own inhouse Ganpati,kept creepinginching towards the bowl containing modak.It was like her fingers were itching to pick up one and pop it in her mouth.The shine in her eyes,when I removed the lid of the modak bowl was priceless.

First time,we chided her gently,telling her,it was for Ganpati Bappa..and after we finished the Aarti,she could have one.

Ok she said with a sad face.Then,we started the Aarti and she slowly crawled towards the bowl again.We rang the bell in her face..She tried to climb her way up to Baba,asking him softly for one.Finally the Aartis ended..Thank Ganpati for small mercies.

The Modak was promptly handed over..a jig was done and the little Ganpati,took her precious treat to her favorite corner seat of the couch and dug in..asking for “some more” when that was done with.

Can I tell you how much it pleased my heart? 🙂

It was a nice celebration.I am glad Aadi is enjoying the festival and the Modaks as much as we do..

Ganpati Bappa Morya.
I leave you with a picture of the little Diva praying 🙂

Waiting for Ganpati Bappa

First of all,I just want to thank all you lovely gals out there,who took the time to write to me,call me,hold my hand virtually.I am feeling much better now..But last week was the most hopeless..Sometimes,no matter what you do,you just can’t get brush off the sadness,that’s weighing your heart down..And that is what was going on with me..I was busy,doing other things,meeting friends but I just couldnt shake the gloom away.

Last night,I went for a workout..this time after a gap of 2 weeks..and that made me happy. So,this is what I was missing-45 minutes of hardcore Cardio!I just stopped for 30 seconds shifting from treadmill to the bike.And I was in such a good mood.

Today,I am in a good mood.I feel like there is so much to look forward to.For one,Sunday is Ganesh Chaturthi..And I am excitedly waiting for Ganpati Bappa’s arrival.We don’t bring the idol home,but,I make Modak and we do the Aarti.This year,it should be more fun,because Aadi loves her Ganpati Bapa and prays to him,every night before bed.

” Gampati Bapa,please help me shleep.Bless me,Gampati Bapa,Bless my Papa,my Mamma”..Ofcourse,we prompt her and if we forget she prompts us.So,when we told her that her Gampati Bapa is coming on Sunday,she is also excited..How we will explain his physical absence..I don’t know.

Another thing I am excited about is the Farmer’s market.A friend and I have decided to put up a stall in the local farmer’s market in two weeks time.Today I got the stuff that I had asked my sister to send me,from India..And I am soo thrilled.Whichever way it goes,it will be  an experience in itself.

And lastly,Costco is open here!!!And we are going to check it tomorrow.Even if it seems silly,but seeing the familiar names like Cascade,Dreft,etc..just warmed up my heart..Will tell you what I think of Costco Australia.

See you in a bit!!

Ganpati Bappa Moryaaaaaaaaa!

Why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard for the man to understand that being a full-time mom,is not easy?
Why is it so hard for the dad to give the tired mom a break?
Why is it so important to play games on the phone,after you have had a nice time,at a party,with friends and colleagues,while,I spent more than 12 hours,being a single mom..?
While I understand that you want to rest after a stressful week at work,why is it that I have to explain to you,that the longer you work,the harder I work too?
Why dont you realise-That you have the uninterrupted travel-time,coffee-breaks,etc while,my JOB goes on non-stop from the time OUR daughter wakes up to when she goes to bed,and sometimes even after that,when she wakes up with a nightmare?
Why do I have to spell out my need for a break,every few days?
And lastly,why do you think,just saying sorry and not doing anything to improve the situation,will solve everything?





 Here’s picture of my almost non-existent Stash..for the nice ladies in SAARC on Ravelry.The picture on top also shows my slowly growing bead collection.

Aadu chats

Where ever we go,people ask us,”How old is she?” And that is Aadya’s favorite Question these days.She picks up her baby doll,pats her on the head then,asks me,”Mamma how ole is she?” And then answers herself,”ten”..Don’t ask me why ten.
Then,we ask her,”how old are you,Aadya?”
And she answers proudly,”two”,holding up three fingers.
We ask her,excitedly,”how old is Mamma/Baba?” “Sixty-Nine!!!”,comes the prompt reply!Always!



Every morning,I check my weight and Aadi is just waiting soon as I step off the scale,she is ready to get on..”My turning,Mamma”..Then,she looks at the scale and anounces proudly,to whoever is around,”Sixteen”.

Me- looking up a number in my old mobile.”Mamma,what do you think you are doing,Missy?”,asks Aadi.
Flabbergasted me,”What ?Kya hua?”
Aadi,”I said,what do you think you are doing missy?Tun kya kar rahi ho?”,she translates like I dont understand English.
I mumble something  nothing ..She comes up to me,hands on hips,asks me,” Isaid..Tum kya Kar rahi ho Baba phone saath?”I tell her its my phone..”No i said its Baba phone and No touching Baba things” Umm Ok,Mommy..                             


At Nap-time,I tell Aadi to sleep otherwise Fider-man will come and take mamma away.She asks me,”Fider man aayega?”I tell her,”Yes baby,and mamma ko le jayega.Fir Aadu kya karegi?” She thinks it over  and tells me in all seriousness,”Loplop working karegi…movie dekhegi…no-sleeping karegi” Huh??she already has a plan in place!Does this mean,she has already thought about this??sob,sob..somebody bring my baby back!!


Yesterday,Aadi woke up late from her afternoon nap..I was making Rotis when she woke up.Sanj picked her up and cuddled,but she wanted to cuddle with me..and kept whining for me.
Sanj asked me,in a not so nice tone,”What are you doing now?”(meaning-just stop whatever you are doing and attend to the Princess)
Before I could come up with something nasty,a sleepy Aadya answered,”Roti-Paratha bana rahi hai”..(She is making Roti)
We burst out laughing..and she got so upset,wagged a finger at us,”No laughing me,Ganda Bachcha Mummy-Papa”..That shut us up Or Not!!LOL!

Daily scribbles from Aadyaland.

We start our days with stories and end our days with stories too.Aadi is truly her mom’s daughter and loves talking.”Shomuch” talking..shomuch bubbles,shomuch Bhaatu*,shomuch kisses,shomuch cared**…So much is the key word and so much of everything is very good.(shomuch= so much,bhaatu=rice)
If we do something for Aadi,like give her a biscuit or her milk,help her put on her shoes or her clothes,when,she asks us to,she says,”Thank you,Shomuch”.
Someone holds the door open for us and the little diva pips,even before I can react,”thank you shomuch”.
Remember how I wrote about,Aadi waking up and toddling out to me,every morning?Well,her royal highness decided,it was about time things changed around her.So now the Diva wakes up and sits in bed,calling out to me,saying,”Mumma aake mujhe Godi lelo(come pick me up) come on,you want to pick me up?” And no..I am not allowed to say No 😛
So,I go pick her up,cuddle with her,on the bed for sometime and starts the story telling..”Once there is Lion…He goes Uppp-down… then there is Fider-man,Fider-man,Aadu godi le rahe(spider-man picking up Aadu)..he sees REDD-RIDING-hoodd..goes forest,shomuch aminals animals…aminals cared scared lion…and so on till I coax her to get out of bed and brush her teeth.
And then comes the Aape karte part. She wants to do everything herself.I say,”Aadi,come on lets do Brushy-brushy..”She says,”Yeah..Aape Karte”(I’ll do it myself)..”Let Mamma help you baby..”No,I said,aape karte”..hmm OK,mamma is left to being a spectator.Before,she even takes the brush in her hand,she announces,rather indignantly,”No rinse and spit”..yeah sure we’ll see,I think ..She has to rinse and spit in the end 🙂
Then,we chose an outfit and she gets ready,to eat her breakfast and then play in the backyard.Remember how most of us girls,dream of having a little girl to play dress up with?This is the time,when that dream comes to bite me in my back-side…You know why?Because my little girl loves to dress up! No really..she changes clothes for fun..Typical girly girl…she dribbles a few drops of water on her shirt,when drinking water or washing hands and her clothes get,”DIRTY,VERY Dirty”..and can mamma change it please? No..No problem..she goes to her room,struggles to open the cupboard and changes into something else…comes and tells mamma,”Wowwwwwwwwww Mamma,Aadu kitna cutie hai,aape pehena”.
If she can’t get the cupboard to open..No problem,go to the laundry,find something to wear,put it on..and tell mamma,”Wowwww Mamma,Aadu big girl,ready herself”.
What amazes me is the ease with which she shifts from Hindi to English and back to Hindi.Even when talking to people she doesnt know.If someone talks to her in English,she replies in English and same goes for Hindi too.When we are out,she automatically switches to English..but when we are visiting friends,she automatically switches to Hindi.I think she decides based on the language being used at the time.She loves telling her ,when asked..Also,Baba name and Mamma name.Always the Ms.etiquettes,she asks others,”whats your name ?Or Aapka naam kya hai.
More scribbles coming up soon..I am falling asleep on the keyboard..Let me hit publish..and hit the sack..More later..
Hope you had a great weekend.