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Happy 30th month,Baby!

Dearest Aadi
Will the wonders ever cease??
I am still amazed to see the non-stop chattering little girl,with endless demands….”I want…””I need….” In my mind’s eye,you are still the little baby,we brought home from the hospital.
But,I know that you are not a baby anymore.And I know that you also know that.But,you do a very nice imitation of a baby..a baby as you see it…a baby babbling,a baby crawling,raising its hands,
wanting to be picked up,a baby crying loudly,with its eyes closed..very nice indeed..And as if we don’t understand,who you are pretending to be,you tell us,”I am baby”.
Pretend play is your favorite game these days. You pretend to be- Mamma,Baba,Baby, your friend(mostly its Sanskruti),baby,our recent guests..and you assign a role to everyone around you,-your toys and people alike.And you pretend that a section of the living room is the kitchen..and the far end of the house is the Supermarket(Coles)..You go to Coles and buy me pretty fawers.You sit on your bike and tell Baba,”I take you office”.
Aadi,my love,you turn 30 months today…Two and half years… and living with you,its easy to forget how young you are.You chide us,when we are fighting-“No shouting No fighting here!” You watch out for us and our protectively hug our bags,books,even shoes, close to yourself,to protect them from others-kids or adults,alike.Its so grown-up,the way you know your mind..sometimes,even we grown-up get confused,about our wants and needs.When,you throw a tantrum,befitting your age,its so difficult for remember that you are all but a little girl.
You have just started liking love it so much..You like dressing up..No,I am wrong.You love dressing up.You are so quick,when it comes to changing clothes.I get tired of watching you.You change atleast 10 outfits throughout the day.I used to get irritated,when you would want to change clothes,every few minutes,bringing me even dirty clothes from the laundry,just so you could change your outfit..and everytime you changed yours,your baby of the day,would get a change of clothes too.But,I dont know,when,how,you became so independent,now you
do all the changing yourself,just come to me for appreciation.”Mamma,see..I am the pretty one”..
Aadi,there are very few places that are inaccesible to you.You pull chairs,up to the climb up the shelves in the cupboard,you climb up on the bed,to get a better look at yourself in the mirror(sure I taught you that..but atleast then,you needed me to put you on the bed) stand up on tip-
toes to reach something thats on the counter.Sometimes it is annoying,sometime,I just look on in awe.You are so self-sufficient..Once your dad told you,that the baskets in the supermarket are stuck and he can’t get them out.You just told him,”that’s ok,dont bother”..and went on to pull one out..telling him,”see I help you!”The look on his face-Priceless!
Patience is not really your best virtue,but I hear most toddlers are like that..But like I said,you make it very hard for us to remember that you are all but a toddler!
You are still very possessive about me..You always have one eye on your Baba when,he is near me.But,now,you are also possessive about him.If I snuggle upto him,you leave whatever you are doing and snuggle up between up.I love the way,you proclaim,”My Mamma,Also,My Baba”..But,sometimes you and Baba dont see eye-to-eye..its sad for me,but,I will leave that for you both to sort out..I am just going to enjoy my time with you..for,I know,one day,you are just going to be a daddy’s girl..I see it already,the way,you both team up,when we go out..or how you defend him,when I am mad at him.
Aadi,you are now fluent in both Hindi and english and attempt to talk in Marathi.Some people tell me that I am confusing you,by talking to you in all three languages…but so far,you seem very comfortable.And my love,you can translate from english to hindi and hindi to english.That to me is a big milestone.
You are talking perfect sentences in both languages.And big 5-6 word sentences…Boy!that makes me so happy.I may be biased..but you are my SUPER-STAR!
You love singing..and your great-grandma,thinks you have a very musical voice. and will be a singer.well we’ll see.For now,you are the happiest when singing “Pinkle Pinkle little star” and “rote rote hasna seekho” and the likes.
And you love dancing..all we have to do is play some music..or find music in any thing rhythmic..and start tapping your feet.And you move so well,I am happy to see that atleast you don’t have two left feet like your parents.
Aadi,you are growing up so soon,its hard for me to keep up..But I love the edge that our life has,because of you..We are scared to blink,look away,because thats all it takes for you to get into some mischief or do something cute.
Today we baked cupcakes for you…and you baked your pretend cupcakes,all sweet..u even added imaginary essence too -I just smiled and looked away for 10 seconds…and the next thing I know is that you had grabbed and then dropped a bottle of Maggie Hotn’Sweet! See what I mean??
Ohh Aadi,what am I going to do with you?
In the last 2 and half years,since you came into our life,you have made us laugh,and cry,mostly happy tears,sometimes we cried with have embarassed us and you have made us proud,you have annoyed us and given us all the more reasons to love you,in the next heartbeat..But there is absolutely nothing that I would change.Its just not possible to stay mad at wont let hug,kiss,cuddle,act like a clown,command just don’t give up..till we don’t smile again.I hope that doesn’t change..your need to see smiling faces.I don’t know what will be going through your mind,when you read 16?or later?May be then,you would be embarassed or annoyed with me.And then try to remember,its just the love in a fond mother’s heart coming to you as this letter.And since you are still reading,remember,we love you..even if we don’t approve of that boy-friend of yours!
With all my love,

Sew it-Wrist Pin cushion

I finally dared!And joined Sew-it.I was very shy to join in,but Nima’s kind words were encouragement enough:)
I am glad I did.
This project was super cool..I finished it in half an hour flat!But,Oh My God!I can’t tell you,how nervous I am when I start cutting the fabric..My heart was literally racing,ready to burst out of my chest.And to think,it was just scrap fabric!But,when I finished..I was so happy.
My finishing is not so good..bobbin wasnt filled correctly.I unwound(?) it waste of good thread..but I dunno what I could have done to save it.I refilled the bobbin again..and will try it again.I didn’t have polyfill,so,cut up a dish scrubber and used foam from it.still have a piece leftover for my next attempt.
Here’s my pincushion-my first official SUCCESSFULLY completed sewing project!
Grubby little fingers,making a grab for Mamma’s new Bracel-let
My little Princess is suddenly into jewellery and she loved my new bracelet..and all my attempts of teaching her to call it pin cushion were met with”No mamma its ur Bracel-let!”
Well Whatever!!I am happy!!

Weekend fun and more..

Technically its late to write a weekend post,but in my defence..I was out all day Monday and resting trying to resist killing the tantrum-prone child,all day yesterday,had friends over for dinner and so,this is the earliest I can write about weekend fun!
Saturday started off early,with Sanj heading off for his cricket practice..and unfortunately for me,Aadi woke up with,my day really started early.We did random stuff,read books,played blocks,finished brekky and Sanj was back.
After they had lunch,I was/am fasting for Navratri,we headed off to the mall.This time,I got lucky and Aadi dozed off in the car.I got a nice hour to myself..though,I couldn’t stop myself from feeling jealous that Sanj got it easy..Not fair,na..that I got the tantrum filled morning and he got the peaceful nap-time.
Anyway,I walked around and guess what I ended up shopping for the sleeping twosome-bought a late father’s day gift for Sanj..and started shopping early for Aadya’s christmas presents.
Sunday was a friend’s babyshower.. and my princess dressed up,like for real ..complete with bangles,payal,bindi,necklace everything..
The babyshower was quiet nice..I realised that I hadn’t attended any babyshowers other than my own.We got back home,dead tired..called it an early night.
Monday,I had a date..with a friend and I must say,it was a nice day.Co-incidentally,we ended up going to the same Mc.Donald’s where we met for the first time..only this time,Aneela’s baby was there too:) After a kid-friendly meal,we headed out to the shops..talked non-stop,got on the tourist shuttle,window-shopped some more..till it was time to say goodbye..until we meet again.That part I dont like..Aneela’s going to be away for a year..hopefully,we’ll still be here,when she comes back!
It was a treat watching Aadya and Arhaan together…how his eyes lit up,every time she spoke to him,how she wanted to touch him and kiss him,every other second..and at one time,Aneela was in a shop and I was pushing Arhaan’s stroller out the door,Aadya was walking I realised,thats just the picture I have in mind..hopefully…the picture will become reality soon.
Speaking off reality,I finally have an appointment with a Gynaec ..tomorrow..I dunno why I have a weird feeling like its a start of a new phase..may be it is,may be it isnt.Its my first visit with a PCOS specialist so,I don’t know what to expect..Its like starting all over again,sort of going to a new school…and making new friends all over again..Sigh..
Anyway,I leave you with this-
My Princess

My Indian Princess


I haven’t touched paint in a L-O-N-G time..really long time..But,I never stopped thinking about paints.
I had a small stack of unopened paint pots that I finally gave away,when I was moving to Australia.I resisted and resisted and finally went out and bought myself some color…some acrylic paint,some water-based glass stain,some felt pens(they come in handy) and ofcourse yet another pack of crayons for my little one.We have already gone through countless boxes of crayons..and she is not even 3!
Anyway,this is about me and about the tulips..the bragging about your kid is the job requirement of being a mom.
So,tulips..hmm when we first started dating..It was Sanj’s birthday and I wanted to give him something handmade..So,made him a glass-painting of tulips,finished it well in time and got it framed with some crushed aluminium foil background and a matching frame.That frame still hangs in his our room in mumbai.

I had a bunch of tiles lying around and my hands were itching to get on them.
So,I washed one with soap and water,let it air dry.
Next,I transfered the design on the tile.and then started filling color(glass stain).But I did two things wrong-
In my haste to finish,I popped it in the oven( 300 deg C for 30 mins) too soon.The paint was still wet in some places.And I forgot to wipe off the outlines..
But,there is something beautiful,about the finished tile,despite all the imperfections.
See those paint Bubbles?I could have avoided those,if only I had waited a little longer:(

Found it!!

Thank you God!
I found the wallet..and everything is intact!
Guess where was it?
In Sanj’s Bag IN THE CAR!
He checked the car,I checked the car..but didnt find it..but ANYWAY..thank God,I found it..I feel like someone just lifted up the huge boulder off my heart!
Thanks for your wishes and prayers.

Market Pictures

If you thought that I had forgotten about the pics,no i hadn’t.
Here you go-I shared the table with a friend

It was again a slow day…the regulars told us,that since it was father’s day,most dads had their way-which was Beer and Football and no shopping!We didn’t sell as much as we expected…but it was a good day.


Aadya wanted to get her face-painting done. And the face-painter liked this bag and I traded it for getting Aadi’s face painted..though the price of face-painting was less than that of the bag,but,the happiness on my sweetheart’s face,more than made up for it.:D


Here’s the Butterfly Princess-The only Butterfly Princess that roars!

Try and try till you succeed…

I got a new toy,about 2 months back..
my new sewing machine.
But I was adamant that I would only use it when I got a new table..I waited and waited..but it didnt happen..So,finally I gave up and opened the box..set up the machine on the dining table.
I found this cute teddybear fabric remanant in BigW and that was the reason,I gave up on waiting for the machine table.

I decided to make pajamas.I traced out one of Aadya’s trackpants on to the fabric and cut it..and then joined the pieces and sewed it..but something is off..the pajams are too tight,at waist.Ofcourse I havent put an elastic yet..but I know something is wrong.

I am so sad..may be I should try something even simpler?But almost everyone says pajamas are the simplest..may be pillow cases???yes thats it..I am going to try my hand at that next.
what you think,my 3 readers?some more simple projects?

Edited to add-I am trying to post pictures,but WP wont let me..check again later for pics of my sewing disaster:P

I lost my wallet..

I know not very original..but I am too depressed to think of a nicer title.
I just hope its misplaced in the house..Aadi is forever looking for coins in my handbag..and I am forever hiding my wallet from her..because of her latest fetish for the Kekit cards (credit cards).
And now I cant find it.But if its just is ok..I have looked everywhere and I cant find it.My heart is sinking…I just hope,I didnt drop it anywhere.
The last two weeks I had no reason to take it with me.I didnt go out much..and when I did,I used the cash from my sales at the markets.The one time I wanted to take the wallet and didn’t find it,ithought it was in the car..I do it many times-leave it in the car,that is.
I am not a credit card person..but there was one CC in the wallet,and my debit card..and my library card,my spotlight and lincraft patrons card..:(
But the things I am grieving most are- a Rs.500 note that my dad had given me on the day that i left for US the first time.He handed me the note,just as I was stepping out of his house to go to my IL’s before going to the airport.
Then there was my picture of Saibaba- when we were trying to get pregnant,I found solace in the SaiBaba temple in Chicago..
My picture of Ganpati Bappa from Siddhivinayak temple
My good luck coins-tied with the red thread..given to me by my sister almost 8 years back.
The reciept from our celebratory dinner ,the day we found out that I was pregnant.
The wallet itself was my favorite..soft pink aligator skin.:(
And so many little tidbits..I can’t even remember.
I am just soo soo sad..The cards,I can replace..but how can I replace these tokens of love,blessings..
I just wish I find it..soo sad 😦

Fishy Kimono

I Heart Babies and I heart Kimonos..and I heart babies wearing Kimonos.
A very good friend is due in October and getting together a few things for her baby..They don’t know what they are having yet,so I decided to stick to neutral colors.
I first saw this Kimono at Yarnydays and I fell in love with it.
This is yet another quick project,just right for instant gratification!
For this project,I used-
1 100gm ball of Thorobred Red( 100% Acryclic yarn)8 ply
4.00 mm crochet hook
scraps of white yarn
3 fish buttons.

The Alphabet Tag

Swati tagged to do the alphabet tag and she wants me to do with the first alphabet of my child’s name..So here you go-
My tag of “A”

1. What is your(child’s) name: Aadya

2. A four Letter Word: Also

3. A boy’s Name: Ayaan

4. A girl’s Name:Aadya/Ananya/Ashka

5. An occupation: Accountant

6. A color: Aquamarine

7. Something you wear: Angora Shawl

8. A food: Appam(and Chicken Stew..yumm yumm)

9. Something found in the bathroom: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

10. A place:Arizona(Aadya was born in Arizona state)/ Adelaide(My brother is going there to study next year!!yoo hoo!)

11. A reason for being late: Aadya LOL!

12. Something you shout: Arreeeeee

13. A movie title: Anamika/Are we there yet??

14. Something you drink: Apple Juice

15. A musical group:I am just going to cheat and say “Atif Aslam”..Love his songs.

16. An animal: Alligator

17. A Street name: Acacia Street(melbourne/glenroy/carnegie)

18. A type of car: Accord

19. A song title: Aa chal ke tujhe,main leke chalu

20. A verb: Act

And I tag-