Accepting compliments…

This morning ,as I washed my face,I felt the soft smooth skin and smiled.I have been told over and over about what nice skin I have.But off late,whenever someone compliments me on my skin/complexion..I just brush it off saying,”Ohh this is nothing,it was much better.” or “look at the pigmentation” And then,one thought led to another..and I realised that I am very bad at accepting compliments..
When someone praises my cooking,I tell them,”ohh my mom was better..” or ” ohh this one(dish) is a no brainer”..
When someone compliments me on my outfit,I just say..”Ohh this one..oh yeah..” or”ohh its my sister’s” If someone tells me i have lost weight,I say..”ohh I really need to lose some more..this is nothing” know what I mean..
And then,there’s Aadya,when she does something…she demands,we say,”Good job”..and when we do,she smiles sweetly and says,”thank you”…So,today when,a friend complimented me on my blog..I resisted the urge to brush her off and direct her to my favorite blogs..instead,just smiled and said,”thank you”..And its not so know:)basking in the appreciation.
And on that note,I thought I will share an outfit,that fetched me some compliments..After spending over 2 years in Kurtis and the likes,this well-fitting shirt,is my “baby-steps” from hassled mom to a cool mom.
About the outfit-
Shirt- $15 from Best&Less
Jeans-$20 from Target
necklace-2 year old from Claire’s..dont remember how much.
And now I am going to post this,before I lose the nerve to do it.


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  1. You are looking great Trish and yes you have lost weight 🙂

  2. You cool mom. I couldnt see the necklace or the shoes.. But I love the shirt.
    Are you going to do a daily outfit series?

    Its very addictive, I tell you!

    And yes learn to accept compliments and say thank you

    PS: DId you get my 2 emails

    • Thanx Sunita..:)
      No there were no shoes,as I was indoors..:D and I think the necklace was too small! (baby steps).
      I dunno about Daily outfits..I dont even go out everyday *gasp*..but I will try 🙂
      Yes,got the emails..sorry cudn’t reply..will write back in detail,once I get done with this stall..and the houseguests leave.

  3. such a cute post Trish and u look great too 🙂 I know even I have the urge to brush aside the compliments as if I don’t deserve them ..but u r right one shd be graceful accepting them

  4. accepting compliments is an art …. why can’t they run a course for it as many of us run away when one is given…. way to go cool mom!

  5. Hopped over from sraikh’s. I think you look quite nice. And like u said, we all need to learn to accept compliments well!

  6. U know sometimes accepting it can backfire too I have noticed. Someone recently told me, “hey, Naren has started talking very clearly” and me the mom said yes, thank you and she later said that she thot that I was a snob/taking too much pride in my son. Well! what can I say….don’t really know, how to handle compliments from then on.

    • LOL!!!! Shobana…ofcourse you say thank you,when someone compliments you on your kids:D
      And congrats on Naren talking clearly..:D
      There is no pleasing Everyone,na?sigh!

  7. we are so bad in accepting compliments arent we… sigh

    and u look good

  8. You look great Trish. Buy more of these shirts. & yes we all need to learn to accept compliments

  9. Nice pic! And I used to also be very awkward about accepting compliments and had to learn to take them graciously so know what you mean 🙂 I realized that a simple thank you is more than sufficient. I wonder why we run ourselves down like this?

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