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The Sunshines Again..

It was a nice and warm day. Just right for being outdoors.And I think,all that being outdoors,robbed Aadya of her sleep.Or may be it didn’t.The child fights sleeps like no one’s business.Today she whiled away time for nearly 2 hours..I wanted her to sleep,she just kept talking,remembering things that happenned months ago!By the end of it,I was so tired.
Then,my friend S came over and when she was leaving,Aadi asked me very sweetly,if she can go to S maushi’s ghar..S maushi was thrilled and so was Aadya.She quickly kissed me,got in the car,clapped her hands,happily,”I am so excited”.She then,looked at S’s husband and said,”Hi K uncle,I am Aadya,I am happy to see you”.K and S,refused to give our daughter back!
I was coming back home and ran into our neighbours mom.The neighbour just had a baby,a month back and the mom is here to help.I saw the baby awake today,for the first time.My God!She is adorable..she has such alert eyes,already holding her head up..I was holding her,and she was watching my face with really bright eyes..Made me want to have another baby..I so want another baby.I had completely forgotten,how tiny they really are.I so want a little one little girl is all grown up.
She goes over to other peoples houses,stays there happily,while,two adults,sit here,watching a movie that she loves.She happily gobbles up an omlette at her S maushi’s place,while we struggle to down our dinner.And when we go to pick her up,she tells us to go home,she wants to sleep with S maushi& K uncle!And while the father looks on awestruck,the mom,tries the last resort -I will not take you to India..when that didn’t work,I will get another baby.That worked-especially when she realised that the baby will get her things.And being the mean mother I am,I felt happy to see her pout,secure in my knowledge,that only a hug from me,would turn the pout into a smile.But I realise,she is growing up.Life outside is more fun.Seriously,what did we do before she came into our lives?
When I came back to the empty house,after Aadi left with S,I suddenly realised the quiet.The chatter that so fills our house,was missed instantly.You’d think we’d “enjoy” this time alone,what with the India trip coming up and all..And all we wanted to do was finish dinner and bring our baby home.Funny na?
Anyway,in other news,we signed up for Milkman and this morning recieved milk at our doorstep-Milk and freshly baked bread.The bread was amazing,haven’t tasted the milk yet.
I finally managed to fill one suitcase with things that I need.We will be attending a wedding in the family in the first week that we get there,so the first things to go in were wedding finery.I mean which tailor would oblige with a saree blouse,at that short notice.Oh well..may be when my sister gets married,I will have enough time to get the bride’s sister finery ready.
And I think I should press publish now..if I want this post to make it.I am glad,I started DaBloPoMo..So,far,I haven’t slacked…but that will change when I am travelling..lets see.
Thanks for commenting..:)

Heart Vs Mind

How many times have made a decision and then watched your heart and mind,fight?
I am so excited to meet my family..I haven’t seen my dad in nearly 2 years..but my heart is heavy..I am sad for leaving DH behind.Mind tells me that he is a grown up,well capable of taking care of himself.I have organised for someone to come and cook for him,once a week and he is going to be working most of the time.But,my heart worries,and tells me that he will be alone here for two months.I know I will talk to him,everyday,sometimes,many times,everyday.I know that we will talk more when I am away..but still,it won’t be easy,saying goodbye to him,at the airport.
This time,its harder for me to leave him for two reasons,one of them being,the Star of the blog and our lives.Aadya is very attached to her father.Everyone,feels that she needs me the most,which is true to a great extent..afterall she spends her entire day with me..She has spent very little time away from me,from birth..but he is her comfort person.She looks up to him,when she falls.She looks up to him,when she is hurt.She tells me,when she is sleepy..but she falls asleep when he is on her other side.He is Good Guy of her life-the one who gives her candy at the hint of an oncoming meltdown,unlike the bad momma..He is the one,who listens to her stories,over and over again..ooh-aahing in amazement(In my defence,I hear them all day long)This will be the first time,they are away from each other for such an extended period of time.He is worried that she will forget him(as if!)..but what if,she does?
The second reason is his Diabetes.It worries me…what else can i does.My heart just swings from happy and light to heavy and foreboding..Kya Karu ?:(
Heart said,”Don’t blog tonite”..but mind said,”write what you are thinking..” I did ..:)

Happy Diwali

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

This Diwali was quiet dull,despite it being a weekend.DH was gone all day,playing cricket.It was a normal day for us girls.
I gave Aadi a good oil massage,oiled my hair and after baths,we had brunch and got ready to greet some friends who were going to be in the neighbourhood and were stopping by to wish us Diwali.
After they left,we cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie..and soon both of us dozed off.Our heating is not working.The cold room,cozy blanket and full tummies-what else do you expect.We woke up around 6 when DH came home.Then,drew some rangoli,with sidewalk chalk and got ready for Puja.One of our neighbour’s is a single guy.His parents are visiting and they invited us over,for Diwali sweets.
So,we popped over,to see them..ate yummy payasam,came home and cooked,gave Aadya dinner,while our dinner was getting cooked.Then,bedtime..Diwali over.And this year,I didnt take even a single picture,pretty sad na?
Anyway,I hope this Diwali brings some luck and prosperity our way..:)

Going Nanu Ghar!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy..we are going Nanu ghar!!That’s the thing that I was waiting to share!!Finally..I have the tickets in my inbox!Mamma and Aadi are off to Nanu Ghar!
We are leaving next week..its a very last minute thing..and I am so grateful,that we got the tickets.All’s well..My cousin’s getting married..and hopefully,I will be able to find a guy to get my sister hitched to !
I just got the tickets today morning..and so many plans are forming in my mind-food to be eaten,shopping to be done,pampering myself,places to be..blogger friends to meet..and ofcourse,packing the suitcases.
This will be the first time,I travel with Aadi alone,since she has become so independent,I am little nervous about that.This time,she travels in her own SEAT,ON her own ticket!I hope we reach safely with all our belongings in one piece!
all ye veteran traveller moms of toddlers,tell me,should I take the stroller or leave it here?
I have a 2 hour halt but will arrive and depart from the same terminal.
Do write back,with tips to help me get through this calmly 🙂

The girl in blue

I had a doctor’s appointment tonight..and DH dropped me off,while he went to drop off a friend who had stopped by for a visit.She lives in the same neighbourhood,but not at walking distance.Anyway,as I walked in the waiting area,I caught the reflection of a girl walking in wearing the same combination that I was wearing..Navy Blue with faded denim.Naturally,I was curious and looked ..and then,the smile didn’t leave my face for the rest of the evening!
BECAUSE…The girl who I thought was smartly dressed,was ME!!! I can’t believe how much of a difference a pair of low heels make …I was wearing a regular full sleeves top with Jeans,with my low heels.Forgot to use accesories as well..Later I asked DH,how I looked and he said,very nice..especially nice tonight.And then,I gave him a big lecture on how he should have said it without me having to ask..
I have so many issues about my body right now.(that took a lot of me,to say it aloud)But,tonite,after catching my reflection in a full length mirror,I am happy..Really,not having a full length mirror,makes it hard to deal with body-image issues.Even if your clothes fit better,still seeing it ,makes it more real!
Oh and when DH dropped my friend,S, off,Aadi decided to pay them a visit and stayed at their place.I was shocked to see DH walk into the walking area many thoughts came to my mind..all except the obvious,that Aadi is at S’s place.
So,my little girl,played happily with S and her husband,while,we got an interrupted appointment with the doctor.I got pricked again..yet another blood draw.Its been a year since I got detected with hypothyroidism and we are still experimenting with the dosage..But,I know something is off.. I am losing so much hair.I asked the doctor today and he said,its the combination of hypothyroidism and PCOS.And that is also the biggest hindrance in weightloss!That made me a little sad..
But,on my way out,I purposely walked from the side,where the mirror was-that did cheer me up a little,but not too much.
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali !

Wow and not so wow!

I wonder what is it,that made so many of you stop here,yesterday..WP Stats,show me that yesterday was the busiest day here,with a visitor count of 244..Me likes:)
Yesterday,I wrote about babies..and today, a blog buddy delivered a precious little girl.And another friend,who was due today,was told that she would have to wait 10 more days..When I spoke to her,her voice was so low,I could barely hear her.:(

Speaking of what I wrote yesterday,Aneela your comment really cracked me up!LOL! but it was a typo..what I wanted to say was-I HAVENT done much of my list.Here’s how my list is going-

Here’s my to-do list-

  •  Declutter one room a day. – Done!Finally today!
  • Change all the fused lite bulbs. –1 down,2 to go.
  •  Bring out the christmas lights. – may be will do it tomorrow.
  • Look for low-sugar/fat-free diwali recipes. –Needs to be discussed elaborately
  • Help Aadya make Diwali cards,for family and close friends. –Ummm may be we should start working on New Year cards instead.
  • Organise/alter clothes for Lakshmi Puja.I will add more,as I go. – Done I think..though,I have to choose 1 between the two I picked..and Aadi will ch0ange more than 4 times-she loves changing clothes,before finally putting on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts..My mom’s curses are finally coming true..the girl I wanted so badly,all my life,is living in shorts,the way I did,in my teens.DH will wear,whichever ironed Kurta I give him,provided he can wear his jeans with it.

Now the Diwali treats-I decided to start,with something easy-some thing tried and tested.Besan Laddu..screamed a voice in my mind..And immdiately an image popped up,in my minds eye..a plate full of ochre colored,raisin studded,smooth,round,sinfully deliciousbesan laddus,made by Aaji,my maternal grandmother.Though,I make laddus only once a year,I know this one like the back of my hand.I still reconfirmed the proportions of all ingredients and set about making the laddus.The Besan(chick pea flour ) was roasted and cooled..I added the raisins and added a tad too much sugar.had to roast so more besan,which didn’t get roasted enough..:( The laddus are now rock hard…In my quest for fat-free recipe,I didn’t add enough ghee :((
Next I decided to make Karanji and I remembered to bring poppy seeds this time.I love the crunchy texture,it adds to the filling.Again,I was dooling at the mental image of Aaji’s Karanjis..I filled and fried a couple Karanjis and then realised..that I had forgotten to add SUGAR to the filling!!!! I was so upset,I wanted to cry!!Anyway,I will finish it tomorrow.
Tomorrow,I attempt to make something savoury..

And before I go,here’s a conversation from Aadyaland-

Me-“Aadya,pick up your toys right now.”Aadya-*walks around,not paying attention*
“I said,Pick UP YOUR TOYS..”
“Mamma,I said,No Shouting KAr-rahe!”

“Bring me the phone,I am going to call up Baba and tell you dont listen to me,you are being a bad girl..blah blah.”I dial the number,actually to ask him something else.after I have spoken for two minutes,she comes running..asks for the phone.”Baba,I tantrumthrowing kar-rahe..Aadya not listening to Mamma..Mamma throwing my toys in trash..Becoz,I am a bad girl..(no,no you are good girl) No Baba,Aadya bad girl hai..bcoz Mamma ne bola.Baba you finish working and come home fast,because I getting scared…blah blah…”

What do  say then?

What’s on my mind?

So many things…First and foremost,Diwali:)
Remember the list I made a few days ago..I have done much…Something else is going on..I cant say anything about it just yet..may be will be able to share more in a day or two.
Next is weddings..suddenly,so many people I know are getting married..cousins friends..acquaintances..some have found happiness second time around..I wish them all luck..and wish I was there to enjoy their wedding dinners.
And there are babies…its literally raining babies…old friends,blog friends,DH’s friends..
Then,ofcourse there is the driving…I am enjoying it more and more..Its almost like an addiction.
Speaking of addictions,I am addicted to Farmville and Sorority life.I set aside time for these brainless games:D..and I must say I enjoy it immensely.
I finished Sewing a sundress for Aadya..well almost..just have to finish the hemming,tomorrow.
More strawberries are ready to be harvested:)

Monday is the new Sunday?

Mondays are dull and we mostly spend mondays,just resting..lazing around.We are really grumpy,mostly missing DH…Aadi asks every few hours,”Why did Baba go to office? Phir Baba kab aayenge?”
We wake up late,have a late breakfast,hang around in our get the idea.
We are out and about on Saturday and Sunday,most weekends(except when cricket is ON) …that Monday is rest day.I don’t even call up anyone..:)Talking takes energy too!
Today,was nice and we took our mugs outside-Aadi sipping her horlics and me,sipping my tea…We tended to our plants and then just sat around in the backyard,doodling with sidewalk chalk.It was good fun.
I am waiting for warmer weather..then,we start our picnic lunches..I usually make some sandwiches and we take it to the park..Its a tradition,that I started after moving to Melbourne.
This post may seem like random rambling..but,who cares,I don’t want to break my streak!

Granny mobile cozies

This little guy and his siblings,started off as granny square coasters…and then,a friend suggested that if there was a mobile cover with the central square of the granny sq,it would look cute!So,I folded the square like a burrito and sewed the seam with single crochet,added a slip stitch strap and get a granny mobile cozy!

For this project,I used-
Spotlight basics -Multi colored 8 ply cotton yarn
Pattern was my very own.
If you need a a set pattern,leave a comment and I will put it up here.

The mobile cozy in the middle,the blue one,is another one of my crochet as you go..its just right for the iPhone.I used shell stitch in that.

We finally gave in..

Aadi has been asking for this for more than a week now…we kept putting it off,telling her,we will get it when we go to Indian store.Today we went to the Indian store and she reminded us again..”Mummy,mera complank..” “Are you sure you are going to drink it?” “Yes,yes,Promise!!”,she said.
So,how could we say no..But there was no I picked up a bottle of Kid’s Horlicks.The bottle is so cute,she didn’t care what the name was.And good thing she can’t read yet.
Anyway,she kept holding it,all through check out and even in the car.As soon as we got home,she insisted on drinking it.Till now,I just give her plain sugar,no additives..just good plain milk.
So,milk was warmed,horlics added and I could see little eyes dancing in excitement.
In less than 2 minutes,the milk was gulped fuss,no dilly-dallying..nothing..That was so cool.
She came to me,with her empty cup,wiped her lips and said,”Mamma,I  class=”mceItemHidden”> class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”I “>finched it,abhi meri height badh gayi na!!”[I finished it,no I am taller] It took us a while to figure out that it was all the gyan transmitted by the Bournvita/Complan ads.
I remember long back,when I had transitioned Aadi from bottle to sippy cup,Swati had asked me,if I had any tips/ideas for weaning from sippy cup.Then,I didn’t have any plans..But recently,I realised it was time to get rid of the toddler cups(I dunno what they are called).So,one day I just told her,that Mamma made a mistake and forgot her bottle in the library.So,would she do me a favor and drink from a cup.And to sweeten the deal,I told her she could have a straw and choose her own straw.She agreed..And that was the last time,she had the bottle.Its been over a month..and now she decides,when she wants the out of five times.And the rest of the times,she drinks straight from the cup..:)She did ask for the sippy,in the first week ..once even in the second week..I just told her,it’s not at home.One day,she saw it in the cupboard and asked me,when I got it back and if I will give it back to her..But,I just reminded her that she was a big girl and only babies,used sippy cups/bottles!!That worked!Anti-jinx!