Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy New Year !

Here’s wishing every one a very happy and craftilicious New year!
I am back from my holiday and will resume blogging soon.Hope the new year bring all things nice to all of us.

Refreshed and happy to be home

Hey everyone,we are back-much rested and refreshed.My internet connection is off indefinitely-something is wrong with the modem and my hands are itching to blog.I turned to the iPhone and I must say I like it now.hehehe.anything that helps me blog is a good thing.anyway,I came back sick,with a bad ear infection,croaky voice and loss of hearing.I still have trouble hearing and bending my’s not a nice feeling 😦

As far as Aadi is concerned,she is thrilled to be with her dad,follows him around like a puppy,when he is home-only he is allowed to do things for her.She saw him at the airport and she ran to him,hugged and kissed him and kept asking him over n’over -“baba where did u come from?”she has so many stories to tell her dad and has pretend calls with family in bombay.

As for DH,he is enjoying all the attention that is being showered on him by his girls.At the airport,he had eyes only for Aadi and even at home,it was like he was trying to make up for the time we were away.every now and then,I catch him watching her with awe,his expression is the same as it was the day she was born.he keeps saying how much she has grownhow much she has changed.

Oh and in other news,we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 20th.Nothing fancy-just brunch and a movie at home-what?I was sick & jetlagged,na;)I guess I should stop.hope some of you are still reading