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Kid’s room decor-Under $10

Ever since I got pregnant,I wanted to decorate the baby’s room with pretty baby stuff .Unfortunately,we never stayed in a place,long enough to be able to do something productive.Also,the baby was is still sleeping in our room.But now,we have been in this place,long enough for it to feel like home.Now that we are safely past the one year mark,I am ready to start decorating.
But,everytime I look up for Kiddy decor,its so expensive and even if I want a pretty room for Aadi,I don’t want to spend $$ on it.
So,I decided to make one myself.I half traced,half drew the design on canvas and painted it and surprised Aadi with it in the morning.

Material-Blank Canvas,Acrylic colors,Fabric colors,pain brushes,roller brush

* Blank Canvas- $3.33 (Found a set of 3 for $10 in the Reject Shop)
*Colors- Collected over time(some bought in sale,some from Reject Shop,box of fabric paint from India)
*Look on the Child’s face- Priceless!

Note-This is the first time I painted on Canvas and I loved it.I am already thinking what to do with the other two pieces,that came in the set!

The Surprise

Last night,after Aadya went to bed,I burned the midnight oil to complete a surprise for her.This morning when she woke up,I told her that there was a surprise for her in the living room.She ran outside.Till now surprise means,a hidden bag of candy or unexpected popcorn..or something else,edible.So,naturally,when she went to the living room,she expected something of that kind.”Mamma,there is nothing here,”she screamed.I asked her to look on the coffee table.”Kuch nahi hai”she yelled back.I asked her to look next to the pretty mirror.
She looked around and came back with her coloring book,saying..”Yeh toh mera surprise nahi hai na?”(This is not my surprise ,right?)I said no and sent her back to look for the surprise again..This time I told her,the table near the TV..thats the coffee table right?Go look on it!Off she went again..and this time she came back,with a blank canvas,that was lying on the dining table.The Dining table is Not Close to the TV!!!!
Anyway,I sent her back,with some more clues..That may be she should look for something colorful..and that time,she got it right!ON THE 5TH count!
This time when she came back..she was so excited..Wowww Mamma is this for me?So this is my surprise..Papa and Mamma got it for Aadya..and so on..She didn’t leave her surprise,for the next couple of hours.
If you haven’t scrolled down already,I wont keep you any longer..Here’s a picture of my princess,with her precious Gift…

Edited to add- Details are up on the craft blog.

10 Things about me

The rules are:
Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.
Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
Link back to the blogger who tagged you.

My new friend,The Passionate Goof or the Goofy Mumma,as most of us,know her ,passed on this lovely tag to me…a few days back.And one of my resolutions for this year is to not let the tags spill onto next month!
Anyway,ten things about me-
1.I love reading and when I pick up a book,I cannot stop till I have finished it.Even if its boring me to death,I have to finish it.When I was in college,I had 2 books running,simultaneously..a small light read for travelling and something else,for bedtime.And I have to read something,before sleeping,even if its only for 5 minutes.
2.I am a people watcher and can spend hours doing it.At the mall,at the airport,at the doctor’s office.I try to imagine,their lives,their conversations,their likes(from the books they are reading/what they are wearing).
3.I always smile when I see catch someone’s eye,when I am walking.And if I see someone I know,I am almost always the first one to say hello.And I do it,even if the said someone has ignored me in the past and continues to ignore me again..I just come away feeling sad.
4.I get attached to people,things,houses,places,very easily and always have a hard time saying good bye.And if you and I ever fall out over something,its most likely that I will call you before you call me.
5.My hands can never be still.I canNOT just sit down and do nothing.I am always reading a book,while watching a movie or I am crafting(knit/crochet/paint/needlework..whatever).
6.My mind is at a thousand places at the same time.I may be talking to you,listening and absorbing your conversation about the sales at the mall,and thinking of my next craft project at the same time.So,please dont be offended or surprised if I ask you,if you know where I can find hot glue gun!
7.I don’t normally form an opinion about anyone very easily.I always give them a benefit of doubt..much to the chargarin of DH.I canNOT be rude to someone,even if they are rude to me on my face.I brood over it fora long time,later.
8.I used to cry very easily..but in the last 3-4 years,its reduced drastically.I think I am all cried out.
9.I am not very happy about the BODY I am in..and I am going to change it -slowly and steadily.There!I put it in writing.
10.The first thing I do each morning is,wash my face with water and apply moisturiser.Till I dont do that,I keep feeling uncomfortable and restless.And this is even before I brush my teeth.I have very dry hands and keep a bottle of Nivea,for very dry skin,handy and keep applying it every few hours.
I think by now,everyone must have finished this tag,but I will still tag,some of you,whom I haven’t read..
I tag-
2B’s mom
Emaan’s mom
Have a nice day 🙂

And its a good day…

THE SCALE FINALLY MOVED! and so did the tape!
I lost a total of 3 kgs since christmas.My weighing scale batteries had died down and I kept forgetting to replace it(may be I didn’t want to be disappointed again!) So,I replaced the batteries yesterday and checked my weight!And I am 3 kgs lighter.Woo Hoo!!
On 6th of January,I started XBX and on 15th of January,I started some yoga too. I was alternating XBX and walks..and checked my measurements again,on 25th Jan and I have lost 1 inch from the hips.All other measurements are still the same!But the loss of 1 inch,is heartening.
I am still not at a stage when,I can share the numbers with you and not lose sleep over it.But,may be some day,I will get there.
At the beginning of this year,I set some goals for myself.Some short term and some long term goals.One of my short term goals is to write a blog post about the Goals,before the end of January.
Anyway,as far as weightloss is concerned,I have targetted a 5 kg weight-loss till my birthday,starting 6th Jan.And I am going to keep pushing myself ..till I don’t get there.
We are still avoiding eating out.I am keeping count- 4 meals,since December 23rd.I had a sinus headache one day and we were out on the 3 other days.I plan every meal well in advance,even if it means going to bed,half an hour later,or waking up one hour early..yes,its all about sleeping!
If you are reading this,do take a minute to cheer for me,pat my back :),it will make me happier.

Craft Swap-2

I just checked on Ravelry and my swap partner has recieved her gift,so I can safely write about it here.
This is what I made for her-

Its a table topper.The pattern is my grandmother’s.She has made so many of these-for her own house,for my parents’ home,for my aunt’s home,for her friends and colleagues.She made the first one using leftover yarn scraps but,it was so pretty and quick,she made many more.
I used Anchor knitting Cotton thread and size 1.5mm hook.

Guess who got lucky today??

Me,ME Me!!!
Or I think Sunita blessed me with some thrifting dust.
I was browsing Gumtree,when I found this-

Its a beautiful handcrafted table.I L-O-V-E the blue tiles,and according to its old owners,its more than 10 years old.Its as good as new.
When I first emailed the owners,they were waiting to hear from someone else.I asked them to call me,if they didn’t hear from the other people.I told DH,about my exciting find..and he was like,why do you need another coffee table..”Becauseeeeee its beautiful!!”I said.The lady finally called me..and said,the table was mine,if I wanted.Hell ya…of course I wanted it!
This is what I am using it for-

What do you think??
And I got it for -FREE!!! Could I be any happier?

Edited to Add-Yes,Yes it was free.The owners were moving to a smaller place,but didnt want to sell it,since it was a gift,so listed it as a freebie on I got lucky.I gave them a Tajmahal Magnet 🙂

Its all about getting your hands dirty :)

There is a lovely contest going on over at Shruti’s called Artsy Craftsy Challenge and the theme is Hand and Finger painting.And it couldn’t have come at a better time.Before going to India,we had done a bit of finger painting and Aadi loved it.
These days,she wants to learn how to draw and paint..”You teach me”,she says..So,my mind was full of fun things to teach her.
Here are some of the paintings that we worked on-

The Garden- The flowers are made by finger prints .For the stalks-I squeezed a big dot of paint on her finger and asked her to go ‘zoom-zoom’ like a car.For the tree on the side,I squeezed some red and blue and asked her to mix it and smear it!Ta da you have the stem.And then some more zooming around for the green parts.

Come say hello to the Thumbkins..First we made the thumb prints-My thumb prints for Papa and Mamma Thumbkin and Aadi’s for the boy and girl.Then,I drew eyes,noses and mouths,followed by hats,hair,bows,etc.Then,she wanted them to have bodies..So we dabbed and smeared till we got them each a body!

This one is really cool..My friend’s brother showed it to me,when I was a kid.
Fold and unfold your sheet into half and then,dab huge dots of different color,along the line created by folding.Smear the paint along the line.Add some more dots randomly and fold the paper again,press gently with your fingers,going from the fold towards the center of the page and in any direction that you like.Unfold and see the masterpiece that you just created!:P

While I was creating masterpieces,I asked Aadya to put some dots on another sheet of paper.Then we folded the paper horizontally,pressed side ways…unfolded,folded vertically,pressed again and then unfolded.And all done!

Tip- For easy clean-ups,remember to keep some wet wipes handy.
Editted to add-I entered this post for Shruti’s contest.The last picture has a watermark,as Aadi decided to make it better!

2 States By Chetan Bhagat-A book review

2 States is the story of a typical North Indian-South Indian couple.A Punjabi guy,Krish and Tamilian girl,Ananya meet at B-school,become friends and soon fall in love.Everything is hunky-dory till the convocation ceremony.Thats when their parents meet and all hell breaks loose.
Cultural shock,sarcastic comments and hurt egos spell doom for the lovebirds.But,instead of taking the easy way out and eloping,Krish and Ananya decide to tough it out and convince their parents.They have a vision of “seeing both the sets of parents smiling on their wedding day”and set about to achieve this goal.
The story goes from Delhi to Chennai,back and forth and the cultural difference between the two families is depicted very nicely.I just wished he had used atleast some Hindi dialogues,with translation.
The story flows very fast and since its a narrative,its an instant page-turner.I felt like I was listening to a friend’s story,which brings me to the next point.The author mentions in the beginning that the story is inspired from his life,but urges the readers to treat it as fiction.This contradiction,makes it hard to distinguish Krish,the hero from Chetan the author.
On the whole a good read.
This is my first book review and so quite amatuerish..feel free to ignore it.:)

Craft Swap-1

I am so excited.I was a part of a handmade swap on Ravelry.And then,came my surprise India trip.I asked the group moderator and my swap partner,if it was alright if I posted my parcel,after I got back and they said yes.
I mailed my parcel on saturday morning.Then,we went grocery shopping and when we came back,there was something peeking out of the mail box ..and Lo!It was the parcel from my swap partner!
My first ever Swap gift..I am so excited.
Its a beautiful crochet hand-bag-its crochet shells,as you can tell from the pics.Thanks Battybp
I am dying to write about what I made for her..but I guess I will wait till she receives it.

Life’s simple pleasures

[Image courtesy- Google images]
The last few days have been exceptionally hot..We have been indoors all day long..spending our time in air-conditioned living room.That’s the only room that has the AC.Sitting anywhere else is out of question,with temperatures soaring,reaching a high of 42degC.
The heat makes it hard to cook and eat.So,we have been feasting on summer cucumber slices,peach wedges,freshly squeezed lemonade,thin buttermilk(taak in marathi).Today was the same.We could barely eat lunch..but a plate full of cucumber sticks was demolished quickly by us.And when I was chomping down my share,a memory made me smile.
Summer-time,usually meant a trip to Aaji-Ajoba’s place in Devlali.And when we visited,my aunt would come over with Sofi-Sahil too.And almost second day,Ajoba(my maternal G’pa) would go to the vegetable market and come back with two bags full of vegetables and fruits.And in those bags,among other things were the little cucumbers..similar in shape and size to the pickle cucumber,but white skin and green flesh..yummmmmm.
We could each pick one of our choice and then Aaji would peel it and slice it lengthwise into four pieces and sprinkle some salt on it and give it to each one of us,in our own kiddie-sized plate..The first bite,when the cool sweet cucumber taste hits you,is bliss…Aah…just remembering it makes my mouth water.
Watching Aadi savour her Kakadi(cucumber in hindi),saying yummm with some bites and just closing her eyes and enjoying the others..reminded me that indeed these are life’s simple pleasures.