Happy New Year,2010!

Here’s Wishing Everyone a happy and prosperous New Year..May this year bring you all that you wish for and more..
May this year see more completed resolutions than broken ones:)
I asked DH what his resolutions were and he said- None..coz resolutions are meant to be broken.
Me?I have a long list…
Losing weight and learning to drive top the list.Speaking of driving,I have graduated from circling the parking lots to driving on a real road with traffic lights.
We brought in the New Year,at home.The baby was in bed,we were cuddled up on the couch,talking and as I watched the lights from the christmas tree fill the room with soft light..the only thought in my mind was ..All is well.. and what little isn’t will be Well!
I leave you with a picture of my Precious,with her precious presents


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  1. happy new year from the three musketeers…thinking of last year and Federation Square, how time flies!! send me all the goss

  2. A very very happy new yr to ur lovely family. God bless u all!

    Loved that pic .. the twinkle in her eye 🙂

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