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Happy 3rd Birthday,My Sunshine

Its been 3 years to the day that I started blogging,today.I have moved urls since then and changed my writing names wasn’t long before,I merged those blogs,into the original one and continued blogging as My Sunshine.The blog became my baby,while I was waiting to have my other one.
And now when I look back at these 3 years,I feel,so belong to the wonderful Blogosphere. I was writing diaries,and was totally clueless about blogs.I am not kidding you..I knew about online groups and was a part of a few.I knew about online forums and frequented those too..but didn’t know about blogs.I did stumble upon one or two recipe blogs..but didn’t know/think about acquiring one.Then,I met someone on one of the online forums and she was a blogger and pointed me in the right direction..And I haven’t looked back since then.
Happy Birthday,My Sunshine!
The first blogs,that I started reading were those of other Indian mommy bloggers and it couldn’t have been at a better time.Reading other moms,made me feel like a part of a huge community.I loved the camaderie they shared and was glad to be accepted.Slowly,I ventured into other blogs..and I remember for the longest time,the only non-mommy blog,that I was reading was that of Rayshma’s…through her’s I discovered others…and then,through others,some others.
Now,I read a mishmash of blogs..some mommy,some non-mommy,some craft,some cookery,some decor,some health,some Indian,some non-Indian..and I love each and every one of them.Blogging and blogs make me happy.Sometimes I even feel like I belong to the elite class.
I have made some great friends here,some I have met,some I am yet to meet..but,they have become a part of my life.I draw my strength from some of you,while some others inspire me.Its been a great 3 years and here’s hoping for many come.
I leave you with a pic of the Sunshine of my life..Though I am very unkempt in this picture,till date,it remains my most favorite picture.

Oh and next month,in March,I want to do a series of guest posts,written by friends of the blogging and non-blogging kind..So,if you want to contribute,leave me a comment..*come on you guys..volunteer..please..before I take matters into my hands and bully you into writing one! lol

And and…This month my blog had a total of 2397 Visitors(till yesterday) and I am so kicked that so many of you are reading.So,this is a shout-out to all you Lurkers,”Hiiiii”..I hope you are doing well.Would please be sweet enough to stop and leave me a comment..?
Ciao my lovelies..more later.

The House and the elephants

Its been one year..Yes,that’s how long,we have lived in this house.we moved in on this day,last year.We were lucky to get a brand new house on was so new,that even the dust had not settled ..that new.
It took me nearly one year to make it into a home.I still have bare walls,that I can’t stand,but I have added small touches here and there.
Friends and family have been begging nagging asking me for pics of the new house,since we moved..but I haven’t gotten around to taking any pics.I think its about time.. the day is just right.I want share some of my favorite things in the house,with you.I love elephants and the elephant God,Ganesh..and that is evident,all aound the house..Lemme show you..

This is the first one,that we got,it was supposed to be hung in the car,and it did grace our first car,but,after we moved the first time,with the car,It moved into our house.And ofcourse,the Kalnirnay,the marathi calendar.I have to have it.

I found this one at Dad’s one my first trip to India,after moving out.Since then,it always hangs in a place,from where Ganesha has the direct view of the main door.Someone once told me that placing Ganesha,in such a position is very auspicious.

This beautiful piece is made in Thailand.My sister’s friend got it for her,from his honeymoon,there..and she gave it me,knowing my love for elephants.

I found these Terracota babies,when we first moved to Melbourne.These are the first home decor items,that we bought,after moving here.I want to paint bright blankets on their backs,much like these

This one is a gift from the MIL.Its a beautiful handpainted Elephant Key holder.

And last but not the least,my favorite corner in the living room..after the picture table..
I recieved this Ganesha as a wedding gift and got it here,this time.The statue is very beautifully made..I love the intricate work done on its fingers,to clothes,everything.Behind it is a vase,holding,bamboo.The Bamboo has grown taller than the idol,sort of like forming a canopy behind it.The table cloth was hand made by my mom..I dont know what /how it was made.I think its silk threads.The two pictures-one is our wedding pic..and the other was taken on our babymoon in LV..On the bottom shelf is,a Jade plant and some pine cones that we collected from our Picnic at Philip Island.

I really enjoyed writing this post..hope you enjoyed reading about my treasures.

Vote please…

If you really liked our Doll’s dress,then please go Here and vote for The paper Doll dress (No.15)
I know there are so many pretty entries there..I feel cheap asking for votes,but please humor me..:D
I am not even asking for votes on my other two entries.. The Paper crown for Teddy(No.16)and the Paper hearts(No.39)..
So,Vote please:D.Even if you don’t vote for me,Just go and check out the fabulous paper craft entries at Shruti’s Arsty-Craftsy Challenge.

Another Friday!!

Phew..Friday is here,finally.I thought this week would never end.
Friends of ours,a couple,were going to come over tonight.The girl is just in her second trimester and had a rough time,last couple of months.I felt so bad everytime I spoke to her..poor thing all alone..I wanted to go over and take care of her.But,it wasn’t as easy at I thought-the prospect of keeping Aadi busy/entertained while taking care of a sick friend,scared me.I visited whenever I could with DH.They were going to spend the weekend with us-she said,she wanted to be pampered and I am more than happy to do that:) But,they just cancelled the plans..The guy has to work late..and so may be they will come over tomorrow.
Aadi is still tired from our outing,she was in the stroller most of the time,but it was the heat that tired her,I think.It was a hot day,yesterday and we were out on the streets at the hottest time.But,all said and done,when in the city,I love walking and taking public transport..nothing beats the high that gives you.
We walked along,South Bank,Crown casino(the one in Salam Namaste,where Saif and Priety,finally go to eat icecream!),ate in one of the arcades..sat next to each other in the tram,looking out at the same things.This is what I miss when we are driving into the city..There are so many things to see and so much too and I think,we miss out on that,by driving in.
The liveliness,the cheer,the energy,can only be felt when you are in the middle of it.I came back tired and with a splitting headache,but I came back,full of cheer 😀
If I can write two more posts after this one,then,I will have completed 1 whole month of NaBloPoMo..
I broke my head over what to write but,writing everyday is nice.I liked it.For next month,I would like to have guest posts,from some of you..If you would like to contribute a post,please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you or email me if you already have my email id.Sorry I am not putting my email id here,because the two times that I did email got hacked.
Speaking of hacking,someone hacked into my gmail and blogger account on Janaury 16th..I managed to retrieve the account,but the same @#@$# has tried to hack into it again..WHY?I dunno…What interest does someone have in the life of a SAHM mom?I dunno..and if someone really came up to me asked me,what’s going on in my life,I would tell them..why go through,all this drama.
Anyway..:) write to me..and please pretty please,I hope atleast some of you will write a guest post for me.It neednot be anything earth shattering…it can be something mundane stuff of your garden or garage..or laundry basket or something exciting that happenned to you..or just some random rant..something anything..please!!


I am soo tired today.We were out all day..DH had taken off for some personal work and then,we had an medical appointment in the city.In the city,we walked around quiet a bit,from his parking lot to the tram stop,then from tram stop to the medical center..and after our appointment..walked all the way back to the tram stop.And it was a hot hot day..
After walking so much,and waiting at the doctor’s office,we were hungry and had a sub.There was Mc.Donalds,right next to it,but we went to Subway..Pat Pat!! Ofcourse it helped that Aadi was sleeping.
Then,we met up with a friend and went to his place..they have moved to a new house and we went over to visit.Had dinner with them..and came back at 10.30.
I have a terrible headache..and I had a drink..Gin with lemonade with lime slices as garnish..was really nice and refreshing..but I think…I am a l..ittle High!! or atleast my head is heavy!
We have a busy weekend starting,hopefully,there will be no hangover tomorrow.I just had one drink..but my drinking capacity is zero! and people like me should stay off drinks…So,I guess I will call it a night..Ciao my good.more tomorrow.

Don’t Say Bad Words to me

Yup!!You guessed it..Its the latest jewel from Aadyaland.
If I say some big english words like “intelligence” and distaction,superstition,frustrated”….she tells me,’Don’t say bad words to me!’
She understands basic Marathi for words like come,go,later,hurry up,etc..but if I talk to her,in marathi,very fast and she doesn’t follow it,she tells me,”Don’t say bad words to me!’
But if I am on the phone,talking in Marathi,then she picks up the key words and asks me questions about it.
Another thing,thats very cute,but annoying at times is her,constant questions..Mamma is it like this?Mamma do u like this?Is Papa in office?and other annoying questions that she asks 10times in a day,all of which have the same answer-YES..I mean you are not allowed to say No..because then,she gets upset and says..I am sad..aap mujhe No bolte ho!!*rolling eyes*..[You say No to me]
So,if instead of saying Yes,I answer,hmmm..she gets upset..”Aise mat bolo na..Achche se has ke,Mooh se bolo!”[Don’t talk to me like that,Say it properly,with a smile]
And if we are talking about something or someone and she doesn’t understand the conversation,she wants to know,”Kaun?”Who?”.as if we don’t understand the first word…Kaun?Kiska??Kyaaaa?? Her questions never stop.We cannot have a conversation without her interrupting us,with her questions.
When we are looking at albums,she point out to every single person and tells their names..and those that she doesn’t know..she just says,”yeh koi bhi nahi hai” (this is nobody) and moves on.And when she is showing the album to someone,she just skips through all the pages,where she is not there the one where she is.One time,she was showing the pics to Friend S and she kept turning pages,till she reached a pic of my sister and DH..and on the table ,in that picture was also Aadi’s bottle.She stopped there..and excited pointed out..”Lookkkk my bottle!!” Any attempts to point at the people in picture were brushed away,saying..first you look my bottle!
Over the weekend,DH and I were dreaming about a whole seafood dinner..I spoke about creamy seafood Pasta and Fish fry.DH spoke about Fish curry and Kappa..He even offered to get some Kappa..Aadi was listening to this conversation..Now,she knows Pasta but,say Fettuchini and she doesnt know what you are talking about..She know Fish..but say Meen and she doesn’t know what you are talking about.She was trying hard to make sense of the conversation..and then DH said,”Ohh I want Kappa..I think she will also like it” the little diva,cocks an eyebrow and says..Kyu??Why? But I already wear Kapda!!
And then,we couldn’t stop laughing..And that made her angry…”Don’t laugh at me…its not nice”…she said,with a ,oh how could we not hug her then!And no we didn’t stop laughing…
Ohh and today I baked this cake and naturally we had to wait for it to cool down.While it was in the oven,Aadi passed time,licking the batter off the bowl and then,checking on it through the glass in the oven door.But waiting for it after it was done,was too much for the poor kid.
She begged and pleaded..not paying heed to my words,that it needs to cool down..Finally she gave up..but not before trying one last time..”Mamma,could I please have a very small piece of the cake?” You tell me,what is a mother to do then..Ofcourse,she got her piece and not a very small one either..She polished it off in no time..saying..yummmmmmmm with every bite!!
ohh..and whenever we ask her something..”what do u want to do/eat?” the answer always starts with “ummm…” like she thinking so much!!
Ummm…I leave you with this….

Lakheri Trip-2

Continued ..
So AuntyM and uncle R took me to the hospital and that’s where my reconnecting started.The hospital is where I went for the first 9 years of my life.This was the company hospital and if I am not wrong,the only hospital in LKE.As we drove into the hospital premises,i remembered walking there,holding my mom’s hand…seeing the doctor on one end of a semicircle and then walking upto the other end to the compounder’s room to get the medicine and meethi goli(peppermint).I don’t even remember there being any medical stores.Now,ofcourse the doctor’s office is right next to the compounder’s room.and next to it is the emergency ward.Which is where I was rushed too.
A bed was waiting for me..I got some oxygen,some heavy dose of nebuliser followed by a shot..and an hour later I was good to go!But Aadi got soo scared seeing me on the bed,like that..she kept touching me..asking me if I was OK,refusing to go outside.
And surprise ,surprise-the nurse turned out to be my class-mate’s brother.
Once the doctor said,OK,we left..but not to go home,but to show Aadi around.Aunty M agreed,on the condition that I will not get out of the car.I pomised and off we went to see- the house I grew up in,the colony,the gymkhana,the old school..everything. And I felt,everything looked so different.Our old house,which was sooooo big in my memories,suddenly looked soo small and the distance from our house to gymkhana which felt like a trek,now felt like a short walk!I think,everything is relative!
We went back home and word had spread that dad is in town..and old acquaintances had come visiting.Everyone was offered tea and invited to stay for dinner,which they declined,inviting us to their place instead.After everyone left,sis and I set up a small table on the terrace and had a lovely dinner,under the moonlit sky…Aaah bliss.
Next day,we went to visit the family temple and returned home with local treats.Then,we went out to the shops and said hello to the shopkeepers that we knew.One of them,had the only stationery shop,when we were kids.He was so touched that we remembered him.He called his neighbours,new shopkeepers to tell them,how we remembered him..I was almost in tears,looking at his excitement.
As we were walking back,thin man in late 50’s stopped me and said,”Namaste..Kaise ho?Mujhe toh pehchana nahi hoga?”[ are you?Surely,you don’t recognise me] I said,no..and he said,”Baby,I used to stitch your school uniforms..I am Bombay Tailor!” OMG!! I felt so happy,that he stopped me on the way.He saw Aadi and his eyes teared up..saying ki you were a baby when we first saw you and now you have a little girl..
This and so many other small gestures,made me soo happy and I was glad,that we made that trip.
One particular incident that touched me most was- There is an old lady,who runs a tea-stall,next to our house.Part of the house has been converted and rented out to a bank.So,she does alright business.A cup of tea is still Re.1,there. She had seen my dad and uncles as little boys.She was so happy to see us and when we touched her feet,she was in 7th heaven.The day that we were leaving,she came and gave us shagun(blessings in the form of money)- Rs.11 each for sis and me and Rs.10 for Aadi.I still have Aadi’s Rs.10 with me.Mine was in my sister’s purse,so its not with me.But I was so touched that she had it in her heart to give..when they can barely make ends meet. Everytime I think of her,my eyes well up.
P.S.-if you are still reading,thank you.I tried to edit and make it shorter..but this is the best that I could do!

Lakheri Trip-1

If home is where the heart is,I have left pieces of my heart,in all the places that I have lived at.My memories of this world,start in Lakheri,a small town in Rajasthan.My dad grew up there and joined the cement factory,as a chemist.Its the one place he considers home..and I spent the first 9 years of my life,there.
When I went to India,in October, was really excited about taking Aadi to see his hometown and I agreed.I am in love with the place.This trip really was about reconnecting with the roots.
So on 3rd Dec,we left for Lakheri(LKE) by the night train.We got to the Bandra terminus at 10PM and guess what the train is running more than 3 hours late.Killing 3 hours at home or even in the train or at the airport is alright..but at a crowded railway platform with a toddler in tow..nightmare!
Fortunately,she didn’t think that way..she thought,it was just the place to run away and hide from mom and them mini-panic attacks,every 5 minutes.My sister suggested,we go and get some munchies for her,to keep her occupied.But,my dad had disappeared..and we were stuck,gaurding the luggage.Oh and not to mention,bear all the lewd stares..It was sickening.

Dad just has to disappear everytime,we are on the railway station and everytime the train stops at a station,he has to get down and look around.No wonder,he doesn’t like travelling by local trains.Anyway,after 3-4 calls,from sis,and threats of abandoning the luggage,he came back,with water and VadaPav.We then,went and got some munchies for Aadi.Somehow the 3 hours passed and the train arrived.We got in,found our seats.Only 2 seats were confirmed and 1 was on wait-list.Dad spoke to the TC and we got the third berth after around 6 AM.This was Aadi’s first train journey..and my dad booked the tickets atleast one and half month in advance..and all the trains were packed..we managed to get this reservation in 2nd AC. front of us,was a couple,who couldn’t keep their hands off each other and insisted on doing it on the lower berth.I am not a big fan of PDA,but I feel,to each its own..but it just got very embarassing..there was my dad,another old couple,my sis and aadi..and 1 more guy!And the funny thing is,they had a top berth..why not use that for your hanky-panky?Anyway,thank God they got off at 9 AM…I woke up to drink some water at 7 AM and they were ‘at it’ loudly! I almost gagged!

The rest of the journey was quiet uneventful..Only my sister,had to sleep on the floor,till 6 AM.That and Aadi insisted on using the toilet!This girl,refused to use the clean toilet at my ILs and wanted to use the dirty Central Railway toilets!My heart was running faster than the train,everytime I took her to the toilet,because the door of the compartment was always open!

We reached LKE at 3.30 pm and someone had come to pick us from the station.My dad and his family is very loved and respected in LKE.When we were younger,we used to call ourselves,’Princess’ of LKE.So,this ‘uncle R'(everybody is uncle,na) walked past my sister..ignored me,struggling with my bag and a clumpsy Aadi,insisting on pulling a bag,twice her size and went up to my dad,did the bent Namaste to him,and took the bag from him and walked off.Dad went with him,getting updates about everything under the sun..Sis rolled her eyes,and mouthed “Raja ji”..(My dad is like the uncrowned prince there!) .

While in the train,I felt an Asthma attack coming on,but,didn’t pay too much attention.We had to climb up the huge staircase on the platform and I had to stop twice..I climbed up and had to sit down on the bridge before going forward.We got home..and I couldn’t even go from one room to another without huffing and puffing.Uncle R was summoned again and he and aunty M took me to the hospital.Aunty M lives in and takes care of my dad’s ancestral home.Our family and hers have known each other for more than 3 generations and she is a very important part of our family now.

To be Continued

Kheema Gobhi

Since moving to Australia,I am frustrated with the choice of vegetables available…Every week I go to the vegetable market and come back with the same stuff- cabbage,cauliflower,Eggplant,Beans..sometimes spinach.
I am forever looking for new recipes to make these seem monotonous.
So,when I saw Monika’s recipe for Kheema Gobhi,I had to try it..And we loved it.
Inspired by Mon’s recipe..this is what I came up with-

1/2 cauliflower-grated
2 medium onion,fine chopped
1 small tomato,chopped
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 cup peas
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp dhania-jeera powder
1 tsp-Kitchen King Masala(optional)
Khada masala-(1 inch piece of cinammon,2-3 peppercorns,2-3 cloves,2 cardamom pods)
salt to taste
2 tsp oil for cooking.


Heat oil in a pan.Add the Khada Masala,when it starts to brown,add onions and fry till golden brown.
Add garlic and stir for a 20-30 secs.
Add tomatoes and let it cook for 3-4 minutes and then add peas.fry for 2-3 minutes,before adding the grated cauliflower.
Add Cauliflower,and add the spices.Mix well.
Add about 1.5 cups ofwater.Add salt.Bring it to a boil.Then lower the flame,cover and let it simmer,till desired consistency is achieved.
Garnish with corriander leaves and onion rings.Serve hot with roti or rice,or even plain toasted bread with some shaved cheese!Dig in!

Three decades,three continents…

…and five countries.
Sonia commented on my Three-Oh Post,and wanted to know,where all I have stayed recently..Instead of answering her,I decided to turn it into a post..:D
So,I was born in India..spent the first 9 years there
Edited to add- Lakheri(Rajasthan),when I was 6 months old.Stayed there till I was 9 years and a few months old.May ’89- 7 months in Devlali..
1990- just before my 10th birthday,my parents moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.So,I brought in my 10th birthday in a small town called Yanbu,in KSA.It was on the shore of the Red Sea.When we first moved there,and my parents told us,that it was the Red Sea,we were a little disappointed to see the normal clear water.We spent the next 2 and half years there and then,we moved back to India,as I was entering 8th grade and my parents were concerned about the education system in KSA.Since Yanbu was a small industrial town,there was no english medium school and the closest Indian Embassy school was a good 4 hours drive away.So,we were in Open School system.
Anyway,the next few years,we were in India..7 years 3 different cities-Nasik,B’lore & Mumbai.The 20th birthday was brought in at Mumbai..with friends and family and there was no BF on the scene.
I met DH a week before my 21st and we were married 2 months before my 24th.Then,we became wanderers..
We left Mumbai in April’04 to move to Hyderabad.
3 months later- August ’04- Hyderabad to Delaware,USA
It was a short trip,just a pit-stop for 3 months,before,we moved on to our final destination,Toronto.
Exactly one year later,just 2 days before our 1 year lease agreement ended,we moved on..And relocated to Delaware.
6 months later,April’06- Delaware to Chicago.A lovely 2-day road trip..So much fun.
September ’06- Chicago to Phoenix..Another road trip..this time a 3-day road trip..And I was 6 weeks pregnant,then.
July ’07- Phoenix to Dallas..And yet another Road trip!(Yes we are road-crazy!) This time with a 3 month old.
So far,our longest stay has been in Dallas…we were there for nearly 14 months.
End of Sept ’08-we left from Dallas to spend a week in sunny Ca..
1st Oct’08- Flew to Australia…And hopefully,we’ll stay put..[Anti-jinx] Brought in the 30th here,as you know.
We just renewed our lease and I can’t tell you how excited that made me..This is the first time,since we got married that,we actually renewed our lease and even after safely crossing the one year mark,aren’t talking about packing or living in suitcases.
Enough about tell me how many times have you moved?So far..I know only one other person who’s moved so much!
Oh and are you going to vote on my bedtime poll?