Year 2010

The year 2010,has a nice ring to it.Somehow from the start,I have a good feeling about this year.Until last year,I thought,this will be the year for baby number 2..but somehow,I am just not getting the baby vibes.
But,on most other counts,I think this will be a good year.
This year,I set myself some goals and made several resolutions.One of my resolutions was to blog about the resolutions before the end of January..there that one’s already broken.Moving on to the rest-
This year,I vow to-
* LOSE Weight-That is always the top priority,isn’t it?
*Feel Healthy and good about myself-Whole of last year and the year before that,I had a very poor self image.I hated my body..I hated everything about myself.This year is the year to feel good about myself.
*Love Myself-completely for who I am,for who I was.
* To control my temper-Being a Full-time mom for 3 years,can turn even the most sweet-tempered person into a fire-breathing dragon.
* Keep a better house.We have lived in this house,almost a year..but it was still a house..This year I want to turn it into a home..Friends tell me,that they get a good vibe and a welcoming feeling from our home..I want to feel that vibe..
*To save some money- The last year has been very bad for us financially.There is some truth to the old saying,”It is not easy to uproot a plant from one spot and plant it somewhere else.” Quite literally,that’s what we did to ourselves.The expenses were HUGE,our savings meagre..and this year that ought to change.
*Get my driving licence..No excuses,no drama..Just do it!
*To cut down on TV time-I never enjoyed TV..but after moving abroad,the lack of real people around or the loneliness drove me to TV.But,after moving to Australia,the time we (Aadya and I) spent in front of the TV,increased exponentially.Most of the times,it just runs in the background…but even then.
*To blog more frequently and on more diverse topics.
*To craft relaxes me..and puts me in touch with myself.
*Take up a course-the professional kind and also some hobby course.

I started working towards these resolutions,from the first day of the first month.
* We stopped eating out-even before the last year ended and continued that,in the new year.
*I started Yoga and watching my diet-I accepted ,honestly,that in past my efforts have been not a this time,I am not giving myself any choice!
*We gave ourselves budgets for everything- X amount for groceries,Y amount for phone bills,Z amount for DH’s expenses,D amount for my expenses,A amount to go into Aadi’s piggy bank and so on…
*We avoid using our cards-even debit cards,as much as possible.
*I have been reorganising the house..putting away things,unpacking,sorting to donate,re-arranging furniture,decorating rooms(on a budget).My goal was to finish re-organising before the end of January,but,I still have 2 cupboards to tackle.
*Licence-haven’t done much..will save up and then take some continuous lessons.
*Put aside time for blogging and crafting,each day.Starting NaBloPoMo..again today.
Checked about the courses,need to arrange the finance.hobby course seems doable for now.
I am pretty happy with the year so far..hopefully the rest of it,will go smoothly too.What’s going on with your resolutions?

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  1. dont forget past friends and our sins in the new year!!! missing mcdonald fries….

  2. happy to see you have some stuff working out well Trish. All the best with the rest. And loving yourself…. very very very important!

  3. Wow..good going..all the best !

  4. Gud luck Trish .. the best thing is abt loving urself and its the most imp. one too πŸ™‚

    Dng the NaBloPoMo .. awesome πŸ™‚

  5. wow. great.. All the best to you for your resolutions..

  6. An impressive list of resolutions, would be quite similar to mine , had I gotten around to making one…but it’s only Feb now πŸ˜‰

    All the best, and I think your weight loss plan is actually quite wise, lose it slowly,’cos it generally doesn’t come back then.

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