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Happy 3rd Birthday,Princess

Hi My munnu-Shonu,
You are three today..Woww..three you are a big girl..but for some strange reason,you have been insisting for the last two-three days that you are baby.You ask us,”can I please be a baby today?”Yes,darling”,we reassure you..You want to dress up like a baby,crawl like one,drink your milk in a sippy cup like one..We laugh at times,get irritated at others..but,all the time,we are thinking how much you have grown.
You are like a little lady..a little Diva actually..its almost like,you are living upto your blog name.Even if a drop of water falls on your T-shirt,you have to change it.You tells us not to touch you with wet hand and get very irritated if we do.
Sweetie,you are so grown make us forget you are just a baby..and so in the last few months,you have faced our irritation..but,we,really love you. In the face of your unwavering resolve and perfect logic,you are lot more mature than your 3 years.You understand our emotions from our expressions,you are quick to give really are.
You have graduated from a toddler,who spoke broken sentences to one who tells long stories.You have grown from the toddler who cried with frustration,to one who tells us clearly what is frustrating you..”I dont want Rice,I can’t fix the puzzle,i don’t know how to button up the shirt!” and you are a star for asking for help,when you cant do it yourself.Everything else,you want to do it yourself.
You just pull your chair to the hard to reach it to wash your hands or to brush your teeth.Your independence, both reassures and saddens us..sad that our baby is growing.But it makes us proud to watch you grow into an independent little girl.
You are so clear about your choices-food,clothes,friends,toys..everything.You even help us pick gifts for your friends,remembering what they might like..thats soo touching.You are a little do-gooder,Aadi..Recently,at a party,you and a little pal of your had a tiff and she hit you.She was being put in the naughty corner and she was screaming,”I don’t like Aadi,anymore”.. I was worried,about how you would feel.But,all you cared for then was,that she was crying..You kept telling her,to stop crying,trying to give her a hug..I was relieved that you didn’t hear/understand her.The only expression on your face was were worried for your friend,as you heard her cry and watched her being punished..You hugged her and told her,its OK..dont held her cup of millk for her..and hugged her some more.We thought the episode was over.But on our way back,in the car,you told us,”Mumma,I think S doesnt like me anymore..Papa is she still my friend..?” Oh darling,our hearts broke..Papa wanted to pull over and hug you..The next day you had forgotten..S and you are still friends..:)
You know the consequences of your actions..every other morning,you announce..”Mumma,I don’t want to brush today..because my shirt will get wet..”then,you remember and ask..”But mere teeth mein crums(germs) aayenge I will brush.”And you have a memory of an elephant.Off-late you have been remembering things from your India trip,and remind me of it.Its a nice surprise to see how much you observed and retained.
You want to help me in the kitchen all pull up a chair and I have to give you a set of bowls,butterknives,forks,mixing spoons that you can cook on the side.
You are beginning to enjoy your daddy’s company,irrespective of my presence and thats a relief and a cause of joy for us all.You and daddy have long conversations,plot mischiefs and generally have a chilled out time.As soon as Daddy comes home,you leave whatever you are doing and run to open the door…and before he gets out of the car,you reach the car.As soon as he gets out of the car,you are hugging him and ready to take him into Daddy-heaven!That is by far his favorite part of the day.
Its hard for us to remember our life,before really is..Thats how much you have taken over,our lives,and minds..and our HOUSE…Its in a perpetual state of mess…Not a single room is spared..your toys and books are everywhere..Every room has a touch of “you”…But we have got used to it…I mean the living room seems incomplete without your two doll strollers,one car,one bike,one mobile and your little table and chair.We have learned to walk without bumping into anything..we have to you see..Because you NEED to have these things around you,during the day.We put them away,every night and you help us..and you bring them all out everyday!
Sometime during our India trip,when you were 31 months ..the frequency of your tantrums reduced greatly.We havent seen a lot of tantrums in the later half of this year.If you are upset,you cross your arms on your chest,pout and say,”I am Gussa” and walk off,in a huff.If we ask you,you tell us why.If its something,unreasonable,we let you calm down..then,you come to us,on your own and tell us,that you are not Gussa anymore.
You love your Jai-Jai Bappa and talk to him like a friend..which is what I love the most..If we scold you,you run to the Pooja room,crying..Jai-jai Bappa look they shout me..If you want something you ask your Jai-Jai Bappa to please give it to you..The top on your list,in the last 2-3 months is a baby sister..More so in the week preceeding your birthday.You keep asking Jai-Jai Bappa for a baby in Mumma’s tummy and out of the blue,you come and kiss my flabby belly,saying,”Hi Baby sister..I can see you”..I am writing this down,so that,we can all look at it later and say fondly,how Aadi,knew about it..even before,we did..Or we can all laugh at your hyper-active imagination,together.
You have a few imaginary friends,Aadi..and they keep changing..sometimes its a ducky called Double Quack(thank you ABC2) sometimes its your Baby sister(yes again)..sometimes,one of your toys…and if we sit accidently on one of the chairs,where they are sitting,you scream in clap when they sing a song ..its fun to watch you like that..:)
You are going to start playschool in 2 weeks,but believe me when I say,you have been excited about it for more than 3 months now..You are just soo excited about it.You tell everyone that you are going to go to school and that you will be alone in school and that mumma can come and pick you up…I hope when the day comes,you are as excited as this.
I heard that Three is a magical,welcome to your own Magicland,Aadi..
May you enjoy the threes as much as we enjoyed the last three.May you be big and strong…May you always be so loving and compassionate..
And always remember..we love you…
Lots of Love,

P.S.-I started writing this yesterday..but finished it today.

Our Day today

…was spent in anticipation of tomorrow.
The choice of cake was changed 3 times..The flavor remained same-CHOCOLATE! but,the design and decoration..changed every 2 hours.
The gift was demanded every hour and a tantrum and tears followed everytime,mumma said No,not today,tomorrow.
Mumma was reminded to wrap the gift,a thousand times and reminded,”it is my birthday on March 30th,tomorrow.”
Daddy was told to finish his tea soon,so we could go to Coles,to get”Candles..because,it is my birthday on March 30th,tomorrow!”
At 10.00 PM,after dinner,mumma started to bake the cake and the Princess,took her place-pulled her chair,close to the counter to look at mom,measuring the ingredients and mixing the batter.Daddy was busy blowing up the balloons.
After Mumma poured the batter into the cake pans and put them in the oven,the little Princess wanted to help her..So,we got the cupcake pan out and mumma taught her how to spoon the batter into the cups.Mumma got up to drink some water and came back to see the Princess,eating spoonfuls of cake batter..
11.00 PM-Daddy had to give the Princess a bath..because there was more cake batter in her hair and on her face and clothes than in the muffin pan!
11.20 PM- Cakes done,cooling on the table.Papa,trying to put the brat Princess to sleep,mumma trying to finish a post..and the Princess…trying to sleep..but waking up,shaking with excitement..
11.50 PM-Mumma-Papa decided to ditch bed-time…and let her stay up another 10 minutes.
12.00 AM-A cupcake was set on the table..a sparkler was lit and we sang Happy birthday for her.She took over…and sang happy birthday (in perfect tune!) and then sang happy birthday to her cake.
The gift was diligently handed over..and it was happily accepted and gushed over!
Uff her excitement..was totallyyyyyyyy worth it!
12.30AM-She is still chattering away..I am soo tired..the cakes are cooling..ready to be iced ..more tomorrow..
Send up a little prayer for my little Angel..
More later..Ciao,my lovelies

Make a Diaper

Remember how we are trying to toilet train Aadya.So yesterday,we used the last diaper.I showed her the empty packet(I had one saved).Today,when she wanted to go potty,she came to me with a Tissue paper and sticky tape,and said, “Come on Mom,you make a diaper for me!!”

I burst out laughing..she got angry..showed me where the diaper goes and then said,”look now you just put sticky tape here and here!!”
I told DH,and he was so proud.His actual words are “So should be proud of her,instead of laughing.She has ways and means of getting her diapers!!”

LOL!! OK,daddy! Ofcourse I am proud..though not as much as you..,After all,you are the one who tells Great Stories!

Of Angry mommies and Bedtime Stories

Every night,bedtime is the worse time of my day..I alternate between yelling at Aadi and feeling bad for yelling..DH is extremely busy,these days..(whats new?) and on most days dozes off before she does.But,before he dozes off,she asks him to tell her a story.Yesterday,even after the story,she was awake,tossing and turning,talking and singing,kicking the covers,throwing the pillow..2 whole hours had passed,since we came to the bedroom.I was at the fray ends of my nerves.I picked her up and threatened to take her outside.She started crying loudly,and something snapped..I just put her down on the bed..FORCEFULLY..with too much force.She kept crying more..And that made me realise my mistake.I immediately picked her up,rubbed her back..kissed her bum,and asked her,what was hurting,she said her cheeks and hands..I kissed them again and again..she was crying,I was in tears..I couldn’t thank God enough for the fact that she was alright..I kept getting rotten thoughts about shaken baby syndrome and the likes..and I got MAD at DH.She is a baby..but he should know better to give me a break..They both slept..and I couldnt sleep till 4 in the morning.The guilt just kept eating me from inside.
Today,right after dinner,we went for a drive and after we got back,told him,if he didn’t want his Princess to cry,then,he has to make sure,she sleeps before HE does. So,as soon as lights were off..she demanded a story.He obliged.Told her a long story about the Pandavas and how they were mischievious boys,who wouldn’t sleep..of monsters who fought them..and so on.At the end of the story,the Princess,kissed daddy and told him,
“Thank You daddy,that was a great story!”
We were both zapped..Daddy and princess are cuddled up now..HE is sleeping..she is talking..God Give me patience!

Edited to add: today,after 1 and half hour,I put her in her room..she cried her eyes out,said she was very sleepy,was quiet for 10 mins..then crying again..DH caved in,she came back to our bed..spent another half an hour chatting..while he slept..and my temper kept rising..finally she slept!
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Unfinished Business

Last night I couldn’t sleep..and so decided to take care of some unfinished business.Its about time too.
This project is very close to my heart.It was the last project that my mom had started,before she got sick.After she passed away,we put it away,with the rest of her things. For the next couple of years,I would bring it out,once a year,look at it,touch it fondly,remembering my mom.And I would put it back in her suitcase,with the rest of her things.One year,I worked some stitches but got too overwhelmed and put it away.
4 years backs,I took it out again,worked a couple stitches,then decided to leave it for another time..another time,when I didn’t feel so raw!I brought it here,this time..and since then,I had looked at it so many times..I kept putting it away..saying,”another time”..
Last night,I couldn’t sleep..I just couldn’t.I didn’t feel like browsing..So,I took the kit out and started sorting the threads methodically,working color-wise,till all the threads were seperate.

4 shades of green,3 shades of blue,3 shades of pink,2 of brown and one each of yellow and cream…Finally all the threads were separate.
I still wasn’t feeling sleepy,so,I started working on it..its still work in progress…But,I am happy,I am doing it.

My mom finished the smallest one..I am working on the largest ring..there are 2 more rings in between.
Working on this project makes me miss my mom even more..She was so full of ideas..and so enthusiastic about it..I get my crafty genes from her!! I tried some counted cross-stitch kits when I was in USA,but gave up/gave them away..they just lacked the zing..or the briliance..or may be they lacked the one thing that I associate with cross-stitch..My mom..Guess we’ll never know..

Crochet Hat

I made this hat for Aadya,last year,using the same yarn that I used for the Sunshine set.It was too big for her then.Now,it fits.
For this hat I used-
Yarn- Baby Panda Varigated Yarn
Pattern- My own.

Overheard in Aadyaland

Some more pearls from the Diva’s mouth-
Telling a story to dad-
Ek Tom and jerry tha.Usko ek elephant mila.Elephant said,I am hungry.Tom ne usko ek banana diya and chilka phaink diya.Fir they went to slide park,waha pe ek girl thee..Us girl ne name is Aadya (Surname)!

Talking to Masi-
Masi-“hi Princess”
Aadi-“Hi tuku masi,I am your princess.Look my high chair,look my bike..look my clothes..Ok now its time for say,Hello teacher.I am your teacher.”
Masi- “Hi teacher..Ok baby can I talk to mumma now”
Aadi-“No!Main tumhara friend hoon na?fir tumko mumma se kya baat karni hai?you talk to me..Mumma is sleeping!”..when Mumma was the one,who dialed the number for her!

Every evening,pointing at the moon- “Look mommmmmm,moon.Look daddyyyyyyy moon.Moon has come to say gnite.moon is going to go home and sleep na.its time to sleep na..everyone is sleeping na..swing is also sleeping,our elephants are also sleeping,light is sleeping..its time to sleep na..”..then why is she still awake,3 hours after this conversation!

Veg Manchurian Dry

This one’s for you,Swaram
This recipe is a hand-me-down of my sister’s. I made this for Aadya’s birthday party last year,and it was a big hit.I love this one for its simplicity and nutrition values.Great for getting those veggie into your fussy eaters.
For this recipe,you need
For vegetable balls-
2 cups grated cabbage
1 cup grated carrots
1 capsicum grated.
(1-2 green chilies ,fine chopped-optional)
2-3 tbsp corn flour
extra corn flour or bread crumbs for coating.
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
oil for frying
For the Manchurian sauce
1 whole garlic,pods peeled and chopped
1 medium sized onion,diced and/or 1-2 spring onions
1 capsicum,diced
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp vinegar
1tsp chili sauce
2 green chilies cut and soaked in a little vinegar.
1 tsp corn flour
3/4 cup water or vegetable stock.
2-3 tsp toasted sesame seeds.


To make Manchurian balls-Start by squeezing the grated cabbage and carrot between your palms to get rid of all the excess water.Add the grated capsicum,salt,pepper and corn flour and make balls.If the mix is still very wet,add some more flour or 2 tbsp of bread crumbs to it. Cover with cling wrap and chill the balls for half an hour.
After half an hour,remove and shallow fry.(I mostly fry in a pan,with little oil).Keep aside.

To make the sauce:
Drizzle some oil in a pan,just enough to coat it evenly.
Stir fry the onion and capsicum,till its half cooked.
In the same pan,add one tsp oil and add the chopped garlic.Lower the flame and stir it for 2 mins.
Add soya sauce,chili sauce,vinegar,chilis in vinegar and cornflour.Add the water and let it simmer.
When the sauce starts to thicken,add the stir fried vegetables and manchurian balls and mix well so that all the balls get coated with the sauce.
Garnish with toasted Sesame Seeds and chopped corriander leaves.
Serve hot,over plain white rice or as a side with noodles.
Dig in!!
P.S.-Sorry I don’t have any pics right now,will update it,the next time,I make it.

The 2nd Birthday party.

I was talking to a friend,who’s daughter is turning two and we were discussing parties.After we hung up,I checked the blog,to read about Aadi’s 2nd birthday party and I didn’t find anything.I realised,I never got around to writing about it.I am always big on party planning..and so,I think its a good idea to write down the details..for that day,when I lack the enthusiasm to plan another do.
Theme and decoration :
As with her first b’day party,we decided on a theme,based on her likes.At that time,she was in LOVE with Pooh Bear..Pooh Bear toys,pooh bear bottle,Pooh Bear table cloth,Pooh bear videos! So,we decided to have a Pooh Bear Themed birthday party.We looked for Pooh bear themed decorations and cake,but didn’t have much luck..except a birthday banner and a lone balloon.
The other thing that she liked then was Balloons.We couldn’t pass a counter selling balloons,without buying one for her.So,we decided to get balloons and loads of helium Balloons with long strings.And decided that was the only decoration that we used.DH wanted enough balloons to fill the room.

Cake :
The cake I was not entirely happy about.We chose a chocolate cake,in the shape of 2 and it had a picture of the Balloons.Originally I wanted a custom cake,with a little bit of Pooh,some balloons and something about the number 2.But,I didn’t find anything I liked..and we had just moved here..and my baking had gone haywire.So,we settled for the next best thing.The taste was alright..not,Out of this world like the first birthdays.And that cake came from a grocery store..this was a proper bakery.Anyway..It was a 2 shaped cake,vanilla with chocolate cream filling and vanilla cream on top and chocolate frosting on the side.

Games– There were 5 kids (age 2 to 4) and 3 babies. So,I didn’t really plan any games.I just pushed the furniture near the walls and spread some toys..which the younger kids and babies enjoyed.The older 2 just formed bunches of the balloons and ran with them.
Menu : It was a dinner party and the menu was-
Appetiser-Chips and Salsa; Veg Spring rolls.
Main Course-Veg Manchurian,Chole,Chicken Curry,Boondi Raita,Veg Pulav,Roti.
Dessert-Fruit Custard.
I cooked everything,except the rotis at home and everyone loved it.The first dish to disappear was the Veg Manchurian.I had made so much of that,but in the end,I had to gracefully put the empty bowl away.

Return Gift– It doesnt matter how tiny your guests are ..their eyes light up,at the sight of the return gift.Since we had a small number of kids,I bought individual gifts for everyone- the girls got a faux fur bags in pink or lavendar-the bags were filled with playdoh for the 4 year old and crayons for the 2 year olds. Boys got cars and crayons and the babies got a soft toy each.Each gift bag also had some candy,blow-outs(?) and a baby shrek,whose head danced..
And finally a picture of the gift table-

All in all, a good party.I wasnt too happy about the cake..and so this year,I plan on baking myself..FINGERS crossed!


..More things about me..
Goofy Mumma tagged me on this one-
Reveal 7 random things about yourself.
Here are the rules of the tag.
1) You have to tag 7 people.
2) You have to link their pages in your tag post
3) You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged.
4) You have to say who tagged you.

Lets see..what can I tell you this time-
1. I don’t remember books and movies after I finish reading/watching them.I mean when I go back to read or watch again,then I recollect snatches..but,even if someone asks me right after the movie ends,about a scene,I can’t remember.
2. I enjoy cooking.Its almost therapeutic for me.I love the rythm of chopping,stirring..The more complicated a recipe,the more I enjoy it.
3.Saying “No” is not one of my strongest point.I just cannot say No.And on the rare occasion that I do,I end up feeling guilty.
4.I am a pushover.I know when I am being pushed,but I am still trying to learn to be firm and not get pushed.
5.I have to read every night..Every single night.
6.I am planner..I like to plan things,way in advance.Some plans fall through,some dont..for those that don’t I find a counter plan…:D
7.I used to write poems,when until 8-9 years back..then I don’t know how I stopped.

Phew..this one was hard..I think I have now told you guys,all that is to tell about me.

I tag..Avanti,comfortablynam,Swati,Abha,Rayshma,Neera and Mystic Margarita