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Chocolate Fudge Cake

I found this recipe in the Good Food magazine..and I knew instantly,I was going to try it out.More than anything else,I was sure,I wanted to bake it for Aadya’s birthday.I tried it as is,without mucking up and the cake was to DIE for! For the birthday cake,I upped the flour and used plain butter frosting instead of chocolate was fine..but nothing to beat the chocolate,eh?
The recipe finally..Sorry for the long wait people.

1 1/2 cups(225 g) self raising flour
1/2 cup(50 gms) cocoa
1 cup sugar
11/2 tsp baking powder
250 g butter,softened
4 eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
75 g dark chocolate,melted( remember to pick up dark chocolate with atleast 70% cocoa solids)

Fudge Icing
200 g butter,softened
200 gm pure icing sugar
200 gms dark chocolate,melted

*Pre-heat oven to 180 deg C (or 160 deg C-fan-forced).Grease and line two 20 cm round sandwich pans.
*Place flour,cocoa,baking powder,sugar,butter,eggs,vanilla extract and melted dark chocolate in a food processor until smooth.If the batter is a little stiff,add 2-3 tbsps water and process again.
*Divide mixture equally between the pans,smooth surface and bake for 30-40 mins ,until a skewer comes out clean.Cool cakes in pans for 5 mins,before transfering onto wire rack to cool completely.
*To make icing,place butter and icing sugar in a clean food processor until combined.Add melted chocolate and process,until smooth.Sandwich together layers of cake with half of the icing and top with the remaining icing.

Cut a huge slice and ENJOY!!!

For this cake,I used vanilla custard filling and instead of the chocolate butter icing..I used pink frosting.EVERY thing was same,only I didn’t add chocolate powder and added some pink color.When adding color,add color to only a small portion of frosting,at a time.
I covered the top of the cake with pink frosting and then added chocolate sprinkles.The fairies were sugar fairies,cake toppers ($6-from Coles)..
Ta..daa.. all done!

On my needles..

Winter is here..and my knitting mojo is back…I think all I needed was cold weather..:)
On my needles currently are for a friend,in fancy knitting yarn and
another one for myself.I just cast on Fishtail lace scarf in the same blue from the library bag..
I will update this post later,with pics.

Birthday pics Finally

I think its about time,I shared some pics from Aadi’s birthday-
Here’s the birthday girl with her cake and most importantly,CANDLE!

The cake

This was my first attempt at butter icing and there were gaps..
Here’s the inside-

It was double chocolate cake with custard filling,pink butter frosting and chocolate sprinkles and sugar fairies.Aren’t the fairies cute?They are from Coles party decor aisle.

Finally I sent out invitations for Aadi’s birthday party.We were waiting to have a party after she started,the party is next,the madness begins.I wasn’t very happy with the butter looked and tasted nice..but I dont like the buttery after-taste the next day.So,this time may be I will try whipped cream or chocolate Ganache…If anyone has some tried and tested fab icing recipe..please pass it on..
Tomorrow is the first day of playgroup..Its a mom-baby(child) group..We have been wait-lists since we moved to Australia..About time,I say.
Enjoy the pics..

Guess who is..

Toilet trained now??
Yes Ms.Aadya..
Remember the Diaper-making? So,when I told her,it was a tissue and not a diaper,she didn’t believe me.She had to try it.I was on the phone..and saw her running back and forth,pulling a tissue from the box,on each trip..Naturally,I checked..and the sight that met me,was..lets just say not very pretty.
She actually tried to use the tissue as a diaper..and it didn’t,she panicked..Needless to say,I had to clean up the mess.But,she realised the tissue wont work.So,I put her on the toilet and she did it!!
The next day,when she wanted to go potty,she asked me to put her on the toilet seat!! And then the next day..and the day after..and so,before her 3rd b’day..she was absolutely diaper-free!![Anti-jinx]
Yayyy Aadi!

TTC Diary#2

April 7th 2010-
Tested today morning..and got a BFN! no surprises there..
Nausea getting worse..I spent most of yesterday and today morning horizontal.
shoulder pain at the tip of left shoulder.sore abdomen and on and off cramping.
brown spotting yesterday night,on wiping.
Hopefully the blood test on Friday should give us an answer,one way or the other.

Twinkle Star Aani

In our living room,on a table rest two photos-Photos of both pairs of Aadya’s grandparents.Until recently,she used to recognise everyone,but her Nani.In her mind,Nani is her aunt.Why Aani,I will tell you- when we were small,we watched a pakistani drama,about two girls,who used to call their aunt(masi)-Aani.After their parents death,they went on to live with her.The Aani,was so like our aunt and we wanted to call her Aani..but our suggestion was vetoed by mom..and we sulked.
When Aadi came along,instantly,both sis and I said,she will be Aani for Aadi…and thats what she is.Aani has tried to make her say Nani..but she just goes on to call her Aani..and its a fond word for us all.
So,back to the post..Nani for Aadya is Aani..and Aani is truly the best grandma ever..and she does all that my mom would have done for her..and sometimes she does even more than that..But,it used to break my heart,that she didn’t know her nani.
I asked her one day,’Do you know that is in the picture?’ She recognised her Nanu and asked me if that was Aani.Mom and aunt resemble each other.So,I told her,she is her mumma.She asked me,’is it Aani?’ I told her Aani is my masi and this Nani is my mumma.
She wanted to know where my mumma was..I told her she was at Jai-Jai Bappa’s house.Damn..why does it still hurt so much..?
Anyway,on the day of her b’day,we were going to the temple..and she wanted to know whats a temple and we said,its Jai-Jai Bappa’s home.Suddenly she was very excited..”WOWWWWW..I am going meet my Aani..Aani is going to pick me up..” We told her Aani is in Bombay..”No picture-wali Aani”,she insisted..”you told me,Aani is in Jai-Jai Bappa house..”
I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat.I no not the temple home,the real home,in the sky..
She wanted to know,how Aani can stay there..?We told her there was a big house for her there…Anyway,we got to the temple..attended the Aarti and we ready to leave.She refused to leave.She wanted to see her Aani..That was all I could take.I didn’t know what to answer her.DH picked her up and pointed to the sky..asked her to look for the brightest star..when she did,he told her thats your Aani.
“Really?? “,she asked excited.She then wanted Aani to come in her car..DH was so calm..he told her to look out the windshield and see the moon..when she did,he told her,Aani is right next to the moon and she will be waiting for us at home.
As soon as we got home,she got out of the car and looked at the sky..she was happy to see the moon and her Aani.She tells us,Twinkle star Aani comes to her at night and tells her to go to sleep and not trouble her mumma-papa.
Today we recieved her b’day gift from Nanu and Masi and Nanu also sent pictures of Aani..Since then,she has been excitedly showing her Twinkle star Aani to everyone on the phone and webcam..Life is good now.

Ready?…TTC Diary-1

Year 2010..
At the start of the year I didn’t get any baby vibes..but in the back of my mind this year was always the year of Baby#2..we’ll see what it holds for us.
January 2010
AF didn’t show..Last AF was on November 15th 2009.
I got my hormone profile done in India and all the readings were in the normal range.
February 2010
Finally AF showed- 12th Feb.
I was marking the calendar,since december…for even the slightest of tweak..that I felt.
The details matched the details for this cycle..
I spotted twice during the cycle,with cramps and sharp unbearable pain,on the left or right side.
14 days after the second spotting,AF showed up.
We are going to use this cycle and the next few as test find a pattern.To see if it matches.
CD#1- Feb 12th.
CD#17- Feb 28th-mild cramping
CD#23- March 6th-Slight spotting(pink)
CD#24-March 7th-Spotting..
CD#28-March 11th-Blood-tinged and Egg-white CM.(Possible Ovulation??)
CD#33- March 16th-spotting(red on wiping) spotting..
CD#39-March 22nd-Light Brown spotting
CD#40-March 23rd-Light Brown spotting continues
CD#41-March 24th-spotting continues
CD#42- March 25th- AF day? I woke up and I thought AF is here.Light on U/w and on wiping.Nothing after that.(is it implantation?)
CD# 43-All clear..
CD#47- Test at doctor office-BFN
CD#54-April 6th-still no AF.

In the meantime,
CD#29-March 13th-Extremely tired after 2 hours in the was a very hot day
CD#30-March 14th- Headache after 1 hour at the town center.
from CD#31 Nausea on and off,very tired
CD#38-Achy calves and feet
CD#42-MArch 25th-hot flashes,irritation
General restlessness,lower back aches,head aches,loss of appetite,motion sickness,swollen breasts,nausea,insomnia,head rush on bending,stuffy nose.
April 2nd ,3rd,4th-Nausea after eating,tired,headaches,strong smells,Extremely sore breasts and back ache.
April5th-sore breasts,severe nausea-afternoon to almost dinner time,very tired…

Ganesha Acrylic on Canvas

When I painted the duckling for Aadi’s room,Sahil,my brother wanted one for his room too.I asked him what he wanted,he asked me to choose.I showed him the Little Ganesha DVD cover and he loved it..

So,I painted this one,inspired from that..
Acrylic on Canvas,works well..I am happy with the finish..though,next time I would play around with the background more.

Material used-Blank Canvas,Acrylic paints
Blank Canvas- $3.33 (set of 3 from Reject Shop)
Acrylic paints(collected over time)

Bonus-A very happy and impressed brother!

Library Bag

This little number started as dress for Aadya,last April.
I think,I was being over-ambitious in thinking,I will knit a dress for her…I started knitting,went half way through the back..This was my travelling project..I would knit it only while travelling.
Now,almost a year later,I still hand’t finished even the back..I got tired of seeing it on my needles.I was going to rip it off..but the thought of ripping off a year’s labour(lol ok..may be not) saddenned me.So,I decided to turn it into a bag.
I binded it off and had a finished rectangle.I folded it half,length-wise and sewed the edges,to make a bag.
Then I picked up the stitches,from a row,2 rows down from the bind off edge..and knitted the flap.
For the strap-I made a crochet strap..6-dc wide..
Aadi chose a pink tea-pot button and the bag is ready.

About this bag-
Material- 100% acrylic yarn

This is the first bag that I knitted and I am so kicked.
This is also the first time,I picked up stitches and that makes me feel like an accomplished knitter..:D
Look who’s ready for the beach:

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone..hope you are all having a nice weekend.
Ours has been full of anxiety,dotted with Happy moments.Anxious,because of FIL.He fainted at work and was admitted in the hospital on Wednesday..They called us on Thursday afternoon..Since then,we are on and off the phone..waiting for news..Yesterday,the doctor confirmed,what we suspected,it was a mild heart attack and he is still under observation.He will be fitted with a pacemaker on Monday and then,we’ll be able to breath easy.
In other news,my brother is here for the weekend..Its just so nice to have him around.Aadi is completely smitten with him..and he is in love with her..If we got a dollar for everytime,she said,”Mamu”,we’d be millionaires,before monday..which is when he is going back.
All we have done this weekend is..spend family time,eat,vegetate on the couch,talking,eat some more…vegetate more..Its just perfect.
Hope you guys are having a nice weekend..more later..Be good,my Lovelies.