ThankYou & Li’l Birdie Giveaway

This post is long over-due.I think way back..sometime in April,I said,that this blog’s visitor count was hovering near 15,000 and when it hits 15,000 I will announce a giveaway.No,I didn’t forget about it..I just didn’t get around to write a post about it.But,I didn’t stop thinking about it.
I thought long and hard..and I then I thought some more..about what to thank you lovely people for stopping by and for coming back,again and again..One thing kept coming to my mind and it was..”hand made”.The other thing that I thought about giving away was a collection of souveneirs from Melbourne..then,I thought no..there was nothing personal about that.So..I am going to stick with HandMade.
Remember Chup-Chup the birdie? No? Then,look here

Like it?
Well that’s the giveaway..
A pair of these cuties in one of the following colors- Maroon,orange,yellow,white.
You can also pick two different colors. The choice is yours.
All you have to do is,leave a comment to this post,telling me what you like most about my blog and what is that you want to see more of in this space. And tell me the color of your liking,in case you win.
The giveaway will run for the month of June and I will pick the winner by random integer generator in the first week of July.Umm..on second thoughts,to make things more interesting,we will have two picked by the random integer generator..and one picked out the old fashioned way.. lucky dip-drawn by Ms.Aadya.
You can leave multiple entries,to increase your chances of winning.

Sounds good?Please spread the word to others you know.
And again-Thanks for visiting and do keep coming back!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I love the birdie! 🙂 I would like it in red n yellow just like in the pic plsssss :p
    My fav posts to come in a follow up comment. I’m off now to promote ur lil birdie giveaway 🙂

  2. ohh how nice! I like posts on Aadya the most 🙂 wud love to get the red bird with yellow beak hehe

  3. what i love here the most has to be without any doubt aadya 😉 and i wish to win by a lucky draw pick from her 😉

    ok enough kidding I love the warmth in the blog and the creativity u and shurti sometimes tempt me thinking i can be creative too

    and yes red and yellow are favorite here too

  4. Me wants me wants me wants … random or Diva or whatever … I so want those birdies Trish … plssssss
    My budday is cmg close and u can’t disappoint the bday girl no tsk tsk 😉

    LOL, kidding apart … I luv the variety I get to read here … Diva’s tales to recipes to crafts to rants and everything else 🙂 And ofcourse, the connection I feel with u ppl, which is beyond this blog-world 🙂

    I woulddd luv it in yellow and white 😀 So sweet of u ppl to do these giveaways .. I hv so wanted to do something like that, but never got arnd to doing it 😀

  5. WOW!! that is generous of you.

    I really hope I winthe birdie

    I am zapped by your creativity- i cant even sew a button right….

    • Awww Art thanks..and you are so sweet..:)Sorry I still haven’t gotten around to doing the Poncho..but its on my to-do list.Thanks for being patient.

  6. The little birdie is absolutely cute! I want the red and yellow one too thank you 🙂 I think I got introduced to your blog through Shruti’s blog when you won the competition and though I have not been a regular, I do hop in here once in a while to check out Aadyaspeak 🙂

  7. hi Trish, my first time here. Came here via Swaram’s blog. this place looks so warm and interesting.
    And u live in Melbourne, now why didnt i know that before?? coz i was there 2 months back!!
    ur daughter seems adorable.
    And best of luck for NaBloPoMo. Even i am attempting the same. lets see how it goes!!

  8. Hi came here via Shruti,so nice of you to do this give away.
    A very nice blog by you,since i have started experimenting with oven love to see posts more on baking 🙂 :).
    Like everyone i too want the bird.Hope i get it in yellow n orange.

  9. See. i got so much traffic here 😉 I shud get the birdie!
    what I love abt u n ur blog is.. u seem like my soul sister.. so many similarities 🙂 I love how well u bake.. really J that i’m here n u r there n i can’t just drop by n grab a piece.

    n of course Adya is adorable!! 🙂

    • OMG!OMG! yes..I feel the same about you too-Soul sister! Hugssssss!
      And I so wish you were closer would have been a riot!
      Psst-say some more nice things about me,and you’ll definitely win..ahem!LOL!

  10. n since every1 is talking abt birthdays.. mine was last month. u did not give me a present yet! :p

  11. This is to record my presence on ur blog!! Need I say more ?? You know why I visit..only to read abt Adya baby..and she a competitor here by the name of Punch..both will compete hard to win the title of the naughtiest child

    • LOL!!! yes,I had a sneaky suspicion,its all about Aadya..but ohh well..a girl can hope that atleast a few like her:D
      And Punch sounds adorably gobblable!!LOL

  12. i love ur crafts, cooking, decor, and most of all tales abt Aadya. her chatter is really cute. n ive said this before, u seem like a really warm n nice reflects in ur blog. n if i win, please send us a yellow and white birdie. i think that would look cute.

  13. PS: did I tell u, you look fab in that yellow top 🙂
    PPS: I’m really trying to hog ur comment space so that i get it.. Now i’m really desperate :p

  14. Hey sweetie, this is me, Lakshmi (Laks?) I love the posts about Aadya the most 😀

  15. Hey Trish,
    I had first landed here to have a look at your prize winning doll dress. And though i’ve not been a regular here, I like Aadya tales … the most 🙂 Most everything about her reminds me of Ammu when she was little… especially the chatterbox thing !!

  16. I came back just to that I win that quite little birdie 🙂 Talk about being shallow right?? You are so talented, I cannot knit/crochet for the life of me!!!

    • hehhe no no not shallow..i wud have done the same!
      And thank you:)

    • Same here!.. err i mean the cannot knit/crochet part 😉

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m back 🙂

      I actually meant cute little birdie..not quite..though I guess that adjective also suits!!!

      BTW, I have to thank you for that whipped cream from the tub tip 🙂 I baked an eggless banana cake two days back and frosted it using your suggestion! Need I tell you that the cake and the frosting was a super hit.. Thank you so much.. 🙂

      • Welcomeeeeeeeeeeee back!!:D
        And yayyyy I am sooo excited that the cake and frosting was a hit!Did u get a chance to try the other recipe that i sent u?And you are sooo welcome!!hugs

  17. Trish, the Chup-chup giveaway is so thoughtful of you. I am late as usual. Good that the giveaway is running for the whole month. 🙂

    I love the Aadi posts most (especially the Aadi-speak ones) and would like to see more pictures (not that FB is not compensating, but still).. Btw, I like whatever colour Aadi likes 🙂

    • Yeah one month long giveaway,gives everyone enough time to participate and promote(hint hint) na!:P
      And hmm about pics.. lets see may be I will post some 🙂 till then FB zindabad.

  18. Oh yay..giveaway!!
    The thing I like the most about this blog is…YOU! I love that we have a common interest in food and crafts( Although, you actually do both) I love what a sensitive, thoughtful and generous person you are-and I haven’t even met you yet. I wish I had a friend like you living nearby to be a part of my daily life 🙂

    What I’d like to see more of on this blog? Frankly I like it the way it is. I am interested in everything you write about, whether it is a recipe(which btw ,I get maha excited abt), momyyhood or simply about how your day went. There is something so real and stable about your life ,just reading about it is calming and reassuring.

    You are a good egg Trish 🙂

    • Awww A,Thank you..your words,really made me very happy and made me tear up:) you are so sweet,to say such nice things about me:P
      And yes,I wish you were a part of my daily life too:D really..

  19. Hey Trish, it is a lovely idea to giveaway something you made/make. I love your blog just the way it is. Keep it going. And don’t move 😉

  20. me! me! me! and what do we like about your blog? well you of course. (I’d admit it is Adya but I’m scared you won’t give me the birdie.) so its you you you!

    • LOL!!! MM..I knew it!!!it was too good to be true..humpff..its all about aadi! hehe but since u said its me..I will consider you in the draw..hehehe

  21. First time on your blog. Saw the link from artsy-craftsy. nice blog. nice birdie…

  22. Trish, this is not an entry (although the birds are damn cute) but what I like about your blog is your enthu. It’s most infectious!

  23. awww… so many comments!!!! i mean i’m happy for u 😉 but that means that much lesser chance of me getting it! 😦

    • LOL!!! But,if u look..your comments top the charts!!n my replies to the comments will be,u do stand a good chance!:D

  24. i so so want that birdie. Lil p has even thought up names for them..
    PS: she wants a red with yellow beak.. n a black with white beak. calles they reddy n blackie! :p

  25. wow the bird is sooooo cute ..loved all the colours 🙂

    about you blog ..i like the honesty with which you write and love the tales from aadyaland 🙂

  26. Of course I love tales from Adyaland and the honest/intospective posts of yours! Love the red and yellow birdie.

  27. me wants birdie! Me wants birdie! Me wants birdie! 😛 😛

    In looooopppppp

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