Another simple pleasure shared


When I was growing up,one of  the staple weekend breakfasts,comprised of Kuskara or Phodnichi poli. This is essentially made from leftover Rotis.The leftover Roti/chapati is crushed or broken into small bits/flakes.These flakes are seasoned with salt and a pinch of sugar and stir fried with onions and served hot,garnished with fresh coriander and a dash of lemon juice. Yummm…

I have missed this favorite breakfast,over the last few years since we got married.Whenever I make chapati/paratha for the two of us,we finish it.Or may be one or maximum two chapatis are leftover..we end up eating those,as it is. When I go to India,I ask the maid to make 5 extra rotis,for each meal..that way,every other day,I eat kuskara for breakfast!My dad doesn’t get this fixation of mine..and wonders why I want to eat this,when I can eat something fresh every day..but what can I do..I HEART this.

Offlate,now that Ms.Aadya eats with us..and its not fixed how many chapatis she will eat..sometimes,she sits at the table with us and eats a chapati or two,when we are eating..on other days,she doesn’t even touch it.As a result,we now have some left over chapatis :D..So,the other day,I made around 6-7 extra chapatis,and made this Kuskara for breakfast and asked Aadya to taste it.She didn’t want to taste it,at first..then,when she tasted it,she loved it..and asked for more.Even asked me to give it her for lunch,the next day.I was happy…I would trade the crackers&chips&biscuits  for a good wholesome breakfast anyday!

What were your breakfast favorites when you were growing up??Do your kids,love what you loved as a kid??Do share:)

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  1. Aww getting extra rotis made only to hv this is so sweet of u Trish .. simple pleasures indeed 🙂

    Psst psst ….I hv 3 rotis left over today 😉 Gud idea this one 😉

  2. Yes, my favourite was a simple namak-ajwain ka paratha, served with a chopped onion and tomato salad.
    My kids have loved it too:)

  3. I love dosas and my daughter is loving it.

  4. myamusingmind

    gimme proper recipe pls

  5. I’ve had this. It tsates yumm. there is something wonderful about recycling leftovers, no? My mom used to make ‘Idly upma’ from leftover idlis. I like it more than idlis and ask her to make idlis in excess only for the upma 😀

  6. Soundy tasty… shd give this a try. And it does feel nice when our kids like to eat what we loved as kids!
    Like Meira said… even i preferred idli upma to the idlis 😀

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