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Mumbai Tales-2

Its a rainy rainy day here..I can’t believe it,I haven’t seen the Mumbai Monsoon,in so many years.The last time,I was here was in August 2004…woww seems like another era!LOL!
We feasted on Bhajiyas for breakfast and had hot puris with Chole for lunch..can life get any better??
Ms.Aadya is living in the fear that Mommy is going to go away for a Facial!!LOL! Two days in a row,I went out with the MIL,to the parlour,leaving her alone with her dad.She hates these Facial trips.While I was away,she asked her dad,”How long does it take to do the facial?” DH was flabberghasted as always by her clear precise question!
We are off to Shirdi tomorrow..if you are going to be there..or if you want to send any requests to Sai Baba,leave a comment..
Sorry haven’t had a chance to comment on ur blogs…I promise I’ll catch up,with the reading soon!
Much love,my lovelies..

Mumbai Tales

Hellloo Hello..This is Trish reporting from Mumbai!The Diva and her humble slaves reached here last night.
Your truly typed out the whole post and Ms.Aadya came and pressed the Esc key…only to leave me gaping at the empty window!!Gahh!!!
So,anyway,as I was saying,we reached Mumbai last night.The journey was alright,quite uneventful..touchwood.
We had a 12 hour halt at KL airport and that was a good thing,we got the much needed rest.But,the hotel,the lesser spoken about the better.I am only thankful to have found a clean bed and clean bathroom..the rest of the hotel-the state of the corridors and the lack of the windows in the room,I just want to erase that image from my mind…ASAP!
As for Ms.Aadya-She is quite a seasoned traveller now.She fell asleep on the ride to the airport and as soon as we got down,she woke up fresh as a daisy,”Yayyy..We are at Tuku Airport!”When we told her,no..all she said was,”Oh!”,before reaching for her pull-along bag! Once the luggage was checked in,we told her to run to the only empty seat..She just heard,”Run” and she ran..and she ran past the chairs..and then ask..”So,where is Tuku?”LOL!! We had to tell her,no..sweety,not yet..
The security and immigration was a breeze…only,the Diva found herself a perch under a huge pillar and told us,she would wait till we stood in the long line of 4!! umm..that wasn’t a hit with her father..but who do u think has the last word in this house?
She slept through most of the flight…and woke up only during meals,watched her videos..this time she remembered to keep the headphones on!See I told u,she is a seasoned traveller now..:D
More later…be good…

Busy Busy

Hii people,

Hope you are doing fine.Its been a while since my last post..NaBloPoMo is over..but my mind is swarming with posts.but I am just trying to get on with two days in 24 its crazy busy time.

We leave for India in less than a unexpected India trip again! so,yayy..but this time,I am not super thrilled about going..I mean,I could easily wait a few more months,before craving a vacation!LOL!

I still havent started packing..the house needs to be cleaned before we leave..I hope I can finish all that,I want to!

And along with that,suddenly our evenings and weekends are super-busy.This weekend started on Friday morning with a friend coming over to spend the day,then,Ms.Aadya  went over to her place for a sleep over..HER first OFFICIAL sleepover.WOWW my baby is all grown up!She had a good time and enjoyed her sleepover,while we sulked! LOL!! yes..we sulked..that our baby is AWAY! yeah we are crazy like that. A dinner and a potluck lunch and the weekend was over,in a blink.

While I go and try to pack,may I offer you,freshly baked Mocha walnut Brownies??Yeah??Ok dig in:DSC03990

Multi-tasking is..

risky business!


I was baking a cake,some multi-grain crackers,knitting,talking on the phone.When it was time to check on the crackers,the phone was still cradled by my shoulder.And this is what happened!


And the winners are:


Its time to announce the winners of the giveaway.Like I said,in the Giveaway Post,the winners were picked by-

1)Random integer generator

2) Old fashioned way-Name drawn out of a hat,by the the star of the blog,Ms.Aadya.

The Random integer generated is-

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-07-06 01:39:41 UTC

Comment No.27  is-

Posted by Momo’s Ma on June 6, 2010 at 12:13 AM edit

i love ur crafts, cooking, decor, and most of all tales abt Aadya. her chatter is really cute. n ive said this before, u seem like a really warm n nice reflects in ur blog. n if i win, please send us a yellow and white birdie. i think that would look cute.

Now,for the name drawn by Ms.Aadya:

That  name is-SHANKARI

Congratulations,Momo’s Ma and Shankari!

Please send me your addresses and the color preference once again,so that your birdies,can be on their way!

Thanks everyone for participating in this giveaway!All your comments are very precious to me!



I have to write this DOWN!
Today,a friend came over with her 9 month old.We had a nice time..and when she was leaving,Aadya gave her kisses and cuddles,kissed her FAVORITE baby in the whole wide word a thousand times and then waved good bye.
And just as she was about to open the gate,my little angel said,"Thanks for coming,Madhu Masi"…OMG!!we looked at each other,and our jaws dropped.She left the baby’s stroller by the gate and ran back to hug Aadi.
I cannot tell you how happy I was.This is the first time,she said it on her own,without any prompting.
And as I was typing this email,I realised that we have never taught her to say,"thanks for coming".Not that we don’t want to ..but its just that,whenever someone is leaving,she is too busy crying..that she doesn’t want them to go,this was definitely a first.
I am soo soo proud of my little girl.I know for sure,that I didn’t know/think of saying this even when I was 6! was all about "bye aunty, bye uncle" run back inside to play or dig into the snacks,that were served for them:D
She is surely a charmer!

Yayyy we won!


Thanks for voting for the Colorful Zoo .

And Kudos to Shruti for hosting Artsy-Craftsy,month after month.Wonder what new theme,she will come up with this month!

Today is a good day and my mood today is Happy! Aadya has been good..playing alone,whining only when I want her to eat..the rest of the day,she left me alone,to laze around and browse peacefully.

We had her friends over yesterday..We moms decided to have a potluck lunch..a good time was had by all.The kids played normally-I say normally,coz there was the usual pulling,tugging fighting for the same toy..and then, they played happily,side-by-side too.So,it was nice.I am looking forward to more such days.

At one time,there were 4 kids running around the house..we had no idea,which one zoomed by.I had moved the coffee table to a side,so that they had a lot of open space.We tried to color with the crayon cakes and then,when the frequency of meltdowns increased,Friend P, pulled out the magic baby sitter,the Wiggles DVD! And then,they sat down to watch it…sorry,we asked them to sit down and watch it.Before we knew it they were all was so much fun!All of us,moms,ran to our camera..It was so funny..4 of us,in 4 different corners of the room,3 of us with cameras!LOL!And even then,it was so hard to get them all together,looking at the camera!


The apple cake was a big hit..:) We saved some for DH,who finished it last night!BTW,yesterday,the Diva turned 3 years and 3 months!!:)

My Bro is visiting this friday..yayyy I am sooo excited!!This morning,DH was telling me,that we’ll have to turn down a dinner he will call up and tell them.And we have not told Aadi that Sahil is,he didnt want to take his name.We want to see her reaction,when he arrives.So,DH said,’I will tell him,the your Bro is coming and so we’ll have to do it another time.’ Before I could answer,Aadya  jumped up and said,"Yayyy!my Sahil Mamu is coming!”

We were zapped..WTH!!how did she know that..she knows,he is my brother..but we have never used words like BRO or SIS in front of her..It took us some time to respond..hehee

Speaking of cheeky responses,when I was baking the apple cake,Aadi told me,to put frosting on the cake too.I said,’I don’t have stuff to make the frosting’ and her response is.."Oh ho dont know frosting?that creamy creamy thing that girls like to eat on their cake and mommies have to make it!”

Another time,she asked me to make halwa..and I said,"Sorry Aadu,but there is no ghee or butter” and her response.."Oh ho!don’t you remember papa got can u forget such things,mommy!!”

And then during the playdate,one of the girls,wanted Aadi’s ladybug pillow.She didnt want to share.After much coaxing and repeated assurances she gave it to her,but her heart was in the,she tells me,"Mumma,I have an idea,how about I do some magic magic and make the ladybug for Aneisha?”And she went on to make an imaginary magical ladybug for Aneisha..Obviously Aneisha wasn’t interested!!But we couldn’t stop laughing over the little magician!

How is your day today?