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Back with a Flan…

Yes,yes I know,I keep disappearing…:(
I have many WIPs and so many times,I think about blogging about those but,just don’t get around to. I was away on a vacation..and obviously no food posts!As in,I didn’t cook much.
Its been two weeks since I came back and things are just warming up in the kitchen. Last weekend,I had about 2kgs of pears at home..come on they were very cheap..about $3 for 2kgs..and I CANNOT miss a good deal..
So,I had to buy the pears..and all the time,I kept thinking of <a href="">this recipe</a>.I first saw it 2-3 months back and had booked marked it. And boy!!this one is a keeper.Everyone loved it.I am going to make it again,this week,to finish the remaining pears 🙂

Go on,feast your eyes:



I am going publish this post now,before I drown in my own drool!!LOL!

Bright and Sunny Monday


Its a beautiful day,today.We have had cold gloomy days,since we came its a lovely to soak in the Sun today.

My laundry baskets are today is laundry day.I love hanging out freshly washed laundry,to air dry! And since we moved to Melbourne,two years back,Ms.Aadya loves it too.She is mommy’s little helper..she likes to hand over clothes to me,from my basket…or pass the clothes pegs.

Other than that,we don’t have anything earth shattering planned..if the weather holds,we’ll be off to the park,later.May be!!

Speaking of “May be”..its not really my fav. phrase these days..a couple of days back,we had a play-date and one of the kids, started crying.And a slightly older kid,pointed a finger at Aadi and said,”May be ,she poked her in the eye”.. Now,I know for a fact,that the older kid was nowhere near the crying kid and Aadi..and when I asked Aadya,if she knew what happenned..she said,didn’t know.I asked the older kid,if she saw Aadi do it..she said,no..but may be she did it..only to have the mother cover up for her,by praising the use of new words.But,I wasn’t too thrilled..:(

I dunno how Aadi will be when she grows up..but as of now..she owes up her mistake..and if she hasn’t done anything,she looks us in the eye,and tells us,that she hasn’t….And I believe her ! What would you do in a similar situation??


Its been more than a week since we came back from India..and it feels like we’ve never been away..well almost..if u don’t peep in the guest-room,you would never know that we were away!The guest-room is where all the bags have been stashed-still unopened.
This time I am in no rush to unpack ..and it feels good to get on a daily basis,without digging in the suitcases.:)
There has been a small shift in the equation,this time..I was elated to go visit family..But,I kept stealing glances,at the place,I call home here.I was happy to be with my family and friends..but,I kept feeling,something is missing..I kept wishing,they were visiting instead…:) And no,its not about Melbourne..its not about Australia..its just about being in your comfort zone in your space.:)I don’t even know,if 10 years down the line,if we will still be here…but for now,this is home..and I love it with all its pluses and minuses!

What’s on your table top?

One of my favorite bloggers Patricia of Colors Decor,is hosting a Table Top Party this August.

I love to play around with colors and small knick-knacks..around the living room and keep changing my table top settings,as and when I feel like.

This week,I set up the coffee table and dining table,with my newly acquired treasures.


My Aunt gifted me this beautiful bowl,this time,when I was in Bombay.I simply LOVE it! We were going to buy another bowl-which was beautiful,gold and red,very busy design,until,our eyes rested on this one..and then,there was no looking back. I am soo glad I picked this one.



The table-cover is one of my dupattas.This one is a gift from the ILs.They picked it up from Amritsar.Its beautiful,but, I’ve never used it..And when I saw the bowl,this is the first thing that came to my mind.


And this is what my dining table looks like this festive season.The table cover is again one of my bandhani dupattas with golden block printed Paisley.The Warli placemats are hand-painted and laminated by my MIL’s neighbour.I didn’t want to put too many things on the table,because of busy hands-a.k,a Ms.Aadya,hence the simple salt-pepper shakers.


And last but not the least,My favorite table- My picture table..and my favorite Ganesha sits on it.

Tell me what’s on your table top?

Back home,settling in…

So,we are back home..and settling in..
We are still jet-lagged,waking up almost at noon..well I wake up by 10.00 and Ms.Aadya by noon..:) And I still haven’t unpacked:D..
We are still fighting a flu and cold ..but its so nice to be home.
Surprisingly,this is the first time,that I was home-sick in bombay..and couldn’t wait to get back HOME! And I felt guilty for feeling that way..but I still wanted to be home.I wanted to sleep in my in my kitchen..:D
Yeah crazy me…
Our first morning here,I kept hearing the phones and door-bells,the dog barking..It was still too early,to call up my dad..Aadi was still sleeping.I made myself a cup of masala tea..and sipped it quietly..and I quite liked it:)
I finished my tea and rang up dad..he was having his tea too…we had a moment there..he was missing the little brat,following him around,blackmailing him for Paanch Rupiye(Rs.5) or ice-cream..or asking him to the take the dog for his 4th walk of the morning..”Nanu,mera frisky bhai is bored…he wants to go for a walk”… “Nanu jaldi karo,frisky bhai ko susu karna hai”(Nanu,hurry up,brother frisky,wants to go potty)…who cares,that Frisky bhai was busy sleeping under his favorite chair!!
Rest is ..the same..we were away for just a month..but seems like a longg time.. normal blogging will resume soon!!
Hope everyone is well..
P.S.- Huge appologies to those of you,who I couldn’t call/email or meet..we spent 3 out of 4 weeks sick..please forgive me..I will reply to ur emails soon..
More later,my Loveliesssss


so I can write a post today..:P I am going to blabber..about my day today..
We went for haircuts today,with my uncle..Aadi calls him Nasik Nanu..Nasik Nanu had a blast spoiling her rotten…be it with popcorn and cotton candy,ice-cream,games parlour..or just carrying her around in the mall.The brat wanted to take her stroller to the mall…but we refused…so she pouted..”then I will get tired..”
Nasik Nanu said,”Then,I will pick you up”…. and thats it…the diva retained only “pick you up” and insisted on him carrying her…all the time…LOL!
Right now,Nanu,my dad is held captive..he is not allowed to go to his room..The diva is combing his hair and he is telling her stories..LOL!!
How was your day?


…. is mundane:D
really..I dunno what to do here..the maid comes and finishes cooking in the morning itself…Aadi is busy chasing after the dog,or playing with my grandma…what do I do…dont even feel like crafting….
The wet weather makes me wanna not step out…Spoke to Swaram and Shruti today…that was NICEEEEE…Sorry girls,too lazy to link up…
I am trying to write a post a day….so i am going to cheat and adjust the time..coz I did start typing this post 3 hours back!

Of Missing DH and super-girls!

DH is back in MEL and I am missing him..we saw him off last night and let me just tell you,how much I hated it!!I didn’t want him to go…I didn’t want to stay back without him..:( Miss Aadya was suitably distracted with her reunion with her Tuku.She conveniently forgets to add the Masi to her name…except,when she is trying to be super sweet!LOL!
So,most of the drive back from the airport she kept fretting about her Tuku and why Tuku wasnt going to Dadi-ghar…until,she entered the bedroom and came out running with a sad face..Oh papa is not there.I told her,he’s gone to office..and she asked to watch some TV and wait for Tuku..she still expected Tuku to turn up..somehow,I managed to get her in bed..and we tried to fall asleep..only for her to wake crying..”I am missing my Papa…I dont want to stay here I wanna go my Melbourne home..”:( I wanted to cry too…I wanna go my Melbourne Home too…
We cuddled and I wiped her tears and then she had a “big idea”….”Mommy,can you put a cape for me?Then,I can be SuperMan and go fly-fly and bring my Papa back…” and then came fresh tears:(….I am so sad for my PApa….I don’t want him to go office..:(
Speaking of the DH,he is starting a new job tomorrow…do,stop by and wish him good luck!