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What are the odds??

What are the odds that you go out wearing a two year old shirt and run into someone wearing the exact same shirt???
First off,let me tell you,I am not very brand conscious..but I love color in my clothes.And I shop from everywhere.. Around 2 years back,I went shopping with a friend and saw this top and absolutely loved it.Last year when I went to India,my sister liked it too and she kept it. This time,when I went to India,I brought it back!!LOL!
And anyway,yesterday being nice and sunny,I wore it,when I took Aadi to get some lunch.We walked around and were on our way back,when Aadi asked to be taken to Mc.Donalds and thats where we were heading,when I saw a lady asking a local for some directions.We crossed her and stopped to drink some water.Thats when she overtook us and started walking in front of us.And her cardigan flapped a little and I saw her shirt.It looked familiar..I thought..It was similar to the one that I was wearing.
She went to the left and we went to the right. Finally,we crossed the road and entered Mc.Dees…and guess who was in the line before me???
Yup!It was the same lady! She turned and I saw that it was the exact same shirt!!She ordered her food to-go.
Anyway,I also ordered food to-go..but Aadi insisted on sitting in and eating..and who should be sitting at the next table..yes the same person!!
LOL!!I dunno about you,but I was tickled pink..Now,if someone had turned up for a party,wearing the same dress as mine,I would probably not be so happy..but really,what are the odds,that you will see someone wearing the exact same shirt…yeah if its bought at a name brand store..but not something that was bought at one of the smaller shops.
My sister,aunt and cousin,ended up buying the same kurtas,from different Shoppers’ Stop outlets and imagine their surprise when they met up wearing the similar kurtas..albeit in different colors!
Oh well.. that was my bit of excitement…:D
What would be your reaction if you saw someone wear the same outfit as yours…in a place,you are just visiting???No,I dont mean a party..just a holiday somewhere…


Yes!Thats where I am right now!
DH has been doing weekly flybacks for the last couple of weeks..Yayy..I managed to live alone with a 3-year old and not freak out!!Yayy me!
So anyway,we are booked in a service apartment in the city and I am loving it!Walking to places,exploring streets,checking out cafes..:) Loveeeeee it!
I finally got a bag for my SLR so next time,I go out,armed with that..and then there will be pics.
BTW,I am curious..have the comments stopped,because,there are no more FB updates or is it because,you are busy??Please tell me,atleast some of you are reading!!
More later..

Wordless Wednesday -1



So many things on my mind….. I dunno what to write!
Aadi is already sleeping..she is sick,poor baby.Ear infection again!I really don’t know what to do about her recurrent ear infections.
To add to the fun,not!,I am suffering from Sinus infection for over a week.Now both of us,are on antibiotics..not a lot of fun!I hate sinus infections and wouldn’t even will it on my worst enemy..wonder who that is!!LOL!
To add to my joy misery,is the letter that arrived last week,saying that Aadi didn’t get a place in the school of our choice.I was adviced to choose between 4 schools,atleast 30 minutes drive from here.I don’t think I am going to do that.We will just take our chances and wait.Fingers crossed that she gets the school of our choice in the next list.
Anyway,another thing thats bogged me down is the decision between-
A) Doing a certificate course in Pathology
B) Doing an internship-in labwork

Now,here’s the deal- I need to pay the same X amount for both. The course is something I am reallyyyyyyyyyyy interested in..and there are jobs too. But,I don’t know,how soon or when.But,it is course,I have had my heart set on for a longgggggg time.
Doing the internship- if I am lucky,I can get a paid internship ..but its an if.but it is tempting to get into something paid. but,I will be paying to practice for something I already know.
What do you think is a better option?

Hope you all had a great Ganesh Chaturthi and a very happy Eid.

of screaming mothers…

I was on hormone treatment for the last two months.While the treatment has done wonders to my acne,facial hair and lot of other problems caused by hormone has also given me an extremely short fuse!!I was blowing up at the drop of a hat! Add to this crazy situation,a hyper-active three year old,who cannot help getting in trouble..sometimes,its face creams rubbed in the couch..or sometimes,its the whole bookshelf brought down,to make room for the ‘precious’ 10 cm scooby toy..or on most other days food fights..and you get a crazy mom,who is always screaming.
Thankfully,the course of medicine is over..and I also noticed,Aadi was beginning to jump aside or start,when I went closer,in anticipation of the next round of shouting. I have been trying to consciously not scream at her..but somedays are just NOT RIGHT!
Today was one such day.The defiance started right from the moment she woke up- I dont want to brush my teeth. I want to watch TV.I dont want breakfast.I want a biscuit.I dont want to take a shower.No .I will not do it.. and so on.
I controlled myself.And ofcourse,she HAD to brush her teeth and eat her breakfast and not the biscuit,shower was pushed till later and she could watch a movie..because,we were not going out.I have the flu!yes,again!
Then,I don’t what went wrong.I was folding clothes and she offered to help,i asked her to bring me more clothes from the chair..and guess what she did?she picked up the clothes and dropped them on the floor and sat down to watch her movie again.I screamed-first time today. she was made to pick up the clothes-TV was shut down and she was told to go clean her toy room. I took the time to cool down too.
Meal-time surprisingly was stress-free today.
But by evening she was just a teary-whiny not so happy kid..and I was just a flu-ey irritated mom.I ended up screaming at her,a little more.The little hands and fingers reach everywhere now..the laptop,the cable reciever and she got screamed at more.
At bedtime,she threw her book down and I screamed again..and then,she had had it! She looked at my mouth,then looked me in the eye..with a big crease on her forehead and asked,”Mommy,why do you have so much shouting in your mouth?”
I blinked and said,”Because You have so much naughtiness in your body”…
“Hmphff..OK! I will throw all the naughtiness”…
I said,”OK then,I will throw all the shoutings “..
She said,”Open your mouth”…I obliged..”ohh yeah,all the shoutings gone”
I told her,”Open your mouth”..she did..and said,”look all the naughties have gone”..
So we hugged and kissed..and read stories,then she went off to sleep.
As of now,the naughties and the shoutings are lying in the corner where we throw all our tears and whinings …and lets hope they stay there!!!

Rained in…

Half of the weekend is already over:(

We were going to meet up with a college friend,who I re-connected with on Facebook,but had to cancel last minute,as DH had to work.May be tomorrow,will be better.

Its been raining on and off all day long.We watched Avatar after DH came back.And  I am like WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!I now know why people watched it again and again…The movie just ended and I want to watch it all over again,RIGHT now!

Anyway,time to put the brat to bed..How has your weekend been?

A good school day equals to a happy mommy


Yayy,its Friday today and I am happy mommy..

Today was school day and it was great. As soon as  the teacher opened the door,to welcome the kids, Aadya took her time,going see,she was busy making new friends and finishing talking to one of her class-mates mum. I was happy to see that.As soon as,the door opened,I expected her to forget that she was talking and run inside.No,she told her friend’s mum.."OK,Enrico’s mummy,I have to go inside now..see you later”.

Before I could pick up my jaw off the floor,she walked inside,ever so gracefully and wished her teacher. And then,went straight to the MAT,where the teacher’s assistant was sitting! And she just never likes to go sit on the mat…infact,her teacher actually asked me keep reminding her,that she should sit on the mat. And I had been doing that religiously.

So,she started sitting on a chair near the mat,or she would be near hovering near the edge..but she never actually sat on it.Her reasons were,that she didn’t like the mat.But today,she went and sat right in the front,next to her teacher and helped her turn the pages.I did some mental cartwheels,before going to kiss her good bye.

Her teacher told her to say ‘bye to mummy’..and she did..and before I turned around..she had turned around telling her teacher,”Look Ranu,my mommy is wearing a beautiful top,isn’t my mommy pretty?” … I didn’t hear more..but let me just tell you,that Aadya’s mommy walked tall all day long!

And September 5th is Father’s day in Australia.And Aadya’s class made Father’s day cards.When daddy came home,his was promptly handed over to him..So,tonight we have a super happy mommy and a mighty proud Daddy in Aadyaland..


Brrr..cold is making me drowsy..all I want to do is stay in bed..LOL!!If only Ms.Aadya agreed to sleep in as well.
Another day of rain,no-sunshine and cold wave and I think,I will just have to drug her!!
BTW,for dinner last night,I tried to make our favorite Mexican meal- Chipotle style Burrito Bowl.And it was quiet a hit!
Have a dekko and tell me what you think !

Presenting Burrito Bowl in a plate:


Ohh and I am really thinking of merging both the poor craft blog,lies unattended..atleast here I ramble..:P