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Phew-its over!Day31-NaBloPoMo

Wooo hooo!!!Finallyy its over..This month of NaBloPoMo has been the longest…and boy!I am so glad its over!!LOL! We have had a very rainy weekend got over so soon. We had to go to a birthday party at the other end of the town..The venue was a nice South Indian restauarant.Which basically meant..there were no carb free options for me.So,I just ate,what was there..its hard being on a diet and going out.I could have not gone..but that was not really an option.
Anyway..I took a break from the diet today.Next week,most of the days,I am going to be vegetarian on account of Diwali…I am looking for vegetarian protein options.Also,I can’t eat too much,I really need some veggie protein options.
How is your diet going,my diet buddies??

The one where I bought a dress-Day 30-NaBloPoMo

Its been raining all day..reminds me of Bombay Rains.Strange how most of our memories atleast have one food related bit to it.Wet,rainy days have me craving for Bhajiya and Vadapav..and trust me if I made it,I wouldn’t have more than two bites of it.Anyway,I was saying,it rained and poured all day.I went shopping with a friend..I have been wanting to buy a dress for a long time.I am tired of wearing my jeans and want something new..I go look at the dresses… feel the fabric.. and walk away from it.I did the same today also..but then,I went back..and picked up one and went to the fitting rooms.
“Please let it fit,please let it look good..”I prayed.LOL!!yeah..I am crazy like that..Well,it fit and looked nice too.So,I went and quickly paid for it,before I changed my mind!LOL!
In other news,I picked up my crochet hook today after more than 2 months.The fog in my brain cleared and bit and I took out my yarn and hook.Hopefully now,I will be able to send out the Birdies..Sorry Shankari and Momo’s Ma..
And Thank you for waiting so patiently..I really appreciate it.
And now,the diet today:
Breakfast: 1 egg sunny side up,3 mini chicken cutlets(each cutlet is made of one tbsp chicken mince mix),1 cup ginger tea
Snack: Protein Bar,10 walnuts
Lunch:1 bowl Mutton Sukha,1 bowl stir fry veggies(onion,capsicum,zucchini,broccoli),1 cup ginger tea
Snack : 1 cup ginger tea,1/4 cup bhujiya sev
Dinner:2 bowls moong daal(split with skin),1 bowl cabbage,half cooked.
water:6 glasses.Need to cut down on the tea.

Mehendi night-Day 29-NaBloPoMo

I was looking at old pics and Aadya saw a picture of henna-ed hands.And she wanted some on her hands.And today,when we went to the Indian store,she reminded me to pick up a henna cone. And she held on to it,all the way home.Once home,she gobbled dinner real quick and was ready to get some mehendi applied to her palms.

She was so excited about it.She couldn’t stop gushing over it.. “Wow,mommy,its so beautiful”… “I am so excited,mommy”… “Look daddy,do you like my mehendi” and even DH,who hates the smell of mehendi,said, “Yes,baby,I love it!”

Here’s presenting two beautiful hands,decorated lovingly with MehendiSmile


And now,my diet today:

Breakfast: 1 cup ginger tea,1 bowl chole

Snack:  Spanish Omlette-(2 eggs+1/4 cup spinach+4 tsp chopped capsicum+2tsp chopped onion)

Lunch: Protein Bar

Snack: 2 tbsp Chole,1 small fulka,2 tsp kheer( Confession coming up!)

Dinner: 1 bowl grilled and shredded chicken,topped with garlic sauce,1/2 cup salad.

OK now,Confession time Sad smile

Yeah,so I had a really long day!Idropped Aadya at school,then, helped my friend to celebrate Diwali in her son’s school..went to the craft store,went back to Aadya’s school,helped there for the last half hour.And it was such a HOT day!By the time,I came back,I was hot,thirsty,tired and above all,HUNGRY!

I quickly made a roti and a friend came over with some prasad of chole and kheer  and I just ate that..Thank fully,I spoke to Goofy mum,while eating..and confessed and stopped!!LOL!

How are my weightloss buddies doing?? Go on leave me a comment and tell me.. Smile

First Day-Day28 NaBloPoMo

Today was Aadya’s first day at the daycare.We got there at 10.00am and all the kids were outside,playing.We had an orientation session,earlier this week and she recognised her carer,Nicole.She rushed in,looked around..asked her,”Where is everybody?where are my friends?” Nicole rubbed some sunscreen on her and off they went happily.She waved at me and blew kisses.
Today when I stepped out,I felt so different.Unlike last time,when I stepped out and cried my heart out…this time,I just happily walked back home.I actually felt like I had spring in my feet!!:)Lately its getting harder to push Aadya’s stroller.Hers is a lightweight stroller and as she is getting bigger,its getting difficult to push it,as a result,I am a sweating,huffing-puffing mess,by the time I reach my destination.It was so nice to walk quietly,without concentrating to hear my own thoughts…Aadi talks so much these days,that I find it hard to focus on my thoughts.
I came home,cleaned up a little,took a long shower,had a peaceful lunch.Its amazing how much you can get done,in little time,if the little person,is not underfoot and offering to “help you”.
BTW,Goofy mumma,asked me how far is the daycare and insisted I check the map,to know how much I was walking..and I did..and guess what?Its 1.4km one way! So,today,I walked 5.6km and then some!awesome..ya?
Oh..and I ended up eating a little cookie..I met a friend after picking up Aadi and Aadi was tired and hot and generally being a brat..I was tired and hot too..and the tantrums were stressing me out.We ordered coffees and a cookie to share and a muffin for aadya.I pecked at those and then felt horribly guilty..then,I took the long way home,to punish myself!!!
Anyway,my diet today:
Breakfast : 2 eggs sunny side up,1 glass V8
Snack: 8 almonds
lunch: 2 moong dosas,1 cup sambhar,1 cup spinach soup,3 small chicken cutlets
snack: small skinny latte,1/2 cookie,3 bites apricot muffin
before dinner ginger tea
dinner 8 small chicken cutlets,1 and 1/2 bowls chole,2 tsp mint-corriander chutney.
Water 6 glasses.
Day 4 is over..woohoo!

Almost November-Day27-NaBloPoMo

Thank God!October is almost over.I am getting tired of thinking what to write everyday!
Ms.Aadya is starting daycare tomorrow,twice a week. I am looking forward to some time off..some time of mindless reading,some time of carefree walking and workout..without screaming 10 times, “Aadi,where are you??”..LOL!
But experienced mommies tell me that I will feel guilty enjoying..:P Lets see how I do:P
Funny bit is,I still can’t decide,what I want to do tomorrow!!LOL!
Anyway..Day 3 of the diet is over!And feeling so good.
My food diary today-
Breakfast– 2 boiled eggs ,1 cup ginger tea
snack-1 cup V8,2 chicken sausages
Lunch-1 bowl urad dal,1 cup spinach soup.
Snack-1.5 chicken sausage,1 boiled egg,2tbsp Bhujiya sev,1 cup ginger tea
Dinner-2 Moong Dosas with 2 bowls Sambhar.


…I am feeling nostalgic and remembering my trip to Mumbai a year back…


Sharing one of my favorite pictures of Aadi n my dad.

My diet today:


1/2 egg boiled,1 egg sunny side up,1 glass V8

Snack-15 walnut halves,2 wedges of laughing cow light,1 cup tea with 1 sugar,2 tsp milk

Lunch-1 1/2 cup urad dal-(boiled with salt,turmeric,chili powder,cummin powder,1/2tsp ghee),2 besan chilas

4.00pm-1 cup ginger tea.

Snack- 2 chicken sausages, 1 chila ,1/2 cup coffee.

Dinner- 1bowl salad,1 1/2 bowl rajma.

water-8 glasses

Diet -Day25-NaBloPoMo

There you go,Goofy mumma,Shruti and Shakti-
South Beach Diet
And I also found this great site,which has a whole bunch of easy recipes to inspire you and tide you over the first phase of this me,you will wish,you were doing this for more than 2 weeks.
Here are the recipes :South Beach Diet Recipes-Phase1 from Kayln’s Kitchen
I started today and got through day 1..WOoohoo!
This is what I ate today:
Breakfast– 2 chicken herb sausages,1 tomato pan grilled with 1/2 tsp oil with salt and pepper,1 cup tea with one sugar and 2 tsp milk
Morning Snack-I was out and so missed it.had about 8 half walnuts
Lunch– 1 bowl moong salad with tomato,lettuce,and lemon juice,chaat masala and salt.
Afternoon Snack-2 boiled eggs,1/2 capsicum pan grilled (in the morning tomato pan) with salt and pepper,sprinkled with cheese,1 cup tea with one sugar and 2 tsp milk.
While cooking dinner-1/2 glass of V8
Dinner 2 bowls daal,1/4 cup salad,1 chicken breast-tikka.
Water 6 glasses.
The only thing,I haven’t changed sugar intake,because,if I don’t drink tea,I don’t have any other far so good..:)

This and That-Day24-NaBloPoMo

Last year, we surprised my aunt and cousins.They had made their peace that I won’t be able to attend my Sofi’s wedding.24th Oct is Sahil’s b’day and as far as possible..all of us are together on b’days and special occasions.So,everyone was supposed to meet at my dad’s in the evening. Dad picked me up from ILs and we got there just in time to surprise everyone! The screams of 4 excited females(aunt,Tuku,Sofi and yours truly) filled up the house and Aadi(then 2.5 years old) ran around us in circles,excitedly! OMG!I am not going to forget that scene for as long as I live.
Today,Sahil is in Adelaide,all alone,finishing up an assignment..I so wish,I could be there with him.I wish I could have baked a cake for him..
Anyway..this is the THIS of today’s post..As for THAT..I thought about it..a lot,as to whether I should share this here AGAIN or not..and then,I think,I should.Feel free to laugh or shake your head..Its time for serious weight loss.
Before going to India,I had lost nearly 6 kgs and when I came back,I had gained half of it back..I tried and knocked off another kg..but thats it..and the sad bit is,I am still FARRRRRRRR from the ideal weight..Now that warm weather is here,I have started my walks again..and am starting South Beach tomorrow. I did this 2 years back,,when I had just weaned off Aadi and its amazing the way,the weight comes off.
What I like about this diet is that I can still eat food that I cook for DH and Aadi..only omit and/or restrict carbs.
Anyone wants to be my weight-loss buddy?

Day 23-NaBloPoMo

This time,last year,I was in India!Last year,on Oct 22nd,as I was getting ready to leave for the airport,I got a call from my very close friend,M’s MIL,that M had just delivered a baby boy..and today,we just got back from that baby’s first birthday party!And wow…what a party it was!
Why do babies grow up so soon?? I saw this little baby when he was 2 months old and now,Ms.Aadya’s day doesn’t end without talking about him.And whoever she meets,she tells them about her brother-BabyN!
Half the weekend is over..:) more later!

Love is…


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