Phew-its over!Day31-NaBloPoMo

Wooo hooo!!!Finallyy its over..This month of NaBloPoMo has been the longest…and boy!I am so glad its over!!LOL! We have had a very rainy weekend got over so soon. We had to go to a birthday party at the other end of the town..The venue was a nice South Indian restauarant.Which basically meant..there were no carb free options for me.So,I just ate,what was there..its hard being on a diet and going out.I could have not gone..but that was not really an option.
Anyway..I took a break from the diet today.Next week,most of the days,I am going to be vegetarian on account of Diwali…I am looking for vegetarian protein options.Also,I can’t eat too much,I really need some veggie protein options.
How is your diet going,my diet buddies??


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  1. welcome to arhaans diet since Month 6…he has been pretty happy with it and so have been I in recent months. Amul Paneer and eggs will be your new best friend…and you can welcome Hummus to your life as well

  2. no i was veg for a long time growing up…have gone back to it and arhaan too has been comfortable. The dad just flirts with the idea

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