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Burnt out-Day21 NaBloPoMo

Thats my current state right now.Round 2 of spring allergies. Had a long tiring day,with an irritable and tantrum-prone child.The worse came when we went to the mall in the evening..3 meltdowns in less than 2 hours.DH took one look at my tired face and took her under his to give me a break..but to actually save her from my irriation..yeah whatever!!!
I think she is feeling burnt out from all the tantrums n exhaustion too.. we fought n made up,God knows how many times today…wish I could just hug her,forget about the day..and erase it..for both of us..

October Artsy-Craftsy –Day 20 NaBloPoMo

Its been so long since we participated in Artsy-Craftsy…Infact,its been a while since we did any crafts or crafting-as Aadya calls it. I just don’t have the enthu for anything crafty..No seriously,its like my brain is switched off.Even,coming up with blog posts,is so I said-my brain is switched off.Remember the book I said,I was writing..?you don’t?I don’t blame you..sometimes I don’t either.I sit down to write..and I sit..and  I sit..its like my brain is flashing “ACCESS DENIED”.

Anyway,not to digress are our entries for October Artsy Craftsy..

DSC_0443 We used PlayDoh for making these. Most of the shaping was done by hand.We did make some shapes using mould and cookie cutters but they were destroyed as quickly as they were made.

DSC_0444 Clockwise- Piggy(named Aadya Piggy);Blue butterfly;Dumbo-the elephant; Ladybird; and baby in a blanket.

The black bits are whole urad dal(black dal)

I helped her with these..and we had loads of fun.I wanted to get some modelling clay,but that didn’t happen..may be another time.

Today,when I was cooking,Aadya asked for some dough.Everytime I make chapati,she has to have ‘little bit atta’ .Mostly she just rolls it around and makes it really dirty,kisses it!!LOL!

Today,she asked me to make dinosaur and castle.The Dinosaur I made,the castle I tried-which looked like a crown..LOL! Then,she asked me to make Shrek!Shrek!!!My brain sent me the same signal-“ACCESS DENIED”..I told her,I don’t know how to..I still can’t  get an image of Shrek in my mind..I know I know..I can google..but do I really want to take the effort??Nahh…Anyway,not to digress..I told her to make it herself..and she said,I will make you.I said OK..And after some 10-15 minutes,she screamed.. “Look!Mumma I made you”..I looked and this  is what I saw:


I dunno about you…But for me,this is the cutest clay model EVER!!And my baby made it all by herself..NO ADULT HELP!!Yayyyy Aadi!

Shruti,Sorry,we’ve been MIA..Here’s to many more months of Artsy-Craftsy!!

Of studying and baking-Day 19 NaBloPoMo

I have been trying to teach Ms. Aadya to read and write. Mostly she doesn’t like to sit still and lacks the concentration.I usually stop when she starts fooling around. Today,was a different,that she asked to study,on her own. And sat down and laboriously tried to trace lines on the dots.I was happy and surprised.Ofcourse,she is still not able to do it correctly,but I can see that she is trying..really trying.
And what surprised me most was…she was watching her favorite show,when she asked to study.I told her if she wanted to study,she had to switch of the TV and..just like that,she got up and turned it off!Woww!that’s a first!
Aadi is crazy about chocolate Lava cake these days.Every day,she wants us to go to Domino’s and get it for her.Obviously,we don’t get it everyday,but that doesn’t stop her from asking for it.So,today,I tried this recipe.I guess I baked it a little longer or may be my oven was too,it turned out a little was the most moist chocolate cake I ever ate! And DH who doesn’t normally eat/like chocolatey desserts,liked it I am happy..hehe..

Just another Day-day 18 Nablopomo

Yes,today was just another day..nothing interesting happenned.The weather was was dull and gloomy all day..and we were dull and gloomy too.
The only excitement of the day was,that a slot opened up in a day care that I had applied for and I fixed up her orientation for next week.I hope she likes it.I am relieved that atleast I have a back up,if she doesn’t get a seat in the Kindergarten for next year.
The headache came back…so i am guessing its the weather that brings it on..but anyway,the evening went away in a haze..
more later tomorrow!

Happy Dusshera-Day17 NaBloPoMo

Wish you all a very Happy Dusshera.
Those of you who don’t celebrate Dusshera,hope you had a good weekend.
We had a good day today.We went to the mall after ages…shopped a bit-mostly for Ms.Aadya.DH and I bought just essentials..but Ms.Aadya got a jacket,a T-shirt and a jeans from Pumpkin Patch..AND..she got a bear from Build-a-bear.She has two babies from there already-One was a gift from my friend V for her first birthday.She is called Angie.She is at my friend P’s place in Seattle.We were leaving from the USA and there wasn’t enough time for P to ship it back to,DH went and got the second one..We tried to pass it as Angie..but our 15 month old didn’t buy it!She said,No this is Bala(bala-is marathi for baby).
And today we got Roneo(aadyaspeak for Romeo)So,Roneo,was picked,filled,dressed by our 3 and 1/2 year old and she is excited about him..She even went to bed with him,in her bed,in her own room…(fingers crossed that she stays there all night!)
She is still not asleep,trying to fall asleep..but its OK,its a start..:)

Migraine?? Day15-NaBloPoMo

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and intense nausea..Its terrible..only half of my head/face hurts.The pain seems to be coming from behind my eye.And even after,the pain subsides..I feel tired and drained.I am pretty sure its migraine.This week,I have had this headache twice..I am so tired 😦
My Dr. just suggested migraine specifc pain meds..but really,I need something more than temporary pain relief.
Anybody tried alternative therapies that worked??
More later..
Have a good weekend,:)

Happy Ashtami-Day15NaBloPoMo

Wish you all a very happy Ashtami.
We had a lovely day.I had a house full of kids.At one time,there were 10 kids in the house.Everyone was made to sit on the special Dora chair..and their feet were washed-boys and girls,both:)
That was followed by tilak and Aarti and then,we laid out a sheet in the middle of the living room and everybody,sat down to enjoy the feast of halwa-poori-chane.
This Asthami,I was reminded of the Asthami of my childhood days .Having a full house,sounds of delighted squeals filling the house,heady fragrant mix of agarbatti,fresh flowers and food,floating in the was perfect.One of my guests,commented that the house had a festive feel..Thats just what I was aiming for 🙂
Mood tonight: Tired,Happy,Content!

For the love of elephants-Day14 NaBloPoMo

Today’s Writing Prompt.Thursday, October 14, 2010
What’s your favorite animal? When was the last time you saw one? Touched one?

I feel my brain is switched off right now..So,instead of digging in my photos folder,I went to the NaBloPoMo website and decided to follow the prompt..what luck!!! I have just story!
The readers of this blog know about my love of elephants.My favorite animal is definitely the elephant.And Ms.Aadya loves elephants too.
Last year when we went to India,one night,my sister,BFF and I took Aadi for an after-dinner ride.On our way back,we saw this elephant,with beautiful drawings on its trunk and legs.BFF stopped the car and asked me,if I wanted to show a real live elephant to Aadya.”Ofcourse”,I jumped at it!
We got out of the car and got down to see the beautiful elephant.Wowwwwwww!! the enormity of the beast..the delight in Aadya’s squeals..wowww..I will never forget that moment. And then,without any prompting from the Mahavat,the elephant dipped its trunk and very gently pecked Aadya’s head.And then,BFF and I touched the trunk and it flapped its ears. 🙂
Even the memory of the moment brings a big smile to my face! I am so glad,I decided to look for the prompt today.

Wordless Wednesday-Day13-NaBloPoMo

New pics 033


“Because I don’t wanna forget”-The title is borrowed from Cubby’s Ma,Mama-Mia. Aadi has been saying some real sweet things that I don’t want to here goes:

At the shoe shop,I was picking up a pair of walking shoes and naturally,Ms.Aadya isn’t one to stay back.She wanted to pick a pair too.And every time,she picked up a pair,it was either the wrong size or the wrong price,and we had to tell her No.Finally,she was tired and frustrated,hands on her hip,she said to the DH, “Papa,I am asking you for the last time,which shoes can I take? Dus baar nahi bolne waali hoon!!!”(I am not going to say it ten times)

Another day,Aadya was making a mess,tearing a sheet of paper into tiny tiny bits.I mock threatened her.. “If you don’t stop this..I am going to make you into tiny pieces and eat your up!”  Poor baby,her brow furrowed,she came up to me and said, “Oh no! fir main swing pe kaise jaungi? Aur tumne mujhe kha liya toh tum logo ke paas koi bhi baby nahi rahega.”(Oh no!then,how  will I play  on the swing?and if you eat me,then you will not have any baby!)

We were looking at some pictures and she looked at a picture of me and said, “Wow,mommy you look so young and beautiful here”.

At the restaurant,we ordered some noodles for her and she gobbled some quickly.I asked her how it was .. “yummm” ,she said.I asked her,is it better than mommy’s? and the sweet-pea,answered, “Noooo..I like mommy’s more”..hehehe

DH forgot her water bottle at the movies.And she was worried about it and asked,if we can go back and look for it.I was also upset,anticipating a tear-fest..I said, “yes,and if we can’t find it,we’ll leave Daddy there”  “No!Then who will drive the car!” ,she said..DH gloated the rest of the evening..atleast my daughter thinks I am indispensible!

After I click her pictures, “Mumma,put my pics on the laptop and send it to Nanu,then,Nanu will say,arre mera baby kitna cute hai!”

I was cleaning the bathroom and suddenly the house was quiet..I called out to her, “Aadi,where are you?” and she came to the bathroom,shook her head,like I do and said,in the same tone that I use, “Oh ho,Mumma,kaha jayegi tumhari baby?Main idhar hi toh hoon..tumhe chodd ke kabhi jaati hai kya baby?” (Oh mumma,where will your baby go?I am right here,do I ever leave you ?)

I tell her-Oh baby where will mumma go?I am right here,do I ever leave you? Its amazing how much they pick up,isn’t it?