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Here’s our final submission for Artsy-Craftsy November.

DSC_0446 (2)

Lamp stands made from Old CDs.The rough idea for these came when,Ms.Aadya spotted a blank CD and said, “Oh!look Mommy!now we’ll have to paint it and make it pretty!” Spoken like my daughter!Smile with tongue out

And then,I  stumbled upon this blog and then..we had to make these.


DSC_0439              DSC_0440


For these,we used old CDs,acrylic paints,beads.I wish I had some glitter!

Aadya made some too..but they were literally dipped in color and you couldn’t tell where the CDs ended and where the newspaper covering the floor started!

This craft would be great for 5 year olds(I think) or even younger kids if you use glitter tubes.

Artsy-Craftsy-2-Paper crafts

Here’s our second entry for this month’s Artsy-Craftsy:


This is a perfect Diwali craft for 3-4 year olds.Trust me,I helped 25  kids in that age group..and boy!did we have a blast or did we!!??

For this activity,we used:

Paper cutouts of the lamps-using red card stock

Paper cutouts of flames-using yellow card stock

A contrast color card stock,to make your picture on

And glitter glue in assorted colors.



Stick the lamp and flame on the base card-stock.

Decorate your lamps with glitter glue.

OMG!!I have never seen so many excited 3 year olds.They saw the glitter glue and none of them wanted to leave lamps table.I had to tell them – “I  think you are DONE!”

They also made paper lanterns,which they decorated with stickers and glitter glue.


I came back tired,covered with glitter glue.

Artsy-Craftsy November-1

Woww!!This month’s Artsy-Craftsy is soo much fun!Just my kinda theme!So here you go our first set of entries:


Sidewalk Chalk decoration to decorate the entrance of the house. Just simple lines and dots.Perfect for 5-6year olds


A chalk rangoli  and Lakshmi’s feet for the busy area .This is my house’s back entrance-the most used one .Perfect for 5-6 year olds.



A small dots Rangoli,by the main door. Very simple and easy to do-just join the dots.Suitable for 7-8 years up!

We’ll be back with more entries,later this week!

Diwali 2010

DSC_0501DSC_0447 (2)


DSC_0442DSC_0444 (3)

That’s a glimpse of Diwali in Aadyaland.

From the top:

Lakshmi Pooja

Rose and lamps in a corner-pink and silver

Rangoli by the main door and the back door with Lakshmi’s feet

Tealights all around..

I forgot to take pictures of the food Smile with tongue out

For Diwali breakfast,there was Chivda,besan laddu,mathri.

Faral was besan laddu,Chivda,gulab jamun,mathri,chakli and karanji.

We hosted a potluck dinner for 7 families on Diwali day and the menu was:

Vadas, mixed veg,chole,malai kofta,raita,paratha and pulav.. the food was yumm..but,more than that,it was the Diwali spirit that left us all feeling happy and content.There were some sparklers and party poppers too..So,it was amazing. For the first time,in the last 7 years,I didn’t miss home…Smile

Hope you all had a happy Diwali and have a prosperous new year!

I am joining Key Bunch’s Diwali Dhamaka blog party and also Emreen’s Itz festival time blog party