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I am still alive…

yes..yes..I am:)
It seems like forever since I blogged.The last month passed so quickly.My sister was here..and I think I was on a month long break from the world..virtually..and telephonically!
She left yesterday and now,I am just beginning to re-connect..still don’t have the enthu for FB and stuff.. will probably call friends tomorrow..but,the blog needs updating.I need to feel like me,first!
The last month was full of happy times-tiffs-happy times.My cousin,came to visit too and we made him extend his trip from 2 days to a week-basically that meant-unending shopping trips,trips to the city.Even pickups were exciting.We would all get in the car to go pick up DH or Aadya!
This was also the month of our Anniversary. We completed 7 years of married life and in keeping up with the tradition of the last 7 years..fought in the week preceding the much so..that I wanted to go and return the perfume,I got DH!I am glad I didn’t,in the end..because he surprised me with a beautiful pendant and earrings!!
The last two days,before my sister left were sad..sad because,Aadya was crying a lot.She didnt want her Masi to go or she wanted her to take her along.It was heart-breaking.She cried before going to the airport too..on the way to the airport,she was crying softly.It broke my heart into a thousand pieces.Its one thing screaming and crying and throwing a tantrum..but the soft crying,where you can’t stop your tears..:( It made me realise,that unknowingly,I have passed on my weakest trait to my daughter..She is so emotional..I hope she doesn’t end up like..a crying wreck,everytime,she has to say goodbye!DH was so mad ..he told me I need to toughen her up!At that point..all I wanted to do was punch his face and walk away with my crying baby!I hated my sister for visiting and then leaving!!LOL! yeah I am crazy that way.
But I guess the man felt bad later and has been extra sweet to Aadya since then.I am hoping my angry look scared/guilt-tripped him! Lol!
Moving on,Christmas was really nice this year..Ms.Aadya got tonnes of presents..what with her masi being around too..color pencils,stamps,craft kits,a musical keyboard with a microphone,activity books.She didn’t stop smiling all day! That was the brightest I had seen her.She had been sick since the monday before Christmas..and was really dull.
Speaking of sickness..the viral is back in Aadyaland..and both Aadya and I are sick..she is still running low grade fevers and I am all the time hacking like an old lady..that or shivering under the blankets.Yes,we are still using the blankets.It is SUPPOSED to be SUMMER in the southern hemisphere..but,no such luck this time..nah-ah..The days are cold and the nights are colder!!!Somedays are sunny and much for summer!!!
I am still waiting for a warm day to sit out in the sun,sipping,a cool watermelon chiller!!aah..when will that day come???
3 more days before the year ends…what are your plans for ringing the new year in?? As for me..I think we’ll just stay in..we found an awesome deal on a home theatre system and have been ODing on Blu-ray Dvds,since then!! So,I am guessing,we’ll stay in-bake a cake,pop some corn and get COMFY on the couch!
Please feel free to share your plans..I shall liv vicariously through you:P

All talked out…

Do you ever feel that way??
Well,thats exactly how I feel right now.Its nice to have my sister around..we chat all day long..sometimes,I am too tired to even talk to my dad..thats a first.
I was the designated chatterbox of the I feel,I am not used to talking anymore..or may be I am just getting old.heck!I’ll be 31 soon.
or may be I am just tired..endless shopping trips,long walks,cooking sessions,late-nights,early mornings..all add up to
do you ever feel this way-too tired to talk/react??too tired to hear someone else talk?what do you do then?too tired to even type?LOL..well,do you?

Dating Ultrasound-Baby no.2

We went for the dating U/S yesterday-Dec 3rd.Till then,the dr and I thought,I was about 8 weeks,along. But,the U/S tech gave us a big surprise.
As of yesterday,Dec 3rd-I am 5w4days pregnant. I am a little apprehensive again..a little sad too,for waiting longer,to get past the 12week mark.I just hope,everything goes,well.
Another blood test tomorrow,to check the toxoplasmosis level.

Tales From the Daycare

Its been so long since I wrote anything about Ms.Aadya. As the few readers of this blog know,she started going to the daycare,since November first week.The first two days were really cool.She went in,hugged her carer and waved me off.

But,from the second week onward,started her tears.She would wake up crying each morning ,saying I don’t want to go to the daycare.The day I said,we were not going,she would cheer up..but the day,she had to go,she wouldn’t stop crying.She whined all the way to the center and once we got there she would cling to me for life.

Finally,I asked one of the carers in her room,how she was and if they noticed anything worrying,because I was really concerned.They told me she generally had a great day and was having some problem waiting for her turn and sometimes that made other kids upset,specially,when they had a turn at the computer.

Aadya was hearing all this.That evening,I asked her,if she played at the computer and she answered angrily, “I don’t want to play at the computer anymore”..I was shocked,I really didn’t expect her to understand that she was the one bothering the other kids and react that way.I asked her again,later,she said, “But,I want to everyone to play with me..” I explained to her that its OK to play by yourself sometimes..and so,when its computer time,everyone gets to play by themselves.So far,its worked…and I am so glad,she is getting adjusted.(knock on the wood)And,I am amazed by her understanding.I really  didn’t expect her 3 year old mind to accept that logic.

She is trying out new foods at the daycare and not always enjoying ,but atleast she is trying.And boy!she is picking up so many new words-good and bad! The funniest was,when she came home and told me, “Mommy,R is not my friend anymore”.. “Why,baby?” I asked her.. “Because,she cancelled by Christmas!!!” It took every last ounce of my willpower to not laugh.Some of the not so nice words she picked up are:  Ugly,funny,yucky poo poo..(why God,Why?)

Some of the nice things she picked up are: Mommy,you are being rude to me(when I yell at her)

Mommy,no thanks,I don’t feel like doing this..

and my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeee…is ofcourse-“Mommy/papa,do you love me?Are you happy to have me?”

And “Let me think,what should we do/eat/wear??” “I think we should do/wear/eat this”

“I reallyyyyy reallyyy like this.Can I please,please have this?”

and.. “I really missed you so much!I was so happy ki tum mujhe lene aayi!”

My little girl is growing up.So many kids in her class are turning four and everyday we have so many pretend parties ..with playdough cakes and paintings turned into gifts.Oh,speaking of paintings,she comes home everyday with atleast 2 paintings for me. She said to me one day,  “Mommy,I really miss you at the daycare”..So,I told her to draw me a picture.  “But,R says,I  can’t draw pictures,I can only draw lines.” I told her,I love those lines..and since then,everyday,she comes home with atleast 2 pictures for me…God!I love her soo much!

yayy December

First day of the last month-wowwwwww!!The end of the year is almost here!
Happy December people:)
This is a special month,coz its the month of our anniversary and also,the general holiday spirit that makes it special!
Here’s pic of our christmas tree two years back: