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Oops we did it again..

And Happily too!!
I have been bursting at the seams to say this..both literally and figuratively!
Sometime in late July or early August,our little girl,will be a big sister.And I can already see,how good she is going to be.
She runs to open the door for me,brings me a glass of water or my glasses,plays by herself quietly,rubs my tummy and head and tells me..everything will be OK!
DH has been on the top of the world,since we found out..though he frets that I don’t rest enough..I mean really how much rest can you get,when you have a busy pre-schooler at home!
Me-Well I have been happy,tired,sleepy,nauseous,happy,tired nauseous,sleepy..on the loop. At one time,I found myself hoping that I’d throw up..and when I just made the nausea worse..So,yeah..:) Alls good,except that the nausea doesn’t seem to going away..
The list of foods that make me sick this time around,is so long..that I am beginning to worry,if I will ever get any food/nutrition down the baby’s throat!
So,thats what has been keeping me away..well that and the fact that we decided to wait 12 weeks before announcing on the blog!It was like..I had a gag-order and all I wanted to do was spill the beans!I am still keeping this off FB/ if you know me there,humor me please:)
That being said..Bring on the love and hugs..we need them..:)And send up a little prayer,that the rest of the way is smooth sailing!

Daycare,Kinder and changes.

I really don’t know how to name this one. Let me start at the very beginning so that I don’t miss anything.It may be a little long,so please feel free to skip.

Aadya has always been very friendly.And she gets attached very quickly.And her heart breaks everytime she has to say good bye.We figured that had to do with her being an only child.But,we have come to realise that she is a very very sensitive child.She feels hurt easily and remembers the hurt later too.But she forgives easily.I knoww I knoww,she has my faulty genes.

But,we noticed that while she played well with kids her age,she couldn’t deal with rejection or angry words.If another kid yelled at her,she would start crying.If another kid pushed her,she would back off and let the kid push her more.If another kid told her,”I dont want to be your friend”..she would follow the kid around,saying,”Please don’t be angry with me..please be my friend”..and if that didn’t work,she would cry again.If the pleading worked,then the other kid would just boss her around and she would happily be bossed around.

That was what was worrying us..that she let herself be bossed around..that she was ready to bend backwards to please.I have been there and I know,how that feels. DH and I discussed this at length and came to the conclusion that:
1)She doesn’t have many friends and so doesn’t want to lose them.
2)She needs to be with other kids,when we are not around to sort her battles.

And thats why I found a daycare for her and started sending her there two days a week. In the meantime,we also started telling her,that its OK if somebody doesn’t want to be your friend.And that if somebody is being mean to her,she needs to tell them to stop.If someone is telling her to do something wrong,like take a toy from a baby,she needs to tell them No.She was worried,”then,they will not be my friends.” It was hard explaining to her that her beloved friends were doing the wrong thing by asking her to do wrong things to others.
We repeated these things to her,over and over.And I was glad,when one of her friends,told her that..”I don’t like you anymore and you are not my friend”..she said,fine and walked away and got busy with something else.
I think her being at the daycare,taught her how to deal with other kids and how to stand up for herself. Recently,at a party,the same friend said,”I am sick of being your friend”..she was naturally hurt..came and told me,why did S say that to me..I like her so much and only want to be her friend.I told her,may be S wasn’t feeling happy at that time.She still went and tried to make S play..and then finally gave up.But,after we came back,as I was putting her to sleep,she said to me..”Mumma,Why does S talk to me like that?Thats not very nice.” As long as she gets this and doesn’t put up with it,I think my job here is done.

We heard from our local council,last week that Aadya can finally go to a Kindergarten.There is a major shortage of KGs in our area,this year and I was sure,Aadya wouldn’t get it.She didn’t get in the first three lists.The placement depends on a lot of factors,one of the major ones being,the child’s birth date.And Aadya is one of the younger lot.
Anyway,all is well now..She got her spot.And I need to start my lessons too..The driving lessons.The school is one of my preferred one,but,a little far off ..definitely not walking distance.About time too..I have procastinated enough! I have booked my lesson for Tuesday,when Aadi is getting over the nerves.

In the meantime,we’ll say goodbye to her daycare friends,in two weeks time..One stage ends,as other is waiting to begin:)Time sure flies,isn’t it?

Happy New Year and Bread Rolls

Happy New Year,everyone!!
And a big Thank You to those of you,who still haven’t stopped visiting.And Only for you,I try once again to revive this blog!
One of my goals..yes goals and not resolutions,this year is to introduce back some real food to Ms.Aadya.That and to bring in some childhood favorites in our everyday menu.
Two trips home in less than a year,an over-indulgent father,my sister’s visit and my lack of energy has turned Ms.Aadya into a junk-slob!Well not really a junk-slob..but lets just say,good wholesome food and vegetables aren’t top on her list anymore..they have been replaced by Candy,chips,icecream.Give her some Nuggets and she will gobble them up..Give her fries-she will chomp’em up..Give her potato bhaaji(curry) and she will turn her little nose up. Meal-times have been very irritating,lately.The girl refuses to eat anything other than yogurt-rice or roti-butter.I am not kidding you!!The only good thing is she still loves her oats and salads!I am tired of sneaking in vegetables..and the tantrums that follow if they are discovered.
So,anyway,I have rolled up my sleeves and decided to kick the junk-slob out of my little Princess and get her to eat something sensible..occasional treats are fine…AFTER sensible food.
The first thing I did is got rid of the junk..chips,candy,icecream.No more of that in the house.When we go out,she does get to pick one!
Anyway,so far I have tried:
<strong>Daal-chakali</strong> mixed with stir-fried spinach(not sneaked in..added in front of her)-another comfort food from my childhood. -She quite liked it.
<strong>Cracked wheat Dalia</strong>-This one went down well too..but it was sweet!
<strong>Upma</strong>-She hated it.
And today,<strong>/Bread Rolls</strong> -She loved those.Though she removed half of the stuffing:)

Does anyone remember this crispy favorite? Crunchy on the outside,filled with soft mashed potatoes ?And I pan fried them.I don’t remember the last time I deep-fried something..Seriously!
Anyway,here’s the recipe:
5 slices of bread-white or whole wheat.
2 medium sized potatoes-boiled and mashed
1 tsp chopped corriander
1 green chilly ,finely chopped.
1/2 tsp red chili powder
pinch of turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cumin-corriander powder
salt to taste,
Bread crumbs to coat.
oil to fry.
A bowl of water.

Add corriander,green chili,spices and salt to the mashed potatoes and mix well.Keep it aside.
Take a slice of bread,dip it lightly in water and gently squeeze out the water,by pressing the slice between your palms.If the bread is very soft,its a good idea to just let it touch the water from one side and then,squeezing the water(hope this makes sense)
Now,put some potato mix on the bread and make a roll,applying very little pressure.
Roll it in bread crumbs.Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then, pan fry your rolls on medium heat,till they are a nice golden brown.Its important to keep the heat medium,because other wise you will end up with crunchy rolls on the outside but soft on the inside.
Cut into halves and serve hot with ketchup or chutney.


This is what URLAI has to say about my blog:
A blog about the days of our life,with Our little Diva
Text analysis is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

I hope the 13-17 years old is seriously because of the URL!!!Please tell me…do I sound so kiddish??or should I flatter myself and think 16 forever?!!LOL!

The call

This morning I woke up feeling quite gloomy.To add to it,DH slept in late..and woke up,just in time to gulp breakfast,get dressed and head out for cricket. That just added to my blues.I was beginning to feel positively depressed.
I looked at the time and decided to make the call.To the one person..who I knew,would know where I am coming from!The phone rang..and rang..and then she picked up.. “Hi”..I said,in low voice. “Hey Sweetie,whats up?” came her voice,full of cheery sunshine. Thats all I needed…”blah blah blah…”,I started and she listened..despite the early hour-it was just 7.30am in India. I talked some more and she listened some me her thoughts..and just like that,I could feel the blues melting away.She had to hang up for 10 minutes,to leave home.By the time,she called back,I was feeling much better.
There is something about talking to your BFF and offloading on her…there is no guilt,despite the hour..there is no fear of being worries about sharing even your darkest thoughts..I am soo glad I have her in my life.
Miss you darling..thanks for being there,always!muaah!

How did we ring in the new year?

Remember how I told you,we planned to stay in and watch movies..well thats exactly what we were planning to do..till DH’s phone rang on 31st morning.I was flat out on the couch..yes,I was still sick.DH was making Maggi for everyone.So,anyway his phone rang and a bunch of his friends had decided to meet up,drink some,order in food and ring in the new year together..I asked DH to go ahead..take Aadya too,if he wanted(which I was 110% sure-he wouldn’t-LOL!!)..and I could stay in-sleep and/or watch my precious movies..may be I could even get some more chick-flicks.. didn’t happen.DH gave me two choices-either he calls up and cancels OR we all go together..”Its take-out, don’t have to cook”…yup,those were the golden words,I needed to hear..I agreed to go.I still spent the rest of the day on the couch..till the Martha in me,awoke.How could I go to a party,without something home-made?Not just a party..a party at DH’s friend’s place!!
So,quickly a chocolate cake was baked and frosted with dark chocolate ganache..and 2011 was written on it with rainbow sprinkles..:) And off we went to the party.
Its was a nice gathering..with friends old and new..and kids ranging from 1.0 to 5.5 years..a good time was had by all and we rang in the new year with our dinner plates in our hands.Ofcourse,that led to much ribbing about how we would spend the new year eating..:D
After dinner followed sparklers and desserts. Sparklers is like Ms.Aadya’s MOST FAVORITE Thing in the whole wide world! Dessert was-Icecream and my chocolate cake..:)
Ohh and it goes without saying that we slept in most of the next used to irk my parents no end that we spent the new years day sleeping..but..someone has to keep up with traditions..isn’t it?:P
I have the 2010 year post in the drafts and so is my thoughts and wishes for 2011..will get around to posting it soon..hopefully:)