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Didi got kicked!!

And I am sooo soo excited!!
Today,after Babushka woke up from her nap,she was sitting in my lap! Ohh Look! I made a rhyme!!LOL!
And just before,she climbed up,Babykins had jammed her hand or leg at an angle and somehow I knew that he/she is going to kick now.. OMG! I must have just finished the thought and came a solid kick-from my tummy to Babs!!
Babs opened her eyes and frowned,I told her it was the baby.. and a smile lit up her face-just as I knew,it would!
I loved,loved the moment.. and the fact that I knew,what both my babies were going to do at the very moment-I can’t even put it in words,how that made me feel!!

My day today

Can be summed up as-
*Running from one Dr. appointment to another.
*Waiting endless at each appointment..Thankfully every single of those Doctors was running late!
And lusting after these-

LOL!! this is what sitting endlessly in the doctor’s office,reading gossip magazines does to you..:)

[All Images:Courtesy Google Images]

The concert

Well,can I really write about anything else,tonight???
So, the concert ..hmm where do I begin?Let me start with the good part- Babushka’s part.
She was soo good. She remembered all her steps,she wasn’t shy..remembered to smile and by the time,she finished the first number,I had tears flowing down my cheeks..After the initial 2 secs,I didn’t bother wiping them.:D
When I went backstage to see her,she was soo soo excited!She asked me jumping up and down.. how was it Mumma..did u see me?I said yes..I asked her,were you scared,tonight?And she said,yes..I was..then I saw you and I got happy…
*pat on the back,to self for showing her where I was sitting.*
The not-so-good part-
It was sooooo disorganised..I have no words for it…really.Kids were called in at 11.00 for make up and such for the show,that was to begin at 4:00. By the time,the first number was performed,all the kids were tired.But,they still rocked on the stage..:)
Nobody knew,which order the performances,basically,everyone was just hanging around there,waiting for someone to tell them.
Babs was supposed to welcome the Mayor,but no-one told me anything and then,at the last minute,her teacher had someone else give him the welcome gift..Like I said,no-one knew what was going to happen when,till it hit u in the face.
Performers went missing after their names were announced and there was the last minute panic to fill in the spot.In the meantime,little girls were dressed and waiting for their turn.Babs had to perform just the first and the last number and so we were good.. but how DO you keep a 4 year old rested between performances..She was dancing with each and EVERY song/dance that was being performed on the stage.
She was supposed to go in for one more number and we were told,they would announce and could I please make sure,she gets there on time..I said,sure and we waited and waited and Babs got excited and she was never called on the stage for that one!!! The show stretched one extra hour and all the kids were hungry…those of us,who were around,got some food and water and some of the kids ate and shared.. while others,just waited for their parents.We did offer them,but didn’t force-simply because of allergy and or diet restrictions.
Now,the best part..
Despite all the chaos,in the end,Babs teacher remembered to introduce her to the Mayor,as her youngest performer.The Mayor shook hands with her and congratulated her on dancing so well:)She said a “Thank you” as an afterthought! The Mayor went down the stage and came back looking for her,with a small trinket-a beads and silver angel and gave it to her..and said,”well done,for not being scared!” That one moment,was the highlight of her day and to be honest,mine too.
There was a no photography notice because the professional photographer was going to take pictures.. but he didn’t get any pictures of her 😦 He did get pictures of her hands and hair!!Not even a picture with the Mayor! Thankfully,we took pictures of her backstage..and so,I am happy.
So,that was the saga of the concert..:)


to write today..
no pictures to share:(
no energy to think of some random gibberish..or write a long post..Had a long long day..So,today,I will leave you with some recipes,I recently discovered..I haven’t tried them on,yet.. but I will soon.
This blueberry cake would be perfect for my after testing snack..yes,let me tell u a secret..I crave sweets now..I didnt till now..but enter GD and I started craving I cheat..I eat whatever sweet I want to right after my after-lunch testing..:D

And this one I think would be perfect for my picky eater- Sneaky Sweet Potato chocolate muffin

Uff! I love middle eastern food..and this one had me drooling..all over the key board!Mujadarra

Another guilt trip:)

Oh Gosh!! This blog is turning in to a major rant/guilt/crib space.. Please please bear with me people,its the hormones:D
Anyway,today’s guilt trip is about Babushka’s dance show.
Its on Sunday. Her dance school is conducting a talent show.And we expressed interest.Babs is in two numbers..the welcome song and the good bye song. She is the youngest performer..All others are atleast 6..and up. Her dance teacher encouraged her participation and here we are!
She was going to send a youtube link of her steps and I was to make her practice at home.But,we got the link only on Monday and I fell sick on Tuesday,so I couldn’t really get her to practice a lot. We did a round or two of practice..but thats about it.
The show is on Sunday and today was the grand rehearsal,with costumes and stuff. We went there and when it was Bab’s turn,she came on the stage,rubbing her eyes..I thought may be she is shy…she got a bad case of stage fright..and her lip started the time,it was her turn to exit the stage,she was in tears.OMG!I felt so sad.. like why did I ever put her name in the list..
I went backstage,while they were waiting to practice again..and gave her cuddles and asked her what happened and she said,she was scared..she didn’t want to do it..I told her where I would be sitting and watching her..and its OK,she is doing a great job and if she forgets the steps,she could just do what the girls on her left and right are doing. She said OK..after some more hugs and kisses,I came down.
I sat right in the front.. but again when she came,she didn’t know,where I WAS!!! Again the same,rubbing eyes..etc..but she spotted her dad..and kept looking at was only in the end that she saw me and smiled.
When she went up on the stage for the goodbye song,she knew where exactly,I was sitting and she very confident..She still didn’t know all the steps,but she was following them,to the T.
Later,we asked her again,why was she crying.. and she said,because she thought,Mummy wasn’t watching her.
Oh,God!I am tempted to wear a bright sparkling outfit on the day of the show-you know the glow in the dark kinds!!LOL! Atleast she will know where I am sitting…On a serious note,I do plan to show her where we are sitting,so that she doesn’t freak out then.

Goodbyes hurt :(

Babushka’s transfer from her old kinder was very sudden.She finished last week there and started this week at the new Kinder.So she never got a chance to say g’bye to her teachers and friends.I called up her two friends parents,over the weekend and told them that she would be going to the new kinder.We all promised to keep in touch..lets see how that goes..but anyway,g’byes to the teachers were pending.
Yesterday,SD was home because I was,we sneaked out for half an hour,and visited with her teachers.
Babs was fine, on the drive over..just a little quiet.Then as soon as we pulled into the parking lot,she said,”Mumma,I don’t want to say good bye, you could do it..” I felt so bad..I said, we wouldn’t say good bye,just visit n go back..She agreed to go inside.
Her teachers were happy to see her and said,they were going to call me,about what was going on..Then,they started asking Babs about her new Kinder..and Babs,just kept changing the topic,focusing on her doll instead. Then,she finally told her teachers,that the new school was good.. but could she still come here.The she saw the lockers and asked,if the aeroplane locker was still hers. Her teacher,Anna was in tears and asked her for a cuddle.. and she said,”Dora is sad too,could you give her a cuddle too?”
Gosh!!I felt sooo soo horrible.
Then we took some pictures..The fool that I am,forgot to check the camera batteries..and yup,you guessed it! The battery was dead.I ended up borrowing the school camera and took pictures with that. Anna promised to email them to me.
After some more cuddles and promises to visit when the baby arrived,we left.
Babs,was quiet on the way home..When I asked her,what happened,she got upset and said,”Don’t talk to me..I am cross because I had to say good bye..I dont like saying good makes me sad..I want to go to both the schools.”
All I wanted to do then was just hug her tight n take her hurt away. I wish I didn’t have to change things for her..really…
I know she will outgrow it..I just hope that over time,Goodbyes become easier for her and her poor heart doesn’t break like her silly mother’s..:(

Wordless Wednesday

Crazy Tuesday-post 22

Today was a crazy crazy day.I woke up feeling sick..actually sicker than yesterday..I was feeling flu-ish.
After Babs left for school,I actually came to the bedroom to lie down- A rarity in itself..but I was tired.Dee sent a text to postpone my drive lesson by an hour and I was,I could sleep for a while.When I woke up,I was still feeling sick.Luckily,I had already booked an appointment with the Dr. for my blood work.
After the driving lesson,picked up Babs and went to the Dr.s office.I was just too tired. Sent a text to SD,saying I was feeling horrible..The Dr. checked me and said,it was a chest infection and my wind-pipe was constricted too.He prescribed antibiotics and asked me to take the inhaler too.By the time we finished,both of us were famished..I got my prescription filled and we grabbed a bite at the food court.
By then I was feeling even sicker. So,called a cab.the effing cab took 20 mins to arrive.I swear i could have reached home in that time..but it was too windy,I had no energy to walk.So,we waited out in the cold for 20 mins..Luckily,it was sunny we picked a sunny spot.
At home,I switched on the TV for Babs n stretched out on the couch.I dunno when I dozed off.SD came home by 6:30-he took an earlier train,Thank God,because by then,I started to get breathless..I took the inhaler,but still no use..and I realised that I hadn’t felt the baby move in quiet sometime.
We decided to just go see the GP.. and again Thank God we did.. because by the time I reached there I couldnt say 2 words without panting.The GP checked me,heard the baby’s heartbeat n then gave me the nebuliser. Then she made me wait there for sometime..All in all,after spending a good two hours,we are home,with instructions to go straight to the hospital,if it happens again in the night or in the next couple days.I have an appointment with the OB anyway on Monday..Gosh! I can’t express the relief I felt when I felt the baby move,after the dose of nebuliser!
My immunity is at an all time low,this add to it,Gestational diabetes and Melbourne weather don’t help at all.. the Dr. told me, ” you have a very challenging 7-8 week period ahead of you!” Yikess! that reminds me,I am in my 31st week now!!
I have to mention,I got a very very encouraging email from one of my readers,about how she was admired me for having handled everything with Babs,all by myself…and Everytime I feel discouraged,I read it.Thanks S.
Oh and R’s mom.. thank you for your encouraging comment about gest.diabetes too.. everytime I get sick of injecting myself..I remember that atleast someone thinks I am cool to not freak out..:)
For now,I am just going to think of getting past the 36 week mark.. think 36,EVERYONE!

Today Post 20

It was Babushka’s first day at her new Kinder today. And she loved it!!(touch wood,NOW!)
She was feeling a little shy to begin with..sticking close to me,asking me to stay near her.Then her teacher came and said Hello to her..and thats it..:) She started loosening up.
She told her name,loud and clear and then picked out a locker to keep her bag. Here,in this school,there are no designated lockers,the kids can pick whichever one they like and then, the parents can attach a velcro name tag to the locker.
I had to hand in her re-enrolment form and submit some the time,I was done,Babs was happily building towers with wooden blocks,sitting next to two other girls.
When I went to say goodbye to her,she hugged me and said,”I love you,Mumma”..I was so happy to see her settle in like that. And also,felt a tiny bit guilty for having yelled at her,in the morning.Then,I had 3 and a half hours to kill. I could have just come back home,but we had a tiring weekend and I knew,if I came home,I would just go about finishing my chores,before heading out to pick her up.So,I just gave myself a break and hung out in the the newspaper,leisurely,read magazines..then grabbed some lunch at the food court..window-shopped a little,read some more..and generally chilled around.
Oh at the food court,I went to my favorite Kebab place..OMG!this pregnancy I am ODing on Chicken Shawarma. So,after I finished ordering,the girl at the counter asked me,where I had left my little girl..:) Gosh! It warmed up my heart,even before I had the first bite.. you know,I love the familiarity of the suburbs..where after the first few times,even the cashier at the grocery store recognises you:) LOL! yeah I am crazy like that.

Anyway,it was such a relief to not be running to get to school in time…:) As soon as I stepped in the door,the Teacher’s Assistant told me,”Oh!she had a nice day.She did great!” And you know what,today,she was sitting up front and not in the back,like in the old school. LOL! No No,I am not saying this to gloat that she is a first bencher..I am just saying that she was sitting upfront and talking to the teacher..instead of just sitting in the back,listlessly. She used to be so tired and cranky,by the time,I went to pick her up,in the other school..She had eaten a full lunch before going and even finished her school snack!!YAY!!!
And as we were leaving,she asked me,if she can go back to this school,again tomorrow..YES YES!

I hope this happy trend continues:)

Friends or Corporate Relations-Post 19

I thought a lot before writing this..but I guess the fact that I am actually thinking about it,qualifies for it to be written.This is sort of a rant,so,feel free to skip it,if you are not in a mood for that.
So,lately,certain events around me have led me to wonder,if people we consider our friends are really friends or mere acquaintances or not even that..sometimes I feel they are just random people thrown together in similar situations and who end up hanging out together.
No,no,please don’t get me wrong-I have met some really great people over the years and many of them are very good friends.When I meet a person,I like,I don’t think about where they live/work/come from. For me,its the person that matters and I don’t stop at doing anything for them…anything thats physically possible for me to do.
Now if you are house-wife or SAHM mom like me,you will know,that your chances of meeting people are very remote..even more so,when you don’t have kids or have younger kids.Most people that you meet are through your husband’s work place or if you have school going kids,through their schools.
Initially,when I moved out of India,I would start talking to people in the laundry,library,grocery store,everywhere..inviting them over to my place,but the weird looks I got or the crazy specimens I met, were enough to discourage me..And so,I ended up meeting or being friends with SD’s colleagues’ wives.Sometimes I was happy on other times I was bored to death.But,after frequent moving,I realised that the friendships ended with each move. Catching up for a cup of coffee,while you were in the same building or same city was fine.. but no-one had the time to keep up a long distance relationship.I would still try to keep in touch and then finally pick up the pieces of my broken heart and move on..hoping to find new friends in the new place.
Then,we moved to Australia.And a couple of months after moving here,met this really nice group of friends..again through SD’s work place but everyone was warm and welcoming..and I thought wow.. I really got lucky this time..We would meet every weekend or every other weekend and it was fun.Even after we moved off to a farther suburb,the meetings continued and all was well. And then,SD got a very good break and changed his job.We were still in the same city and so still had the same friends.
Slowly things started changing..while previously a visit to our suburb was incomplete without stopping by at our home,just to say hi or have a cup of tea,now,the meet-ups were casually moved to another friend’s home..and mentioned to us,much much later. While earlier,if a picnic or dinner was being planned,I was asked/consulted on dates too.. now,I was just informed a day prior or so.. saying that it was a last minute plan..while,I was well-aware of when and where discussion had started.
Then,I got pregnant and was horribly sick and that became a convenient excuse to not visit.. quoting my supposed friend, ” I don’t visit because I don’t want to bother you”…Seriously,its no-one’s job to take care of me,when I am sick.. really,I don’t expect it..but having a friend over,can really cheer up even the sickest person.And I wasn’t on the death-bed..I was just experiencing pregnancy related sickness. I didn’t think much of that as well,until a friend,a mom I met at Babushka’s activity group came over.She had called up for a casual chit-chat and I told her I was pregnant and horribly sick and could we talk later.She hung up and turned up,2 hours later a box of sabji and said,”I know you are sick.. but I figured,seeing someone might cheer you up.”She stayed over,made me tea. Her own kids were at school and Kumon,she entertained Babushka and talked to me..That short half an hour visit made me feel so much better.
But,it made me think.. someone I knew for hardly 6 months..someone,who I met once a week for a short while,was thoughtful and considerate,then,why couldn’t somebody I considered a friend.A friend for whom I had gone out of my way and done things.A friend for whom I had inconvenienced my family…begged SD to drive for half an hour after work-just so we could go wish her son for his birthday;dragged a half- asleep Babs,just so I could deliver cupcakes for her daughter to take to school the next day.I feel like a fool now..really do.
Now,they are having a birthday party,for one of the kids..When I called up to wish,I was told,that we are still thinking about it..while all our other friends have already got the invitations.I think,I will just get a call at the last minute,with the same excuse that it was decided at the last minute. I am seriously considering,if I should call her bluff or politely decline.What would you do?
But the invitation is the least of my worries…really,what saddens me is that,I am not valued as a person.I was just considered a friend or person worthy of hanging out,because,my husband was a co-worker.Sometimes,I wonder if their attitude would have still changed,if SD had not got this new job..but it again brings me to the same point..A real friend,a genuine friend will not envy you your success..right? They would be happy for you..then,I wonder..if these people are really our friends?May be we were just a part of the corporate circle,who you had to interact in order to remain know like the necessary side-kicks!
May be this sounds trivial,but I had to write it to get it out of my head. What do you think?Waiting to hear your take on it.