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I drove today!! All by myself.. well even if for a short distance!
I had to take Babushka to the being her last day of the term and all..I was unsure about parking in the busy town center,where her kinder is,so I texted Dee saying that I need help with Parking..and she very sweetly,offered to go with me and teach me the tricks.
I went from home and picked up Dee from the next street.. Babs was sooo excited.. that mommy is driving..and that we could go out on our own in our car,Aape se!
After some parking practice,I dropped off Dee and came home.Alone in the big car for the first time!!:D
Yayyy I feel good:D
Oh and I got my licence in the mail today,and luckily the photo has come out nice too!!


So I spend two days gloating happily and how can things stay like that?? huh? huh?
On Sunday,SD backed the car into the garage shutter and so the garage shutter is like stuck-the car can’t get out of the garage..and I haven’t driven AtALL since receiving my licence.
And today I went for my weekly monitoring..And spent the whole day in the day stay unit! First they couldn’t get the baby to move and when it finally moved,it wouldn’t stop!!! The baby’s pulse rate kept accelerating and they refused to let me go home.The midwife on-call called up the Pregnancy assessment unit asking to transfer me this point,they asked us to put in atleast 2 hours worth of coins in the parking meter and stock up on more,because they didn’t know how long I would have to stay.
Babushka was so tired and flustered..SD was at work and I had gone there with my brother. I sent them both to pick up SD and asked SD to drop them home and come back to the hospital.Finally at around 4:30 the mid-wife was satisfied with the readings and said,I could go home.By this time,SD had been picked up and he decided to come to the hospital to see me first..Thank God for that! Finally we got back home at 6:30 pm! We had left home at 8:30 AM! SD joked that I spent a full working day at the hospital..I was so tired,I didn’t laugh..glared at him instead!
Good Friend M made some lovely tea for us,so we made a pit-stop at her place,before coming home.
As of now,I have been asked to take it as much as I can..HORIZONTALLY! LOL! yeah if thats possible!

On a happy note.. SD and baby bro set up Babykin’s crib on Saturday..And seeing the crib there makes me feel soooooooo WOWWW!! Now,to wash his/her clothes and bedding!! Oh and today,we complete 35 weeks and enter the 36th!!YAYYY!
As for my mood- I am soo irritable..specially with SD.. so irritable like I want to bite his head off!!LOL! And don’t you go saying nice things about him! Coz I am just so irritated.. and here’s the thing..I dont even know why!!! LOL Poor guy,he has been pretty patient so far.. the only thing he has said so far is..’You can forget about baby#3 because,I don’t know a pregnant you!’ Yeah right!
And Gosh!I am soo tired!Like even my face hurts.. even my brain hurts! I should stop writing.. hopefully,I will feel better after a good night’s sleep!

Sharing some happiness!

I know I knoww..I shouldn’t keep disappearing like that.. but please bear with me,these last few weeks:)
Before I say anything else,let me just tell you,how happy I was to see your comments on the date post..really..that is the reason why I love blogging.Its so nice to see so many like-minded people..and no you don’t have to always agree with me.. all I want is for you to see where I am coming from 🙂
So,as for the date,I assumed the Queen of Practicality mode and thought I would let the doctor decide- because the only person who should have a say in a medical procedure,is a medical professional and if at all he asked me for a preference,I would tell him the 22nd of July as my aunt is arriving that evening..So,even if I go to the hospital in the morning,we could leave Babushka with either my cousin or my good friend M and after the hospital visiting hours end,SD and Babushka could go to the airport to pick up my aunt.
But a big part of decision making relied on which Dr.I go to see. This is a public medical system and everytime,I see a different Dr. I just had a gut feeling that if I get the old Vietnamese Dr. from the last time,things will go smoothly and sure enough,I got him! Then,I just let him take the call.
The first date he suggested was… LO! Behold! 22nd!!!! But unfortunately there were already 4 surgeries planned that day and they had to keep some slots open for emergencies too. So, 22nd was ruled out. 23rd and 24th,which were his next preferences were ruled out too,because of the weekend.One of the dates my sister’s astrologer suggested was 26th..but the Dr. thinks it will be too late..soo 25th of July is going to be the day when Babykins makes an appearance,unless s/he comes early 🙂 I am soo excited.. another 30 days to go!!
Speaking of excitement.. the other exciting news on my front is that I had my driving test yesterday and I PASSED!!!YAYYYYYYYYYY ME!!!!
I spent the previous 2-3 nights,tossing and turning and driving around in my mind:) I took lessons every day of the week,this week and even on the morning of the test and Dee,my instructor commented,that most people are so nervous on the lesson before the test and end up making more mistakes but I seemed cooler than usual and it was freaky..LOL!! Yeah I am freaky like that,I told her and I hoped the coolness stayed on during the test! I was hoping to get a tester that Dee had mentioned about- him being all cool n stuff.. and imagine my joy! when the person to call my name was him! I think that was the first positive sign!
We started the test and I made my first silly mistake.. He asked me show him the wipers and I got confused!!LOL!!! and finally got it right after 2 tries.We got out of the parking lot and all was well till I had to reverse park..which is where I made my next mistake and I tried to be calm and correct it and just then the examiner told me that I could start over again,if I liked..and that took away my nervousness.I tried again and parked PERFECTLY- Dee’s words(later!)
There was one instance when I was too close to the car coming from the opposite side but,both the cars got out of there safely. And at one time,I had to actually be almost over on the other side because someone had parked wrongly..and I hoped and prayed that no-one should turn in my street,because that would have freaked me out totally and again,NO-ONE turned! That was my next positive sign.
Then,we got to an intersection,where there is a turning arrow that flips off and then its a matter of your judgement..luckily for me,it flipped off.. the other cars moved but there was one more car before me and so,I had to wait..and when the arrow came on again,I happily completed my turn! Gosh!I really felt like the stars had aligned and all the things were going my way!!Soooooooooooooooooo yayyyyy here I am- Happy and excited!!!
Thanks for boosting my morale when I first posted about the driving licence!

What is a good date???

So,tomorrow I have an appointment with the OB and he told us,we have could pick a date and everyone has a say about it.. so much so,its driving me nuts!
I asked SD what he feels and he says, we should find out an auspicious date.. I vetoed.. simply because,if for some reason we can’t get a slot on the said date,then,I don’t want to feel bad.
My aunt arrives here on the 22nd and I feel,that practically that will be a good date to fix up..Again,there is a possibility that we may not get a slot on this day.. but again,this date is picked purely based on convenience,so I won’t feel bad.
I was talking to my sister and mentioned SD’s intents to her and she went a step ahead and consulted her face reader and called back with a couple of auspicious dates and according to her,the most auspicious date is right in the 40th week! There is no way,the OB is going to let me go that far.. and again,if I get to pick,why would I want to wait that long-specially given the last few weeks.
Now,SD is convinced we should pick one of the other dates she told us… which is fine.. only not practical..I mean if my aunt is coming all the way.. and if we can pick a date.. then I would rather have it closer to when she arrives,instead of a week before her arrival!
SD feels its not a big deal and he can manage,without any family around.. but I can’t wrap my head around it..
Ofcourse,there is the thing that despite all this permutation and combination,the baby can chose to arrive on a totally different date..just like his/her sister..who arrived a good 3 weeks early!
So now,tell me my lovely readers,what do you think??

Babushka talks :)

I know .. most of you come here to read about Babushka:) So,I figured its time for another one of Babushka posts.
Babushka has an opinion about everything and not just random opinions..but she actually thinks things through.
Like last night,she just wouldn’t fall asleep..I tucked her in,lay in her bed and slipped out,after she fell asleep.. and within half an hour she woke up crying..this happened two more times and finally,I asked her to move to my bed. And what do you know?She slept through the night,after that.. even if I went to bed,after nearly 2 hours!!
So this morning,I asked her,’Oh Babs,what will you do when I go to the hospital?’ and very confidently she answered,’Oh Mamu can take me to Ms.Donalds’..My cousin in moving to Melbourne this weekend and so,we are all super excited about him coming.Then I asked her, who would put her to sleep,feed her,bathe her,dress her..and she systematically answered Papa for everything..except for combing her hair,because,Papa’s can’t comb hair..only Mommies can!
I asked her what will you guys do for food?Eat out or cook? And she said,Well Papa can make khichdi or rice..LOL! yeah she knows that in the last few months,whenever Mumma’s not well,Papa comes home and makes Khichdi..:D
She has names picked for the baby..and No,I am not allowed to tell anyone! ‘Because,its a secret!’
She is just so understanding about the whole thing,it breaks my heart and makes me proud at the same time.. Everytime,I double up in pain,because of my torn muscle,she comes and rubs my back.
Last few days,I have been having painful contractions and when that happens,the muscle and the contraction,both together,make me stop and brace myself.. And she stops whatever she is doing and comes and hugs me,saying,’May be cuddles could make you feel better…’ if that doesn’t work.. she rubs my back,or hands or face,kisses me and says..’ there my kisses will make the hurt go away..’ Mostly,by then,I feel better.. 🙂 And say thank you.. and she is so happy.
She is soo soo eager to help.. even if she is tired and I ask her to give me a something from the bottom shelf,she pipes up,’one big bowl(or whatever it is I need) coming up,Mumma..Don’t you worry,I am right here!’
Babs and SD are getting closer..they plan things together,keep each other entertained..:) And every now and again,Babushka wants to call up her Papa to talk to him about something IMPORTANT!!
For his B’day,last week..we went present shopping,after I picked her up from school on Thursday evening. SD was going to pick us up. We went from one store to another and she didn’t like anything. I liked a sports watch that I thought would make a nice present..but she said no..and insisted we go to EB games..the place where SD buys his PS3 CDs from. And we waited there for SD.She refused to go home,till he didn’t go inside and pick up a gift. And she knew exactly what she wanted!!! A Power steering for his car racing games.Then she insisted we go get a cake.. from a cake shop,all the way over,2 suburbs away! And he did it!!!
SD has always been a no-fuss-on-my bday kinda guy..but he is no match against a determined 4 year old Babushka!! 🙂
I have so much more to write.. but I guess,I will stop here today :)More later.. till then,take care!

33 Weeks and counting….

Sooo,I didn’t want to just disappear…but the crazy universe conspired and I had to stay away from you lovelies..:(
After this day,I spent every alternate day in bed or at the Dr.’s office or the hospital.To add to it,my laptop crashed..yet again!
So,I will spare you the gory medical details..except one..that is a torn abdominal muscle,which I JUST CANNOT FORGET OR IGNORE..coz it hurts sooo bloody much…when I cough,walk,get up,lie down..pretty much all the time..So,you see,I can’t not talk about it!LOL! And before you there is not much I can do about it..It will heal itself a few weeks after yayy!
Ohh and now that you have sent some love and hugs my way,let me give you a reason to go Awww..:) We got to see the baby again 🙂 last Saturday.We even got a profile picture of Babykins and I think S/he looks like SD.. and he thinks S/he looks like me..:) But Babushka doesn’t care.. according to her,Babykins looks just like HER!LOL! The Ultrasound tech told us that the baby has a head full of hair! When Babs was born,everyone in the hospital,couldn’t stop gushing over her hair..:D And both SD and I love babies born with a full head 🙂 Lets see how accurate the ultrasound is.
Thanks to the multiple complications going on,currently,I need to go for weekly monitoring,which is actually quite reassuring..and hopefully,next week,when I see the OB,we’ll have a date for my scheduled C-sec..:)
If you are still reading,I think,I should ask you,how have you been? Please tell me,you have had a more exciting time than I did:)

Papa and Princess

Gosh! I just realised that June is here,we are in the second week and I haven’t written a single post so far!
Yesterday was SD’s birthday and though I want to write about his special celebrations,I think,I will share this post from my old blog today:)

As I was re-reading my post about A’s 2 month update..I realised that in all my excitement,it has turned out to be just a mommy-brag ..So, this one’s for you ,darling hubby.
A is one smart cookie,she already knows who’s on her side.She has DH nicely twirled around her little finger. She just has to pout once and she gets lifted out of the crib.She already knows that the tall one , is the one who will do anything to keep her from crying. She spends all day with me.. but come evening and DH comes home and then she changes loyalties..Then,its like the father-daughter team has to make up for all the time lost. She behaves herself and takes all her naps in her crib but at bedtime when DH is home, she just wont sleep there.The moment we put her in her crib, she start whining..I pat her, whining stops, then starts again.DH comes rushing.. and then starts the crying.. she looks at him with those puppy eyes!!! My GOD!! I think..she already knows how to make her papa dance to her tune! He scoops her out of the crib and she sleeps on our bed..She loves cuddling up with her Papa and sleeping in his arms. She literally turns herself towards him like a sunflower towards the sun and snuggles up closer for warmth. One weekend,I was cooking and they were both playing. By the time I finished cooking, they were both fast asleep..A cuddled up next to her dad, one tiny fist and one chubby thigh resting on his chest . Awww they looked adorable.
DH is such an involved dad..right from the moment A was born. He was the one to watch her when she got her first bath, the one who held her when she got her first shot, the one who changed her first diaper and gave her her first bottle. I am sure the first few hours of her life, A was sure he was her MOM!He was on a conference call, this morning when A got her shot. He felt so bad that he wasn’t there to hold soon as he finished, he came and hugged her!Asked me 10,000 questions about how I held her,did I hold her close enough,if she cried too much, how many shots.. etc etc etc..
He still wakes up with me every night.I have to force him to go back to sleep. The poor guy is on medication now and that makes him so drowsy , but still even the slightest whine from A and he is up.For a guy who hates shopping, he spends hours in baby stores, deciding what to buy and ends up buying everything that he was choosing from!
Its just so wonderful watching him with A..I feel truly blessed to have this beautiful family.A is really lucky to have him as her dad.I know she is going to grow up to be daddy’s girl 🙂