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She is here!

Yes Yes YESSSSSSS! Babushka’s Baby sister is here!!!
I was scheduled to deliver her on the 25th but,did she have the patience?Nope!!
I went in on friday for another check up and ended up staying the night there..yes yes baby story will follow shortly.. this is just an announcement post:) All those pink vibes worked!
So Babykins is a girl and we are calling her Ananya 🙂
She arrived at 4:09PM Local time and weighed 3.9 kgs.
She was named the Indian Princess in the OT and the maternity ward and everyone who saw her was last seen gushing over her hair..But No-one absolutely no-one is allowed to hold her for more than a minute..because she is Babushka’s Baby sister and she is heard informing the ‘others’ – Ok thats enough,my sister wants mumma now..!!!
I leave you with a picture of my precious babies

She’s Here!

Yesssssss Aadya’s Baby sister is here!!!
And we are calling her Ananya 🙂
Ananya arrived on 23rd July at 4:09PM Local time and weighed 3.9 kgs.
She was named the Indian Princess in the OT and the maternity ward and everyone who saw her was last seen gushing over her hair.!

The day for take-outs:)

When you wake up to a cold frosty morning,after having very little sleep all night.. a tired sick child at home and want to eat steaming hot food.. what do you do??
Well you head out to the nearest food-court..:D
Because the things we wanted to eat were so diverse,no restaurant would cater to our demands:)
So,we just bundled up in jackets over our PJs and headed out to the food-court and came back with Fried rice and honey Chicken and Chicken Shawrama *drool*
Then we set up the table with Ikea kids jazz things up.. and had a nice colorful mother-daughter meal:)
Happy Mommy- perkier daughter:)

Last OB visit..

Wow!! I can’t believe it,I had my last OB visit today. Last time,we never got to that part..:)
Today I had all my last maternity appointments- Last monitoring,last OB visit and finally the last Endo visit.The next time I go to the hospital,will be to have the baby..:)
So 7 days or less 🙂
And I dunno why,but today of all the days,I saw the nicest OB and the sweetest midwife and both of them,are going to be on call in Maternity,next week..So,they promised to stop by and check 🙂
I can’t describe this of excitement,trepidation,kind of like the day before your major exam..:)
I have been getting some major contractions since last night..and they were even picked up during monitoring but they weren’t close enough for me to be admitted..So,I was sent home with instructions to check-in..when the contractions get regular!!
So.. I dunno whether the next post will be me cribbing about being uncomfortable or SD announcing the arrival of Babykins!! For all you know,as my brother and SD have been betting.. I will be online even from the hospital..:) and I might just update the blog from there:P
So,until next time.. love and hugs to all of u..:)

He is the biggest one..

Yesterday,we were on our way back from a random shopping trip and had to stop in the middle of the road to complete our turn. Ours was the second car and the light had already turned Amber..But the car in front didn’t move.So,SD honked to ask the guy to move. He moved ahead and then rolled his window down and put up his finger..SD showed him the finger too…The guy in front turned and started saying something..Now our windows were still rolled up and I cannot read lip-movements to save my life.But the next thing I know is,SD had rolled his window down too and was shouting,”You are the biggest ONE!”
The Guy in front started his car and then backed up… OK by now,I was freaking out.. SD tried to drive the car from the side..The guy in front,just turned to the left and stopped the car.
I kept checking the side mirror and at the same time,was yelling at SD,”What were you thinking..What if he had a weapon?Do you even know who he is??” In my defence the area,we were driving through is famous for gun-totting hoods.. Anyway,at the end of my outburst,before SD could open his mouth to say anything,a little voice piped from the back seat,”Mumma, he is the biggest one!!”
SD burst out laughing..I was still fuming.. I asked him why did you say that.. what if it was someone from the hood.. And SD continued laughing and said,if it was,then he wouldn’t be showering me with choicest curses in Hindi…And then Babushka’s sentence said in all innocence became even more hilarious…Even now when I am writing this post,I have a goofy grin pasted on my face!!!

Why I love being a mom to Babushka

*Mush Alert* Please feel free to skip!

Where do I start? sweet little Angel.. My sweet little baby 🙂 Ohh no no If I say, you are my little baby,mera chota baby,she says,No..I am your big baby-the baby in your tummy is your chota baby.
Some days I am very tired or moody and even the smallest things irritate me and make me yell. Even SD loses his cool on such days..when he should know better..but never my little baby..She just covers her ears and says,”Why must you shout?I don’t like it when you hurts my feelings..” How can I yell then..I have to just give her a hug and that cools me down.On other days, she starts pretend laughing.. till I don’t join her laughing loudly.Then we hug and be friends!
When we go to the hospital,she is a chatter-box..talking to he nurses n midwives.’Hello I am Babushka … and then she starts her conversation!:)As soon as I lie down on the bed,she refuses to leave my side.even if SD or my cousin tempt her with treats..Only when I ask her to go,she leaves reluctantly.But not before telling me,that she is right outside and that she loves me and she will miss me! Awww..just writing this,makes me tear up..and I know its not just the hormones!
Every night when we go to bed,she has to sleep in such a way that we are facing each other.. She moved into our bed,last year or the year before..I tried to move her out.. half-heartedly.. because I loveeeee feeling her warm soft body snuggled up next to me..As I got bigger with the pregnancy,we tried to move her out to her bed again.. but..ended up moving SD out:D And now..when I change sides and positions through out the night,she is so sweet and accomodating..Even in deep sleep,she moves to my side,feels my face with her hand,snuggles up with a soft sigh and goes back to sleep with a smile on her face.
I remember when she was 2,we went to India and I used to wake up early,to have chai with my dad..and my sister would scoot closer to her..I don’t know how..she knew..but she did.. she would feel my sister’s face,her hand and then say,’Masi..where’s Mumma?’… Even now.. 5 minutes after I wake up,she is up and looking for me…
Even on days I am very tired and feeling out of it,she tell me..Mumma I love you so much.. Mumma,you look so pretty..with so much love in her leaves me breathless.
I always wondered what they mean when they say,You may be someone in the world..but to someone you are the world…My little Baby,makes me feel like I am the WORLD… she makes me feel like the most special person on the face of this earth! Love you Babushka,for making me a mom… 🙂

37 weeks update and observations from the Hospital waiting room!

Wow! another week closer to holding that baby 🙂
I am positively bigger-even Babushka has been commenting on it..and she was the one person,who thought I was PERFECT! Last couple of days,every time Babs is sitting next to me or kissing my belly,she says..’WOW Mumma your tummy is soooo big! LIKE a huge watermelon!’ umm yeah thanks baby!
The other day,I was trying on some pants to put in my hospital bag and they refused to go up.. and both SD and Babs,said,together.. ohh yeah its too small.. you are too big!! umm as if I can’t see/feel that!
Anyway,so last week,we had to go into the hospital because for no apparent reason,my blood pressure shot up and I went in for monitoring..spent a couple hours there and then for no apparent reason,it came down on its own..:)
The appointment today was pretty routine..everything looked as it should.. and since I have already scheduled my C-sec,there is not much to discuss with the OB.She did say,that if I go into labour naturally and if they think there is a chance of normal delivery,they will give me that that’s good:)
I have been cramping last two days and have a terrible back ache..which is a good sign at this time,said the OB! Last time,after I was cramping for two days,Babushka made an appearance!:D So,I have hopes!
So lets see.. my observations from the hospital waiting room..I mean really.. we were there from 1:30 to 5:00 pm for various appointments..I have lots of fodder for a blog-post of its own.. but I am a good person and will spare you the minute by minute details!
First appointment was the CTG,where they are supposed to monitor the baby’s heart rate and my contractions,if any! And the OBs insist on doing it on Monday,before seeing them.. that way,if there is a problem,they can take action,immediately..So,Mondays are very busy in the day stay unit,where this test is carried out..So,I can’t just understand,why they can’t keep competent and experienced staff on their busiest day! 2 weeks back,I spent nearly 8 hours in the day stay unit..why? because there was a swap nurse,who didn’t know what she was doing! She monitored my heart-rate for more than half an hour,despite me telling her 4 times,that its too low for the baby’s heart-rate! Anyway,today,started off nice..I had a nice mid-wife,she hooked me and said,she’d check back in half an hour. At around 20 minutes,came the midwife,I have dubbed as Ms.Panicked.I was reading a magazine..The baby was moving a she asked me to stop reading,because,it might move the monitor…I swear if she could,she would have asked me to stop breathing!!LOL! So, anyway,the monitoring took around 1 hour..towards the end,the baby moved and there was no heartbeat on the screen and,I hurried put my phone away,where I was checking FB statuses.. simply because if Ms.Panicked caught me with the phone,she would tell me to stop moving my fingers too.Seriously,last week or the week before,when she was on call, and I dozed off,she woke me, no don’t sleep.. I want u to be awake…so that Your breathing stays steady! OK!!
Another mid-wife came and checked and said,we had already got a continuous 20 minutes read before the baby moved the first,it was fine!*rolling eyes*
We finished that and went off to the main reception to sign in and wait for our appointment. And I cannot tell you how annoyed I was at the Desi girl who jumped the line. She was going to the toilet..I was up next..Babs came running to give me a cuddle and this girl,changed her mind and sneaked in between me and the person before me! It took both of SD’s hands to restrain me from giving her a piece of my mind.
SD stood in the line and sent me off for a blood test.This time it was a Russian lady..She looked so stern,like a school matron!She asked me my name and address in the most stern voice and then asked me..if I was a resident or overseas soon as I said,Resident,her whole demeanor changed..:P I wonder why!! Anyway,the next thing she asked me was..”Do you have one baby or two inside?” Gulp!OKKKK now I knowww..I am reallyyyyyy huge! When I said,’ONE’,she shook her head and said,’hmmm biggggggg baby’..I was sure she was going to narrate a tid-bit of her own..but she didn’t.Instead,she grabbed a big needle and poked me,without even the slightest warning.. Here I was….waiting for the sharp scratch of a delicate butterfly needle..and instead there was this huge needle,sticking in my arm…phew..the blood draw done..I went back to the line,where SD was waiting.
The Desi girl was at the counter and we were up next..the other receptionist called us.. and we were done in a jiffy.. and poor desi girl was still at the counter!!yayy there is justice after all!LOL!
While we were waiting,there was another nice lady..dressed up in the smartest clothes..a lovely green woolen skirt and tights and she was there with her 3-4 yo too.. expecting her second too.. we exchanged some pleasantaries and notes on 3-4 yos and finally after a long wait,when her turn came,she raised her eyebrows and I raised mine,in solidarity of motherhood!!
Then there was this family-I think they were Sudanese or Africans.. There were 3 boys and the mother was expecting her 4th.The father spent most of the time,outside the waiting room…and the boys,ran around the waiting room.. between rows of chairs,pushing smaller of them hit Babushka on the head,SD was on his haunches,instantly and called her away,and gave her his phone to play with.I was amazed,how the mother and the father(when he was present in the room) never even raised their eyebrows or asked the boys to sit still. One of the men,got up to stop them,when they pushed his little girl and SD,said Hey! and glared at them,when one of them pushed at my belly,when they were running between the chairs. I couldn’t help but get annoyed at the father.. he was anyway,waiting outside,he could have taken one or two of the boys with him and given his wife a break. Even when she was called in to see the doctor,all 3 of them went with her,while the father,sat outside reading a newspaper!
Ohh and last but not the least,I got mistaken for a Hijabi! When we got down from the car,I realised that I had forgotten to take my coat.So,I just wrapped my scarf around my head and neck really tight.I was wearing a full sleeves T-shirt inside my top..When I looked up,I saw another Muslim family walking by-the lady was wearing a hijab too.The Man looked at me and wished me,Salaam-wa-laikum.It gladdened my heart 🙂
Ohh! And how can I not mention this…
When we were driving back,we saw the most beautiful sight.. golden sunlight peeking through the clouds..It was really really beautiful… It also reminded me that on the last appointment before Babushka’s birth,we had to wait a long time,to see my OB and when we left from the OB’s office,we saw the moon and it wasn’t even dark…Somehow,these two sightings sound similar to me..:) May be Babykins will be here soon..As it is Babushka came at 37 weeks and 2/3 days!
I still want to write a couple posts before Babykins comes..I hope I can:)
More later….

I can’t believe…

… that its been over two months since I wrote anything here…:(
So much to write,so much to share…I haven’t tried any exciting recipes lately,not baked a lot much so that yesterday when I wanted to bake a cake,I realised I had run out of baking powder(gasp!) and my bicarb of soda had expired nearly 6 months back!:(
Anyway,Thank heavens for Self raising flour..I used that and added one extra egg and got the most amazing,soft,moist,melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake.

I used this recipe and for the Frosting,this is what I did-
Take 50 gms of chocolate melts and 30 gms of unsalted butter in a bowl and melt in the microwave,for 1 minute. take out,stir,melt again for 1 min.
Add 1/4 cup of icing sugar and 1/4 cup of warm milk. blend well,using a whisk.. and then,pour over the cake.

The husband usually is not a chocolate fan and was grumbling,why I always prefer chocolate over Vanilla(like there is any comparison!!!) and how I have converted the daughter as well..But he tasted the cake and guess who had most of it!!! All I can tell you is,it wasn’t a girl!LOL!

In other news,on my needles is a garter stitch afghan.. dunno when I will finish it…seeing as the carpel tunnel has left my right hand,nearly useless,when it comes to writing or knitting…Also on the same needles is a stockinet stitch scarf for Ms.Aadya.. well,that I have to finish quickly.. come sun or rain..because she wants to wear it to Kindy,next wish me luck!
I hope you have been well.. I will try and update,more and sooner!

36 weeks and counting!!

This post has been in the drafts since Monday now!So,I am past the 36 week mark now..yayy baby! I can’t believe it,a couple weeks back,even this looked so far off!
I went for my check up on Monday and all seemed well.. now,we’ll have weekly appointments.The first time,I never got around to going for weekly check ups,because, Babs was born as soon as I hit the 37 week mark.
Babykins is doing well and his/her weight is around 3 kgs now.So,we are just counting days till the 25th or labor,whichever comes first.
Gosh!I feel so tired.. and yesterday,was the first day,I went out wearing my maternity jeans after many weeks- last couple times I went out,I wore just my super-stretchy pants..and thats when I realised how much my belly has popped.. the T-shirt was riding up,the belly belt was riding low and somehow I loved the roundness of the belly..Babs noticed it too and came and kissed my belly..:P Someone recently asked me,if I will be happy,to get rid of my big belly and big body… Surprisingly,I think not!I lurveeeeeeeeeee being pregnant and love my pregnant body 🙂 Even with all the hurts and pains,everything:D
Even despite Gestational diabetes to the C-sec everything!:) I think I am weird like that..GD or C-sec was never a big deal for me.. Ok may be GD was a little bit of a bummer the first time..but this time,I was OK..
But the C-sec..the first time,round itself,I was quite calm,I prepared for a natural birth but was ready mentally for the possibility of a C-sec..and boy!Am I glad,I was prepared.. simply because,I ended up having an emergency C-sec! And I waited and waited and I waited some more,but the disappointment never came..:P Like I said,I am weird like that!
This time as well,I did everything possible to avoid getting GD,I ate the right stuff right from day of positive pregnancy test.. and luckily for me,I found out quiet early..(5 weeks!) but in the back of my mind,I always knew that the chances of me getting GD,are high..and so,when it did come up,I was alright..:)
Anyway,just a couple more weeks and I will have the new bub in my arms:) and it will all be so worth it:) I don’t know why I am writing all this today..I guess I just want to get it off my head:)There are so many things,I want to write.. but just soo tired.. I blog mentally and forget to hit enter:D

Before I hit publish.. something that Babushka said today-
I asked her to call up SD to ask him something..I dialled the number,put the phone on speaker and asked her to talk..she told me,”why should I?you could do it!!” I said ‘No!I am mad at Papa and I am not being friends with him’..She shook her head and said,’Awww but you don’t have to be friends with are his WIFE!!’ LOL!!! I burst out laughing.. and told SD about it,forgetting that I was not talking to him!LOL Why was I not talking to him?I don’t remember.. and u know the funny thing.. he didn’t even know that I was not talking to him..uggggggggggh… but I guilt tripped him and he did say the usual sweet things so I forgave him.. for whatever it was that I was angry about*still scratching my head,wondering what it was*