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Catching up..

Yes,I can’t stay away from this space..and since this blog was started majorly as a baby blog,I will keep it as that.. and now with Ananya also in picture,there is a lot of fodder for baby/big kid updates:)
Its been 5 weeks to Ananya’s birth today and it seems like she has always been with us:) Aadya is still in love with her sister,though she does have her moments when she can’t understand why so much fuss is being made about a tiny person.. and then the very next moment,she is back to touching her and smothering her with kisses.
Everytime,Ananya cries,Aadya is up on her haunches..If I am not in the same room,she comes running to call me..if I am in the bathroom,she tries to pick her up…umm that is scary..SO,I have taken to leaving Ananya in her crib,if I go to the toilet. Showers happen only when Sanj is at home. Aadi tries to make funny faces to cheer up the baby and tries to give her the pacifier..mostly it works..Anzie (yes thats the name her daddy picked for her 🙂 ),mostly listens to her sister’s voice and calms down.
But when all else fails,then Aadya tells me..”Mumma,I think she needs a diaper change!! or may be you should feed her!”
The other day,I told her that since she already knows so much about Ananya,why doesn’t she learn how to change her diaper..and she gave me a shocked look..when I asked her what happenned,she said,”Ohh! but I just want to be her sister,not her mommy!”..Anyway,I told her,big sisters can change diapers too and they can still remain sisters..So,yesterday,she asked me to teach her how to change diapers..As luck would have it,that was a poopy diaper.I told her,she could try the next time..and you know what she said,”Awww,its OK mommy,I don’t mind changing her Poo-ey diaper..she is my sister and I love her SOOOOO much”..And she did it.. wiped her sister’s bum,put on a fresh diaper..without squirming even once! And she was ready to do it again and again!!!
Thank you,God- I hope their love grows ten-fold every passing day! I am writing this down,so that when they are older and at each other’s throats and I am wondering why I had two of them,then I can read this and remember why:)

One Month already…

Can you believe it?Babykins is already a month old young! The last whole month went by in a blink… It was one crazy crazy month..what with family visiting;adjusting to having the tiny person outside me,instead of inside me;Dealing with Babushka’s meltdowns;sleepless nights,round the clock feeding..and the works.
I took Babykins for her 4 weeks check up yesterday.. and she seems to be doing well..She has gained the right weight and gotten taller.She is cooing,holding her neck up,turning her head to voices and noises..and trust me,the noises around her are plenty!The little munchkin surprised us by rolling from her back to tummy on her 17th day..(knock on the wood now!!!) and I passed it on as fluke.. but she did it again over the next few days a couple more times..:)
And then she rolled over from her tummy to her back a couple times..I don’t know if its fluke or what:P She loves being on her tummy and as soon as we put her on her tummy,she starts kicking with her legs…and Babushka caught the excitement in my voice when I excitedly told SD,”Look she is trying to hold her head up,take a picture,take a picture”…and since then,everytime,Babykins,tries to hold her head up,she gets excited and claps and reminds us to take pictures:D
The initial few days,when there were so many people at home,everytime I held Babykins,she would stop crying..but if she was nursing,and I talked to her,she would look away or just close her eyes..and I wondered if she even knows me.. or loves me..(yeah yeah I knoww..really stupid to think like that…!) And then slowly as time went by,she looks at me,when I talk,or when she is nursing,she looks back at me..and coos back too.I have been blessed with some smiles too..:)
I have so much more to write.. but so little time..I haven’t slept in two days and two nights.. and I should really have a shut-eye.. More soon 🙂
Much Love

Two Weeks and Counting….

Can you believe its been 2 weeks to the day that Babykins made an appearance?
We are trying to find our groove..My aunt left yesterday and SD goes back to work tomorrow. My sister is here till the 21st.
Today,Babushka woke me up,when the alarm rang.She has her dance class today-she missed the last two because I was in the hospital and the next because,we were all sleep-deprived! But today she was eager to go,got dressed quickly,finished her milk and SD dropped her off.
Babykins woke up just as SD came home,giving me just enough time to finish my morning routine!Then,the usual rounds of feeding her and self started.Today,I made tea and breakfast after more than 2 weeks and it felt good.I am just not used to be waited on:) That being said,it felt nice to be pampered,while my aunt was here!
OK enough about the mundane stuff,lets talk about Babykins..
We have been having appointments every alternate day or every two days..because she hadn’t gained her birth weight back by even day 10.We have the next appointment on Wednesday now..I hope she has gained back her birth weight and then some by then.
This little Monkey is already in love with her big sister as the big sister is with her!Babushka refuses to go to sleep,unless the’tiny person’ is sleeping next to her.And Babykins,has to her face turned completely towards Babushka when she is sleeping.
This little one has already been to Babushka’s Kinder,a restaurant,the temple and the airport:) -all these places and the hospital and the! The only places her big sister went to at this age was,to the Dr.’s office,a shop for mommy to buy breast-feeding gear and a car ride to the airport!
We have had a couple of massages-for both sisters together..and a few baths for Babykins..Its too cold to give her a bath everyday.
When I started writing this post,I had so much to write,but,as I took breaks to make lunch for Babushka,feed Babykins,then stuff my own mouth, then admire the girls cuddling each other,feed Babykins again,put a movie for Babushka.. etc.etc.. I lost my train of thoughts..and so.. this disconnected post…
Hope you guys are doing well…I am working on the birth story(in my mind!) will put it in words soon.. till then.. be well and miss me!