Two Weeks and Counting….

Can you believe its been 2 weeks to the day that Babykins made an appearance?
We are trying to find our groove..My aunt left yesterday and SD goes back to work tomorrow. My sister is here till the 21st.
Today,Babushka woke me up,when the alarm rang.She has her dance class today-she missed the last two because I was in the hospital and the next because,we were all sleep-deprived! But today she was eager to go,got dressed quickly,finished her milk and SD dropped her off.
Babykins woke up just as SD came home,giving me just enough time to finish my morning routine!Then,the usual rounds of feeding her and self started.Today,I made tea and breakfast after more than 2 weeks and it felt good.I am just not used to be waited on:) That being said,it felt nice to be pampered,while my aunt was here!
OK enough about the mundane stuff,lets talk about Babykins..
We have been having appointments every alternate day or every two days..because she hadn’t gained her birth weight back by even day 10.We have the next appointment on Wednesday now..I hope she has gained back her birth weight and then some by then.
This little Monkey is already in love with her big sister as the big sister is with her!Babushka refuses to go to sleep,unless the’tiny person’ is sleeping next to her.And Babykins,has to her face turned completely towards Babushka when she is sleeping.
This little one has already been to Babushka’s Kinder,a restaurant,the temple and the airport:) -all these places and the hospital and the! The only places her big sister went to at this age was,to the Dr.’s office,a shop for mommy to buy breast-feeding gear and a car ride to the airport!
We have had a couple of massages-for both sisters together..and a few baths for Babykins..Its too cold to give her a bath everyday.
When I started writing this post,I had so much to write,but,as I took breaks to make lunch for Babushka,feed Babykins,then stuff my own mouth, then admire the girls cuddling each other,feed Babykins again,put a movie for Babushka.. etc.etc.. I lost my train of thoughts..and so.. this disconnected post…
Hope you guys are doing well…I am working on the birth story(in my mind!) will put it in words soon.. till then.. be well and miss me!

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  1. Ofcourse we r all missing Babykins and Babushka! Oh u asked us to miss u no 😉 Ya u too 😀

    Wow! Babykins is already seeing so much in town. WTG 🙂

    • Hehehe Swaru..I always knew where your loyalties lie:P you didn’t have to rub it in my face!!:D
      Ohh yeah Babykins is already on the go!!I am hoping,she brings back some exciting moves in our life..*gasp* I cannot believe I just said that!!

  2. Congratulations to all of you on the new arrival. Enjoy your little bundle of joy and you take care new mama.

  3. Total Kala Tikka post…so sis and sis getting along super huh…hope you adjust well to the routine rey 🙂

  4. wowo lucky , the little one is going places and blesss Babushka I bet she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciteddddddd 🙂

  5. Nice to hear from you SM, I am loving sibling’s bonding you described. Take care and get us more news 🙂

  6. You managed to complete the post is an achievement in itself. Good to know the sisters are doing well ..take care

  7. Wow. Congrats Trish. Your babies are looking adorable in the last post. Babykins is going to worship Babushka. Take it from a mom of two 🙂

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