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Craft-a-thon Day4

Yes yes..i am going to call it Day 4…and I am going to use the baby as an excuse for not crafting yesterday..:) actually not an excuse..Ms.Ananya was super-clingy yesterday..and so,there was no crafting..Anyway.. today we indulged in some yarn craft…And here’s what we made:

This is Sweety,the doll 🙂 and Ms. Aadya loves her new puppet.
And here’s another piece of room decor for Aadya’s room:

Materials used:
Ice-cream sticks
Yarn in assorted colors
googly eyes,black bead

Inspiration for the decor-Apparently its called God’s eye.

The Doll was inspired from Ms.Aadya’s random wrapping of the yarn. She didn’t have the patience to wrap the yarn for God’s eye in the specific,here’s how we made Sweety,the doll:
Step 1- Fix two ice-cream sticks using glue,to make a plus (+) sign.
Step 2- Start wrapping yarn on the vertical stick-first for the hair,then change color for face. if you like,change colors for the body.Make the hands by wrapping yarn on the horizontal stick..then continue on the vertical stick to make the body.
Step 3- Stick the eyes and nose and draw the lips using a felt tip pen. And your doll is ready!

I hope you enjoy making these crafts as much as we did!
Update: Ms.Aadya is using the God’s eye as a necklace!

Letter to a 2 month old..

My darling Ananya,
Its been a week since you turned 2 months:)and mommy hasn’t had time to write-if I am not running after your sister,then I am holding you-between the two of you,I feel I have no time left to do anything.Not that I am complaining,I love having you girls,but,still sometimes I wish I was still able to hear and think my own thoughts!
I never wrote a letter to you at one month,because it was still crazy times.Your masi had just left,I had just started driving,we were all trying to settle in a routine as a family of four,without anyone else around..and I must say,as much as I love your Masi and mine,I was happy to be able to have you both all to myself!
You know,Ananya,when your sister was born,I thought,I would never be able to love anyone else,the way,I love her..God! how wrong I was..I love you as much as I love her..sometimes even a teeny bit more..but never less!! And I know every tiny part of your body,just like I know hers.
And you know what is my favorite part of you?Its your beautiful eyes.. They are so alive,so bright…I love looking at all the mischief they contain! And your love,you have started smiling at us..those gummy smiles-aaah I could watch you forever,when you are smiling.But somehow you always save your best smile for your sister. It doesn’t matter if she is throwing a tantrum or rough-housing with you…as long as she is in your sight,your face and eyes light up and you have a big smile on your face.When your daddy comes home or picks you up,you get so excited,you bat your hands and kick with your legs.
You are always moving..Always.After your midnight feeds,I prop you up on a pillow and go to the washroom,get myself a drink of water and all the time,your head is turned towards the door and your hands and legs are in motion. They are constantly moving.. I stand near the door and watch you, those hands and legs moving in tandem…a big smile on your face,when you see me standing there..I just want to freeze time there,just wrap us in a bubble and stay that way..forever..:)
And then you call out to me,yes you do… you little coo-ing,chuckling monkey!You are so vocal these days. You call out softly first,then excitedly chuckle and if I still don’t come,you get angry..oh yes, you have a big temper. And the only thing that calms you then,is when I hold you really close to my face and whisper sweet nothings in your ears.
When your sister is lying down next to you,you keep coo-ing to want her to play with you..when she is playing and not looking at you,you still keep following her with your eyes and keep calling out to her..stopping only when she comes and gives your cuddles and kisses.
Baby, you have already rolled over from tummy to back and from back to tummy,many times…but I think,you still don’t know the trick of doing it..and when it happens,you end up all surprised..and we end up even more surprised and excited.
You love pushing yourself up to a standing position..and when I give you the thumbs of my hands to hold,you pull yourself up to a sitting position.Your Papa and Didi tried it too and for weeks,you would do it only with Mumma,making them cross and me,HAPPY! Now,that you have mastered this trick,you do it with them too..and they are happier too.
Last few weeks have really just flown by,all I remember is feeding you around the clock and changing countless diapers…your Papa is still surprised how someone so tiny can use so many diapers in a day!!!
A funny thing happened a couple days back.During your initial weeks you were both bottle and breast-fed..then as we got more comfortable with the breast-feeding routine,slowly I started nursing you everywhere…I nursed you at the airport,at the doctor’s office,at the library,in the mall,at school pickup,in the parking lot..EVERYWHERE!!! and so,slowly you didn’t have to use the bottle.And then one day,we were going out and I wasn’t sure,if I would be able to feed you,because I had things to do with your sister and so,I carried some expressed milk for you,in a bottle. When I gave you the bottle,you refused to take it…you kept looking at the bottle and then at me.. only when you tasted the milk,then you started drinking…it was hilarious,your expressions and we were amazed how someone so tiny could know the difference!
Your sister can’t stop kissing you,specially when you are sleeping.But,I have no right to stop her.. because you know what?Even I can’t stop kissing you… I can’t stop kissing your cheeks,your little finger,your tiny toes..Gosh!I just want to gobble you up!!!
Time is really flying since you came into our lives..tomorrow,it will be 10 weeks since you entered our crazy world.You fit right in and made it crazier..,10 weeks feel like forever,it seems like you have been here forever.On the rare occasions when you are not with me,and are in the car with Papa,I feel lost and a limb has been severed…and I wonder,how it was before you came along..My life was full,complete..yet, you came and made it fuller,richer..:)
Love you my laddu… love you heaps…

Craft-a-thon Day 3

This is what we made yesterday:

I call them color’em crazy bottles.
Material used:
tissue paper
watered down glue
used and washed yogurt bottles(we used Yakult bottles)

First we stuck torn tissue paper bits on the yogurt bottles and let it dry for a couple hours.
Then I let Ms.Aadya go crazy with paint.. And I love the result!

Today is going crazy..its amazing I am writing this post.. don’t think there will be any crafting today… 😦

Craft-a-thon -Day 2

Today’s craft was really fun to do,because Ms.Aadya loves anything to do with paint.And because there is still a day left for Shruti’s Artsy-Craftsy,we stuck to the flower-theme.
Today we made cardboard flower door hanger to hang on Aadya’s bedroom door.
Lookie-Look 🙂

Material used:
Used Paper towel roll
PVA glue
String to hang

The petals are made of used Paper towel roll.
Flatten the roll and cut it sideways to get rings.Open the rings up to get petal shape.
Color the petals with a paint of your choice, we used crafting paint from the dollar store.
Let it dry.
Cut the cardboard in a shape of your choice-We cut circles and colored them using watercolors in contrasting colors with the petal colors.
If you want to avoid using glue, assemble your flowers on the wet paint.

Inspiration: I loved this necklace that Filth Wizardry had made- and thats what we started to make..but when I cut the loops,I figured,we could squeze in one more flower craft!

Craft-a-thon Day 1

Did you think,I forgot?? Well no,I didn’t!! I just had a very long day and just got around to crafting after dinner..and now,posting .
Today’s craft was Cupcake-liner flowers. Shruti is hosting her monthly event,Artsy-Craftsy and the theme this month is Flowers..Last date for submission is 28th September.
Here’s what we came up with:

This is the first trial version

And this is what Aadya worked on,while I gobbled up my dinner:

Materials used:
Cupcake liners
Green paper for leaves,stem and grass
A4 sheets and glue

Inspired from: A friend’s child’s Kinder craft.

Babushka talks

Babushka has been dropping pearls of wisdoms everyday…I am sure I have forgotten many..but here are some of the latest ones..
SD and I were discussing if we should bring some sweets or fruits to a friend’s place for Ganpati festival..and Babushka jumped in the conversation-
“I think,we should bring flowers..because Ganpati Bappa Absolutely loves flowers!”
After we stopped gaping at her,we did end up bringing flowers to the friend’s place.

SD managed to sprain his neck,while changing Babykins diaper in the car!! Don’t ask me how.So,he took the day off..when he dropped Babushka to Kinder,she told him- “Papa, now listen, you are not well,right?So go home,drink Haldi ka milk and go to sleep.When you wake up,you will feel better..:) SD came home,looking all senti and proud all at once!

SD had applied for a job in some company lets call it every day,he would ask Babushka,”Baby,do you think Papa will get a job in XYZ company?” and she would say ‘yes’.. And SD would promise her,that if he got a job in XYZ company,he would give her a special prize..So,today,Babushka asked him..”Papa,which office are you going to?ABC or XYZ?” SD replied,”ABC”..So, Babushka goes,hmmpf..what is this Papa,everyday you keep going to ABC..when will you go to XYZ..SD told her,when I get a job in XYZ..So,Babushka the best idea-person(her own title) came up with this idea- “Papa you should write them a letter and tell them that I really want to come to your office,I love your office.When they read your letter,they will be happy,they will call you over,immediately!” And before SD could comment on it..she went on to say,”Aren’t I the best thinker?I ALWAYS come up with the best ideas!!”


Last week,I was looking at some pics that Sue had shared of her son’s school craft exhibition.Those pictures immediately took me back to the arts and crafts exhibitions,when I was a kid.We were allowed to submit items,other than the ones we made in school and my mom would plan some and we would work on them together through out the year.
And then,today, Ms.Aadya told me that she wasn’t very happy with me.She reminded me that we haven’t done anything fun in a long time.When Aadya says fun,she means business…and business being,Arts and Crafts. And so her guilt-ridden mommy decided to launch an Arts and Crafts Marathon. For the next 2 weeks,I have decided to do at least one arty-crafty activity with her..every single day. Of course,I haven’t told it to her,because saying something to her,is like carving it in a stone..and I cannot risk that. Also,I hope the baby co-operates and we can get through these two weeks and have tonnes of fun arts and crafts to show,at the end 🙂
And since all good things become better when done with friends,I figured,I will ask you to join me..Here’s a big shout-out to all you Mommies and Daddies, who would like to join in the fun..Come join the fun… The craft-a-thon starts on Monday,26th September and ends on 10th October.
Before we begin,just a few pointers:
If you have your own blog,blog about your craft of the day 🙂
If you don’t have a blog,you can send me pictures and I can share them here.
You don’t have to be a mom/dad to join this craft-a-thon,you just have to be craft lover.
If you find the idea for your craft,from another website,do link back to them.If your inspiration comes from a book,then,please share the name,so others can enjoy it too.
And lastly HAVE FUN!

Not disappearing..

I just wanted to tell you guys,that I am not disappearing…I am still around.. just that,I started posting kiddie updates on my old blog,after much bullying took place from some friends and family..and right now time is really short to keep up both the blogs..but I love this blog as much as the old one..and will continue to post here… but all in good time.
Most of you know,where the old blog is..if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you..I still haven’t decided if I want to merge both the,I am not leaving a link here..hope you understand:)
I leave you with the latest Gem dropped by Babushka:
We were talking shapes and I asked Babushka,”if you were a shape,what shape would you be?” and she said,”A REctangle”
I asked her,what about Papa?She looked at SD and said,”PApa is a big rectangle and Baby is a small rectangle”..
Awww,I said..what about Mumma and without even a pause,she said,”You are circle..A big circle..Since the baby came into your tummy.. you have turned into a BIG Ball!!”
SD had a big laugh.. me?I started planning my excercise regime,until Babykins woke up again!!!

Ananya Birth Story-3

Ananya Birth Story-1
Ananya Birth Story-2
We went to the OT at around 3 PM,because would you believe it,there was another emergency case. The walk to OT from the labor ward seems surreal to me..Aadi held my hand all the way and it took all my will-power to not cry when I said good bye to her..I kissed her and told her,’Mumma and Papa would be back with her baby sister soon’..She said,she would be waiting right outside..and said ALL the BEST!
We went inside,they asked Sanj to change into his scrubs while they took me in for preps..We started with the epidural..everyone was so good and encouraging.They had to try a few times to find the right spot and after every poke,everyone would cheer me and tell me,I was doing well.One of the nurses was standing in front of me and asked me hold his hand tight when they poked..and everytime I said sorry for crushing his hand,he would smile and say,I am not complaining and kept me distracted by talking to me about bollywood actors.
I knew something wasn’t working,when they called a senior guy..and he said,he was going to try again.So,first he gave me a spinal block,and then tried the epidural..Gosh!That was the most horrible sensation ever..I felt a wave of current go down my leg and I never EVER want to feel that again..I remember screaming and saying..I am never having another baby again Finally,the epidural was in place and then we were set.When they did the cold test,my legs were numb.. but my tummy wasn’t.Then,they did the forceps test and I could FEEL EVERYTHING.And then everything happenned very quickly. Sam the anesthesiologist,said,sorry,it didnt work and that they were going to put me to sleep.I told him,I wanted to say something to him and he asked me what.I said,he was the really sweet and way nicer than my anesthesiologist the first time..He said thanks and I felt like I was gagging on something and feeling funny.I wanted to remove the mask that Sam was holding on my face,but I couldn’t because someone/something was holding my hands. The last thing,I remember is Sam telling me to keep my eyes open till I could.
The next thing I remember is very hazy,someone was trying to push my bed and talking to me or someone else..I don’t know.I woke up in my room and Aadi ran in,wearing her beautiful pink coat and said,”Mumma Ananya is here..She is out of your tummy..she is so cute,Mumma..I love her..”I remember crying because I couldn’t see the baby anywhere..and I asked Sanj,are you sure its a girl…and they all laughed and said,yes it is..then I remember trying to hug Aadya awkwardly..holding the baby..but that is a very hazy memory..I guess I must have dozed off.
Later,I came to know that Ananya arrived in this world,at 4:09 PM on Saturday,July 23rd 2011.She had inhaled a bit of the general anesthetic and so her lungs had to be cleared with artificial respiration.Sanj was sitting outside hearing all this..He heard the OT staff,gush about her..about how beautiful she was and her lovely pink she was after her lungs cleared up.
I spent the rest of the night under observation.I remember the mid-wife Judy who took care of me..I don’t remember her face,but I know she was stocky and had really short hair and I can still hear her voice,telling me,’Alright,Trishna,can you turn for me ..don’t worry,we’ll get through this night’..I remember her giving me a nice sponge bath and changed my hospital gown,I remember her putting the baby to my breast,every few hours..
The next day,Irene,my mid-wife came to see me..she told me of the events that took place…that I had a difficult delivery and lost a lot of blood in the OT,that they had trouble waking me up and I spend more than 8 hours in recovery and the whole night under observation..all those images of Judy and her words made sense then.
I was really disappointed at not being awake for Ananya’s birth..I felt very guilty about not being there for her,in her first moments of life..and then Irene hugged me and told me,that,even if I was sleeping,I was the first one that Ananya touched,after she was cleaned..Irene said,she put her face to face with me..Gosh.. just writing about it,is making me all choked up..I can never thank Irene enough for that one moment..
The next day,I was still in a morphine-induced haze and Ananya was too.Both of us,were poked every few hours,to check our BP shot up after the surgery and I was on constant BP oxygen level had dropped down considerably and I had to be on Oxygen for the next 48 hours.One time,I took off the oxygen mask to kiss Ananya and the monitor started beeping and I had to put it back on..Ananya was born on Saturday and on Sunday night,the mid-wife helped me to the bathroom..and I almost screamed,looking at my blue-grey face…that’s when I got really scared..But touchwood,God gave me tremendous strength and looking at my baby’s face and thinking of Aadya at home,made me get up,walk around a little..I am not saying this just for the heck of saying..they really were my motivation to feel better..
We came home on the 4th day..I had stayed away almost 6 days and the look on Aadya’s face was priceless.. She couldn’t stop kissing her sister and hugging me..and every few minutes,she would come,hug me tight and tell me..”Mumma,I really missed you..when you were not there!”
Me,I am just happy to be healthy and home with my beautiful family…:)
If you are still reading,thank you for your patience..I know its too long..but come on,more than 20 hours of labour, failed epidurals,and such an eventful delivery,needs to be documented,yes?!!

Ananya Birth Story-2

So,the girls are in bed and I have some,let me tell you the rest of the story or at least part of it:)
You might want to read Ananya Birth Story-1 first
So,Gene said we’ll know how things are progressing only after he does the internal exam.He asked me,if I was OK with him doing my internal or did I want to wait for a female mid-wife to be available.At that point,I was like..No way..I can’t wait..just finish the damn examination and tell me,I am having the baby like NOW!LOL! So,he went out and came back with a female colleague,to be present during the examination.
She asked me how was I doing?I said “I am good”.. and just then a pain hit me..and I took a deep breath in..and Gene said,No you are not fine,you are in pain! And I think I was having an out of body experience.. like I was watching all this from outside. Anyway,he did the internal examination and said,that the cervix hadn’t opened yet,so basically,that meant we had to wait.But,because I was leaking fluid,having regular contractions,and had GD,it meant things could happen very quickly..and I would not be allowed to go home. They would have to keep monitoring my sugars and the baby.
By this time,I was shifted to Bed#1 and someone else came on bed No#2.It was someone who had had 6 C-sections(!!!) I swear I am not making this up..and she was still 34 weeks pregnant but because she had had so many C-secs,and was getting contractions for more than 2 hours or so,she became priority.
By 9:30PM or may be 10:00PM,Sanj arrived with Aadi and my aunt..and he was all excited,thinking that we are going to have the baby now..But Gene came and gave me painkillers and said,we will wait for 2 more hours and then do another internal exam,and then depending on that,decide..what needs to be done.
In the meantime,they started prepping the 6 C-sec lady for surgery..she was going to have her baby then!!! Sanj was so mad.. his logic being,I was further along in the pregnancy and in lots of pain and all I got was painkillers.. He even asked me to stop being so polite and show the pain!!LOL!! Anyway,he left my aunt in the room,for us to catch up and he went outside in the waiting room,with Aadya.They kept coming back every now and then,depending on Aadya’s mood.
At 12:30 am,the contractions weren’t getting any closer but the pain was getting worse.Then the doctor came and said,they wanted to wait another hour before deciding what to do. Sanj was getting frustrated with all the waiting.His main worry was they were going to send me home,after all this while. Aadya was getting sleepy and being naughty..yes,she is a silly naughty monkey gets naughtier as she gets more and more tired. And me? well,I was getting hungry.That and as Sanj got angrier,I got more,I was feeling guilty that my poor aunt,was sitting there next to me,after having come on a long plane ride..though she insisted she was fine.
Gene had gone home,by then,after introducing me to the next mid-wife,who was really nice..and now,I am feeling really really bad,that I have forgotten her name. I think it was Michelle or Sarah..Anyway,I asked her,if she thought I would deliver in the night..and she said,no,unless,my water broke they would make me wait till morning,when there was more staff available and they were going to move me into a private room for the night. Phew,finally,some decision.So,I asked Sanj to take Aadi and Auntie home and then,I asked the (Michelle/Sarah),if she could please give me something to eat and a tall glass of water..because,you guessed it,until then,I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything.She brought me two sandwiches and orange juice and moved me to the other room.Sanj took Aadi home and my aunt stayed with me..another hour till my cousin came to pick her up.
The pain was getting worse..(Michelle/Sarah) handed me over to someone called Julie(I think) I remember she said,she had 2 girls.She put name bracelets on me,made two for the baby as well and said,we would be ready in case,we need to go in the OT,as an emergency.
At around 3:30AM,she gave me Petadene,for pain and to stop labour from progressing because,the doctor had by then decided that I will have my C-sec in the morning.
Petadene,made me feel very hot and I woke up sweating.I could still feel mild pain..which was annoying and I threw up.To cut a long story short,I spent the rest of the night,on a chair.
At 8:00AM,the doctor came in and the first thing he asked me was,who was I saving the bed for and informed me that they were scheduling me for 11:30AM and so,I could inform my husband,so he could arrive in time.I called up Sanj and tried to sleep..
I shouldn’t have bothered because thats when the circus began.The pains got stronger,the anesthesiologist arrived to talk to me,I held up my hand and promptly threw up again.He said sorry and said he’ll come back later.Ten minutes later,the mid-wife came and told me that there was another emergency and so my surgery would be pushed to 1:30PM provided no other emergency came in.
Another anesthesiologist came in and some more drama happened..As it is I have bad veins,add to it,I was dehydrated,lets just say,it took quite a few pokes to find the right vein and get the pump in..And then,they started the drip. By now,I couldn’t lie down any I started walking.
Sanj arrived with Aadi and my aunt & cousin and the midwife was sweet enough to make a special bracelet for Aadi.We passed time chit-chatting and make calls,cuddling Aadya..until Irene,the mid-wife walked in.I had her for my last CTG and really loved her..and was hoping,I get her for my delivery..So,it was like my prayers were answered..and Irene was there for me. That immediately made me feel better and I was filled with a new energy.She asked me if she could try to express some BM for the baby,incase,I needed to stay longer in OT.I said yes and she did..
Ananya Birth Story-3