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Passport to a healthy pregnancy

I think its pregnancy and baby season..So many of my friends and their friends and their friends’ friends are either pregnant or have newborns or babies:)Even in my immediate friend circle,4 of us had babies 20 days to a month apart and 3 others around the same date.
So,when Anne from Women’s Web,left me a comment asking me to participate in the Passport to a healthy pregnancy contest,I had to write this post.I have had two pregnancies so far and they were both poles apart.
During my first pregnancy,I did everything by the book.As soon as we found that I was pregnant,the husband went and bought “What to expect when you are expecting“gift pack and that book became our Bible for those 9 months.We religiously read the weekly fetal development chapters.Along with that I also signed up for and received weekly updates in my inbox.I quite looked forward to it.The second time around,along with the weekly updates from Babycentre,being experienced,helped too.I didn’t panic at the drop of a hat and generally was more relaxed.
Finding a good Doctor..I found a great OB-GYN in my 4th month and she really guided me well through out the pregnancy.I realized its so important to find a Dr that you can talk to.I laughed with her,cried in front of her,asked her stupid questions,without any qualms. She laughed with me,scolded me,when I was careless and hugged me when I cried.The advice and care that she gave me four years back came in handy the second time around too.
Being active– is so important for your physical and emotional health. I started both my pregnancies at a higher weight.I did try to lose weight before getting pregnant,but couldn’t lose as much as I wanted to,because of various hormonal imbalances.So,I was adviced to gain not more than 5-6 kgs.I continued walking and every day activities until the very last day both the times.
Eating Healthy-I cannot stress anymore on this.Eating for two is a myth.As long as you eat a good well balanced diet you are good, you will be healthy and your baby will get enough nutrition.Ofcourse,if you are craving for that bar of chocolate,sitting in your refrigerator,then,you HAVE to eat it. What I found helpful was bulk cooking and freezing the food.I used to cook more or freeze the left-overs,so there was always ready to eat,preservative free food,in the house. In the last months of pregnancy,I started to cook food to freeze..that way,after the baby was born,we had ready food,for atleast the first month.
Rest,relax and Pamper yourself-Thats exactly what I did during my first pregancy..I rested,took naps,when I felt like.I listened to my favorite music all the time,read humor-filled books,talked to my favorite people,avoided those who stressed me out..and generally stayed happy.Oh and how can I forget,the spas..those trips were really a great blessing for a tired pregnant body.
During my second pregnancy,I didn’t get to rest/relax much,since I was sick most of the time and was caring for a very active 4 year old,but I was so happy because of her 🙂 Her excitement was contagious.
Pregnancy is my favorite topic and I could go on and on about it..but,I will stop with these two last points.
Plan and Prepare– If you have PLANS-yes multiple plans and prepare for them,you will be much for relaxed.Keeping your hospital bag ready as the time approaches,really comes in handy.
And lastly,Selective hearing..LOL!yes, you read it right.Pregnancy and motherhood attract unsolicited advice in huge amounts.Everyone,be it family or friend,neighbour or a random stranger you run into the super-market..or even your maid,won’t stop at dispensing advice…It can be really daunting..Listen to everyone,nod and smile..and then finally,do only what you feel is right!
Just remember, you know your body and your baby better than anybody else..just trust your gut feeling and do what you feel is right.
I am so thankful to Women’s Web for hosting this contest..I am glad,I could write this post.


Sorry,for updating late..I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.The girls are sick.First the baby came down with a horrible cough..its so painful to hear her cough..that hacking cough.
Then Babushka got allergic conjunctivitis..She is getting better.. but the baby woke up with sticky eyes today!! Phew!!
Anyway,as for my Dr. visit.. the Ultrasound was inconclusive and now I need to get a CT scan!So,the waiting game begins again..!!I am still freaking out.. but I guess,by the time I get the results,this time..I will be so over it!LOL!
On a positive note,I passed the GTT(post delivery Glucose tolerance test!) so YAYYYYYYYYY !
And have lost nearly 8 kgs,so far!!so yayyyyyyy yayyyyy yayyyy!!
Come join me for the happy dance..and we’ll worry about the results later!!
Thanks for sending me love and positive vibes!

I refuse to be scared…

I was not going to write this here.. because I was absolutely not going to think about anything bad..but damn it! I can’t stop thinking.. and not even a single good thought is coming to my mind.So,I write.
When I was pregnant,I felt a certain little lump in the left abdominal region.I thought it could be the baby’s foot or something..
After the baby came out,the lump was still there,firm to touch..its getting a little painful to touch. My GP asked me to get an ultrasound done. And I did..first one guy did it,then he called his boss,who did it again.Then they asked me to wait another half an hour and did another scan.
I got back home and he called me up and said,I need to go back in again,the next day..for a day later scan.All I know is that its the kidney region.
I was OK with till the time,I didn’t get the call to go back the next day. Now,I am sore for the scan..and I can’t stop thinking bad things..I am trying to be brave and not be scared..But every time,I look at Babykins,looking at me and smiling,I feel like I am going to start crying.. Every time,I see Babushka..I want to hold her and hug her.. I really hope its something silly… I hope I don’t go crazy till Thursday.. that’s when I see my Dr. and that’s when I get my results.
Can I just ask you to please send me lots and lots of positive vibes?

Princess Ananya gets poked!

I remember going through this 4 years back..and the anxiety doesn’t get any lesser,the second time around.Ananya was due for her shots at 8 weeks, but the immunisation schedule in our area,didn’t work for us and so we ended up going for her shots today.
I told Aadya in the morning,that her sister was going to get poked and she made a sad face and hugged her close!*aww -a melt my heart moment*
It was a long wait and Ananya was awake for most of the time.She dozed off for a while but woke up again just in time for the vaccination.
Our number was called and we went inside.Sanj was holding her,and Aadi and I were fussing around her. I asked Aadi if she wanted to go for a walk,but she refused to leave Anzie alone.She got a balloon for being such a caring sister.
Sanj held her,the nurse gave her the oral drops first,then she jabbed her right thigh and after a quick band-aid..she jabbed another one in her left thigh!
OMG!she screamed..and screamed.I took her for Sanj’s arms and in two seconds she stopped crying 😀
P.S.-I was not going to write this bit.. Sanj just reminded me of it..or rather he taunted me..saying that I want to brag about my victory!!!LOL!
There is a little story behind his comment-When Aadi was a baby,everytime she got her shots or after I got her ears pierced(yes,Sanj still isn’t in favor of it!)-she would bawl her heart out and cling to SANJ! No matter what I did that time,she would want him and him only.And today,Anzie clung to me.. and she calmed down in literally 2 secs!!! and she has been clinging to me..all day..Didn’t even want to sleep,if I wasn’t holding her..and even when I was holding her,she just kept looking at my face..touching my face-Need I say,I am in Mommy heaven!
As for Sanj,he has been saying,to me every chance he gets,that I must have prayed really hard for the last 4 years to get this baby,who clung to me and not to him!!LOL!!!
Anyway,she is sleeping now and doesn’t need to be poked again,until Dec…we can all breathe easy till then.

Hanging by the hair…

..really! That’s what Ananya has been doing..She is super-clingy today. She spent a lot of time in her dad’s arms when I was cooking.She played a fair bit with her beloved sister..and finally,when she woke up for her post dinner feed,she decided that she wanted to cling to Mommy.We had a long long chat..:) OK,I was talking and she was cooing back for a long time.And Aadya was telling her own story,simultaneously.Finally Sanj went to bed and took Aadi with him.I had to fold the laundry and put Ananya on the bed next to him and she got mad..scrunched up her face and cried that angry cry. So,I brought her outside with me,propped her on the pillow and she happily watched me fold the clothes,cooing more:)
I moved her to the chaise lounger,so I could clean up the kitchen and she got mad,as soon as I went away from her.I came back,she gurgled and cooed..I bent down to kiss her,and she grabbed my hair and tried to sit up all the while smiling at me..It was so sweet,I let her stay that way,our faces so close,she hanging by my hair..:)
I heart babies playing with mom’s hair,absolutely heart it!!(umm yes,I am crazy that way!!) I grew my hair out,during both the pregnancies,so I could experience it.. Me bending down to kiss the baby and baby hangs on to my hair…:)
The laundry sits there,looking at me…while,I am typing away,stretched on the couch with Ananya next to me…Oh,well! the laundry can wait.. this moment won’t 🙂

Craft-a-thon Day 5

We had to go for a birthday party today and so today’s craft was party related.
With some wrapping paper,sticky tape,yarn and an empty cereal box,we made this :

Ms.Aadya was so excited all through the crafting session and though the birthday boy didn’t care much for the hand-made wrapping,his mommy couldn’t stop gushing over it…:)
Speaking of excitement,I am so excited,my soul-sister sent me a picture of the viser,she crafted with her 4 year old.This mother-son duo are very special to naturally I am excited 🙂 Have a look:

Thanks Pujey,love you guys 🙂