Princess Ananya gets poked!

I remember going through this 4 years back..and the anxiety doesn’t get any lesser,the second time around.Ananya was due for her shots at 8 weeks, but the immunisation schedule in our area,didn’t work for us and so we ended up going for her shots today.
I told Aadya in the morning,that her sister was going to get poked and she made a sad face and hugged her close!*aww -a melt my heart moment*
It was a long wait and Ananya was awake for most of the time.She dozed off for a while but woke up again just in time for the vaccination.
Our number was called and we went inside.Sanj was holding her,and Aadi and I were fussing around her. I asked Aadi if she wanted to go for a walk,but she refused to leave Anzie alone.She got a balloon for being such a caring sister.
Sanj held her,the nurse gave her the oral drops first,then she jabbed her right thigh and after a quick band-aid..she jabbed another one in her left thigh!
OMG!she screamed..and screamed.I took her for Sanj’s arms and in two seconds she stopped crying 😀
P.S.-I was not going to write this bit.. Sanj just reminded me of it..or rather he taunted me..saying that I want to brag about my victory!!!LOL!
There is a little story behind his comment-When Aadi was a baby,everytime she got her shots or after I got her ears pierced(yes,Sanj still isn’t in favor of it!)-she would bawl her heart out and cling to SANJ! No matter what I did that time,she would want him and him only.And today,Anzie clung to me.. and she calmed down in literally 2 secs!!! and she has been clinging to me..all day..Didn’t even want to sleep,if I wasn’t holding her..and even when I was holding her,she just kept looking at my face..touching my face-Need I say,I am in Mommy heaven!
As for Sanj,he has been saying,to me every chance he gets,that I must have prayed really hard for the last 4 years to get this baby,who clung to me and not to him!!LOL!!!
Anyway,she is sleeping now and doesn’t need to be poked again,until Dec…we can all breathe easy till then.

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  1. oh poor baby !! My children were very stoic, never cried as babies or children – actually got an ‘ohh an injection!’ comment from them !!

    HOWEVER : lots of babies feel a lot of pain – and there IS a cream that is put on before the injections [has to be left on a few minutes] and it numbs the area. Here is an article you might find of use – as there are many ideas there .. from breastfeeding at the time… to using the cream.

    I hope that this helps you for next time !!! And maybe for Aadya too if she ever needs an injection of any kind !

    Much love !!

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