Some baby knits:)

I had plans of making a nice winter wardrobe for the baby.. but two things offset my plan..
1) We didn’t know the sex of the baby..till the very end..
2) I had severe carpel tunnel..
Here are some things I worked on,when I was pregnant..
Aren’t these cute?? The little cutie kept them on for all of 5 minutes!!!

Pattern: Test Pattern on Ravelry
I hope these stay on longer!

Pattern: another pattern I tested .
And this is where I turned into my MOTHER!! yes,I made matching garments for my kids 🙂 and now,I,finally, understand what made her do it:)Here‘s the one that I knit for the big sister-

Pattern: Pebble on Ravelry
Ok, now you can say-Awwww..:)


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  1. wow…lovely booties…they are too cute

  2. the booties are so cute ! wish you were closer so i could learn to knit from you

  3. realy reaaly realllllie cute 🙂

    do check my blog too

  4. LOVE those variegated yarn shoes! Do they stay on?

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