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5th Month

Hii Ananya,

You are 5 months old  young now..and you are a rock star! You are such a smiley fun baby to be around. Everyone in your sister’s Kinder used to call you smiley! Some of my mum friends said,they have never seen another baby who always smiles.And you did change that impression on the last day.. by screaming when one of them looked at you and said hello..Boy! you cried and cried and cried…I think you were startled and didn’t know what was  happening.

Oh my Laddu..yes,darling.. that name is stuck with you.. you know why?I love your perfectly round face..and those baby kisses that you shower me with give me such a heady sugar rush… So how can I call you anything else,but Laddu!! So,my dear are sitting up.. well you started sitting up sometime in your 4th month and now you can sit up straight without any support.. Its so funny..when you first started sitting up,you didn’t want to lie down..Even when you were half awake and half asleep.. you wanted to sit up and cried till I didn’t prop you up!

You know, you were trying to grab our spoons and food with both your hands..1-2 days before your 5th month birthday.. Yes,you were…you watched hungrily when I was holding you and eating..We went Berry picking and you grabbed my hand that was holding the strawberry,with both your hands and tried to take a bite! The next time,we were at a cafe and you yelled and screamed and grunted.. because you wanted to taste what we were eating!!! You naughty naughty baby..So we decided to start you on solids.Well,I decided and your sister excitedly agreed..and Papa,well he was he agreed too.

We did a little ceremony and you were fed your first official solid food..Rice cereal to be precise and you loved gobbled it up..we tried it again the next day and you were happy to eat… but then you had too full a tummy and had trouble sleeping.So, we have put the solids away for a while.. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks on a half-filled tummy 🙂

And Missy,yet again,I have to ask you..WHAT IS YOUR HURRY?? You are trying tummy and butt pushups..trying to crawl away,are you?? Well ..well.. there is no escaping this crazy family.. we are stuck with each other for life..So,relax..slow down..and remain my little baby..a little while longer..OTHERWISE I swear,I will wrap you  up in a bubble wrap 😀

Love you loads …Monkey… Lots and lots.. and lots…

Kisses n cuddles


8 years

Yesterday SD and I completed 8 years of married bliss..:) YES-8 years!!

The first year was mostly a mixed bag..more bleh..than bliss.. but we made it…:) It is during that year that I understood what my friends and relatives said about-When you get married, it doesn’t matter whether is arranged or love! The first year was difficult..and why not,we were getting used to living with each other-instead of just meeting,sharing a meal and going back to our own homes. Even if we had a fight on a date,we knew,there was just limited time and we would just quickly make up and make the most of the date.. But,when we were living together.. we had all the time..and egos reared up their ugly heads.But we made it…we got through it!!:D We lived in 4 places,across 3 countries during the first year of marriage(SD lived in 5,across 4 countries-because he went away on a business trip-that got extended and extended again!)

The second year was better than the first but not great. There were some bad months of family trouble..which even spilled over into the third year..The family troubles did make it hard for our new marriage..but it also made our bond stronger..we went through phases where we were at loggerheads and then there were phases,where we didn’t care about anyone else,but us..:) We moved again just before our second Anniversary..another time,we moved countries.

The third year had its share of family trouble,that spilled over from the second.. but by then we were a teeny bit smarter and didn’t let all that get in our relationship.We decided to tackle those,when they presented themselves-which was very frequently..but we would put the phone down,and get in the car and go for a long drive..driving silently,till the tempests in hearts and minds settled..and then we would be alright..The third year brought to us,the sweet news of my first pregnancy…and we were on top of the world.That year we moved twice and on our third Anniversary-I was pregnant and starving and he was overworked and we managed to get a take-out just before our favorite restaurant closed their kitchen..Yes! he didn’t get home till 10.00pm that night!

The fourth year saw us as new parents.And you know what?That teeny-tiny bundle of love just made us glued to each other like never before.We made it through the sleepless nights,teething troubles,health problems-both his and mine-smiling:) I swear..I am not kidding. The fourth year also saw us welcoming our families in our homes..for the love of a grandchild,is bait enough for the grandparents to take those long flight. And we moved yet again that year…:) just once!

The fifth year started with a milestone..when we first left India,we got on that plane as a newly married couple..we got on a plane to go to India- only this time,we were new parents and were proudly holding our love and joy,our 9 month old.The fifth year was nice..except our families had to go through terrible times on account of health and work..and both the times,our circumstances left us,feeling terribly helpless and tied down. Things got better as the year ended.We moved countries that year and again on the anniversary day,SD was working late and we managed to get a take-out just before closing time!

The sixth year was pretty tame compared to the rest of the years..Actually it was pretty laid back..We made the most of what we had and enjoyed ourselves and our baby 🙂 AND NO there were no moves that year-we only changed houses!!:) Family visited again that year and I ended up going to India alone with Babushka.That was the first time,since Babushka’s arrival that we lived apart for 2 months! All in all,it was a good year..great even!

The seventh year saw us getting ready to go one step ahead in game of parenthood..:) Yes,just before our 7th anniversary,we found out that I was pregnant with Babychino:)More family visits that year:) And no moves.We went back to India again as a family and SD changed jobs.That year was the first time,he went away on a business trip..He did weekly flybacks and it was weird not having him come home every night and he felt lost not having his favorite girls to cuddle..That was when we realised how you can take your spouse for granted:) I was too sick,on our anniversary that year,so we just stayed in watched movies:)

The eighth year saw us waiting for a new baby..SD went through phases of being extremely stressed out and irritable,like he was last time..and then there were phases of extreme care and concern.There were moments when I came this close to killing him..but then picking up my pregnant bulk,pushing Babushka away from my growing bulk was too much effort..And then how could I deny Babychino the pleasure of being loved by her dad..And ..and.. how could I let SD go without him changing a few poopy diapers..So, he survived..and I survived..and we got our beautiful baby girl..:) The eight year zoomed by and we spent our 8th Anniversary,frantically buying Christmas presents for our precious girls. Yes!we left it to the last minute..but that’s besides the point..I remember,when in the pre-baby was all about eating out, indulging each other..and this year..we didn’t even get cards for each other..In the evening,we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner and it was closed..:( We were starving by the time we got to our next choice..It was on the other side of town..I am hoping this means that another move is on the cards…Thats another story that we ate till we burst-literally..!!I have not pigged out so much in a long long time!!
Lets see what the ninth year has in store for us…
Eight years,8 places,2 babies,1 receding hair-line(his!),one expanded waist-line(mine!),hugs and tears,love and laughter,food(OH!yes..there has to be food!),joys and sorrow… all added and subtracted,its been a good run..Despite our differences(oh!yes we are like chalk and cheese!),the bonds that we formed,the vows that we took all those years back are still going strong…I hope the years to come are kind to us:)
Happy Anniversary,SD !


Yes,it is!
Thank you so much for all the hand holding.Tuesday came and went,I gave her two more days,still no calls.So,I went to the Dr.’s office and she had not reviewed the results and she was on leave.I asked for an appointment with another Dr. in her practice.And I was so glad, that I did.
This Dr. is a young guy from UK I think..more about him later..First things first…He checked the results and said,the biopsy results came back fine and that I need to push all worries of Melanoma out of my head.Phew!I didn’t know that I was holding my breath,as he scanned through the results.
He changed the dressing on the wound HIMSELF,which to me is big deal..because most Dr.’s just look at everything and leave the rest to the nurses.Thats how it is with Public system..I am sure anyone who has had any experience with Public medicare in Australia,UK,Canada will agree. And he did ask me to watch out any other moles that appeared on her body..but he also asked me to strongly ask the Dr. to review them again in 8 weeks,instead of going straight to the knife.
I was so relieved and much as I love my old Dr. I think I will take the girls to this one.All the time that he was changing the dressing,he kept up a playful banter with Babushka..and before we left,they were hi-fi-ing like old friends.
And I can’t tell you,how relieved I am..all those days,I kept waiting for the results,I felt like there was big boulder sitting on my head and heart..I jumped at every phone call…I kept looking at her and kept thinking..I WILL GO INSANE if something goes wrong with her.. But, phew.. its all behind us.
She has a new mole on her small as the full stop at the end of the sentence..we just took a picture and I am going to leave it at that…hopefully..


Thanks for your comments and calls on the last post,everyone!
I still haven’t heard from the doctor..and I am hoping that means good news..I will go and check tomorrow,if the results are in.
Fingers crossed ..:)

This time its Babushka..

I really don’t know what is going on in the Suburban House. I really feel,I should change the name of this blog to something like a Medical journal..or something.
When I was pregnant I noticed a new mole of Bab’s leg.I didn’t pay any attention to it,because,I keep sprouting new moles all the time..they come and go..
But Bab’s mole kept changing.In the last 4 months,since Babychino’s birth,it grew in size,asymmetrically and got darker. Every time I saw it,I felt anxious..
Finally yesterday,I took her to the GP.The GP took one look at it and said,without a minute’s hesitation that it looked dodgy and we should remove it.
I didn’t even wait to go back with SD. I just got it removed then and there..I was just going to ask the Dr. about what it could be and then I saw the biopsy needle.I swear,I could feel my heart beating so loudly..I was sure,it was echoing in the whole room.
The Dr. said that they have to test it for Melanoma.She said,9 out 10 cases are fine..but we need to rule out all the possibilities..She said,she felt,it would probably be nothing
She said she will call me,if something is wrong..otherwise I should relax…But how can I? How can anyone…?
We really need some space cleansing vibes here.. some VERY STRONG positive vibes that will drive away all these sickies away!
I hope the new year brings in good luck and good health our way!

Yet again..

Yet again,life got on top of me.I really dunno where the time goes these days.EVERY single day,I think of you guys,I think of updating the blog.. but….
First things first,thanks for all the hand holding,everyone.I got the CT scan done and the results are … lets just say,I need to see a surgeon.There is a 4cm cyst in my spleen. Given that the spleen itself is 10cm long,4 cm cyst,seems big.So,I see the surgeon before Christmas and then,we’ll know more.If I require a surgery then,I think I will just pack my bags and go to my dad’s. Anyway,we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
We are down to the last school term for Babushka..and it has been a great last term,filled with lots of activities and fun-days. They even went had an excursion to the zoo.SD wasn’t too crazy about her going alone..For days together,he kept asking me,”How could you leave her alone??” I finally asked him to take the day off and go with her,since babies weren’t allowed and there is no way,I was dragging a 4 mo just so we could follow the Kinder group at a safe distance!!I played the I-am-her-mother card and she went to the zoo and she had a blast.She is still talking about it and its been 4 days!
Babushka is so quick to talk and so witty.At the zoo, the teacher was putting name tags on everyone,with the school address and number,facing forward.And this cheeky monkey tells the teacher,”No,No Jane,you cannot put it like this-how will the animals know our names?”and before poor stunned Jane could answer,she says,”OK then,Never mind,we’ll just flip it over and show it to our favorite animals.”Jane was still speechless,the other parents had a nice laugh!
Babychino is busy growing up..She is now sitting up.Yes!Already(knock on the wood now!) a couple nights back,after her massage,I sat her up and was rubbing her back and she first lifted one hand off the floor,tentatively..then the other..She is trying to lift herself,when she is lying down.but,if you prop her up,she stays like that for a good while. She is suddenly interested in colors and I think her favorite color is yellow! She likes to grab EVERYTHING! All this is fun,but she gets mad,if I move away from her 10 cm radius! She pretends to cry!!YES!Pretends to cry..just keeps looking at the ceiling and makes these wailing sounds…and when we go close to her,she smiles!!!
Speaking of smiles,everyone at Babushka’s kinder have nicknamed her ‘Smiley’..Lately,SD and I have been looking at our girls and then saying,to each other,who would have thought?..I get that thought quite often,when we are having a nice peaceful moment…all of us laughing at something Babuska said or Babychino did…it was nice when SD mentioned feeling that way too.Its nice to know after so many years together,that we still feel the same way. In less than 2 weeks,we’ll be celebrating our eighth anniversary together. When I look at the girls,I really feel.. when we were going through hard times in our relationship,because SD’s parents weren’t agreeing.. a kid was probably the last thing on our minds..and we got past that.. and now we have two of our own!!Blows me away completely:D
I guess,I’ll stop here for now..Will be back with more soon..till then..
Take care,my lovelies..

Quick Banana Cake

My daughter has an excursion tomorrow..her first actually.They are taking her kinder class to the zoo. After going back and forth,we I decided to let her go.S is still not convinced.But anyway,bottom line is she is going.And when I asked her what snack she wanted,she asked for Banana Bread.
S loves it too.. but my only problem with Banana Bread is,how it gets hard and dense on cooling.I wanted it to be soft.So,I started out baking this cake.But as always,I was multi-tasking-making calls,chatting,mixing the batter! The baby cried,I put her back to sleep..Anyway,to cut the long story short,I forgot to add the milk!
And then I waited for the cake to get baked..Can I just tell you,its the softest banana cake I have eaten?And when you have a recipe quite by chance, you should write it down.


1/2 cup oil
1 1/2 cup flour
3 ripe bananas(mashed)
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence.

1.Mix oil and sugar and whisk.
2.Add an egg to this and whisk more.Add the essence.
3.Add the mashed bananas and mix well.
4.Add the flour in 3 parts,mixing well.

Bake at 180 deg C(160 fan-forced) for 45 minutes,till the knife comes out clean.
Cut into pieces and store in an air-tight container(if it lasts that long!)

Happy Baking!