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Chick pea Salad

Hot Summer days call for something cold and soothing.We had gone for the baby’s 6 month shots and we had to wait a long time for our turn.We came back home-hot,thirsty and hungry. I just made a big bowl of this salad and Ms.Aadya finished her portion happily,telling me,”Mumma this is the best salad ever.You are the best chef!” What can I say happy Mumma,happy baby-girl!

For this salad,I used:

4-5 lettuce leaves-washed and torn
1 tomato-diced
1 cucumber-diced
1 can chick pea- drained and rinsed
1 avocado-pitted and chopped.
juice of half a lime
7-8 mint leaves,chopped
chopped cilantro
salt to taste.

Put everything in a big salad bowl;toss and serve immediately.
Note: if you want to make it earlier,just chop everything n store in individual boxes.
Happy Chomping!

6 months!

Dear Ananya,

My baby,My pumpkin pie- you are 6 months old in this world now. Its so hard to imagine our life without you..:)

Your didi was so excited about your birthday this time.She now knows her numbers and was looking forward to the 23rd. She kept telling everyone,the previous week that its going to be Ananya’s b’day and everyone has to wish her. She told Mumma-Papa,where we need to get your cake from. And on the 23rd,she made sure,you didn’t let you just had to whimper and she would rush to your side and try to cheer you up.She even made sure,we didn’t yell at her for ANYTHING,because it was a special day.

Laddu,you are no longer happy just rolling tried and tried till you mastered the art of crawling.Yes.. no fooling around,no backward just kept rocking back and forth on all fours, trying to move ahead and then you did it..2 days before turning 6! Yes! We are so so proud of you.. we cheered you on, we clapped for you and cuddled you..and it made you so happy.

You love your didi,don’t you? Your eyes just light up when she enters a room and I can see it..EVERYBODY can see it. Love you for that..:) It isn’t easy to put you to sleep or feed you,when didi is around.And you are so naughty,you call out to her,when you want your cuddles and when you are done,if she even touches you with her little finger,you get mad..and scream!You cheeky cheeky monkey! Another thing you like doing with didi is holding on to her shoulders and standing!And just yesterday,you were trying to raise yourself to a standing position by holding onto didi’s table.

And Didi taught you squealing..and you made me crazy with those squeals,both of you..You love sitting on Papa’s chest and eating his face up.. You start patting us,when you get sleepy.You want to try everything that we are eating.So far you have tasted- rice cereal,sweet potato-pumpkin puree,potato,avocado and cucumber.We are still going slow with the solids because you had a bit of trouble sleeping,the few times we tried solids. So, we’ll take it slow…and before we know it,you’ll be eating all that yummy food.

So,I’ll give you the yummy food..but you have let me sleep..:) Yes Monkey,you still wake me up atleast 3 times in the night..and I am not even counting the number of times,I have to pat you back to sleep,before I go to bed. From the time I started writing this post,I have had to pat you twice and despite being in different rooms,every time you wake up,so does your didi!

Clinging to Mumma continues and so does stranger anxiety and its so funny that you live with some of the loudest people and yet,you get startled when someone talks in a loud voice..Aah..what would I give to know what goes on in that little mind of yours.

Keep growing,my beautiful baby..and keep smiling like you always those gummy smiles just as much as I love those precious tears that you shed…but you know what I love most..the pink that creeps into your cheeks and lips,right after you finish feeding..and that sweet satiated smile..Gosh! thats all it takes to turn my heart into mush..Love you loads,baby girl..

today and forever




A peek into my day..

After 3 hot days,finally we have a cool day..Can I tell you how refreshing that is?
I am having a rather peaceful moment,right now..and I had to get online and write about that..
Babushka opened one of her many bags and got an alphabet sheet out-she is pretending to write an exam..and is writing her ‘U’s and her numbers.
Babychino is cruising around her,trying to reach for her toys..
It sounds so divine… isn’t it? I leave you with a picture:)

Those boxes and the baskets in the corner..well thats my short-cut to clean-up! Every night,we pic up all the toys and dump it in there!
Have a nice day!

Much Love

Edited to add: Kala Tika after R’s Mom ‘s comment!

My big girl…

She is a chatterbox..Every time,I ask her, ” Can you be quiet for sometime?” she tells me,”No! I can’t…because I am one of those people who talk!” 🙂

She loves singing.We got her a Leap Pad and she keeps making videos of herself singing.

She loves dressing up.Whenever we have to go out,she needs to try on a couple of tops before finalising her final outfit..I don’t call her a diva for nothing!

She is learning new words,every single day.She had a bigger vocabulary than I had at 10! When she hears a new word,she wants to know what it means and uses it in the right context,right away!

She looks so much like I did at 5…I see her talking or smiling..and I am reminded of my childhood pictures:)

She is a brat sometimes..throwing tantrums-everytime we enter a shop..She nags and pesters and nags some more for something silly..something that she won’t even remember the next day.

She loves her sister dearly and though sometimes she is rough with her,she is quick to jump to her defense ,when we pretend to be angry with the baby..or pretend to be too tired and want to give the baby away.

She is getting closer to her dad..more than ever..they team up,make plans in whispers..they are as thick as thieves!

She is starting formal school next week and I have butterflies in my stomach. I know she will have lots of fun and she will rock there..but..I still worry,whether she will eat her lunch,whether she will have friends there…

I leave you with a pic

Told you she is a diva!

Jan Birthday presents

Now that the Jan Birthday girls have opened their presents..I can share them here..

I found plain wooden pen holders from Spotlight and then transformed them into these gorgeous things,using decoupage technique,scrapbooking paper,crafting glue,buttons,stickers,ribbons! It was my first time doing decoupage..and I am thinking..why did I wait so long to try it. I am so glad,my friends liked their gifts!

Weekend’s here!

Wow!This week went by so quickly.I can’t believe we are nearly in the last week of this month..1st month of the new year is getting over…Babushka starts school on 3rd February..I can’t decide if I am happy or sad.While I happy that I will get one-on-one time with Babychino,I am also sad about being away from Babs for the whole day.Ah! the Joys of motherhood- the guilt never leaves you!
This year,one of my resolutions is to lose weight..YES again! I have started walking..and I am proud to tell you that I have religiously gone for a walk every single day..if I can’t go for a walk,I make sure..there is some incidental stroll in the mall happening!
We have been going crazy shoe shopping for Babushka’s school.. yes,you read it right.They asked for leather shoes..and the first time,we went-we couldn’t find any girl shoes in heer size.We bought a pair of black runners with laces and came back.The next time we went-we found some girl shoes with buckles(I think they are called Mary Janes!)-Bought two pairs of those..One cheap,one expensive.I found her size and just bought some -just in case I don’t find it anywhere else.
The next day,we headed out again for some more shoe shopping..this time,I found her size in back to school sale..I bought two pairs AGAIN! These were also Mary Janes..So we now had 1 pair of runners and 4 pairs of Mary Janes!
Two days later,I went and returned the expensive Mary Janes…and while window-shopping,I found Mary Janes with Velcro straps- just right for my little girl-who has trouble with laces and buckles!!And there I found runner with Velcro straps too..So,I bought a pair of each!! LOL! So now we have 2 good Mary Janes and 1 good pair of runners.AND Now,I need to go return 3 pairs of shoes!I hope they don’t BAN me from the store!
While the craziness reigns in the Suburban house,one baby has been diligently trying to crawl..YES..thats right..BabyChino is trying to crawl..She has so far taken 2-3 steps(?) …a couple times..While its exciting,I am left wondering-WHY so soon? OK..I will go and catch some sleep now,before the BabyChino wakes up for her night snack..I swear..I am in a permanenet sleep deficit these days..BabyC wakes up atleast 3 times,at night and Babs wakes up sharp at 8.She then,sneaks out and watches TV on a low volume..but mother’s guilt doesn’t let me sleep much longer..Oh well….I better get going! More later..
Much love,
Suburban Mumma!

Bringing in the new year…

Hello..anybody there?I am hoping, at least those of you,who have subscribed on email will come and read this..:)
So,SD was home until last Monday..and we spent the rest of the week,missing him and getting back to the routine. Now,that he is back at work full-time and we are kind of settled,I am hoping,I will be able to blog regularly..:)I know we are already in the third week of the new year..but I am hoping,its not too late to write about this.
2012 started well..We brought in the New Year,hugging our babies close,hugging each other and just sending up silent prayers for a happy year. We took the girls to watch the twilight fireworks at the Geelong Pier at 9:00 PM .It was a beautiful evening- SD was happy and relaxed(the break really did him well!)
Babushka was excited and wanted to dance before the fireworks show began(in her words-she wanted to have a ‘Performance’)
Babychino couldn’t have cared less..and
SM-well I was being camera-happy!
We were not well prepared..nothing new about that..Everyone else had brought picnic dinners time so will we.But,this time,we just ended up getting take-out on our way home.
This year I have decided to-
Focus on ME- This is the year-I take care of ME-getting fitter,getting stronger-both physically and emotionally.
Put my family-Before all else..They were always top priority..But,you know how sometimes,we end up dragging our loved ones..just to do something for others..Well..I am all done doing that.This sounds curt even to me..but,believe me..its very hard for me to do it.. One of the major reasons for doing this is all the back-stabbing I have faced in the recent months..and it makes me feel horrible for inconvenienced my own family for others. It will be hard..but needs to be done.
Removing all the negativity and surrounding myself with all things positive- How should I put this..I managed to remove all the negative people from my recent call list..Now,my phone doesn’t ring as often..nor do I make as many calls as I used to..heck!I didn’t even send out the customary Happy New Year Sms this year.But,I am so much at peace with myself..I feel ‘liberated’…
And..I have forgotten the rest of my decisions..but if I can stick to these three..I know..the rest will fall in place.
Ohh..and I am also going to blog,more regularly..3-4 times in a week..I hope!!
I will be over at all your blogs soon..Please bear with me..while I find my feet!
Much love..
Suburban Mumma


Hi everyone,
I hope 2012 is treating you well. Yet again,I promise to blog more often and keep this site fresh and active..2012 is making a new woman out of me..and I am hoping,I will keep this up.
So,some of my new year resolutions are..
The first one -eating healthy and home cooked.. avoiding processed food as much as possible.Last year,because of the pregnancy,my being sick and pregnant,new baby..everything just led to more and more eat-out.So,weekly menu plans are back-they have been in place from the very first day of the year..I hope we can stick to it,for the rest of the year!

The second one is-crafting more .. Last year was pretty dull craft-wise as well. This year,I want to craft more.I intend to try out a few new techniques,a few new crafts..pick up some new hobbies.

Logo credits-Josie
The extra crafting will come in handy,considering I signed up for an year-long birthday exchange on Ravelry!Yup,you read it right!
There are 22 of us and we’ll be sending gifts to every person on her birthday.The last time I got so many presents was on my 23rd birthday-when my sister gave me 23 presents 🙂 Anyway,I mailed out the puffies for the January birthday girls and I can’t wait to share here what I made for them..more importantly can’t wait for the Birthday girls to get their presents!
I will share pics here,as soon as they receive the parcels..
Hope you are having a good year!!

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a very Happy 2012!May this year bring all things nice..lots of love,luck,prosperity your way!!

Here’s the blog review for 2011

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The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,500 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 8,000 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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