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So much to tell you..

Where do I begin..Should I first tell you about Babychino,who has learned to stand up?Yes,as if crawling wasn’t enough,she has learned to stand up. She crawls at full-speed to the nearest Pull-yourself-up station-the couch or the ottoman or Babushka’s study table or even the nearest person and stands up!She doesn’t like sitting down anymore..and she doesn’t get tired!She is standing up in her crib and also moving sideways,holding the crib railing!Don’t believe me?Have a look-

And now Babushka’s big news- Babushka started big school.She is a Preppie now..going to school 5 days a week,6 hours every day.I cannot believe it still. The first day was on Friday- 3rd feb and SD took the day off.After we dropped her off,SD and I didn’t want to stay home.It was so unnatural,having just one kid around us. We stepped out for coffee and found ourselves,sitting at Babushka’s favorite table. The hours were going so slow that day. On the first day,she just told me,to go,once she settled down..Just like tears,nothing..just hugged me and said,’you could go outside with Papa too’..It was harder for me to let go.Here’s my big girl,all ready for school-

When she came home,she told me that she missed me. Today was her 4th day in the new school and she said,she didn’t want me to go away.She wanted mumma and her sister to stay with her. They were going to get treats later,since it was someone’s birthday..hopefully that would cheer her up.

Finally coming to me..I am mission weight-loss again.This time for good. I didn’t mention anything earlier-because everytime I talk about it..I lose interest..but this time,I have kept at it from the 1st of January and as of today,have lost 4 kgs. This is on top of the 10 odd kgs,I lost since BabyChino’s birth!This is an ongoing process,so please bear with me,while I bore you with my weight-loss details,in the future! No,I am not sharing any of my pictures just yet..I will ..all in good time!:D

And now that Babushka is at school..I am hoping to go blog hopping again..first step is to be regular here!!!

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Starting School

My first born started school this month.I cannot believe it,my first baby is actually a full-time school kid- 5 days a week,6 hours a day! She was so excited about going to school-every morning,when we woke up,the first thing she asked me was-‘Is it New School today?’..and then we would count days to the new school.

On the first day,Papa took the day off,we got ready and reached school in time. Took some pictures before leaving from home and on reaching school.We met the teacher,got introduced,put on Aadya’s name tag and I read her a story.

After the story,she settled down on the play-dough table and I told her,”Papa and Ananya are going outside,do you want to say bye?” She said Bye to them and told me,”You can go too Mumma”..Just like baby was all grown up!I was so proud of her for not crying.

We can’t get over the fact that she suddenly looks like a big kid! Pictures from that day-

And we are standing now!

Yes,on 2nd February 2012(at 6 months,1week and 3 days),Ms.Ananya pulled herself to a standing position..ALL by herself! And Didi was the first one to see that.

And just last week mumma sent an email to her friends sharing the news about Ananya’s standing up and she joked that Ananya  can do almost everything,except sit up on her own,when she is lying down.Well,Mumma was in for a surprise..two days back(6/2/2012) Ms.Ananya sat up in her crib!

Yayy go Ananya!