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Happy 5th Aadya

Dearest Aadya,

Happy Birthday! You are 5 today! I find it hard to believe that my first baby is now jumping around telling everyone that its my birthday today..I am 5 now.

You are the sweetest,brattiest 5 yo I know..and I love you for all your sweet brattiness! Because you are mine..all mine.Sometimes you test my patience and then I get mad and yell at you!but absolutely no-one else allowed to yell at you..not even your Papa.. And it makes him mad that I always spring to your defence…but I am your mom and its my job to watch out for you..I cant help myself.

You are such a good big sister…I know this year has been hard for have had to share your parents.. you have had to give up your privileged place next to mumma  to your little sister.. I am amazed how understanding you are..You slip aside and make room for your sister,when I bring her into bed,when you are next to me..And it breaks my heart when sometimes you insist on being the only one next to me..after all you are just a little girl and right next to me,snuggled up tight is where you belong!

You are getting closer to your Papa than you were all these years and I love watching you both together. You cuddle him,look for his approval and generally want to make him happy. You even go out alone with him.I love how you have serious conversations with him and snuggle up with him,when I am putting your sister to sleep.

You started school this year and you are one of the younger ones in your class.. we had a few tough days,where your teacher had to have a ‘chat’ with me ..but nothing that can’t be fixed. You are loving school and look forward to going everyday,

Some of the kids have been teasing you about your handwriting and you come home and practice on your own..because you want to  get better..when did you grow up so much…?My are perfect.. but I love it that you don’t want to stop till you haven’t perfected everything.

You have an opinion about everything..what you want to eat,what you want to wear, where you want to go.. which words are right and which are wrong.You wanted to go out for a family date for your birthday this year..and as for your birthday party, you wanted to have an arty crafty party..we had a Painting party for you.. I even let you decorate you own cake.And wow!you did such a good job.. And proudly told everyone,how you helped mummy decorate your cake.

After the party, when I asked you if it was a good party,you told me….’it was the best party in the whole world’…Mumma is happy.. 🙂

Here are some messages that were written for you by your dad, masi and finally me:

This is what Papa wrote:Happy Birthday Aadya Pillai;you turn 5 years today.Needless to say we have enjoyed every moment with you.Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!!!! 

And here’s what Masi wrote:

5 yrs back dis day my life changed n its been beautiful more beautiful, meaningful, eventful, full of love n lovely moments and everyday is a special one as soon as d word Tukulu ring into my ears.. Yes that’s d name I got wen I promoted from being just d baby sis of Di to Masi of my princess.. 

Princess – tats wat im suppose to call her, no other names taken or accepted not even Aadya frm Tukulu for sure.. My darling princess u mean d world to me.. my heart beats faster everytime u hug me, iam all refreshed everytime u kiss me.. ur innocent n mischievous smile says u hv won anything dat u want frm me n Im game for many more such lovely moments in life just for u …

U make my life complete n today on ur birthday Tuku Masi wants to tell u … thanks for coming to me, being such an imp part of my life, I love u veryyyy muchhh very very muchhh .. d only person I love more than myself.. Happy Birthday Princess !!! Wish u all d happiness n choicest wishes throughout ur life

Dis is not complete till I thank Trishna Di n Sanjyot Jiju for giving me world’s most precious and priceless gift … I knw I cannot thank u guys enuf .. love u all veryyyy much n missing u all

And finally,this is my message for you:

5 years back,I insisted on walking to the OT myself…I knew my life was going to change -I just didn’t know that it was going to be simplest of tasks..because,after that short has been one amazing roller-coaster of emotions,engulfing love and sometimes frustration too..Before you came along, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone as much as or as completely as I love you,Ms.Aadya.. you changed my world and me in such a way that you became my world..Love you always and forever.. Big hugs and cuddles..and more cuddles…

Love you always baby.. lots and lots..


Month 7 and 8

My dearest Laddu,

Sorry Mumma never got around to writing your 7th month update..if you have any recollection of this time of your life,when you grow up,you will only remember countless car rides- to and from Didi’s school,to and from Didi’s activities,to and from the station to pick up Papa.. yes…lots of car rides. Yes time just little squiggly bundles,yes are a naughty 8 month old now ready to walk,babbling all the time:)

You were crawling well before you completed 6 months..just two days before your half yearly birthday,but so what.. So, you were already crawling and soon you pulled yourself up to a stand.. And since then your favorite position is standing.Yes,when you get tired,you take a break,sit for a moment and then you go back to standing!

You love looking out our big window,that looks into the backyard and I have kept your toys there, you spend most of your time there..that is when you are not clinging to me:) yes, the clinging continues.. You know whats funny? you are happy to just play by yourself,as long as I am sitting next to you,NOT doing anything..but the moment I get up to do some work or check my laptop,you have to crawl up to me and demand to be picked up!

You love my laptop.You now know that you can talk to people on the laptop and the phone.You flatten the screen of the laptop,to your height level and look at it!Such cuteness..and as soon as the phone rings,you look at it expectantly,as if its an important call that you were waiting for.And then you have to have your say..the phone needs to be put on the speaker,so that you can talk:) Its quite entertaining for me..Not so much for the person on the other side!

You are big chatterbox…you are always babbling..always:)sometimes even in your sleep-thats funny. you have stop talking,kiddo!At least when you sleep. You separation anxiety is at its peak,baby and so is stranger anxiety.Mumma started working for a couple hours,each week and let me just tell you,you are not very happy about it.I am not allowed to put you do once I come back.No-one else is allowed to pick you up or change you or put you to bed or anything-and this is the case on most days..but on that one day..its even more!But, as soon as we pick up Papa, you want only him..till you dont get your cuddles and kisses and walking around the house in Papa’s arms…once you are satisfied,then you jump back into my arms!

Oh and once your sister comes back from school,you have eyes only for her.This morning you snuggled up to me and gave me kisses but once your didi was back,I asked you for kisses,I begged for cuddles and you didn’t care.. you only wanted to look at your didi and only wanted to cuddle with her.

We are experimenting with food now and this time,Mumma is wiser..I am giving you all the veggies,that i never dared to try with your sister.Avocado is your favorite:) Mumma’s girl!

And my naughty naughty babuchi.. you are so vocal about everything.If someone takes something away from you,you scream.If you are bored, you scream..if we try to restrain you-in your car-seat or in your high-chair,you scream!! Seriously,the screaming has to stop. Today Papa called and I put the phone on speaker and both you and didi were talking,I moved the phone closer to didi and you screamed at me..And while we are talking about screaming,let me just tell you,screaming at me,will not get you my tea!

And you little miss, you have to remember,we are your didi’s parents too..She is sharing us with are so possessive.. if didi cuddles either one of us or sits in our laps,you have to leave everything and try to push her out..1) she is bigger than you.2) She came here first!..And you think by growling you can scare her off? you little tigeress..:)

I can’t believe it -In another 4 months, you will turn One…but I have a strong feeling these 4 months are going to be very exciting…and the times to come after those,will be even more so..

Love you my laddu singh.. love you so much..





February Birthday gift

We are half way through March and I still haven’t revealed what I sent for the feb birthday here it is:)

A feather and fan bookmark and a mobile cover(my own pattern based on granny square)

I started to make a necklace for her,I even made the flowers for that..but somehow,I didn’t like the way,it was coming together and so,abandoned that half way and whipped up these..:) I am so glad,I did.. because,the birthday girl loved it and has already used the mobile cover!And mostly because she had once commented that my parcels were full of I had live up to that name:D
I am using every spare minute to work on and complete the gifts for the March girls.. hope I can mail it out in the next week.. 🙂 I will post pictures of my loot,soon.

Random updates

Its been so long since I posted updates here…A busy mommy means a slack mommy blogger.. I should really try harder..:)

Aadi is well adjusted in school and would you believe it,the first term is almost over.It gets over on her birthday..she is eagerly waiting for the last day of school.

Anzie is crawling around or standing ALL day long.She is babbling so much…and has said,baba,mummmmmmmmy and didi and she always says mummmymii when she wants me..and same goes for baba and didi..she says the words when she goes to Sanj and Aadi! And when you ask her,where is Papa,she looks at Sanj.If I call out to Aadi,even when she is not home,she looks out for her sister:)

Something cute has been happening here..On most days,after Aadi comes back from school,she is tired and cranky and if I say no for something,she runs to her room crying. And Anzie,follows her,crawling,as fast as she can..tapping her feet or knees or whichever part she has most access to.And then Aadi picks her up and they both cuddle and she feels better.I know its going to happen,before it happens..I love watching them like this..I hide behind the door and sneak a peek at my lovely girls..and feel all mushy inside..

Of course..there are days,when they both drive me up the wall and I want to just go lock myself in a room.. but its moments like these that make everything else,seem so insignificant!!!

The Reluctant Detective

Folks in Mumbai,go on..visit 🙂 This is your chance to meet popular blogger,Kiran Manral.She blogs here and here and was the mastermind behind India Helps,which was started right after the Taj massacre and they are still helping so many people.
Kiran-Can’t wait to read the book!

Weight-loss Tips

So,first R’s Mom and then Comfy asked for weight-loss tips..Well here you go ladies..
This is what I am doing
1) Calorie Tracking-I am sticking to 1700 cals (since I am bf-ing).If you are not,1200 calories is a good aim.I use and if you enter your details,it will give you your calorie goal for each day-pretty simple.MFP also has recipe calculator..So say you made a sandwich with boiled eggs and cheese-just enter all the ingredients and you will have the calorie count of your meal.It looks and sounds tedious..but trust me after a while,you get used to it! So,thats what I started first..I think in September of 2011,when Babychino turned 3 months.
2)Avoiding processed stuff as much as I can.But I love my,I pick up wholemeal or whole grain bread…
3)Cut down on the rice in a big way and eating cracked wheat instead and now on the days when I eat rice,I feel bloated and too full
4) Walking-My dad always says,walking is the best exercise..but I never believed him.Now I vouch for it.I started walking 4-5 times in a week from the 1st of January and I can feel the difference.I went for a 4K fun run/walk and finished it in 42 minutes..I was walking.
5)DVDs– I have Tae Bo by Billy Blanks- and I do that 1-3 times in a week..depending on how the day is going..Its getting colder here and sometimes,its hard to go out..too cold or raining and if SD isn’t home,then I don’t need to drag the baby out..I can still finish my workout.
Sometimes,I look up Zumba on you-tube.The day I cross the 10kg mark from the 1st of January..(another kg to go..)
What else…
6)Goals and Rewards: In the past,I used to lack motivation..At the beginning I used to be very charged up but after a few days or weeks,I would stop.One bad day of eating and I would be like..whats the point..but not anymore..If I eat out one day..I make sure I eat in the next 5-6! I also signed up for an online weight-loss challenge so that I stay focused..I have come to realise that if I have a goal to work towards,then,I am more focused..When I looked at my big weight loss goal of nearly 30kgs,it was really daunting..and in my mind..I had already given up.This time,the only thing different I did was I set myself small I want to lose 1/2 kg per week…or 3 kgs in 1 month.And I promised myself rewards..for the first 5 kgs lost,I bought new clothes.
My next goal is 10 kgs and once I get there,I would be at the weight that I was when I got pregnant with Babushka..and when I get there,I am going to book in a massage and buy a Zumba DVD!
I am just making small changes and being as consistent as I can..I hope this helps..if you have any tips,please feel free to add to this list..
Recently a friend shared this link with me..I like what this lady has to say ..go on have a look:)
And with this,I end my lecture..:) Look forward to hearing from you all..:)

No way!

I cannot believe it..its been 1 whole month since I blogged.. I have turned into one of those bloggers,that create a blog and forget about it..Life is suddenly so busy..I need more hours in my day! 

My morning starts between 6:30 and 7:00 am..The first alarm rings at 6:30am..I switch it off and go back to sleep.Then the second one rings at 7 am..thats when I get out of bed and start my morning.

Wake up Babushka at 7:30am and then the running begins..some days I can hear RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN in my head…and by midweek,she is tired and so the yelling begins..

Anyway,we leave home at 8:30am to drop her at school..If I am lucky,Babychino sleeps till 8:15 or so,when I wake her up..But most days,she wakes up by 7:30 and then,I do all the RUNRUNRUNRUN with her on my hip! 

Come home by 9:00 am,put Babychino down for her nap-finish my workout and shower.By then Babychino wakes up-then we have breakfast and then her massage,playtime,lunch etc.. Before I know it,its 2:30pm ,when we leave for school pick up!

Come back home with a tired and cranky Babushka..snack,homework,shower,playtime,cooking,picking up SD,dinner and its time for the girls bed.

After the girls are in bed,I am so tired..I have no energy or drive to do anything,except mindless surfing or attempting to read.

Next day-rinse and repeat!

I can’t wait for Babushka’s school holidays to begin. Oh and a bit of dad will be visiting us for a excited about that.

I posted a notice in my local mum’s group asking for interest in learning crochet and 4-5 people were,I started a class and today was the first day.I had so much fun,teaching and chatting.I realised thats the right kind of job for me..something where I can interact with people on one-on-one basis and if I get to do something crafty,at the same time..I am set!

As for weight loss- I am happy to tell you that I am now 10 kgs lighter than I was,when I found out I was pregnant with Babychino!R’s Mom you asked for some tips- well all I am doing is..eating clean- basically avoiding processed food as much as I can.. the only thing processed I am eating is probably whole grain bread and cereal.Everything else,cooked from fresh ingredients…baring the spices. And calorie counting.I also try to exercise 4-5 times during the week-either a video or walks..something.The day I cant do any of that..I do a major clean up or do squats while cooking or squats holding BabyC!LOL! and then some days I don’t do anything..because I am so tired.. but I try and eat within my calorie level..everyday! 

This time I really really will try to be regular and try to post everyday..even if its a short post.And I promise I will get my act together and hop over to your blogs..I have started missing the blogosphere! 

Hope you all are doing well and had a great Holi!