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SAARC BirthdaySwap March-1

We are right at the end of April and I still haven’t posted about the gifts I made for the March Birthday girls.

March was a really busy month for me..I started work and spent a few days during the week training and getting used to new pace of life.Then my dad was visiting and it was Ms.Aadya’s 5th birthday..and that girl has a mind of her own and it is full of ideas and she wants everything just right!!!Anyway,more about her birthday later..first let me show you somethings I made for my crafty friends in the Birthday Swap.Here you go:)
This is the first project that I finished..

The pattern is from Ravelry-here
I love the way the colors are playing with each other.I reduced a few rows from the original pattern.

The next project is what I fondly call the ‘Watermelon Coasters’

Another pattern from Ravelery-here
There was one more birthday in March and the project that I made for that birthday girl,needs a post of its own..simply because its a fusion of old and new crafts for me:)
Watch this space for more …
Sending you lots of crafty dust..

End of April!!

Can you believe it we are already at the end of the fourth month of the new year?I miss blogging and hate the lack of time and motivation..and really while mental blogging helps me sort my thoughts,it’s your comments and feedbacks,reading your posts that makes me feel I am going to do the NaBlPoMo in may and comment on at least 2 blogs per day!
And I now have a new iPad*koff-koff* so I can no longer use the excuse of multiple sign-ins!
This year has been quite gadget-y for me:) first my iPhone then I bought a heart rate monitor to help me track calories burnt next in line was the Kindle and finally the iPad – oh well I am not complaining!lol!
Today was my workday and for the first time since I started working at the toy library,I left home before Babychino woke up! When she woke up,she cuddled with SD and played with Babushka and then went on to camp in front of the bathroom.The door was shut and she sat outside then stood holding on to the door with one hand banging knocking with the other.:(
When SD told me this,my heart broke….I had to ask myself was it really worth it…I hate putting her through this but a little voice in my head tells me it’s ok..I am really enjoying the I had to work extra hours..but I still loved it..though I hope I don’t have to do the extra hours too often:)And this is why I cannot go to work full-time for the next3-4 years!
Today was also the first time SD dressed up both the girls and took them for a birthday party! He even remembered to put on Babushka’s Beaded necklace*awww* broke my heart again- waving them off,when they stopped by my place of work for my approval:(
But the best part of my day was snuggling with my babies- all of us piled up on the 2-seater couch:) Now that was Bliss…
Speaking of Bliss,I must go and snuggle up with a sleeping Babychino:) need to make up for the time lost!!!
But before I go, who wants to do the NaBloPoMo with me?Show of hands please:)
More later,till then…Take Care ,My lovelies:)

The birthday Cake

This is what Babushka’s birthday cake looked like to begin with.It was my first time using fondant..but I loved the neat elegant effect it gave the cake.


But since it was a painting party,I decided to be really really brave and let her use some food colors and food color texters on it.


This is what it looked like was so much fun..I joined in too!!LOL!

Even the candles were all colorful and so was the birthday girl’s shirt!

And finally the inside of the cake:) 


I was so nervous when the cake was being cut.. but when I saw this was all worth it.. staying awake till 3 am,baking multiple layers.
At the end of the party,Babushka told me,it was the best party ever and that I was the best mom in the whole wide world!!LOL! well what can I say..I try!:D

The Month that was…

Last month was something of a milestone month..:) For starters,I started working.I got a job in the local toy library…to run the weekend session.Its like a dream come true.I have to work for a couple of hours on the weekend.The best part is I don’t have leave my babies with any outsider.And SD gets to spend one-on-one time with the girls and best of all I get to get dressed,go out,feel all grown up-meet new people! Win-win! It still feels surreal to me!
Next up-Babychino is getting so so exoressive..she is constantly babbling,crawling around and showing her happiness and discomfort very clearly. She has a temper..boy!she does. She is still having trouble gaining weight.. but now I am not stressed..I was stressed about that for a while.. but I realised that every baby is different and this one is too ACTIVE to gain any weight!
And my Babushka turned 5! Can you believe it?My first born is 5 now. She really tests my patience somedays.. everyday.. but she makes up for it by saying extra special things and giving me extra extra cuddles…We had a painting party for her..and that was so much fun..I even let her decorate her own cake.I made a 6 layer rainbow colors cake and covered it with white fondant..and then let her decorate it with food color textas and liquid food color..super fun!The cake was just perfect for our painting party..and much appreciated by all.
And last but not the least,my dad is visiting us..I met him after 1.5 yrs and I am so happy he is here.I have been driving him around and he’s been feeling so proud of me:)
All these years,he has been one of the people telling me to do ‘something with my life’ instead of just’staying home’ but this time, he said,’you do way too much’… and can I just tell you,how happy that makes me.
And while we are on the topic of being happy..let me share one more happy news..I have now lost 10 kgs since the 1st of Janurary 2012… I still have a long way to go for my ideal weight..but,I am happy…
SD has excess leave and will be home for the next couple weeks..I hope to blog more..and I hope we don’t drive each other mad…!
Wish you all a very happy Easter and hope to see you all more in this space and yours!
Much love,
Suburban Mumma!