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Post 25

As we wait for the grandparents to arrive,the girls busy playing and SD is loading the dishwasher- I just finished cooking…and had to sneak some time to update the blog:)
Hope you are having a good weekend too:)

Post 24-Round 2

After sitting on the fence for the longest time,I signed up for My second round of Michelle Bridges,12 week Body Transformation Challenge.

I have to be honest here,when I started the last round,I was quiet neutral- I didn’t know if the program will work or not- I started out very motivated,but around week 8 or so, my dad arrived and then I started slacking..exercise was down to minimum and food was crappy too- we ate out quite a bit and even after he left,it was hard for me to get back on the wagon…but I the end of 12 weeks,I had lost 6.5 kgs and as of last week,I have lost 12.2 kgs from the first of January 2012 and sit down for this one- over 20 kgs since August 2011.. I am in no rush,I just want to keep chiseling away,slow and steady..
In my last round,I started another blog…yes yes I am obsessed with starting multiple,I couldnt keep up- the whole secret blogging is not my scene..I was not sure,if the program would work( sorry Mish!),I was scared to announce to the world,that I am going on yet another weight-losing mission…blah blah blah…but this time,I am not scared.I am ready to openly say that I am on a weight-loss mission and I am doing well..I am so proud of myself,for having come this far and I am not going to stop till I become the best version of myself,
I thought a lot about putting these pictures out in the world wide web… But I think I m ready as can be..if these pictures can inspire even one person,it will be worth it! So,here goes:


The first pic is from August 2011, I think 2 or 3 weeks after Babychino was born.The second picture is December 2011, few days before Christmas.The third and fourth pics are from February 2012(it’s the same picture!)
And the last picture is Last week- May 2012! The last pic isn’t very clear but I can see a hint of my collarbones there!

The next round starts on June 4th, and I am going to make up for the time I wasted in round 1! Bring on Round 2!

Post 23-10 months and counting!

Yay Babychino is 10 months now…I will write a full update when my laptop starts working..but for now..let me just tell you,that –Babychino is the spunkiest,naughtiest 10 mo on the face of the earth! she throws body flinging tantrums,wags her finger at us,shouts at us for yelling at her sister,pats her sister,when she has a tantrum…she loves poking our eyes and pushing her finger in my mouth,when I put her to sleep.most of all,she loves hugs- tight squishy ones!
So in love with my mischievous 10 mo!

Day 22-Picasso in the making?


Babushka is very interested in drawing/ sketching/ painting these days- but this left me speechless and proud! She took care of every little detail- the angle of the legs, the skirt,the clapping hands and even flowers strewn around,like in the picture!
What do you think?

Day 21- Babushka talks

It’s been long since I did one of these post,isn’t it?
Babushka has been home for the last 5 days and I have plenty of material for a post ten posts!
Like the first day,that,I didn’t send her to school- I found her sitting quietly in her room,looking at her class picture- I said,”aww my baby,is missing her class” and she said,”yes..that’s why I am touching everyone’s face and saying,miss you…” umm Ok…
She has asked me every single day,when can she go back to little girl is all grown up 😦

Babychino was screaming,for no apparent reason,I was in the kitchen and in order to distract her started talking to her.
Me:” why are you screaming baby? Mumma is getting scared..can you tell me why are you screaming…blah blah…”
Babychino was quiet and listening to me..
Babushka:”Mumma,she is quiet now and you know she can’t talk,then why are you asking her all these questions..would you like it if I did that to you?” Lol! I had to shut-up after that.

Babushka:”Mumma I have an exciting offer for you..would you like to help me?”
Me: no!
Babs : would you like to help me,Mumma? I am asking again!
Me: no!
Babs: Mumma please come and help me!

SD was eating some cookies..he was sitting on the couch and had no plate..that’s my one pet peeve and he knows it.i saw it…and started nagging him to get up and get a plate.
Babs: It’s ok,Mumma..he is tired..just let him relax and enjoy his cookie in peace…
Me:* jaw on the floor*

Babs: Mumma,can I have some milk please?(after she finished the measly portions in her plate after an hour of serving!)
Me: No,you didn’t eat your dinner properly,so no milk for you..
Babs: but milk is healthy..don’t you want your baby to be big and strong?
Yes! I want her to be big and strong and really who can argue in the face of such logic!
I can hear Babychino stirring,I have to go now…when you finish laughing at my plight, would you be kind enough to leave me a comment:)

Day 20

Yet another weekend went by in a jiffy- work,birthday party,swimming,cooking and lots of organizing:)
I am finally trying to sort my house- and for a change,i am being ruthless and throwing things really.. I am a hoarder..and when a hoarder throws stuff she is being ruthless:)
SD’s idea of tidying up is-stuffing things in a cupboard or in plastic bag and put it on the top shelf.Lol! Really!
I saved only 2 of my favorite baby outfits of each girl and gave the rest away to charity.The girls are still sick and I hate the helpless feeling of not being able to do anything more to help them.
Anyway,hope we can say good- bye to the sickies in this coming week.
More tomorrow:)


When Babychino decided to help me fold the laundry:)


Just a usual day here…the girls are still sick-Babychino slept most of the day and Babushka colored and drew,got frustrated about staying home and then took a nap.
Sometime during the day,I caught her,looking at her class photos,quite wistfully..I asked her what was going on in her head and she said,she was missing her friends and her teacher.When it started raining she said,”oh it will be wet time- table today”. It dawned on me,how much my little girl has grown up.She is beginning to form independent relationships outside the house-her world is no longer restricted to just us….*sigh* why do babies grow up so soon? Now I know how the birds feel when their hatchlings leave the nest.. I am glad at least she still comes back home.I am thankful for the cuddles,she still likes giving me,
Tonight,when I tucked her in for the night,she asked me,if Babychino could sleep in her crib all night because she was missing the time,when it was just mumma and her..and she wanted to sleep cuddling me all night! I miss that part too.. But I get my share of small warm bodies,clinging to my neck for dear life,with the Babychino…so,I am ok…
*gasp*i can’t believe I said that..before the Babychino came along,I was 200%sure that I couldn’t love anyone else as much as I loved Babushka…because I didnt think I would have any love left!
Lol!could I have been any more wrong? Gosh I love the Babychino to pieces…If not more than the Babushka,its no less either! I now believe a Mother’s heart actually splits in to as many equal parts,as the number of children she has….how could I not..for my own has split into two equal parts…:)
Well,I should call it a’s my work day tomorrow…and you enjoy your weekend!

Day17-Morning rituals

Sharing a Cuppa with Papa- yes! It is so important to start your day with something warm!Lol!
Babychino loves biting our cups,when we are drinking our tea..the excitement on her face after a bite/ sip is priceless. When Babs was little,I let her little hand touch the warm cup exterior,so she knows it’s hot and shouldn’t be touched- she was an angel- she listened after that time!
Babychino- well she is the devil- she doesn’t care- she touches it again and grins!

Next most important ritual is playing with Dida,while mummy gets everything ready.Did I tell you,Babychino calls Babushka ‘Dida’- I have been told that Dida means grandmother in Bengali, but we don’t speak Bengali and it sounds So utterly cute when she calls out to her Dida,that,we have decided to not correct her!
She calls out to her Dida even in her sleep..and the moment,they wake up,our house is full of screams of Dida,Dida…:)
In case you are wondering what Babushka calls Babychino- Omg! It’s hilarious! She calls her- Sania,Tania,lavanya,Aaliyah,daisy,Radhika,princess,cheeky girl…I told you it’s hilarious! Her favorite are Sania and Tania… And we are not allowed to call her that!And don’t ask me- why these names- for I don’t have a clue:)

Day 16-wordless Wednesday