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No more excuses…

Babushka was playing in her room a few days back and she found her skipping rope.She came out and asked SD and me to help her skip.We,each held one end and swung it,while she tried to jump over it..

Then I had a go and re-discovered the joys of skipping..Thats it..Skipping is now my no-more-excuse workout.


Today the kids were sick and I was stuck at home with them..not that I had any inclination to go out,in the cold. So,before dinner,I propped them infront of the TV and skipped rope..Babychino clapped and Babushka cheered! 🙂 

Next time,I will remember to wear my HRM so that I know how many calories,I burnt!

Today we are into week 4 of Mish’s 12 week body transformation..I cant believe how quickly the last 3 weeks have gone. I had really planned to stick to the nutrition plan 1 100% and if I can’t for some reason,then to make sure,I stick to my 1700 was a major flop..I was good till lunch time. Then we had the Dr. appointment at 3 PM..We didn’t get seen until almost 4 PM..the stress of a cranky 5 yo and a tired and very very upset 11 mo and the endless waiting got to me.By the time,we got back,I was hungry.And the Babychino threw up,all over herself and on me..and was so the time,she calmed down,I fed her and put her to bed,I was hungry enough to eat a seriously! I had planned to make some pumpkin soup..but didnt have the patience to make it .. just ate,packaged mac& cheese and some rice..Oh well!Tomorrow will be a new day!

Oh!I am so excited..this is the last week of school before the school holidays..then 2 weeks of sleep-ins..YAY!! 


This morning..

I had to have a stern talk with Babushka,at school! I am very proud of myself,that I didn’t fly off the top..and scream..But,I was very stern and rude-it had to be done. 

Every morning after I park the car,I have to bring out Babychino’s Pram and fix the wind-cover etc..and then we start walking to school.But Babushka hates walking briskly and she has her big bag too..and I feel bad rushing her.So,I told her a few days back,that she could start walking slowly -NOT Run,but walk slowly and I will catch up once Babychino is in her pram. 

The first day,she ran off..when she saw her friend walking with her mom.I told her nicely,dont do that again and she said,ok mumma.

The next time,she didnt..the day after again the same thing.After that,I told her she wasnt allowed to walk off.This morning,it was just beginning to drizzle,so she asked me again,if she could start walking.I said ‘yes,slowly’ and she did and the next thing I know is she started RUNNING!I called out to her and she didn’t  couldn’t hear..I didnt even bother strapping Babychino in,locked the car and started walking,as fast as I could with the pram..She had seen her friend and was running to catch up with them.The friend’s mom saw me and waved..and all three of them continued walking..I know,she was walking with a grown-up..but It just made me very angry today.She has to learn to follow instructions…that its for her own safety..I followed them to her class and then told her teacher that I need to talk to Babushka..and had ‘the chat’ in the corner..after we finished,she just sulked and went inside,without goodbye..I followed her in and cuddled and said,she was the one who did the wrong thing and that mumma just wants her to be safe,that’s why I make sure,I drop/pick her every single day.

I was really touched that two of the parents,saw that something was up and offered to wait with Babychino while I talked to Babushka..And I was amazed at the other mother,the one that she walked with-she slipped out the other door,when she saw us talking!Oh Well!It takes all kinds to make this world..I just hope,my talking-to today works with the Babushka! Not very happy about yelling at her..:(


What would you do,if you were in my shoes,this morning?

Weigh-in Wednesday-3

Yayy! 3rd weigh-in of this round and I am happy happy today.. Lost a total of 1 kg since last wednesday… Clean eating pays!!

Speaking of clean eating,this weekend I told Babushka that no more Junk food..and especially not Mc.Donald’s food. And then as luck would have it..someone from her class invited her to a’s.So,this little Diva,came home and told me..” I know,I am not allowed to eat at Maccas,Mum..but I can still go and play in the outside play area..”I said,why dont you go and play in the park..and then out came the invitation.

I had to keep a straight face..very difficult that was..but I told her,it was fine..she was allowed to eat there,when she was invited to a party.

BTW,I saw this today and its so me…

Random happenings

The InLaws were in town and the last 3 weeks just flew..SD was home for a week and between cooking,chatting,school drop-offs,Babychino,I was flat-out by 9 pm!They left on Monday night and I spent most the week,catching up with dates,play-dates,etc.
I tried to eat as clean as I could,when the ILs were was VERY difficult,considering,I was cooking so much…I didn’t really get a chance to work out,either but I was on my feet for most part of the day and I am assuming that I burned off some calories then.
SD has been really sweet and bought me a set of Michelle’s DVDs..and I can’t wait to kick off Week3,and working out with Mish.

Meals have been planned,workouts diarised-So going to rock I am just after a good yoga/pilates DVD to tide me through colder and wet months.
Hope you’all are doing well…


I tried a New food today-Vegemite and LOVED it!Babychino is true-born Aussie..She loved it too..Babushka,not so much!LOL!
Atleast I have a new breakfast option!
After this week’s weigh-in,I am trying my best to eat well and in time..I make sure,I don’t get to a starvation point.. otherwise,there is no stopping what goes in the mouth!This is my new Motto:

Small Hands Creating Hope

It would not be an exaggeration,if I said that my life was turned upside down by cancer.My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 14 and my sister just about 11 and since then,life changed.My parents tried their best to keep life as normal as possible..but my mom lost the battle,2 years later,just a month after her 40th birthday.
I’d be lying if I said,I am over the loss..Not a day goes by,when I don’t think of her..Not a day goes by,when I don’t wish,she was here to see my girls and the babies,my sister will have one day..I wish she had met my lovely husband and come to spend a few days in my little home..But,I have learned to remember her with a smile and I feel so fortunate that she introduced me to the fantastic world of crafting.
Naturally,when Mary Anne asked for contributions for Small Hands Creating Hope Project,I had to jump on board.Thank you,Shruti,for writing about this project and pointing me to Mary Anne’s blog.
Here are our contributions:

Small Hands Creating Hope

Welcome to the Small Hands Creating Hope project! I am so excited to be a part of this exciting fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, together with an incredibly talented group of bloggers who focus on fun, creative, and education activities for kids! Each of us has worked with our children or students to create a craft that could be made by or for someone facing cancer. The projects in this book are stunning, and several include tutorials so that you can recreate the crafts at home with your own children or students!

Our projects have been compiled into an ebook, which we are sending out to anyone who donates at least $15 to the American Cancer society. An email with the download link, as well as a second link that allows you to purchase a hard copy of the book at production cost will be sent once we receive your donation. This button will take you directly to the American Cancer Society’s donation page:

Donate to the American Cancer Society

If you donate but do not receive this email for any reason, or if you have trouble with the download, email smallhandsproject at gmail dot com.

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles compiled this book as a way of celebrating thirty years of cancer survivorship! We are hoping to raise $3000 by July 4th, and we are running a blog hop from May 14th until July 4th to celebrate and raise funds so that, in the future, thirty years of cancer survivorship will be the norm, not the exception! Learn about each of the bloggers who participated in the book by visiting each blog on their assigned dates – a few bloggers will be running celebratory giveaways, too!

14 May Mama Smiles

15 May Artsy Craftsy Mom and Rainbows Within Reach

16 May B. Inspired, Mama!

17 May Rainy Day Mum and Imagination Soup

18 May Inspiration Laboratories

19 May Experimenting Mom

20 May Outlaw Mom

21 May NurtureStore

22 May Living Montessori Now

23 May Mess for Less

24 May Having Fun at Home and CraftoArt

25 May Mama Mia’s Heart2Heart

26 May Angelique Felix and Sense of Wonder

27 May Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

28 May Duck Duck Octopus

29 May Smiling like Sunshine

30 May Mommy with Selective Memory

31 May One Perfect Day

1 June The Educators’ Spin On It

2 June Kids Stuff World

3 June Rainy Day Mum

4 June Teach Preschool

5 June Dirt and Boogers

6 June Creative Connections for Kids and The Golden Gleam

7 June Montessori Tidbits

8 June Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

9 June The Iowa Farmer’s Wife

10 June Scribble Doodle and Draw

11 June Learn with Play

12 June Kitchen Counter Chronicles

13 June CRAYON Freckles

14 June Glittering Muffins

15 June Wise Owl Factory

16 June Crafty Maa

18 June Lessons Learnt Journal

20 June Growing a Jeweled Rose

21 June Growing Play

23 June JDaniel4′s Mom

We would love for you to also post the button in your sidebar for the duration of the event, in order to get as much publicity for this event as possible.

Small Hands Creating Hope

<a href="; target="_blank"><img alt="Small Hands Creating Hope" src="; /></a>

Thank you for your support!

Weigh-in Wednesday-2

😦 😦 This weeks weigh-in is not good…:(
I have a gain to report this week..and I am not surprised after my pig-fest on Sunday! If anything I am grateful,its only a 300 gm gain!
I was very depressed and mad at myself..I went out for coffee with a friend and ended up going window-shopping.There were some dresses on clearance at my favorite shop and decided to try some on..I tried on a size 16 first and it was LOOSE!!! I tried on a size 14 next and that fit well.. WOW!I had gone up to a size 20 and I wasnt even pregnant then!!Size 20 down to a size 14 ..that called for a celebration and so,I bought the dress.. I mean how could I not!LOL!
Next Week’s weigh-in will be better!!

Red Flag Day

Yikes,we are not even out of Week 1 and I already have a Red Flag day! Hubby’s Birthday,along with stress and PMS.. let me just say.. the things that I put in my mouth.. I cannot even bring myself to repeat them here*shudders*
Eating clean…continues from tomorrow…
Sorry Mish!

Weigh-in Wednesday-1

So,Round 2-2012,of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT,began on the 4th of June and today was the first weigh-in of this round. And I am happy to report a loss of 600 gms,since Sunday..and a total of 900 gms lost since,last wednesday.I am just so happy to see that the weight is coming off slowly and steadily!
I haven’t been able to follow to workout part,yet..The ILs are here,and I am busy cooking,entertaining..they are here for a very short visit..and we are trying to make the most of it..:) But,I am being very good with the diet part-I am sticking to my 1700 cals … I did eat some mithai today..I was working with the cleaner since 9:15 to 12:30,stopping only to feed Babychino..and then,took the ILs shopping ,as soon as the cleaner left.We were going to come back home for lunch..but got carried away and then there was a mad rush for school pick-up!Long story short.. finally ate ‘lunch’ at 4:30 pm! That doesnt justify the sweets.. but heck.. feeding a teething 10 month old,burns calories..and I am hoping that I burned it all off!!
I can’t wait to begin the workouts..I am planning on working out at home this round,because the cold weather doesn’t go well with my come Tuesday Morning..I am going to pop that DVD in..and sweat like crazy..make Mish proud!
I’ll sign off now.. will be back soon with more updates…
Take care my lovelies!

Round 2 Begins

Yayyyy Round 2 of 12 wbt begins today..can you tell that I am excited.. yes yes I am.. Measurements taken,Fitness test done and dusted..and Pictures taken.And the best part-I was prepared to repeat the beginners level of workout..but guess what,I have moved to intermediate!Yayyy ME!
Thanks Mish! If someone had told me 6 months back,that I would prefer running to walking,I would have laughed at them.. but Now,I do LOVE running!