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I love her so much!

I was laying in bed,feeling sick and sorry for myself,when she stirred.She opened her eyes,saw me next to her and moved closer..hugging me tight!

Now,as I breathe in the cocktail of olive oil,strawberries and sleepy baby smell-I stop feeling sorry for myself…instead I am grateful to be around to experience this heady feeling all over again…And yet again,I am amazed at how this tiny body fits as perfectly in my arms as the not-so-tiny-anymore body that I hugged a couple hours back,at school drop-off! Love you Ananya for being you!

Flu Monster strikes again..

Yes!And this time its Ms.Ananya and me,who have been hit..We spent most of the day sleeping..I can barely talk or swallow…Anani is the same..hasn’t eaten anything all day except b’feeds every few hours…She is clinging to me,sleeping only when I am sitting up with her..Seriously,Mums shouldn’t be sick when their kids are sick…
will be back when the sickness goes away..
sending love n good health your way…

Chalk n Cheese

My girls are like Chalk & Cheese..Ohh!I love the sound of that ‘My girls’…I always  wanted a girl and I always hoped that she would have atleast 1 sister 🙂

So,anyway,as I was saying,Aadya and Ananya are like Chalk and cheese..They look similar..but that’s where the similarities end..One likes sweets,the other savories..We went to a Gurudwara recently.They were both eating from my plate. I offered a spoonful of kheer(rice pudding) to Anani,she tasted it and refused to eat anymore..I gave some to Aadya and she loved it.Ananya lapped up the daal instead..that Aadi refused to eat.

Aadya was stuck to me with Fevicol forever,when she was 1 yo..Ananya happily goes and makes friends with even random strangers.

Aadya was a complete mumma’s girl..Ananya..well she is a Mumma’s girl..only when her Papa isn’t around! She is a complete Papa’s girl…she even refuses to come to me,when I call her,if SD is holding her..breaks my heart into a thousand pieces every single time..I worry..when I stop breastfeeding her..she will completely stop coming to me..:(

Ananya knows no fear..I remember when Aadya was around 9 months,she tried to grab my cup of tea.I stopped her..but she tried it again.That time,I let her touch it.The cup was warm by then..but she felt the heat and knew better to not touch it again.But Ananya..No!she doesn’t care.She will touch it again and again..and give me a dead if to say..’I dare you,mum!!’ If I scold her..she keeps looking into my eyes..smiling..without breaking eye contact..till I don’t start smiling.She is not one to cow down! Aadi,on the other hand..gets upset..and starts crying..She is my sensitive princess..this one-my brattina!!

Though Aadya was the closest to me..she got attached to just about everyone,that she came in touch with. Ananya on the other so friendly..she smiles at everyone,stares at some too..!!!I don’t know why she is like that with some people!LOL! I was saying,she is so friendly with everyone..but attached to only a few.

They are so different yet so in similar..The way they sit,they way they eat,the way they both talk in their sleep..They both love Boondi and Parle G  …Oh I could go on and on…and now I wonder if the title even makes sense..

Oh well,Different or Similar..I love them to bits..I leave you with a pic on my girls..It seems surreal that they were once inside me..:)

Product Reviews-Sohna and Deep

I have two product reviews for you today-1 is good and the other is bad.

Lets start with the bad one first.

Sohna Sarson ka Saag- The packaging says- Tasty Economical ,Instant Treat – False on all counts.

A typical Sarson ka Saag is scrumptions and smells divine,even before adding the dollops of butter,that is traditionally served with. It is a mixture of mustard greens and spinach leaves,slow cooked together with spices..This one smelled like boiled carrots..That should have warned me!

The world wide web is full of recipes for this yummy treat and my own mother’s recipe is a keeper..then why did I chose to torture myself thus?Simply because,it takes a long time to cook..and I am the only one who eats it..I couldn’t justify the time and effort of cooking a big dish for 1. Mind you if it was for SD or one of the kids,I would do it in a heartbeat.

Anyway,as far as Sohna Sarson Ka Saag is concerned,its AU$4 wasted.I have only three words for you:”Don’t bother trying” I am not one to waste food,but this one is definitely going in the bin!

Someone suggested trying Deep’s frozen SKS..I don’t know if I want to subject my taste bud to this kind of torture again!!I am washing my mouth out with coffee,as I type this.

That brings me to the good part of this post.Deep’s Frozen Methi Malai Mutter..

This one is Amazing..I give it a 10/10 rating.I really felt like I was back in one of my favorite restaurants in Mumbai and eating this. I had it for dinner,one night,last week and couldn’t wait for it to be lunch time,next I could finish the left-overs!

This is my first time writing a product I look forward to your feedback:)

Note:This is not a sponsored post..I take full responsibility for the views expressed here.

Images:Courtesy-Google Images.

Creamed Spinach with Corn

Spinach and corn are two of my absolute favorite vegetables.I can eat them in any form.But the rest of the family – lets just say, they are not in love with anything green,leafy or yellow.The husband refuses to eat anything leafy..He gets mad at me for even garnishing food with fresh Coriander or Parsley leaves. Give it to him in a form where he can’t see the leaves, he will gobble it up.Recently,we went to a cafe for brunch and it dawned me that I am the designated salad eater of the family.The husband and the daughter,dutifully passed me the greens from their plates.

Anyway,here’s my version of Creamed Spinach with corn:

Creamed Spinach with corn  ( makes 2 generous servings or 3 medium serves)


Baby Spinach leaves 200 gms

garlic cloves- 2 nos.

ginger- 1/2 inch piece

green chili- 1-2 as per your liking

Onion – 1 medium sized,finely chopped

corned can-1

Olive Oil -1-2 tsp

2 tbsp cream(thick/lite-your choice)

all spice powder- 1 tsp

salt to taste


1.Puree’ ( spinach,garlic cloves,ginger,green chili) in the food processor.

2.Heat a tsp of olive oil in a pan,add and fry the onion  till translucent( you can also use shallots)
3.Add a cup of corn( I used canned corn,after draining the broth and rinsing with water)
4.Add the spinach Puree,salt and all-spice powder.
5.When the raw smell disappears,lower the flame and add  the cream. Serve hot.

To give it an Indian flavor,when serving with Naan or roti,I just replace the all-spice powder with Kitchen King Masala Powder(MDH/Everest brand) and serve with rice or roti.

USP- Quick,Nutritious and Delicious.


Non-Scale Victories.

Image courtesy: Google images

I first heard of this term,Non-scale Victories  or NSV, from Sraikh,I think two years ago and it didn’t make sense at that time.The first time,I heard this term..I was desperate to lose weight..and was failing miserably.I would lose some weight and then put it back on and then some and naturally…I didn’t care about NSVs..

But, now I am older and lighter and can look at things differently. After losing huge amounts of weight,over the last 1 year,I have hit a plateau and seeing the same or similar number on the scale,week after week,is not fun.I have to be honest with you-IT HURTS! It makes me want to bang my head on the wall or throw the scales in the sea ..or worse still drown my misery in chocolate..

This wednesday,my weekly weigh-in day was yet another such where the number hadn’t changed..A pang of disappointment hit me,but before,I could fall head first in a dark place,I read these words by an amazing girl, on one of my support groups :
Maintaining,maintaining, maintaning, YAY! And don’t forget girls, this is winter and traditionally when our bodies crave comfort food and the colder weather convinces us to stay inside on the couch rather than exercise. Let’s celebrate our resilience to see this through and look forward to Spring and the renewal of all things bright and cheerful.Amazing job girls, just remember how far we have all come…..
And then it dawned on me.. that instead of fretting,I should be thankful..No-weight-lost is better than weight-gained(in my case!) and so I am happy to be Maintaining… Need to kick up the excercise and tighten the clean eating….but I am not fussed..all in good time.

Now on to the NSV…In the last two days, at least 3 people have asked me what I am doing to lose weight..and these are people I meet almost school.It makes me very happy that meeting so frequently,they noticed it..not only that,today,I found a top buried in the bottomless shelf of my cupboard..(what?it is really deep and everything gets dumped there!) So,I tried on the top and it fit like a dream…I had bought it a few months back,because it was a bargain..and it was too tight snug!!!

And ..and ..And.. today,I wore my heels,while hanging the washing out…If you love your heels as much as I do.. and haven’t worn them comfortably for a extended period for many years,you will understand my excitement..All I can tell you is..after living in sneakers for the last 2 years.. heels are a welcome change 🙂

So,I am excited.. I am so excited…!!!


On this day,9 years ago..I got engaged to SD after 2 years of courtship..His parents chose our rings then..and this ring is the one that he gave me for our 2nd wedding anniversary and the one that I wear everyday.
I wanted to bake this cake today.. but Princess Anzie refused to sleep..I mean absolutely refused to sleep.The kid was so sleepy since 7 PM but refused to go down till 10 PM and even then,finally drifted off when I pretended to sleep next to her!

Dirty dishes,piled in the sink are calling out my name..But,I chose to ignore them..and instead made myself a cup of hot chocolate with full fat milk  and downed two lamington fingers with it.. After a long day of mothering…this mummy needs chocolate….

SD was surprised when I told him that I NEED to bake a cake..that I NEED to eat cake..because I am usually the last person to reach for sweets in our home..but..after such long days, that’s the only thing I crave…He Laughed when I told him that..Whatever!!

Alright then,I should get in bed now..

Before I go..Here’s wishing Monika a wonderfully sweet birthday just as sweet as the yummy treats that she bakes..!Happy Birthday Mon!

SAARC April 2012


The April Birthday girls were- hooksnneedles and Mrs.Fife -Both these ladies are avid crafters..and I spent a long time thinking what to make for them.Finally settled on Decoupage coasters.


I made 4 spotted coasters and 4 retro-floral ones and then couldn’t decide which one to send whom.So,I mixed them up and formed this set.



To give the coasters a neat professional finish,I covered the backing with felt pieces. Can you imagine my joy when hooksnneedles wrote back saying that she mistook them for store-bought ones!

For making these coasters,I used-

Unfinished Wooden coasters.

Scrapbooking paper.

Glue that dries clear.


and Felt for backing.

Using Modge-Podge gives the paper a nice glossy shine and also makes them durable.

I hope the girls are getting some use out of these…

More later..

Trish Xx

SAARC 2012- March -2

For the last March Birthday girl,I made these coaster-

Simple Red and Blue Felt Coasters- free hand paisleys embroidered using embroidery floss and chain stitch,finished off with blanket stitch.

A close up of the coasters:


Details about the swap are here .

He is a girl-2

For some reason,my baby girls were/are almost always mistaken for boys..It happened with Aadi and it happened again with Anzie..This time,to an extent it could be the clothes that she was wearing…I dressed her in all possible colors..including pink..but every single time that she wasn’t wearing pink,I was asked if its a boy!!!!

Anyway…I wanted to get her ears pierced from the time she turned 3 months..why?because I LOVE little girls with studs in their ears. But,Sanj wasn’t agreeing.. every few days,I brought up the subject and he would put it down..finally,he agreed ..and I promptly booked an appointment,before he could change his mind.So,on April 15th,2012, we took a 9 mo Anzie and her super-excited big sister to the pharmacy to get her ears pierced.

This is what happened:


First the marking..


Too busy looking at Didi to realise that there was going to be pain,the very next second..

She was too stunned at the first shot..and turned to look at the girl,crying angrily..The second girl was ready with her ear-gun..and she stung her was over in less than 3 minutes.She cried for about 5…This time DH handed her over to me… without fighting..:) And I cuddled her and soothed her. When it was Aadya’s turn,he was so mad at me..for putting his precious baby through the torture,he didnt even let me hold her for the next 10-15 minutes..

And Studded!!!

Aadya got mad at me,for making her ‘baby’ cry and the baby,told off the pharmacy lady,in her baby babble! 10 minutes later,everyone had calmed down and there were smiled everywhere:) Aadi couldn’t stop looking at Anani..and kept saying again and again..’She looks so cute with her new earrings.. and she looks like her name is Sania!(Don’t ask me who is Sania!!) She comes up with all these names for Ananya…!

Ohh!And these piercing studs,that you see in the picture..they are her first pair! She managed to pull them off.Next,I put a pair of diamond earrings..she managed to lose 1..and now finally she is onto her third pair of earrings..I am hoping,3rd time will be luck! Fingers crossed….:)