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Reblogged-Aadya at 15 months

After I wrote Ananya’s 15 month post,I went back to read Aadya’s 15 month letter and I was amazed at the similarities..go on read this and see for yourself..

My Sunshine

Darling Aadi,
You turned 15 month old on the 30th of June and I still haven’t been able to write to you,to congratulate you for this milestone.Well, you know why right?Let me tell you,again. Its because,you have taken a fancy for the keyboard,which turns into a strange dislike,as soon as you see Mamma using it.
You start pulling the mouse, pulling the keyboard and if nothing else works,you know where the magic button is.The one that makes the screen go blank(the sleep button) and every time You want my attention,you just go and hit it..I wonder how you figured that one out.
I can’t believe it one year back, you were a tiny 3 month old, who was beginning to love tummy time. You would coo the moment we entered the room and whine,if we left you alone.Now, you just follow us around everywhere.
You are so expressive now. You…

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My sunshine 15 months.

24th October,2012.

Dearest Anani,

You turned 15 months yesterday….you are such a busy toddler..Mumma missed out on writing your 13 and 14 month letters but thats because you have taken over my life..and my laptop. Whenever you see me using the laptop,you come and tug at my hands,asking me to pick you up and when I pick you up,you sit in my lap and tap away at the keys!

You cheeky make me smile with you funnies.Well they are funnies to me,anyway..but you mean business..when you push me and toddle/run into the bedroom to make sure you are the one tucking your big sister in.You pat the pillow to fluff it,turn on the fan and then tell your sister- Ae te te te(your goodnight!) When I tell you,lets go don’t,because you want to be the last one to,I have to step out and let you tuck in didi one more time,before you leave the room.

You think of yourself as a big girl. You call your friends,who may be the same age or even a few months older than you,’Baby’ and when I call you baby,you point at yourself and say ‘Nanna’ Everytime we ask where is Ananya,you point at yourself and say,”Nanna’..We ask you where is Didi and you point at Aadya and say..”AaDDya!” with a hard D..its so funny..

You think you are a big girl..because you want to eat your meals the same way as your didi the same TinkerBell plate..with the same mermaid fork..sitting next to her and I am not allowed to break your roti into small pieces nor am I allowed to mash your veggies or cut your chicken.No.. everything is “ME” yes.. ME is your favorite word. When you want to eat your food yourself,you say,ME!when you want to sit on a chair,you pat it and say,ME..when you want us to pick you up,you pat our legs and say ME!

Your other favorite words are- Didi,Dida,Papa,Abba,Mumma,Mummy,give,this. Every morning when you wake up.. you pat me and say ‘this’ I ask you what is this? do you want Dudu? and you say,Give! haha it is so funny. You cheeky monkey.. you refuse to drink anything else other than mumma-dudu.Oh well… nobody went to college,while still drinking we’ll just wait it out..

Ms.Anani you know everything now.. you know how to make tea in your know how to feed us with your spoon and you can eat with a spoon now.You spill lots but you can definitely get food in your mouth. You can now drink from open cups,without spilling..but we have to be careful about giving you just the teeniest bit of water.

You are a naughty bubba.. yes you are.. you go tease your sister.. you pull her hair,you scratch her bare skin..try to grab it  in pincer grasp..and when she cries or screams in pain,you pretend to cry like her.If  she does something to you,you come and tell me,exactly what she did by mimicking her actions and saying “Ow!Ow!”

When we ask you if you want to do something,you tell us very clearly,if you want to do it or not.. if yes,you get very excited and nod your head..if No,your answer is loud and clear..Nai..Nai.. And if you try to take something from you,you turn into a drama-queen and scream..”Nooooooooooo” and then roll on the floor and cry.More often than not,you get distracted mid-tantrum and get busy with a toy or something that is in you range of vision..That is my favorite moment.. when you forget what you were crying about!! Muaaaaaaaah my baby.. love you soo much.

And your newest acquired skill is getting out of bed and toddling out of the bedroom,when you wake up. You lean over from your crib and when I put you on my bed you sleep that’s where you take your naps now. And when you wake up,you don’t sit up on the bed,babbling anymore.. you don’t even call out to just get down from the bed..and come out.. Oh!my baby.. why did you have to grow up so quickly…?

Taking you to Dida’s school is a nightmare for me now.You go all stiff when I try to buckle you up in the stroller and scream blue murder.If I let you walk.. you want to be my boss..and lead the way..and no,you don’t like holding hands nor do you want me to pick you up. I manage to get you to Didi’s class run up to your sister(if you are walking) or jump up and down in the stroller,when you see her.And when we are walking back to the car,you just want to walk right in the middle of the crowd.You know no fear,munchkin.. you keep walking,dodging kids..or banging into them.. not caring one way or the other.

I can’t believe how quickly you have gone from baby to toddler …even sooner than your didi did.. You need to slow down,kiddo.. you really need to. You are our little baby.. your didi’s baby..and your mumma-papa’s little baby.. can you please stay like that?? And remember,naughty or not,you are the cutest baby ..or as you Dida says,you are the cutest,sweetest  most fantabulous baby ever..and we are so lucky to have you..

With lots of luvies and kissies and cuddles,


Sister Act!

I have said this before and I will say it again..I always wanted a daughter..I wished on a star,prayed for one and hoped and prayed more..and I got Aadya..And then hoped and prayed that she gets a sister and then I got Ananya!!:) I know.. *knock on the wood*

I love my girls and what I love most  is watching them together…

Watching them play silly games-Making music, banging on the table.. They love doing that..and when I ask them..”Kya ho raha hai?”(What’s going on?) They look at each other and laugh-each giving me her version..:)

Sometimes they play with building blocks,and they sit together nicely,passing blocks to each other..fighting every now and again about one that they both reached for at the same time…then one of them gets distracted and they play again nicely till the next conflicting block is touched.

I found this table on my local Mums’ group.It was a steal for $15. The high chair has been done away with and they love sitting down to eat together..Aadi is willing to try more veggies,because Nanhi is eating them and as for Nanhi,she gets to feel all grown up with her sister!

I love it how they almost unknowingly hold the same stance..when talking on the phone or while watching TV…Its amazing to see them mimicking each other without even trying..

I love it how they watch out for each other..Like when Anani is throwing a tantrum and Aadi helps her calm down-Yes!Its started already!! Like when Nanhi was trying to be Ms.Independent and refused to let me or SD help her with her CalciYum,but let didi help her! Or like today,when Aadya was sulking  in her room,because I yelled at her. Ananya walked into the room,pointing at Aadya and babbling something. Aadya didn’t reply,so she went and stood next to her and started babbling softly..Aadya said something softly too..(I tried to listen..but couldn’t hear!) and then Ananya said,”Oh?hmmm!!”  It was both funny and heart-warming at the same time.

They are forever in each other’s face,each others arms,climbing on top of each other,squeezing together in a small space.. and then there are times,when they are both in the same room,yet doing different things.. and then,one of them will go and tease the other..usually its the little monkey.. who goes and pulls a pencil or scratches a bare knee or pulls some hair.. and then they are on each other again! And then there are times when the little imp is too busy playing with something or mastering a new trick and then didi tries to draw her attention.. I love it how similar they are,yet so different.

When we went away for our break,I looked forward to mornings.I would wake up early (earlier than the girls) and wait patiently for them to wake up.. They would be sleeping in different beds..but as soon as one woke up,the other would be awake ..I loved enjoyed watching them as wake up… stirring first..then stretching..rolling over and sleeping some more.. With all the running around and the chores that I want to finish,while they are sleeping..I miss out on this beautiful scene each morning. I really really cherish those morning memories.

There is no love like sibling love..and I am so glad,my girls have each other to share that with…

You know you are a mom,when….

…  when the baby throws up her dinner on you and you calmly clean her,clean the carpet,remember to tell the husband to switch off the gas and THEN  jump into the shower.

… when you are mad at someone,not because they broke your trust..But because their actions upset your child.

…. when your heart swells with pride,watching your child having a serious conversation with her friend about some imaginary characters.

…. when you can overlook the mess on the high-chair,ice-cream on the clothes,chocolate hand-prints on the walls,because your   naughty monkey looks adorable with ice-cream on her face and all you can think of at the time is to capture that moment and freeze it like that.

….when being able to shut the bathroom door for 2 secs,before the banging begins,is a luxury!

…. when you are dying of hunger..and still can’t bring yourself to stuff your face before feeding the baby.

…. when you find yourself rocking or moving,and then realise that you are not holding the baby!!!!

…. when you can remember a particularly crazy moment during the day and then start giggling to yourself..because at a later time,you can see the humor in the situation.

You know you are really truly a mom when every ounce of your being..your heart,mind,body and soul has been taken over by  little midgets,known otherwise as your babies…and you love being  their ‘captive’.

Do share your-“you know you are a mom when..”

Fitness,weight-loss etc.

Yes,Yes..I still remember what weight-loss is.. Its a different thing that I haven’t seen any weight-loss on the scales..for a long time.If anything,I came back from the holiday 4 kgs heavier! Eeks.. so not what I need..but after eating 3- sometimes 4 meals,at cafes/restaurants/fast food joints(whattt?I never said I was an angel!!) for two whole weeks..I was expecting it. I have been eating clean tried eating clean since I got back..but SD is here,we end up going out and eating out.. not so much this week as last..

But,the inch-loss is happening..I don’t know how..why..but I am not complaining…

Anyway,before we went away,I met up with Andrea,a personal trainer and committed to training with her twice a week,after the holidays. I had my assessment with her last week,we set goals and this week,I started training..We had the first session yesterday and it was awesomely the end of it,I thought I won’t be able to walk… but I finished the cool-off walk and I felt better..

Today-My thighs are like rocks!!I can keep standing or keep sitting.. but not sit down and get up!! OUCHH that hurts!!

But I have come to realize that I HEART Exercise and I actually look forward to the pain next day!!

A little brag here.. When Andrea did my assessment,she told me that I was actually in the right muscle range!! if only we can kick some butt and move the fat and show those muscles..I will be so happy!!

This/something like this will be one of my rewards…you like?


Is it just me or are you excited too..?The festival season begins in India soon and I can’t help but feel oh-so-excited…

9 days of festivities that are Navratri begin on the 16th of October,followed by Dusshera on the Oct 24th.

Then,there is Halloween on October 31st..Growing up,I never celebrated Halloween,but a few years in the USA,made me like this festival.The excitement of kids,the indulgence of grown ups,the  decorations-I love everything!

Then,it will be time for Diwali,the festival of lights.. by the time we get over the Diwali Fever,it will be time to get ready for Christmas!! For the longest time,we would put up fairy lights,for Diwali and take them down only the day after New Year’s Day.

Along with that,there are other events that happening around..special days at school,party invitations..I can safely say,the silly season is upon us..and My heart is jumping for joy!!

I leave you with one of my favorite Indian Ads-

And some sweets to bring in the festive season… Besan Laddu from my kitchen!

First Flight!

Ms.Ananya went on the plane for the first time,when we flew to Brisbane!
Both SD and I were quite nervous,this being our virgin flight as parents of two…we were both nervous but had no game plan to always we decided to play it by the ear.
Co-incidentally it was also the day my cheeky monkey turned 14 mo.That reminds me I should do a monthly update- so much to write on that front!We celebrated the turning  14 months with coffee and cake in the Quantas lounge At the airport..Aadya was so excited and her spirits rubbed on all of us:)
Ananya was her usual animated self..but after a while,she started getting tired..we took turns walking around the airport with her.Did I mention that the flight was delayed? By the time they called our flight,Ananya was just about to fall asleep.When we got on the flight,she was woke up,ready to check out her new surroundings.
Take off and landing was pretty smooth…I nursed her both the times and she slept through most of the flight..I even managed to watch a movie!!She woke up,as if right on cue,just when the stewardess served,us our meals.

Aadya watched cartoons on Her screen and was really good.It was so cute to see her concentrating on the safety instructions!!!

I noticed one thing,though..unlike most times,when I take the flight to go to India,this time was stress-free.I think more because I wasn’t worried about the luggage weights,connecting flights and also because I wasn’t running around like crazy to finish everything.This was a good kind of travel.:)
It’s been over a week but I can still remember Aadya’s excitement,Ananya’s animated babbles,my own anticipation,SD’s smiles as fresh as the day:)
I am so glad Ananya’s first flight was a good one !I leave you with a pic of my newbie and seasoned flyers…

1 more Sleep..

Till we head home:)

The last week and this have gone so quickly…:) We had so much fun -sight-seeing,relaxing,eating,relaxing..sleeping in..relaxing:D You get the picture! It was not the typical vacation packed with,this was a break from everyday life that we so needed.

Now we are refreshed and ready to head back home..and have a normal busy day! 🙂 Aadya realised yesterday that soon it will be seeing Papa only on the weekends and we had some tears..Hopefully this phase of our life will end soon..

Hope you all have been well,while we were away..:)

Lotus Tea-Light Holders.

I brought my yarn and hook along for this trip..SD was cribbing about the extra yarn was taking up..REALLY!! It was just a small bag ..ok not a small bag..but Come ON! It was my holiday and I could choose to spend it the way I wanted!!LOL! Anyway,he was going to be working.So, Anyway.. I finished this one pair of Tea-light holders for one of my Swap buddies.

I am planning on making more of other colors:)

The pattern can be found here !

If you have some kid-free time,these can be whipped up in a hour or two..Mine took longer since I took so many breaks!!LOL!