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Day 30!I did it!

30 days of non-stop blogging..yayyy I did it!And I have to admit,it was quite effortless..I think I must have struggled with what to write,may be once or twice..but all good otherwise.
We woke this morning to see a dead Sparkle 😦 I don’t know if they had a fight or she just got sick.We were worried about Aadi’s reaction..but she was pretty good.She did keep saying that the big sister died..and I winced every time she said it.. Oh she was very upset that we didn’t wait for her to flush Sparkle down the toilet..I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
In other news I had a fab killer workout this morning..but it was too hot for comfort..I was ready to throw up at one point..but some cool air from the fan and sips of water made me feel better..
Its movie-night here-we finished watching Brave and now are watching the Dark Knight Rises..I better stop typing,SD is frowning at me!
But before I go,I want to ask you want to read more daily posts..or just sporadic ones??
Leave me a comment..come on!make a girl happy 🙂

What did I do-Day 29

Recently I shared a picture on FB and since then I have been receiving emails from friends asking what have I been doing to lose weight..My first response is nothing really..But,then,the more I think I realise..its the small changes that make a difference.
Here’s what I did-
1) A bit tedious but I counted calories..(have been slack for the last few weeks) but still do..That and lots of walking.I used myfitnesspal to calculate calories. It even has a tool for calculating the per serve calories,so that way,if you cook your own meals,you don’t have to guess the calories.
2) Replaced as many processed things with fresh as I could-Did a big pantry clean out and literally dumped the things that I couldn’t Bhujiya! Moved most of the snacks for SD and kids to another shelf and my healthy snacks to the one with easy access.
3) Upped the fibre content with fruits and veggies.
4)MFP told me that even 1 tsp olive oil has 150 cals..So,I replaced it with oil spray or just used 1 tsp to grease the pan and then poured it out.
5) calories Consumed- 1200 cal to lose,1500 if you are nursing/pregnant.
6) 5-6 meals during the day- brekky/lunch/dinner-300 cals.. and 3 100-cal snacks. I was targeting 1500 so I did 300 for brekky,400 each for lunch and dinner and 4 100-cal snacks- one of which was almost always a cup of milk.
You might have noticed,most of it is food related..well it was-I have to be honest I tried my best to workout for the first 3 -4 months of the year..after that,as it got colder,I started working more,SD’s travels etc.. workouts are out..I was lucky if I can get one in 10 days. So,I try to eat clean..some days I slip up and then the very next day,I start eating clean! Michelle Bridges of the biggest loser fame,says that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% workout..well I am trying to give my 80%:) Since the last 2 weeks,I am trying to be more strict with myself and schedule a workout/walk 4-5 times during the week,first thing after school drop-off,that way,its done before my body has a chance to complain!
Also read the Kardashian mum say- they follow the 80-20 rule.. eat clean 80% of the times,so if you have an occasional treat..its not so bad!
Hope this helps:)

My sister doesn’t approve of my ‘diet’ because I eat everything..but I eat in moderation..and I firmly believe that if I go without something for a long time,1)there is a big chance of self-sabotage- I will miss it so much and then binge!
2)when I start eating it again,I will put the weight right back on!

So..there you go,I have said it as it is..I have lots heaps of kgs but I still have a long way to go,till I will be happy with the way I look…:)
Hope this helps,

16 month letter..Day 29

Hiii Ananya,
Sorry,Hii Naanna,you are 16 months old young now!Whenever we call you Ananya,you correct us and say,Naanna..:)
Something’s definitely changed.Almost overnight you have grown up..your face is changing,you are cutting your 3rd bottom tooth and you have a big girl look about yourself.There I said it! you are turning into a toddler! you have turned into a toddler.You want to walk everywhere.When I pick you up,you give me a hug and wiggle out of my arms. If you know a place,you don’t want to hold hands..So,its very very tiring taking you to Didi’s school and Coles! You are not even scared of the crowds!
You now know how to throw tantrums and let me tell you darling,you beat your sister hands down! If I thought her twos were terrible..I am dreading to think what yours will be like. You have already had 2 major public meltdowns in the last 3 days..OMG! Nanhi,you have a temper and you have even thrown a fit in the pool! the pool!!All I wanted to do was put the dolphin back in its basket,just like ALL other tots were doing,but NO! you decided that Mumma did a bad thing and had to punish her by throwing a body flinging tantrum in the pool!! Let me just tell you,kiddo-it may have been amusing for everyone else,but I wasn’t impressed!

You are fear-less..I can’t get over that bit..You climbed up on Mumma’s exercise bike,in less than 10 secs..both Mumma& Papa had our hearts in our mouths,but you couldn’t care less.You climb up on your cars,just to get a better view of the TV!You have learned to balance on the push-along walker,to get a glimpse of your ‘babies’-Magic and Sparkle!
You are saying more and more words..Your latest words are- ‘More’,Gandee(Dirty!),Guna(=Gunda=Naughty brat),gimme,dedo(give me!) aaja-aaja(come) aaowie aaga ( ouwie laga-got hurt!) Naaanuuu(you pick up the phone a thousand times during the day and say,NAanu!!),Daadu,Dadi,Khaega!
First thing you do,when you wake up is look for your plate-there are two plates that have to always stay in the bedrooms- a purple one in mumma bedroom and a steel one in yours and didi’s. And the moment you wake up-in the morning or from a nap,you pick up your plate and say Khaega! LOL!
Something’s changed in the last few days-you have started moving around on the bed..I wake up in the middle of the night,panicking,looking for you,only to find you sleeping near my tummy,bum in the air..or there are times,when I have been woken up you,snuggling up close to me..:) you are not that sticking-to-mumma sleeper anymore..and that just makes me want to hold you closer.
You are going longer and longer between feeds.You enjoy your food and drinks but still come to me every few hours saying ‘This gimme’.You follow your sister everywhere and have to copy EVERYTHING that she does.
You are a cutie,Ms.Anan..but you are very cheeky.When we pretend to ‘tell off’ you or your sister,you take it very seriously and personally.Up goes that little finger and your mouth is set in firm lines and YOU tell us off..and then walk off,turn around,scold some more and then stomp off!Its hilarious!
Can’t believe it that this time last year,you were just an itty-bitty cuddle bum!
Ummmmaaaaaaaaah,my laddu!
Love you loads,

Day 27

Today started at 5:30 am with a loud clap of thunder.It was so loud,literally felt like someone is trying to break into the house.Aadi woke up scared and ran into our room.
At 7 am,the skies were so grey,it almost felt like night and it was pouring.I told Aadi that she could stay home,if she liked.And she got so upset.She wanted to go to school,because it was the day of Performing Arts. So,we woke up and got dressed.
And then,it was just the usual day..
By school pick-up time,the skies had cleared and the weather had improved.So,we decided to go for a walk before dinner.Nanhi in her pram,Aadi on her scooter and SD and I walking along.I love love love such family times.The last time we took the scooter out,Aadi was bored of riding in the first 5 minutes.Today,we were out for 45-50 minutes and she rode the scooter,for the first 30 minutes or so and then she got tired.By then Nanhi was also tired of sitting in the pram,so we let her walk.They both walked holding SD’s hands .. A sight that made my heart turn into mush…
Some more mush..
Aadi was walking/running ahead of Nanhi & SD and Nanhi called out to her,’Aadi..aaja aaja’

Aadi ran up to the pram to grab her water and picked up Nanhi’s also and gave it to her before drinking her own!

When Nanhi wanted to walk,SD objected saying,she might want to go on the road.And I told Aadi,’Papa used to say the same thing to you..and he would get mad at me,for making you walk on the road,even though you wanted to.’ And in all seriousness,Aadi told SD,”Papa,Nanna is very cute..look she really enjoys walking,you shouldn’t get angry with mumma or her..She is really cute,Papa.” I told her,Aadi you are cute also..and her response..”yes I know..but she is my little sister and so she is veryyyy cute!”
erm.. OK..this generation knows no modesty!

The best part- I remembered to wear my heart-rate monitor and wore my walking workout shoes,that one of the mums at school gave me.And when we finished the walk,I had burned 215 cals and everyone had a great!
Hope you had a nice day too..

Mommy guilt..Day 26..

4 years back when we had first moved to Melbourne,Aadi was a very very poor sleeper.And what was worse was that she took F.O.R.E.V.E.R to fall asleep. SD was working super-long hours,Aadi was super-clingy with me and I was literally lying in bed with her for 2-3 hours at a stretch,only to have her sleep and then wake up within 10 minutes of me slipping out of bed.Add to that equation an impossible neighbor and I was at my wits ends.
One time I had gone without rest for more than 2 days..the only rest I got was 5-6 hours of sleep each night. I snapped.The neighbor had taken to leaving notes on my door and I couldn’t take it anymore..When Aadi didn’t sleep,I picked her up and came out to the living room..She looked out the window and was scared of the dark.She started crying and I yelled at her.Its very rare that I yell at her when she is crying..I tell her off later and now,we argue..when she is throwing a tantrum..LOL! the joys of having a girl!
Anyway,she started crying and I yelled and she cried even louder..SD tried to take her away and she refused to go to him..I was ready to snap…SD pried her away from me,she continued screaming..I locked myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes..or may be 5..I don’t know.But when I came out,I was calmer..but she was still crying.I hugged her and we cried some more together..It was one of those moments when you feel so hopeless and helpless that you don’t know what to do with yourself. But it passed..and as soon as I cuddled her,she fell asleep. But I still feel guilty when I remember that night or when she is scared of the dark.
Anyway fast forward to 5 years later,tonight-Nanhi was so sleepy.She was literally walking into walls.I was trying to rock her to bed,and she kept sliding off my lap.SD tried to pick her up and she thrashed at him.Just sliding on the floor and thrashing and rolling.I picked her up and took her to the back door.I felt guilty,but I pointed out the door-“Do you want to go out there?”..”No”,she said.. “Ok then,go to sleep!”I told her..and surprisingly she just snuggled up and fell asleep and my guilt increased by 10 times. First about not being so patient with Aadi and second about introducing Nanhi to the darkness..:(
I thought a lot about putting this in words and about publishing these words,but I had to get it off my chest.Please don’t judge me…I am only a mom.My only consolation is that Aadi doesn’t care about the dark anymore..she now knows it gets dark because of the sunset.As for Nanhi,she is a fearless chickie.. I think when I asked her,if she wanted to go out there,she didn’t want to go bye-bye..I think! That and in a couple of years,she won’t remember this,just as Aadi doesn’t anymore..BUT,what about me? I don’t think I’ll ever get over it:(

Day 25

I can’t think of a clever title today. I am still sore from my workout on Friday and today I went into the pool with Nanhi,because SD was playing injured soldiers. He got hit by a fast ball on his shoulder and when he woke up this morning,it was swollen ..I could see the swelling through his T-shirt! He has an X-Ray scheduled tomorrow.
Oh and I have a bit of a sad news 😦 Ok OK.. I am being dramatic!But,I found my first Grey hair yesterday..and I’ve been so sad:( Just last month,I was talking to my BFF and told her,I was tempted to color my hair,but I decided against it,coz I didn’t need it…and now its come back to bite me in the back!!:(
I had my assessment with my trainer on Friday and though there is no major weight-loss,I managed to lose the 2 kgs I had put on with Diwali.
But,I have doubled my timings in most of my physical tests which makes me so happy and proud! Someone was selling an elliptical trainer and I grabbed it,got it home today and we set it up in the living room,so I can workout when the kids are in bed.What I hadn’t accounted for was the little monkey that lives in our house.After the elliptical was set up,I hopped on to try and in less than 10 secs,Nanhi climbed up..she has no fear and she is so light on her feet..I promise I am not saying it just because she is mine. She was so swift as if she has been doing it all her life. I freaked out.SD grabbed her and we shifted the coffee table across to using it like a baby-gate!
My initial thoughts were to sell it right away..but when I calmed down,I thought against it. I stuffed a sheet across the wheel-it will just mean that extra step for me,when I want to work out,but if it will keep her little fingers safe,its worth it!!
Anyway..a new week begins tomorrow. Tonight at bedtime,Aadi said to me,”You know what mumma,I am sad its Sunday today. I am very happy when its Friday…” I had to keep a straight face..but my God!! do the Monday Blues really start that early?
How was your weekend?? Hope you had a good one 🙂

Just another crazy day-Day 24!

WOW!I cannot believe it that I have lasted this long,this time..I am actually looking forward to writing daily blog-posts now.And its heartening to see so many visitors on the blog 🙂 And I would love to hear from more of please take a minute and leave me a comment.

Today SD was playing cricket so he brought the girls to my work place and then we went to drop him off at his cricket ground.After that,we decided to have a girls’ day out.So we came back to the town center,had lunch and then went to see Santa.I was worried about Nanhi’s reaction but she is coolest 16 mo ever!She walked up to Santa on her own..and had a little chat with him and then refused to leave!!

With great difficulty I managed to take her away from there..then we went to the library where both the sisters decided that they wanted to take the library home.While I was trying to get them to put the books back on the shelves,my sister called outraged about something my dad said..So there I was directing the girls,trying to be stern,and she was yelling on the phone and I had to ask her to hold the line.I hung up,got the girls to pick 5(Aadi) and 3(Nanhi) books and we left to pick up school snacks etc from Aldi.

And that is where Ananya decided to throw crocodile-roll tantrums!There she was in her beautiful white dress,rolling on the floor,because I didn’t let her open the packet of Tiny teddies..And just my luck to run into people,I know from work!! First two times,I tried to pick her up,only for her to start thrashing..So the third time,I stood next to her and pretended to laugh and the cheeky monkey did the same thing..forgot about the tantrum. 

Today,I was thankful that I am person with Mammoth sized patience..LOL! And my kids should be glad that I am their mother.LOL!No seriously..a lesser mortal would’ve lost it!! Heck even I was so close to losing it,today!

After the crocodile roll tantrums,we came home,put the airconditioner on and feasted on some mini ice-creams.I love those only 100 cals each.And we made Kulfis!Will tell you tomorrow how it turns out!

Over and out for today..


Did you think I forgot to write a post today?-Day 23

No I didn’t 🙂
Ms.Ananya turned 16 months today..I know I have said it before but I can’t help quickly time has flown. Today at lunch time,I watched her eat her Roti and yogurt,picking up each piece daintily.Her face was a mess and so was her vest,but,she is just not a little baby anymore. Everyday,she learns something new,teaches us something new.
Today,she opened the fridge and said more..she was hungry! She told me her own special way! I gave her some strawberries and she was happy.
Tonight I went out for dinner-My first official dinner.I was sick.I used my inhaler every hour,even took a nap.B.U.T. I was really looking forward to this dinner and didn’t want to miss it. I got a chance to dress up like a normal person,not worrying about whether the top is breast-feeding friendly or not. I did my hair and even put some make up on..:) Its amazing how simple things make you feel so good.And you know what was the best part of the evening- Getting to eat my food without someone climbing over me,little hands reaching in my plate or a little body balanced on my leg. I am sure a lot of moms will nod at this one 🙂 And taking a cue from Retromummy I leave you with a pic of me with my girls..Putting the mom back in the picture:)

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Magic and Sparkle-Day 22

Introducing the newest members of our family-Magic and Sparkle!
The girls are over the moon..Aadi keeps on trying to kiss them,from the outside. Nanhi has been trying to scare them.She stands right under the kitchen counter and raises her hands like claws and tries to roar!!LOL!It is so cute!!
But you know who is the most smitten?Its SD! He checked on them before going out for his cricket practice and the first thing he said when he came back was-Hello fishies!!LOL! not even hello girls!
Thats’s been the highlight of our day other news,I have a bad case of hay fever and spent most of the day in bed,nursing a headache!Hope you all had a good day!

Girls and Boys…Day 21

My child is a girl now.I think going to school made her realize that girls and boys are different. I still look at all 5 yos as 5 yos..not as girls or boys.They speak the same language-use the same phrases,speak in the same tone,play the same games ,like the same things..well may be not!
Ms.Aadya loves Ben10 and Skylander Giants and Transformers and then,she likes her Barbies and Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes as well.And she likes them equally..sometimes I get the feeling that she loves the action figures more.She has a friend A and when she meets him they plan crazy missions,run and chase imaginary baddies and all that jazz.A has a sister T and Aadi sometimes takes turns playing action heroes and playing house.But lately,she enjoys action heroes more and poor T is left all alone when her brother and his friend are running around like screaming banshees..I feel so bad for Ms.T,because she is such a sweetie!I promise this is going somewhere.
Anyway,every Wednesday Aadi gets to take something special to school for ‘share time’.She then has to tell her classmates about her special thing and she usually starts by saying- This is my **** and I really love it!! And every week,on Tuesday night she sits in her room and goes through her things.Her hands hover over the action figures,she has a little play with them and then picks up something else. Yesterday,she was confused about what to take and I asked her what her favorite toy was and she said ‘Bungle Bee'(Bumblebee from Transformers) I said why not just take HIM and she said no..then the girls will think I like only boy toys.I said no Bumblebee is not just a boy toy.I like him too.
Anyway,after a long discussion,she decided to take him to school. And just as she was leaving,she said,”Mum,should I just say at share time that I like girl toys and boy toys…what if the boys think I don’t like girl things and the girls think I only like boy things.”
SD and I both started together..Bumblebee is not just a boy toy..everyone likes it..she wasn’t I told her a girlie secret..I said,”You know what there are tonnes of girls that like Bumblebee and action heroes..some are brave enough to say it,some aren’t..What about you?”
And she said,”I am brave…”and happily took him to school.I guess all I was trying to tell her was if you like something don’t be embarrassed of your choice..Don’t be embarrassed of what you like..Don’t be embarrassed of who you are!
She came back and reported excitedly that girl A and girl R and girl T like Bumble Bee too and the boy A and boy G and boy J,let her join in their special Ninjas club and she is the pink Ninja because pink is her favorite color.
She is going to take her Skylander Giant figurine next time and her Little Pony figurine the week after..Knowing her she will change her mind at least 5 times before next Wednesday,but if after today my little girl,my baby, is a little more comfortable in her job here is done 🙂