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Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Sorry I disappeared..Life suddenly got busy-with Christmas …and my energy levels are at all time low.But,I had to come and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

I will try and blog again,before the year ends.. but if I can’t..I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you,who took the time to read and comment.Thank you for all your lovely words and encouragement.

ILs are arriving tomorrow was a very last minute trip..and we didn’t tell Ms.Aadya about the it will be a big surprise for her! 

Santa was really kind to my girls this year-he brought them most of the things on their lists and more- Aadi got Roller skates with Helmet n knee pads and Barbie and the PopStar movie. Anan got a Pram and kids iPad and Alvin and the chipmunk movie.And we got them little somethings too..Ponies for Aadi,a Guitar for Anan..Oh and how could I forget..Santa also brought the girls a nice shaded wading pool,to stay cool in the warmer months. 

I’ll be back soon…till then be good,be safe and be Merry 🙂



Gift Ideas I love…

I still haven’t gotten started on our Teacher’s gift..but I thought I’ll share some gift ideas here..

There are some great gift ideas here

Who doesn’t like hand-sanitisers,and specially when it comes in this specially designed dispenser? Details here

This is so far my favorite..I think because we have a summery Christmas..

For details,go here

At this stage,I am thinking of putting together a hamper with wine,bubbles,chocolates,candles and lotion.. I’ll only know for sure,when I go shopping!
The good thing is I have finished shopping for the special subject teachers..boxes of chocolate!That was easy:)

I would love to hear your gift ideas..:)

Little Artist at work!

My munchkins always ready for some art and craft…this was in between a shopping trip!
Whatever didi does,Nanhi has to do it!They sat and quietly colored in pictures for a good 15 minutes…If only SD was around..ohh the possibilities..I could’ve tried on so many clothes!!LOL!
Calling it a night now..have had a long day..sorry I haven’t been able to visit your blogs..I’ll be over soon…I promise.

Troubles in a 5 year old’s life and Mum’s Dilemma-Day 13

Yes,you read that right! 5 year olds can have troubles too.:)
There is a friendship gone bad..and that means war. There is a girl,lets call her B.So B and A(Aadi) used to be friends..and something happened.Another girl C,pushed A and B sided with C,upsetting A and ending the friendship. Now,everyday,A comes home with a story of how B,tried to blame her for something that she didn’t do or how B,turned the other girls against her.Today I was going to have a word with the teacher..but,she was away.I am torn,between saying something or letting the kids sort it out. There’s hardly a week left of school but these girls could be in the same class next year..I can’t make up my mind.
Yesterday she was the most upset that I’ve seen her.She was playing with her sister and then stopped to say..”I don’t know why we have to be in the same class..She is always so mean to me..” And this is my give-a-damn child.She has friends that she is very close too but when someone is being nasty towards her,she literally doesnt have the time for them! And the fact that its bothering her,means it is something more.
A week back,we were writing Christmas cards and she didn’t want to write a card for B and C and I convinced her that she should give them a card,because if she gave a card to everyone else,and not them,it won’t be kind. And she grudgingly wrote their names. But after yesterday,she plain refuses to give it.When I used the kind line again,she told me,”well she didn’t give me one..she didn’t care enough to save a lolly for why should I?” Apparently,B told her that she didn’t have any lollies didn’t give a card to her!
So do I teach her that ‘follow your heart and don’t worry about anything else’ OR ‘Keep everyone happy even if it makes you unhappy’
And then today another friend D,who really really loves can see the joy on her face,when she sees A,handed out cards and left her out,because ‘her mom didn’t know how to write her name’…I wasn’t sure about D’s (name)spelling,so we left a card for her and was going to check with the teacher/her mum and because I hadn’t had a chance of doing that,we were not handing out cards. So,today A said quite nonchalantly D didn’t give me a card because her mum didn’t know how to spell my I guess,we can hand out my cards,its ok,if you don’t know her name..again..what do I teach her-‘follow your heart and don’t worry about anything else’ OR ‘Keep everyone happy even if it makes you unhappy’ ??
You know what’s part of the problem?And its not even her problem.The problem is,that I have always been a ‘Keep everyone happy even if it makes you unhappy’ person and I have had my heart broken a lot of time,because of that.I don’t want her to end up like me.. giving so freely to the ones dear to me..not even realizing when they were trampling all over you..I have seen her heart breaking like mine too..when friends/relatives have moved away suddenly or when her parents’ friendships changed dynamics.So,then,what she is doing is the right thing,isn’t it?
SD said ‘let her make up her mind..let her decide,its her friends and she knows them better’…and I asked(and I worry) what if she grows into an uncaring person..SD just laughed and said,I was over-analyzing..May be I am..may be I am not..?
But,then the more I think,more I notice things..things like her waking up crying,because she is missing her friends who have gone overseas for a long vacation,things like she remembers and talks about people she met,when she was just 4.
Or like today,when I was busy running around,getting her lunch packed and SD was lying around in our camp-out living room bed.He called out to me and said,I want a cuddle.I said no I am busy..and Aadi asked me,’what does Papa want?’ When I said he wants a cuddle,she got up,put her milk cup away and gave him a cuddle..Both SD and I went ‘Awww’ and I felt my eyes prickle…and then there was that moment,when Nanhi was crying for the iPad,even before SD or I could pick her up,Aadi,gave her a hug and said,calm down Ananya…you can see it in 5 minutes,when the iPad is charged..did you say Awww..?I knowwwwwwwwww!!
Oh well,may be she will turn out alright..the signs are all there:) But,at least she won’t end up like her mom:)
sigh!Parenting is a tough gig!!

Siblings :)

Just a photo post today..I have so much to say,yet,so tired today.So,here’s a pic of my sunshines.They were peacefully sharing the iPad,while they waited for dinner. It was one of those rare occasions when there was no screaming or crying,just playing nicely..both of them were playing some balloon popping game first and then Temple Run and I even heard occasional chuckles..:)I leave you with a picture..I’ll back with my words,tomorrow:)


Potter Mania strikes again!Day 11

Harry Potter has major fan following in the Sunshine household.Both SD and I were big fans and then along came Aadya and by the time she was 4,she had watched all of the movies in the Harry Potter series. And literally,in the last 16 months since Nanhi’s birth and even through my pregnancy,a HP movie was enough to cheer her up.
Tonight,I don’t have to cook..I put together a goat curry in the slow cooker and for some reason I am in the weekend mood.So,we planned a movie night in..and obviously the movie of choice was HP!
The girls are snuggled up on the couch with their drinks,Mango Tang.Nanhi called me to sit next to her and she is squeezed in between me and her didi and time there is a loud sound,she startles,then looks at me for assurance and then goes back to the movie!
I think she just might be the the youngest Harry Potter fan!
Any other Harry Potter fans here?Show of hands,please!!

Lazy kinda day-Day 10

I am having one of those lazy kind of days today. SD had some work so he dropped Aadi at school and I could just stay in my PJs.After SD came back,we had chai and brekky and then I  had to go in to finish some of my work.But,it being a non-operative day,I could go in my Pjs  trackies …So I went in finished the work and now,just lazying around.Nanhi is taking a nap,so is SD-he is officially off work now,until early next year! 

I can use the time to cook,after all I have a whole lot dishes that I could cook after my big grocery run..but I just couldn’t be bothered. But,the meals are not going to cook themselves..So…I  M.U.S.T get up! LOL!

I am loving these daily posts-Instead of having a silent dialogue with myself,I can put it out here,not really best-seller material..but really what else would you expect on a personal blog?:P 

In other news,I have been going crazy on Pinterest looking for the perfect present for Aadi’s teacher..Sometimes I feel,I love her more than Aadi does!LOL! And she has worked so hard with Aadya this year,I really want to show her how much we all appreciate her. I mean seriously,if Aadya eats her school meals today,all the credit goes to Mrs.W.

Check this out,loads of ideas for DIY presents here 🙂
And now I should step away from the laptop and start cooking..:)

My day today-Day 9

We had so many things planned for today and so,I had the brilliant idea of blogging on the go..I decided that I will keep writing snippets through out the day and then have a great blog post..Only problem,I forgot to open the new post on WP on the iPad and without internet access I couldn’t open it.Anyway,long story short,here’s some snippets from my day today..
Aadi and Nanhi lying on the mattress,we dragged out to the living room(it was too hot last night) and Aadi telling Nanhi.. “Mumma is older than you,Papa is older than you,Tuku(masi) is older than you,Nanu is older than you,Dadu is older than you,Dadi is older than you..etc etc..”till she had accounted all the family members..Nanhi listened quietly and then nodded wise,”hmm”.
I took Aadi for a painting workshop today..she had so much fun and I am seriously considering enrolling her in a painting class.I wasn’t much older than her,when I first learned to paint and I am so glad I did.After the workshop,we came home and I cooked lunch-a quick semolina pulav,which Aadi refused to even try. I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Vegie Smugglers and I am hoping it will help me get some veggies into my fusspot!
After lunch,it was time for swimming..SD went in the water this time and I sat with my iPad with all the intentions of blogging..but there was no internet,so spent the time playing Panda latest obsession.
After swimming,Ms.Aadya wanted a cupcake so we went to the cupcake bakery for coffee,the girls had cupcakes and we had our coffees.
And then,it was time for a grocery run!There is nothing I love more than a well stocked fridge and pantry.SD bought loads of marinated kebabs,so thats what we had for dinner-kebabs with steamed rice and moong daal.
Now the girls are in bed and we are watching Talaash..SD is on leave from tomorrow so I am hoping to get a break atleast in terms of school runs:)
More later

A photo Memory

Today’s post is a part of the theme blogging from the Marathon Blogger’s group,the theme being “A photo Memory-a blast from the past”

The pic I am sharing is from -My Haldi ceremony..:) I wanted a very traditional wedding..the Yash Chopra kind of wedding..with all the rituals done..every custom followed to the tee and the works.And really,my dad made sure it was a wedding fit for a Princess.:)
The old Photographer Uncle loved clicking my pics..He kept telling my dad and everyone else,he had never seen another bride,so ready with a smile..even when she had tears in her eyes…:)
And because he was always clicking pics,I have so many precious moments captured on camera..the pic above is one such..
Frisky is my first baby..He was a gift from SD,when I lost my pup to snake-bite.
When I saw the theme,I knew instantly this was the pic that I was going to share..after all it is the month we got married..and my mind is flooded with memories of all the preparations and celebrations:)

My good man-Day 7

Yesterday I was in a mopey kind of mood..getting irritated about everything,feeling sorry for myself.SD asked me if something was bothering me or was it just PMS! I started to say something…but he came forward and gave me a hug and that made me feel a little better.
I spoke one of my Besties in the morning and that was nice,I was distracted for a bit.I hung up and was feeling mopey again.
I called up one of my other Besties and spoke to her at school pick up.. again I perked up.. but when I hung up that feeling was back.
Later when SD went for his cricket practice,I worked out and ended up being super-sore.The kids wanted pasta so I made that for them and there was some left-overs from lunch and when SD came back I asked him,what he wanted to eat for dinner,so I could cook that.He took one look at my face and asked me to rest and made us both some maggi with his own special twist..and it was the most delicious meal ever.
A little later I was talking to a friend and when I mentioned I was trying to put Nanhi to bed,he teased..that it was his wife’s job. Another friend I was chatting with said something about being clueless about changing his 1 year old’s diaper.And I just laughed it off…
And then as if right on cue,SD came and took Nanhi off my hands,so I could talk to my friends in peace.And I realised,how good I had it.I cannot tell you,how quickly my mood changed then… I didn’t feel sad or dejected anymore..all I felt was this warm fuzzy feeling..and ohh!So much love for SD!
And he did get some extra brownie points for letting me eat the last ice-cream cone in freezer.. sometimes a girl needs her chocolate ice-cream..and if a man can share the very last one with her,when he is craving it equally bad.. he needs to be appreciated.. he needs to be put on the pedestal!! He deserves a special blog POST! 🙂
That’s why this post had to be written..:)
Love you,SD!