Mug Cozy-Day 6



A simple ribbed Mug Cozy.Thanks Pooja for deciphering what I thought was complicated!!;)
Its funny ignorance leads to fear.I didn’t know how to knit an i-cord and I was so scared to try it…It sounds so silly now!! An i-cord is the simplest knitted object(?) ever!!

I think it would make a cute gift..what do you say?

Ohh an update on the squat challenge : I couldn’t do my squats yesterday..So today I did 30 squats and 30 ab crunches..Anan kept hopping on and off me in between!!LOL!Ohh and the cutest thing EVER- When I was doing my squats,Anan was doing them with me and groaning and counting too!! And now I am sooo sore..C.A.N.T W.A.L.K!!!!


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  1. he he your lil one right 🙂 immitates you in all walks of life 😀 between this wool work is awesome, can keep the kiddos hand warm from hot milk

  2. Thats such a cool idea! and all the best squatting 🙂

  3. Ohh that color is beautiful.

  4. awesome! wish I had one of these!

  5. That’s really cute… I stopped my knitting when I was in college… this makes me want to go back.. start small maybe.. and take it from there..

  6. OMG – Adorable – such a warm little chick-let of a cozy 🙂

  7. this is so cute man 🙂 nice idea and its functional too 🙂

  8. thats beautiful Love to get that kind of gift 😉 😉
    Good Luck for squats 😉

  9. It is indeed a very cute gift!! I just wish I had listened to my mom when she kept saying “Learn some knitting beta”. She does a wonderful job 🙂 And this is nothing to be proud of but I did not start the squats or the abs. It’s still on to to-start-from-tomorrow list 😦

  10. That’s so cute. The carrot cake looks yummm too. Seriously Trish, how do you manage to do so many things with 2 kids of my kids age? 😮

  11. That is really so cute and cosy SM. And I’m loving your new blog look, equally cosy. 🙂

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