A photo Memory

Today’s post is a part of the theme blogging from the Marathon Blogger’s group,the theme being “A photo Memory-a blast from the past”

The pic I am sharing is from -My Haldi ceremony..:) I wanted a very traditional wedding..the Yash Chopra kind of wedding..with all the rituals done..every custom followed to the tee and the works.And really,my dad made sure it was a wedding fit for a Princess.:)
The old Photographer Uncle loved clicking my pics..He kept telling my dad and everyone else,he had never seen another bride,so ready with a smile..even when she had tears in her eyes…:)
And because he was always clicking pics,I have so many precious moments captured on camera..the pic above is one such..
Frisky is my first baby..He was a gift from SD,when I lost my pup to snake-bite.
When I saw the theme,I knew instantly this was the pic that I was going to share..after all it is the month we got married..and my mind is flooded with memories of all the preparations and celebrations:)

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  1. 🙂 yayyy you are a doggie person…. I love it

  2. Too cute this is, loved the fluffy friend in the pic too 🙂

  3. Awww, when is your wedding anniversary pretty bride?? I almost always had a dog growing up and so love them!!

    • Anniversary is on the 20th.I didn’t have dogs growing up but always wanted one..and got one when I was in college. The girls(read Aadi) wants one now but I am dithering.. may be once we are more settled.I’d hate to get one and then move on to another place/city/country!

  4. aww … this looks like a pic from that HAHK movie.. with frisky .. 🙂 cute pic .. 🙂

  5. you did make a lovely bride! And Frisky’s super cute!

  6. This picture somehow reminds me of hum aapke hain kaun. You look so cute *touchwood*

  7. a love that comes next to another human is, dog love!!!!!! and yours is very special i believe 🙂

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